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Darcy: Something about the ad I saw for this WuYi Source really intrigued me so I decided to see just how well it would work. I drank the tea daily, made a point to exercise more and after 2 months, my weight had not changed at all! I don’t know why I ever bothered wiht it.

Serena: Oh PLEASE! You expect me to believe that drinking TEA can help me lose weight?? Whatever.

Bev G.: This tea was sooooooooo bland! I wouldn’t have minded that, if it actually made me loose weight, but it did not.

Naomi: If it really is that simple, I am totally willing to try this WuYi tea. I could stand to lose 25 lbs “quickly” whatever that means. I wonder how well it works…

Char: I have seen that with this Wu Yi Tea, not many of the products out there are actually the real thing. This tea is supposedly pretty tough to find. But really, even the authentic tea is still just TEA. Let’s not kid ourselves here!

Kyra D.: Drinking this WuYi Source made me feel bloated all day long. I definitely didn’t feel thin while I was drinking it, and I didn’t lose a significant amount of weight either.

munchkin@hotmail.com: Most teas that say they are for weight loss mostly just have a laxative effect, which is kind of gross.

YoginiLIz: I had such hopes that I could drink this healthy tea, and I would slim down and just become more vibrant and healthy. But it was just an awful-tasting tea, and I had to add a bunch of cream and honey just to improve the taste. Which, I think added to the fat and calorie content! What’s the point?

Reba, New Mexico: You know, this company is just pure EVIL! I don’t even think it’s a real company. I tried to get a refund for my WuYi when I realized that it didn’t work at all, and I could not even get in touch with them. This is one that cannot be trusted, not at al!

Aimee: Wow, I was pretty much all ready to order this tea, I just did a search for it, as an afterthought. Now after reading this review & these posts, I might hold off. Obviously i need to research it a little bit more!

Gracie: YUCK!!!!!!

Gayle: Those people on the website look happy and seem to have lost a lot of weight with WuYi; maybe it works okay if you’re careful about your diet and exercise? Maybe I’m just being hopeful.

Maureen W.: Well, i definitely would agree w/whoever mentioned the “laxative” factor with WuYi and these types of teas…I really was not looking for anything like that, and I was kind of disgusted by it.

Manuela: I should’ve been a bit smarter, should have realized that the idea of just drinking tea & getting skinny is just a pipe-dream, especially if you weigh 240 lbs. I obviously need something a LOT more powerful.

Creed: Yeah, about those people on the WuYi website…the company even ADMITS that the results are not typical! Don’t expect to lose a lot of weight with this tea.


alisha: well I like this tea it has some antioxidonts and i feel SUPerCharged with energy since i started drinkin it. I don’t know if i lost weiht, but i pee all the time, so it must be doing something.

Les: WU YI Source is a total scam. I never even got my order, that was 2 months ago.

Nicole: Oh, please!! If you are a rational person, stop and think about this. Do you REALLY believe drinking tea is going to make you lose any real weight? WuYi Source is just another gimmick.

K.Babb: Hmm, well I see that WuYi Source is advertised in a lot of different magazines…shouldn’t that count for something? Maybe it’s not as bad as all of you say?

Allegra: Well, i find it to be rather soothing, and yes, I do like that it has a gentle cleansing effect on my movements.

Michelina: Seems Wu Yi does not honor their guarantee.

Lara: Well I read a review on something Fat Burning Cream that said it was the best for targeted fat burning, so I tried it (free trials are the best!!) The review was right, it really works! Highly recommended.

susanne: Well, i didn’t have particular problems with the taste of WuYi Source, but it gave me an awful tickle in my throat, made my throat itchy & felt like i was drinking sawdust. I was coughing all day at my desk, I had to stop.

DUFF: this was the nastiest stuff i ever tasted.

DG, Austin TX: K, I ordered WuYi Source last summer and 2 months later, I started to notice charges for random things that i DID not even order!! I watch my bills closely, and all the charges were coming from WuYi company! I have been trying to cancel for months now and cannot get ahold of the co. it’s really upsetting.

Nicola: well i have not lost weight yet with wuyi source but i actually like how it tastes. i probably won’t order any more but it isnt too bad. i sure hope i don’t get charged for more if i don’t want them tho.

Linda: Hi, can anyone tell me whether those “Body fat” scales actually work? Saw one at the store the other day and almost bought it, but It seemed a little weird.

Bree, Medford Ore.: Ha, I love how the Wu yi website says this is a “weight loss solution you can trust” HAHA, whatever, i don’t trust it one bit.

Grenouille@aol.com: What is the best way of eliminating fat from one specific area, such as the stomach? I’m told that specific spot toning is best, but some say you have to lose weight overall first. WHich is it?

Sally: Well I like WUYI Tea because it help me to not eat. I have just given up on foods altogether for the past 2 weeks, instaed i just drink this tea. i think i lost 4 lbs already. i feel a little weak but i think its worht it.

Kelsey: Do you thing ice tea could work for loosing weight, if your only into ice tea? I hate hot teas, their just disgusting to me. But maybe its the hotness of the tea that makes you loose the weight, kind of like a sauna?

Ronnie: My wife and I both wanted to lose weight and we bought WuYi Source to help us out. We thought it would be so great to keep on drinking tea instead of snacking but after a couple of days, we realized it was keeping us up all night; we had been drinking it after dinner, not realizing how much caffeine is in there.

Samantha: I happen to be a connoisseur of fine teas, I love tasting and trying new ones. So when my husband bought some of this for his weight loss attempt, I was excited to try. Well, I have to tell you that I was appalled by the terrible blandness and the diluted weakness of this blend. Uh, it was offensive! I would be very surprised if it were genuine WUYi, because that tea has a characteristically bold flavor. And my husband has not had any success yet.

Nadine: WuYi Source has Caffeine???? NO wonder I have been feeling so anxious lately!! I didn’t realize that.

Sinda: I usually do not have the patience for tea drinking….I don’t live one of those leisurely tea-sipping lives. I tried WuYi source because I thought it would help me slim down. But it did nothing. I’m done with this!

P. Mitchell: Well I hate to admit it but I guess i was fooled by this “400 year old secret” or whatever it is they say about WuYi Source. I’ve always admired petite Chinese women and thought maybe this WAS their secret. It didn’t take me long to realize it isn’t. Some things are just genetic.

Rebekah: Ok, so I will be the freak that likes this stuff…I like the flavor & I like the caffeine energy. NO weight loss so far but I like it anyway.

Martika V.: The funniest thing about the ad for WuYi is that it actually says you could have WHITER TEETH from drinking it! Every time I go to the dentist, the FIRST question is about whether or not i drink tea, because its STAINING my teeth.

Glenn: I never thought tea could be sleazy….but it is now, since these scammers got ahold of it. Do not buy it, esp. if you might want a refund.

Jaime L.: Actually, I like WuYi Source, it tastes pretty good i think. But i did notice a weird charge on my last credit card statement. Now I’m suspicious…I’m gonna try to call the company and see what that’s about.

