13 Responses to “Zylorin”

Tony: Do you think this stuff is good?

Courtney248: Zylorin has hoodia and a bunch of b vitamins I don’t know why people didn’t like it, sounds like a good way to get some energy and stop eating..

Mickey: Zylorin seems like an energy pill with all the B vitamins. I hope it gets me off the couch!

Anonymous: Wehn u google Zylorin u come up with zip.

ulrich: nuphedrine might be a good alt to zylorin, good reviews, sounds like good for energy.

Jaime: Alls I can think of is the Zylorin ingredients must be week becus theys some good ones when u read it.

Doug: Zylorin could be beneficial but only if you are working out intensely and cutting calories. In which case why do you need to take a supplement.

Alison: Maybe Rite Aid has some Zylorin I’m gonna check.

e.: is green tea a good ingredient to look for, i see zylorin has it? or is the fat burner in nuphedrine better?

Jimmy: Not sure if zylorin is the best but the price is decnet and i desperately need a fat burner to help me burn more.

deb: well if a supplement like zylorin can make cuttin calories easier, i’m all for that. maybe could also motivate me to workout more.

Brad: Think if I drink a lotta coffee it’s gonna be about the same as Zylorin, what the hey, a thermogenic is where u find it.

Sam33: What the best exercise to burn the most calories in one workout, with or without zylorin?