MaryLynn: OMG, they actually call it an “ancient Chinese secret” or something like that. Wow, I think that’s almost racist.

JW Simpson: I like HoodiaP57 much better than WuYi Source, because it just simply curbs my cravings, nothing else, no side effects, no bad taste. I get it here http://www.hoodiap57.com/offer and have had no problems with the company or anything.

Sylvia: Whiter teeth???? Are they kidding? Jeez, everybody knows that tea stains your teeth.

Otis: Well I had never actually heard of WuYi tea before today; I can see why people would want to try it, tho. Anyone know of a simple solution that DOES work? I’m going down to Mexico in a few weeks, could lose about 15 lbs or so.

Trinity: The guy on the Website says to ACT NOW cuz they are almost out of “this season’s supply.” They are using every trick in the book, these people!

Anita: I’m offended at the advertisement I saw for this tea that says “Freedom to Love Yourself.” Well, I already love myself the way I am, whether you think i should or not! Jerks.

Tricia: WuYi is just yet ANOTHER product that promises to do it ALL…fight aging, improve mental health, promote weight loss, blah blah blah. I don’t believe one word, esp now, after seeing these comments.

Misty, Tampa FL: Just to let you ALL know, I followed a very balanced diet, I exercised all the time, and after a month, I did NOT lose any weight with WuYi. It just does NOT work!!

Melissa: Oh wait til you hear the little “experiment” I just did on these pathetic jokers! They have this thing they do on their site, to make you think this tea is in high demand, where they say they are “running out,” so they won’t sell the tea to just anyone. Becuase they are oh so DISCRIMINATING, they have you fill out this questionnaire to see if you “qualify.” I filled it out and said my weight is 96 pounds, and my goal weight is 77 pounds. The response? They said, “You seem like the perfect candidate for one of our free trial packages! That right there should tell you all you need to know about these sleazeballs.

Alana: Ohhh, my heart is sinking. I JUST ordered Wu-Yi, I was SO excited. Now, I’m wondering if I will even GET it! I’ll be sure to report back….

Bill: Worst tea I ever tasted, this WuYi. Luckily, I didn’t buy it, my sister-in-law had it. I don’t know if she lost weight with it.

Jeannette: Hi there, My biggest food weakness is cheese. What I was wondering is, are there certain kinds of cheese that are oK? What is the daily recommended allowance? I can’t give it up completely, but I need to control it.

Tully: Sure glad I checked out this site first…I guess it pays to find out as much as possible BEFORE buying products. I will think twice about WuYi Source.

Jules: Well, I think this tea sounds terrible, but I wanted to get my two cents in about Hoodia P57. I love this stuff. Nothing but the best appetite suppressant around.

Cecilia, Milwaukee: Ugh, I did not care for WuYi; aside from the fact that I didn’t lose weihgt, I experimented with some of the recipes posted and none of them helped disguise the flavor. So gross.

rhiannon: if this comes from a mountain do you tihink someone actally picks the tealeeves adn then brews it into the wuyi tea? i am picturing a mountain man selecting my tea. kinda scary thouhgt actualy.

chillinBob@yahoo.com: Wu Yi source was gross tasting, and kept me in the bathroom half the time. That’s when it wasn’t keeping me awake all night. Not recommned.

Sheralyn: If you haven’t read the new study about caffeine, listen up: caffeine increases the risk of miscarriage!! I always knew it wasn’t good for the baby, but this report is FRIGHTENING! So, I know that I am staying away from all caffeinated beverages and products for awhile, I’m not taking any chances!

Leigh: Actually Rhiannon, I doubt it’s anything so exotic as a mountain man harvesting your WuYi source. YOu are assuming that the ingredients are pure. BTW, do they ever mention exactly where this tea originates from? You know, the “source” and all?

Maren: well i wanna loose weight fast, so i might as well stil purcahse wuyi source. i think it’ll work for me if i stick with it and dont try to get a refund.

Judi: Well, i tried WuYi Source, and i thought it tasted just sickening. I did lose a little weight, but that might just be water.

Wayne: hey if this tea can really help out in all ways, does drinking it do anything for the sex drive? cuz that would be cool.

Lauren: I know….. that is SO scary about the study on caffeine and miscarriages! I hope to get pregnant within the next year, and I’m starting to wean myself off the coffee now. I definitely would not mess with this Wu Yi stuff, esp. since it also seems like a terrible product.

Barbara Anne: Has anyone noticed the comparison chart on the WuYi Source website? I wonder where they get that data from…I’ve actually had better success in the past with other products.

Frank: I never did like tea, and now after trying WUYi source, I REALLY don’t like it. Those SOBs took my money and ran. Dont be fooled.

T.Pixie@earthlink.net: I think my wife is too fat for tea at this point. She needs something a lot stronger. I would like some input & opinions on this, if you can.

Barbara: Well, WuYi Source definitely did not make my teeth any whiter, I will tell you that much!

Harvey: Do people in China actually drink this tea? Why have I never heard of this before…I spent some time in Beijing several years ago.

Maxine: On the Website for WuYi Source, they try to say that this tea is the reason people in China have always been so thin, since they alone have had sole access to this “Chinese secret.” I tend to doubt that this is true. If it is true, then why are Chinese people who come to America also generally thin? Did anyone think it might simply be genetic, or specific to that ethnicity?

Joanne, Colorado: Hey are there speed walking clubs or anything like that? I don’t like to run but I would like to exercise outdoors. I wonder if that’s an option?

Kimmie: Why doesn’t WuYi Source contain Hoodia? That is the best appetite suppressant around right now. I don’t think Wuyi source has any appetite suppressant, actually.

Miles: OOOHH, no WONDER they have so many testimonials on the WuYi website….it looks like the company PAYS people to send in their pictures. What a joke.

leapyear@aol.com: I hated Wuyi tea and did not notice any difference what so ever in my weight.

Deandra: I thought i lost weight with WuYi Source but it was just temporary water loss. I was really disappointed.

Isobella: Love this website, so good to have access to the information here.

polka_dot@comcast.net: This seems like a very unscrupulous company to me. I have ordered the tea already, so that’s a lesson learned. But I will never order it again.

Earl, AK: Hey how do you know if you qualify for a free trial of WuYi Source? That doesn’t seem fair, they only offer this to some people. I don’t want to buy it if i can’t try it first.

Anonymous: This is no joke, Wu Yi Source really does steal from us poor consumers! I NEVER received my order, and was still charged. I’ve left numerous messages and have not gotten in touch with this jesse williams or any of his people. i don’t know what to do next, i’m sick of calling to no avail.

Wren: I generally feel that tea can be a wonderful, soothing way to quiet the mind. However, I don’t think that tea is a very good approach to weight loss. I tried a tea for weight loss once, and experienced a very uncomfortable burning of the mouth. That was when I realized that the best way of losing weight is not to put something into your body. I think my throat was burning as a sign that I was being too invasive in my approach. I prefer topical treatments for this type of thing, since it is the outside that you are trying to remedy.

Gillian: The bottom line is WuYi Source tastes bad and doesn’t work, save your money on this one.

Chilly_Dawg@aol.com: There is NOTHING U can do to WuYi Source tea to make it taste halfway decent. I have tried everything, and it still is the worst thing ever.

Pamela, NJ: Really, I hope that all of you understand that a tea like this WuYi source will not cause the weight to go away. Diet and exercise are really, really important, and you should approach any “diet” as a new lifestyle. Change your eating habits, work out, and you will see results. I have been the same weight for 10 years, just by being aware of my habits.

BeaBea: STILL haven’t received my REFUND………………..

Carol: If only it could be this simple… I WISH i had lost a lot of weihgt with WuYi Source, but I lost nothing not even my appetite.


Karen Smith: This company is a rip-off. I was charged 37.00 for 60 bags. I was promised a free month. Now they have just charged my account for 54.95 and I have not recieved the product. I finally looked on the internet and found this page of negative comments. dido. The tea did not work,worst,they are a rip-off operation. Has anyone thought of a class action lawsuit? I am very angry.

Kathy: Do not use thw wuyisource tea it does not work. When I tried to cancel the email address comes back unknown and when you call you get a recording . They still keep charging my credit card after disputing and cancelling in January. The tea is a laxative basically, it is hogwash .


Gina: I was interested in this tea as I believe in natural products however all I wanted was the sample and they sent me an entire box without the sample, then billed me for all of it! I never ordered it and went on their live chat for a refund. I’ll most likely lose more weight stressing out over a refund than drinking the tea! Good luck everyone, research first, purchase second!

cheridan: i have been drinking wu yi tea for a week and i feel smaller and also had a few people tell me i look smaller,crazy thing is i don’t see a change on the scale. maybe i need to keep at it.

Sharon: DO NOT ORDER THIS TEA!!! It is a complete scam! I ordered this Tea and was not happy with the results. So, I did as it said and tried to call the number on my receit.. The number tells you that you have to email your cancelation in. So I did that, a month later I get billed for another shipment and get charged for another months supply! I couldn’t get in touch with a live person to get this handled until I called in and acted like I wanted to order some more tea. I still don’t have a refund though. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! OH and they gave my credit card number to thier sister company who has been charging me 19.95 a month for email support! Complete hoax!

Jeff: This stuff tastes like CRAP. And as far as I can tell, I havent lost a pound.

Nancy: Yuck! This stuff tastes terrible. I am a tea drinker, too, but I can barely choke this down. The ads promised I would be 25 pounds slimmer but I cannot help but eat something sweet to get this bad taste out of my mouth. Counterproductive, I know, but I cannot help it.

Teresa: Good source of antioxidants maybe, but BAD taste!

Rachel: I tried this for a while, and didnt enjoy it. I also really did not notice any decrease in my appetite. I think I need something a little more than just tea.

Mick: Who has time to sit and drink this stuff? Wu Yi has not been what I expected.

Lisa: I noticed that on the Website, there are testimonials, but they make a point of saying that these results are not typical. Hmm. Why would they put testimonials that are not representative of what you get????

Stuart: The ad for Wu Yi caught my attention. I drink tea all of the time for the health benefits but never really considered it a weight loss aid. After researching this though I realized it really cannot help burn fat like the more advanced ingredients out there. I learned about Advantra Z and saw the clinical trial results. Now THAT is a powerful fat burner!

Peg: Well, I have to say, that with all Ive been hearing on the news lately about these Chinese products, I am a little bit hesitant to consume something that was imported from there. I think about all of the toy recalls, toys with lead paint in them, etc., and I have to wonder about the overall quality of the manufacturing there. I just dont know. I think there is plenty of tea around here.

Susanne: I just think that for serious weight loss, you need something a little more powerful than tea. I am a very overweight person, and although I like tea, I would not kid myself that this is going to help me shed the 60 pounds i need to lose.

Frank: My wife made me try it, but I refused to keep drinking it. It tastes terrible, and takes forever to make. And I really dont need a laxative, thanks.

Pam: As much as I try to stick with purely natural ingredients, sometimes I just cannot ignore the progress that has been made in labs! I gave it a shot but this Wu Yi tea is not burning my fat!

Marshall: Gross! This tea is the worst thing I ever tasted! Spit it right back out.

Don: I was reading about this after my wife decided to buy it. They recommend drinking the tea along with diet and exercise. Well, DUH…of course if you exercise and diet, you are going to lose weight! And were supposed to think its the tea that did it?

Maggie: Yuck, yuck, yuck. That is all I can say about this tea.

April: This tea really caused some intestinal trouble for me. You dont want to know the details.

Dale: Have you all not seen the news lately? I for one will not order anything from China right now.

Irene: Basically, this tea is really not special or different from any other tea.


Janet: I cannot drink this bitter stuff another day. Each swallow is like torture. And I am sick of sitting around waiting for it to steep. Im a busy person!

Mike: Yeah I feel its pretty nasty on both ends. No weight loss, either. Thumbs down.

Kandace: I was really hoping this would work for me, but all it did was agitate my nerves and taste bad. I never lost any weight drinking these teas.

Vince: No weight loss with Wu Yi for me. I drank it daily for weeks, never noticed anything different.

Allie: I would definitely say that any old tea is going to be just as good as this. I mean tea is tea. I prefer something that is actually proven to work

Linda: Its gross, its ineffective, and its inconvenient. I will not be buying more.

Tessa: This tea makes me feel so anxious all the time. I thought it was supposed to relax me. I cannot do it. I need something that will work faster and taste better.


Olga V. Fedorov: WuYiSource is a scammer company. My question to them is, why would I pay anything more than my local grocery store charges for Oolong Tea? It sells from $5.99 to $9.99 for 100 tea bags. All Oolong tea comes from the same place. Watch your credit card, better yet cancel it for a new number. If you are returning a box of tea, be wise and insure the package with signature upon delivery required. You must also call (780) 416-0215 which is Montana, or go to live chat for an RMA#(Return Merchandise Authorization) else they will deny receiving it. I didnt even open my box and they still charged me 15% restocking fee. I am currently waiting to file a complaint with The Better Business Bureau of both California and The BBB of Billings Montana. I am giving them 10 business days to reimburse the charges.


suzette_richardson@yahoo.com: Who do I speak to in order to get my money returned to me after I called a representive telling you that I no longer wanted the tea. (*WuYiSourceTea)

Judy Pearson: I donot want the wuyi source tea anymore.

AIDA KHACH: Worst thing I ever tryed! Gained 4 poundes!Almost unable to stop those people charging my credit card.WU-YI is a c-ny of liers

Anonymous: *WuYiSource*please cancel my membership in thia account the orderthat was made on 1-9-08 did not come to me so please cancel vanessa davis order.

Anonymous: *Wu Yi Source* This is a total RIP OFF COMPANY. I have also been waiting for my refund. They keep promising yet no refund has been received. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY.

jenny: *(WuYiSource)This stuff does not work at all it did not even made me lose weight DO NOT BUY NONE OF IT WHILE YOU CAN

Theresa: *(WuYiSource)I did not like your company taking money out of my account without notifing me. I was very this please, because I didnt order anymore tea because I havent finished the one I have. Please put my money back in my account. I already call my bank to dispute the charge. This put an overdraw on my account and Im very happy about that after you put my money back in my account please take me off you list.

Marietta: cant not get a cancellation response front wu-yi

MaryAnn: This does not taste like any green tea I have ever used. Havent lost a pound.

Tony: This tea is the worst stuff i ever put near my face. I tried to get a refund and now I cant reach any one. Is there any way of getting my money back or is this a scam. Wake up people.

Marcia Lemanek: Marcia: Yout tea does not work and I will block you from using my credit card. Want to send back the 2 boxea you sent out.

Ellen: wow i am so glad I visited hre beofre ordering. i actually had my cc ready. I was so sre thi was the answer for me. thank you!

Alan A: I took this horrible tea for two days and I had had a loss of balance and fell down. I cant get in touch with anyone from the company. I called my credit card co. to investigate.

suzette: havent noticed anything great,right now im ticked off money was taken out of my account that i never authorized.and it better be put back in asap. will be talking to better business bureau.also seen a news cast that wu-yi people are having a hard time getting there money back.

Ramone: The Tea does not help you lose weight!!! It is just a Rip-Off gimick…I canceled my account with them…Somehow theyre are still withdrawing money…I have to close out my account with my Bank and start a new one.. :-(

Gary: I agree with everyone else, this stuff taste like crap and I want to get it gone.

Daisy: This is A rip off I have not lost no even A pound I ask to cancelled but they keep sending it to me

Toni: I havent tried it a lot, but you are right it does have an odd taste to it. I NEVER recevied the recommened diet with the first bot that I ORDERED and now I have received another box. And it does not have any address or # on it so I can get a hold of the company, I did receive a letter from a Sara NICHOLSON STATING I should stay on the diet that I never received. So could someone please help me. Thanks Toni


alice: Hi, everyone its just mind boggle how this wu-yi company keep scamming people. Iv`e been trying to get my refund sence Feb. 23,08 todays date April 23,08 If I`m successful I`ll let you know. next when you call the 1-866-449-5567 while its talking press 3 to talk a person that you probably won`t understand. You also have to call and cancel heathy life or what ever there name is it will be on your bank statement, that they don`t even tell you their signing you up for ,but if you don`t you will billed for $19.95 a month I arued with some guy for 15 minute that i did`nt know i was signed up for this I was givin a one time customer cortesy refund in two days. next I`ve made the first today to 1-877-417-4141 it`s supose to be the the Owner direct line his name is Jesse Williams. He was`nt in so left a message I am going to keep calling both numbers until I get My refund. Oh I almost forgot when you call ask for a supervisor or the supervisor mananger and take their names so you know who you spoke with, I tell you if I ever talk to this owner I`m going to ask why he lied to everyone and give me my reund.

Jim: *WuYiSource*Don’t get caught up in this scam. Customer service is terrible. Emailed to cancel but still got charged for 3 more months. All of the negative comments above are true. DO NOT ORDER THIS ITEM.

Emmy lee: Dont even bother with this they will charge your credit card over and over again then you have to fallow up on the website and listen to some audio i fell asleep every time .And i have not lost a dam pound yet .Better yet any diet purchased with out a person face to face that you can beat up later if it doesnt work .Is not worth it

kaye: I was about to purchase this wu-yi tea as I recieved an e-mail about it,luckily I search for good comments and results but wasn’t able to find one that could convince me..well I guess the search is over! I’d stick to my diet pills that really works….

Shelly: I was very disapointed, save your money!! Please take me off you ordering process!

jbh: I received my first shipment and for health reasons decided I should not use it at this time. I cancelled using the e-mail address given to me and yet I was charged again. When I contacted them they said that was an old e-mail address and they did not receive my e-mail. They say they will refund my money for this shipment but there were charges for that first “free tea” that will incur for 3 months and I doubt after researching that I will see any of my money. Buyer beware!!!!!!!!!!!

Kika: *WuYiSource* We should STOP these bastards! Iam very upset.They’re taking advantage of people that is trying desperately to loose weight. There are enough complaints to seek for legal action, but I do not know what to do. I want my money back.

dgma: *WuYiSource* yea well i was doing research on the news they mention n they do have no readings of it….so im pretty sure is fake….

Viola, California: *WuYiSource* I have been trying to reach this company to cancel, but couln’t. After reading this website I realize I am being spam, because I receive another shipment and it haven’t been 30 days yet. My advise is to have your bank or cc block this company and contact BBB an make them aware of what going on. Someone had mention that a Jesse Williams is the owner?

alice: Hi, everyone Today is April 30,08 and as of April 28,08 I got my refund form wu-yi tea I was shocked I checked my bank account every day like I usually do and low and behold $37.00 was in My account my patients payed off. So don`t give up it`s your money follow my first blog and keep bugging them until they give you a refund!!

pedro: please do not buy this tea it does not help at all. ALL they want is money i’m trying to get my money back and they would not response at all.

Carol: I couldn’t tolerate the tea so return unused portion per instructions. The company charged me $80+ dollars and will not return my money.

Carol: *WuYi Source Tea* I am beginning to think that the only package I ever received was the SAMPLE. However, I was charged $80.00+ and cannot get my refund from the company

jill: oh my god,im so stupid to have believed that this tea would help me lose weight and that i could trust this company, cant get hold of company to cancel order or get them to stop taking money from my account every few weeks,cant reach anyone at company !

Stephanie: *WuYiSource*Ok. I ordered this tea via a free trial a few months ago after being really sold on the website. It seemed like it would work great but it certainly did not! First of all, the tea tasted horrible. I had to mix it with cinnamon, cloves, ginger and splenda before it tasted decent. After I did that and drank it iced, then it actually tasted good. Second, with the free trial of the tea came another free trial for weight loss website. I think it was called living lean and was through selfhelpworks.com. It was very motivational and educatonal and got me to focus on the emotional aspects of my eating. I did like that and think if I stuck with that one it would have worked but I didn’t have time for all of the sessions and homework you had to commit to. Anyway, time passed by quickly and next thing I knew, I had a charge for the tea AND a charge for the lean website. I called the number on my charge card and got the website membership cancelled but she wouldn’t refund the charge because I “didn’t cancel in the alloted period of days as per the agreement”. All I can say is read all agreements verrry carefully for trial memberships! Also, I had to call a different number to cancel the tea but had trouble reaching an actual person. The recording stated all cancellations should be in writing through emailing them. I did that but not too long after I got an autoship with 3 more boxes of tea and another charge! I finally got a hold of a live operator online thru live chat online. He explained that I would be receiving two more charges for the extra tea I received. I told him that I wanted to cancel the stuff. He gave me an order number and an return address and told me to make sure I got a confirmation from the post office. I sure was glad I followed his directions or I wouldn’t have had proof that they received the return when they tried to tell me they didn’t! I’ve read on here that many people have had trouble getting someone on the phone to cancel. The number I called is 866 449 5567 and make sure to press 3 or you wont get to speak to anyone. It’ll just tell you to put in writing at usateahelp or something. I still had to call back 3 times in a month and yell at them before I finally got my money back. Just remember to keep the RMA # they tell you to put on the box AND your delivery confirmation from the postal service as well as the name of anyone you speak to with times and dates! The whole experience was really dissapointing because I wanted this stuff to work for me. Hope this helps!! I wish I knew about this website before… I am learning so much and it has already prevented dissapointment and loss from other products I was planning to buy!!

CYNTHIA: This was one of the worst products on the market. You will be waste your time and money on this product.

Pauline: So I guess I should’ve known that drinking a tea would not help me lose weight, and I was a little skeptical. I guess I thought that was the worst that could happen, Wu Yi just wouldn’t work. I didn’t realize I would be dealing with unauthorized charges and having difficulty getting refunded when dealing wiht this company. It really isn’t worth it, and the tea tastes gross too.


Carla: I drank the tea unsweet for months. I was stuck with it, I might as well continue. I could not get a refund it fact they sent more after I canceled and charged me for it. I never seen a pound drop from drinking the tea and I am big into health food products.

Robert A Johnson: *WuYiSource* This is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. They have billed me 3 times but I only received the initial shipment. Their customer service sucks, they actually hung up on me when I tried to cancel. I went on their live chat and finally got it canceled, only to be told they will be billing me 2 more times as per their agreement. Canceling the Living Lean crap and the Lifescript is just as difficult, and although they automatically sign you up for those you have to contact them individually to cancel them. I too will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

J Lee: They are a scam and are untruthful about what you will be charged!

Berenice: I’ve been drinking the WuYiSource I think is not true I’ve been drinking it for 4 month and have not lost a pound so don’t buy it, it is a scam and they do over bill you so be careful and ckeck your bank account.

mary: Please help me to stop them sending this tea and charging my debit card such a lot of money for the worst tea I have ever tasted and it doesnt shift a pound weight. please please stop sending me the tea.

Scott Bailey: WuYiSource is a scam company. Please dont give them your credit card number because you wont be able to get rid of them. I had to close my account and re-open another account. Its really bad. I spoke to a representative 4 times including numberous e-mails. Truse me the tea doesnt work at all. WuYiSource needs to go on john stossels give me a break column. Again buyer beware you will be totally upset if you trust them with your credit card. 5 months now after I have cancelled them and they are still billing my credit card every month.

Joan E: *WuYiSource*DO NOT ORDER THIS!! It does not work. I used it exactly as it stated, and it did nothing. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!!! THEY WILL NOT STOP CHARGING ME. I cancelled before the trial period and they charged me anyway. Now I am still being charged every month and have cancelled 4 times. They are a scam and will take your money!!!

p&t: *WuYiSource* Stop this SCAM!!!!! LIes, LIES LIES that cost us 60.00plus $$$ and we are still fighting it! I is cheep tea and a credit card scam.

Marilyn: WuYiSource in my opinion is a scam. Customer services sucks and then to add insult to injury they charge you extra $19.99 monthly for ‘Living Lean’. Be carefull of ordering anything online. I cancelled my order after being charged over $112.00 and only received 2 shipments of tea. I was informed via e-mail that I my credit card will be charged for two additional payments, although everything is cancelled. This is a scam, BE VERY CAREFUL.


Shanequa: Good thing I read these comments. I was accually going to buy this stuff. Does anybody have any weight loss reccommendations?

ME Robb: *WuYiSource* Me too, I was fool enough to fall for the Oprah connection to this product. I know her staff researches products they recommend, so I ordered. I had the same kind of difficulty returning the tea and getting a refund as others here. I ended up with a net loss of $19.99, for that insidious ‘Living Lean’, which I cancelled the first week and never received, yet they charged me for 2 months. I did get a refund for the tea, less shipping of course, but that $20 was enough to agree that this is a scam, period.

allen-town87: I ordered the Hoodiap57 that JW Simpson posted about above. I have used it for 3 weeks now, and its awesome, its nearly cut my appetite in half. Thanks!

kristy: the tea only gave me a laxative effect. i am returning my tea. beware of extra charges. i called my credit card company to help me out. i made them aware of my concerns about possible future charges. get your credit card company involved. next time i will be more careful ordering on line.

CHERIE: I tried the sample a few days after recieving the tea there was a charge to my account for 29.95 several days later there was another charge to the account for 19.95 (living lean) these charges were NEVER approved! Im having to jump thru hoops with no success to reverse the charges. And the tea did not work!!!

Lee: The company Wu-Yi Source is a rip off totally. I ordered the tea and of course it did not work. They charged my account, I received the tea, but when I called to cancel because I did not want to continue — the tea did nothing, they quickly went in and charged my account again. I ended up cancelling my card so they could no longer have access to my account. However, I tried to get a refund and have not received it yet. This company should be banned from business in the United States.

Ken: We’re always told if it looks and sounds to good to be true it probably is. Wu-yi Source exemplifies this truth. Not only did it not work, when I called to cancell, they stopped sending me the tea but continued to charge me. I talked to my Credit Card company and they told me they have had trouble with Wu-Yi Source. I was told I needed to try to get Wu-Yi Source to give me a credit while VISA disputed it. I tried calling the phone number and it was an unattended number that directed me to their web site. When I tried the web site, the browser said it could not find teahelp @ usa.com (The wab address Wu-Yi Source gave me on the phone).

Tanisha: I just recently ordered this product and it was suppose to be shipped within 3 business days and I have not received it. I wish I would have done my research before ordering this product. Today, I am having my credit card block all charges from this company. The issue that I have to begin with is that I only wanted to try the tea as a trial but they automatically signed me up 2 other trial memberships which I do not like. Do Not Waste Your Time.

Adam Smith: “way up here in Canada too eh?… I got stung also, can’t get my money back, they keep on taking $19.95 or more per month from my debit card. Tea was sent back after the first cup. It came from California, and switched over to Living Lean Las Vegas… How many companies, are associated with this Wu-Yi Tea anyway.?.. Still checking, phoning, e-mailing, gotta keep hounding them to try to get them to stop. Best bet is to change the debit card number from your bank. I’ll never order any crap like that again…..Bye..

umu-hannie: If drinking the tea will really make me loose weight then please send me some

Charlotte: Hello! I have a couple positive things to say about this tea. First off, I have lost weight with this tea, I’ve already been on this for two weeks and lost about 5 pounds. I haven’t started the exercise yet but I do walk with my son and daughter around the neighborhood for about an half an hour every other day. I have cut down on my portions but I do eat 4-5 times a day. The tea itself tastes pretty good. I am a tea drinker and it does give me a bit of energy and sense of fullness. I feel bad for the people who’ve tried this tea and it didn’t work for them.

key key: I ordered the Tea without doing my research 1st and I am very disappointed with the information I have read about Wu-Yi. I have not tried the product yet and not sure if I want to try it now. I will be reequesting a refund and thanks to this website, I have notified my bank and they will not be getting another penny from me. And by the way I only paid $4.95 for shipping and that’s all their worth! Somebody has to stop them, please!

Aurore: I started using the tea in February. Today, July 10,I only lost 5 pounds. They keep on sending me the tea and charging my credit card although I called to cancel. They don’t want to refund. This is a scam.

J McCutcheon: I took up wu-yi free offer which cost me $40 as I have been in hospital could not follow plan so wanted no more. Now been sent $110 worth of stuff I neither want nor can afford how do I stop this?

Sara: Bought it a no change in my appetite or metabolism. The only way to contact the company is via email. I told them I did not want anymore tea or charges to my credit card, had to change my card number to stop them! Theives!

nadine: how can they still get away this this SCAM???? and how they automatically sign you up for the livelifelean program which robs you blind month after month, and has you run through circles to try and cancel something you never received in the first place.

maxine erickson: l want to cancel my order my order number is 3755402 thank you maxine….

Glenn: I got my first order from Wu Yi today! And guess what? There was no invoice because I think they were ashamed of the cost. When I called, I got the run around before they disclosed to me that each box of Wu Yi Tea was $59.85. That means I now have $179.85 in tea that has done nothing for me. Well, it’s going back tomorrow. And I will be challenging f their “no hassel” claim and see what they have to say. What I have to say is that this is a “SHAM”. You’re buying regular tea at a premium and they’re laighing all the way to the bank.

Tanya: After the first week, I realized that I wasn’t having a bowel movement. I stop and it returned. No consumer service and after I cancelled they wanted to charge me for 2 months supplies. I just cancelled my credit card because I wasn’t going to pay for something I couldn’t take.

Doug Harris: I tried the tea, it didn’t work, and to top that the company charged my account every month for five months and will not respond to my demands for a refund. $247 for $30 worth of tea, what a rip-off scam they have going.


Mable: I was very excited about starting wu-yu tea but after about a steady month to doing so i lost confidence and it tastes terrible.

Jean McGinnis: I am sending your tea back and I don’t want anymore. I call my credit carsd company today and told them ant to let you charge anymor to my account. You are a frud I was suppose to try and let you know where to ship any more to me. I better get credit on my card. I don’t have the box but I have te address and my account no.I haven’t open the box but I don’t have the box it came in so you better give me credit.

pat: They charged me monthly for the weight loss support. i didn’t order this. called the company and asked to have the charges reversed on my credit card, which they did, but the very next day, they put it back on my credit card. i have emailed them and they don’t reply to my emails. i have just recently received a second shipment of tea, and i have cancelled my credit card, we’ll see how long it takes for them to contact me now that they can’t get their money. they owe me money, but i’m sure they won’t see it that way. they were on oprah, i wonder if her web site has been notified about this rip off company. she doesn’t like dishonest people, and i would love to see these people questioned by her now.

Lucia: Well, after reading this, I checked my bank account and sure enough…they have charged $59.95 for August and September 2008 without my authorization. I have the tea that I had planned to return to them because it is simply not working. I guess I’ll be wasting my time and energy trying to return it to get a refund. Right? I also saw that there are other unauthorized charges for a “Web Access Fee” and a “Membership” that had NEVER BEFORE appeared until AFTER I ordered from them. I just called my bank’s hotline and had them cancel my Visa card and issue me a new one. I don’t think I’ll be pursuing a refund since it is to no avail as I understand. Has anyone thought of contacting or writing to a newspaper or television news to warn others and to get these thieves to stop?

joanne: about an hour ago i put a order in for the tea and i read all the chat on this blog so i went on to the sites live chat told them what i read and were from thay immediately canceld my order

sandra: like the rest of the people on here i to is being charged for the stuff ,cant seem 2 cancelle


Ella: The tea did not work at all after following all directions.

Carole: I took up the offer of a free trial (paying supposedly just for postage) and they charged me three different amounts totalling over six times the amount quoted. I’ve had to cancel the card to make sure they don’t steal any more from my account. They are thieves, not merchants.

Christine: Like Carole I took the offer of a free trial – they took $24.95 (

john: This is an absolute CON, A SCAM, Once they have your card details they are taking money from accounts without proper authorization, well theirs , not yours. Because you have given them the card details he banks will pay them as they claim the transactions are authorized by the fact you gave them your details. I have never come across something so EVIL. They are SCUM.

GEORGIE: wu yi source is def a con! i ordered tea in 2 days they halped them self to my money. i spoke to them over the internet and threatened to sue them, they say they issued a refund and i received a refund receipt in my e mail. dont think i will get the refund though. if anyone cant contact them, go on their site and their is always live operators to speak. it doe snot make u lose weight. i like how the website says the tea makes u lose weight but u receive the pack wiv the tea bags and a book which basically says exercise and eat low fat foods, that sounds like a diet to me. just as well had diet without the tea bags and save ya money. i am gonna have to close my account now so they cant help them self to my money.

smits25: Wu Yi Source, what a rip off, it did not mkae me loose weight or do anything, and it didn’t even taste good. ugh.. i have also had 1 unaurhotized charge to my credit card and i am so upset. i shouldnt have to close my account just because i made the mistake of ordering this lousy tea! these people should be ashamed of them selves.

Mimi: Who would’ve expected such thievery from a company that simply sels tea? When I think of tea I think of calmness,relaxation, and the health benefits and I orederd the WuYi tea just thinking maybe weight loss would be an added bonus. Instead i’ve had a huge headache like many others here from trying to get a refund and cancelling my credit card. Its the only way to stop the charges, and i am hoping that the cc company will be able to credit my account. Nothing so far. I wouldn’t be complaining if the only problem was that the tea didn’t help me lose weihgt (which it didn;’t) its the dishonestythat really irks me.

Farra: I had the same bad experience with the WuYISOUrce which really makes me angry. I’ll try to contact them via theirs live operator, thanks for the tip. But I doubt that I get any money back. Like you all said the tea itself down not work of course, unless that is all you going to drink and stave yourself.

regina: i can’t believe how stupid i was getting *Wu Yi Source* instead of something that would really help me loose weight wish i r ead the reivews her first~!

jane dobson: all this WuYi Source is is plain old tea, Tastes no different than the Lipton tea I’ve been drinking for years, and has about the same effect on my weight: nothing.

a. mclaren: well i dont know anything abnout the scamming you all mentioned but i know i am not liking Wu Yi Tea from Wu Yi Source so far, not at all. i have seen no weigh tloss results and it makes me have diahreaa and the taste is just bland and boring. I want to try to get a refund but from what you all are saying that doesn’t sound realistic.

Marion: Well now I certainly don’t believe in miracles wehn it comes to weight loss, but you know, I’d heard that tea could help burn fat. so I thought, why not, maybe this wu yi tea could just speed up the metabolism or something and just..get things moving. didn’t do much of anything and now i have to deal with these extra charges on top of it all.

Mickey Fischer: are you allowed to eat food while on the Wu Yi Tea diet?

Judy: I still think that green tea is a great ingredient to have in your diet. Wu Yi Tea however is just too weak and really taste horrible. I’ll try to find it in a pill maybe a bit more concentrated. I lost no weight in this but now I know it’s bad that’s how I look at it.

anita b.: when i drank the wu yi source I was hoping it would just help me stop eating so much. it said it would. it just made me more thirsty though and no less hungry. is there any teas or drinks or somehting that will stop the hunger some, i don’t like pills.

rayna: yes, you do HAVE to continue to eat! Wu Yi Source s NOT any kind of meal replacement or cleanse or anything!! It’s just a tea (and i would add, it is NOT a weight loss product of any kind.)

Beth Card: Followed all instructions of this diet as outlined when I ordered the wu Yi Source, even “visualizing” a leaner healtheir me. BUnch of B.S. is what it is though. You are allowed to eat food, of course, it is not a fasting diet but they do suggest that you cut back in fat and calories. that’s fine and all, but the tea was not an added benefit. I felt a little wired on it, and then crashed. NOT a good plan.

sharon pransky: I suppose i thought, like many of you, that a tea would be a healthy, holistic way of losing weight. I certainly never imagined that Wu Yi SOurce would be the beginning of an ongoing credit card theft! THis is a horrible, unscrupulous company, and has nothing to do with the relaxing serenity of good tea. PS it tastes awful!

agnes: been trying to get lots of information about this wuyi Source before ordering (a& having my doubts now) and just noticed the company is based in Canada. DO they have different regulatons up there for diet products maybe, and that’s how come they get away with this? Nothing against the people of course just wondering if maybe the laws is different in other countries. You never can be too careful as a consumer these days it seems.

Carmen: Yeah I hear you, I mean the tea is good and all but it does not make you less hungry for bad food. Drinking a lot of water during the day was definately a good idea, I still do that now but I stopped drinking WuYi Source simply because I was not loosing weight or a decrease in my appetite.

ashley: The funny thing about the Wu Yi Source diet is that if you do reduce your fat and calories as they recommend, you’ll lose weight THAT way, not through this crappy tea. So, I think I never really needed the tea at all. It did make me feel sick to my stomach several times.

Karen_Ann: YES i was hoping that Wu Yi Source would be an APPETITE suppressant of some kind…but i was just as hungry with this as ever. The tea doesn’t really make you feel full, its just like any other tea. It gave me a mild caffeine boost and maybe more of a need to go to the bathroom, but really, it wasn’t thta impressive overall.

LMD18: The WuYI Source tasted like just your average tea and drinking it daily did seem to help keep my diet on track. I didn’t expect “miraculous” results overnight even when I ordered this. HOWEVER, I also did not expect to be rOBBED by the Wu Yi Source company. I am currently trying to get back the nearly $200 charged on my mastercard by the company for monthly supplies i never ordered or authorized. these people are shameless!

melora43: yes, why do they automatically charge for weight loss support when all you wanted was the tea? This seems extrremely unfair and excessive to me.

rhonda fairton: Does wuyi source help with metabolism? It doesn’t seem like its helping me with that, and it doesn’t sound like its helping many of you, either.

Savannah: Shoot well I just ordered t Wu-Yi Source & am worried that I will be charged now. is it too late to cancel if I ordered it yesterday?

Anais: No i think if you cancel within 30 days you are good. I waited a bit too long and couldn’t get my money back. but you should be fine, although who knows with them.

cathleen: I was resistant to taking a diet pill, so i though tea would be a nice way to lose weight without having to take a pill. But the thing is, Wu Yi source doesn;t really have any weight loss ingredients in it! It doesn;t have a metabolism booster or an appetite suppressant….so i guess i don’t see how it can even call itself a weight loss product.

Hilary: So I am stuck with all this WUyi tea that I can’t return or get refunded for so I am trying to make the most of it. I really don;t mind the taste of the WuYi source, just a little pissed that I spent eighty bucks on it. I started takeing Hoodiap57 with the tea and so its helpign with sugar cravings. I probably don’t need the tea but it’s probably better to drink it than to throw it out, i hate to waste things.

Amina: I found some Wu Yi in chinatown and you wont believe how much I paid for it! $6.00!!!

Brisa: Drank the tea for 4 weeks liek they said and had no weight loss. THumb down for WuYi source.

Jill S: So i compared the contents of Wuyi source to just a regular type of tea i got at the grocery store and it’s the same stuff…so can anybody just call anything “diet” these days? DOesn’t there have to be something about the prodcut that makes you lose weight?

amber-autumn: WEll i did loose about 4 lbs the first week i was on Wuyi source, which was quite exciting to me bcs i wasn’t even following the diet. I was going to the bathroom quite a bit more though. Unfortubnately, by the second week or so, those 4 lbs came back and now they’re not budging anymore.

jmac: LAst spring my mother-in-law told me she had bought a new weight loss tea that she was pretty excited about. i’d heard of the WuYi source and was really curious about it. She gave me a cup of it and it tasted like tea, had no effect on me. A few weeks later I asked her how the diet was going and she just sort of rolled her eyes. I didn’t get into any details, if she was scammed she probably wouldn’t admit it, but she obviously wasn’t successful. That’s all I really need to know to conclude that this stuff is NOT a diet aid worth spending any of my money on.

kristel: of course diet can be anything. low sugar, low carb, high protein, green tea, anything is a diet

Valerie T.: The way you eat is also called a “diet” so if your “diet” consists of McDonalds on a regular basis you are obviously not losing weihgt. Just because the WuYi source is a “part” of your “diet” doesn’t mean your gonna loose wiehgt either,apparently.

Maryam: I am super pissed, I lost a bunch of money, didn’t loose any weight and now, thanks for nothing Wu-yi source.

Ally: This blog is just great. I saw so many website with fake testimonials about Wu Yi source that I ended up buying it. Like all of you I didn’t loose any weight but was lucky enough not to have any other charges on my account. I am so glad I found this blog with people who actually used the product. Will def check here next time I am tempted to try something.

harry s.: what really gets my goat about this wuyi source tea crap is how much they assured me that my order was safe and i was guarenteed the refund. i was setting on the toilet way more than i care too after drinking this tea, and didn’t want in no more. couldn’t get my money back until i canceled the VISA. buncha liars is what they are. going back to the south beach diet now, that worked a couple years ago for me.

Lilly may: I actually bought WU yi source as a supplement tea to my weight Watchers diet. I was hopping to loose weight even faster. It didn’t help at all! I didn’t think it tasted that bad but it’s probably because I have been eating frozen food for 2 months now. BTW, weight watchers is a really great diet program.

miss regina: but so even if this just is like a laxative wont u still lose weihgt since your getting the waste out? i really dont wanna take any pills maybe am being optimstic that a tea (maybe not wuyi source the co. sounds scary) but somthng like it, is gonna help me loose a few pounds?

mandie: Why did Oprah ever recommend something like wuyi source??? Why would she get behind such an awful scam?? I should have thought about it; she’s not exactly a skinny minny these days. :(

Fabiola: Yeah I have tried Weight Watchers it way too slow and you don’t loose that much weight. Wu YI source is probably the worse diet I have ever done. I mean you don’t loose anything but your time and your money with it. At least with Weight Watchers, even if it was not for me I lost some weight.

alexia: This definitely caused me to have digestive issues, and it aggravtaed my IBS big time. I probably shouldn;t have even considered something like Wu Yi source knowing that i already have some bowel problems. Thumbs down.

Nathalie: Well there is a reason why Oprah is so freaking rich, don’t you think. She will sell anything for anyone. I think WuYi source was no exeption.

Mandy: MAYBE weight watchers and south beach are okay diet programs, i don’t know bcs i never tried either, i really am at a point where i need a diet aid. And WUYI source?? NOT IT. Made me feel a little ill, in fact. Now the SLim Shots diet drinks, THOSE are where its at. Its kinda the same concept, you drink these 3 x a day but the difference is i actual am losing weight (9 lbs this first month) and they taste good too. Real ingredients etc…not tea.

nadya: i had to tell them 5 times that i did not want to be enrolled in their “on line weight loss program.’ I guess you can’t just order the stupid tea without being harassed for more. it was very frustrating, esp. since these people are EXTREMELY hard to get a hold of! no wonder!Q Wuyi SOurce is an investment i should never have become involved in, now i will nevver see the end of this.

Pascale: Are you SURE Oprah endorsed this crap? THere’s no way this has worked for anyone, it is JUST TEA! WuYi source did nothing for my appetite or metabolism, in short, did not help me loose weihgt!

holly: Mandy: You mention SLim SHots diet drinks…what are these? I don’t know about them. hot or cold? Just curious…i guess i can look them up on here any one else use em?

Mia: Just cancel your credit card Nadya! I did.

Mandy: Here’s the link where I get em http://www.slimshotdiet.com/NEW try it! Good luck.

caitlyn: I guess i thought WuYi Source was a bit of a cleansing product, like for toxins and stuff. I’ve been into that idea lately of cleansing….i recently got one of those Neti pots to clean out your sinuses, and wow, that is amazing! crazy stuff coming out of your nose. Anyway, i guess i thought that WuYI source would be kind of like a digestive cleanse, flushing out the toxins and all. But all it was was your run of the mill tea, it really did nothing for weightloss. Does anybody know of a good cleansing product? I feel like my body has been exposed to alot of impurities.

Nadya: yeah, i guess you;re right, Mia, i was hoping to not have to do that, but I guess i don’t have any choice. thanks for all the interesting reviews and chat.

Becky08: In theory its not such a big deal to just cancel your credit card to stop the charges but the problem for me was that i have a lot of recurring charges billed to my card (healht club dues, etc) so I had to contact everyone to make sure I wouldn’t get charged late fees for thOSE payments. Buying this WuYi source was just a huge headache and so not worth it. I think its good that so many people are spreading the word about this scam, I really hope others think twice before ordering.

CatalinaIsland: I didn’t loose any weight with Wu Yi source but I did love drinking tea on a regular basis everyday. I stopped taking Wu Yi simply because I was not loosing any weight but I started buying loose leaf tea every week and I feel like it is doing some good to me. It’s also much cheaper than Wu Yi source and I am drinking more now which is good on any diet.

beluga56: if this Wu Yi Source was really so miraculous, why do they need to include a diet and exercise book with it?????????

CoryLynn: Me too I expected some kind of cleansing effect. All I got from the wu Yi source was bloating WHICH DOES NOT MEAN WEIGHTLOSS. CleanseRX is a good cleanse though someone was asking, phase 2 of it is the best.

Judy: Oh Boy! I wish I had found this site before ordering this “miracle tea”. Now after reading your comments, I’m afraid I’ve been taken again. Can anybody tell me how to successfully cancel the order? Big Surprise: the cancelation #’s they provided don’t work!

Linda: This is the biggest rip off there is. Even if you follow this to the letter it doesnt work. I gained 5 lbs on it. I exercised everyday and did everything I was to do and still nothing. The other offers you get are a rip off as well. They charge you for stuff you dont eve know you are getting and then wont refund your money. I would not recommend this to anyone.

mimi: i thank God, i almost ordered the free trial, just thought of reading a comment or 2 about the wu yi tea and i found this amazing website.i am definately not ordering. i thought this was different, i was scamed by pink patch b4 and i didnt even get a refund.

Christa: I am amazed that so many people have been cheated by this company. I tried the “free trial” which did not work and after two weeks I was billed $59.95. I wrote them telling that although I was exercising and dieting I did not see any big changes, the answer was “it varies from person to person”. They sent 3 more boxes and charged me two at $59.95 plus some other little charges that appeared to be from the same company. Is there any way to stop this people???? I completely agreed with Lucia and some others about getting organized and write to newspapers or television news to warn others and to get these thieves to stop?

Laura: Didn’t lose any weight. The customer service department is no existent. Good Luck getting through. They managed, however, to hook up with a company that will bill your credit card religiously for an autoship and then tell you they can’t tell you how to get a refund for the autoships. I am sitting on 120 tea bags. What a scam.

Laura Einstein: I ordered the tea and was led into a 14 day free trial following the purchasing steps on the inetrnet. I guess when you do this, you automatically start getting billed by two other outfits as well.(Found this out when I cancelled and was told it was all in the terms and conditions in small print that I agreed to – very deceptive!) Anyway, Got the tea, tried it and it is super bland, a plain old Lipton tea bag has more strength and flavor. Can’t help but think it is a scam at $59.95 per month no matter what is supposedly in it! If you follow their guidelines, anyone will lose weight – tea or no tea!Another brilliant marketing scam giving hope to all the overweight people out there! I did get through to customer service and just hope they don’t charge me. They want their tea back, so hopefully I’m only out shipping cost. I think Attorney general needs to be aware of this company! I’ll be looking for strange charges on credit card statement!

linda: first of all I dont know how they got my number to call me but since she did I orderd the trial package for 4.95 I see they already charged it. thats fine. but after reading the entries I payed my cable bill im going to take my kids to McDonalds let them play, eat there happy meals , call my bank and tell them I just got my card stolen to cancel that account and send me another one.And I hope I really hope that they keep sending tea that they will never get to charge me for nothin but this one time.and if i dont like the tea they send maybe it will make a good fertilizer for my lawn.Freakin scammers..P.S. no need to call and cancel they will figure it out

michelle: THIS IS JUST A BILLING SCAM I was already restricting my diet to sensible, healthy foods, doing a reasonable amount of exercise and had lost 7kg in 2.5 months. I added the Wu-Yi Source tea to my regime. What i got was an upset stomach in the morning, and alternating constipation/diarrhoea throughout, but not constantly, the three weeks I tried it, while still maintaining my previous successful diet/exercise plan (i still wanted to lose another 7 kg) Nothing changed! I continued to slowly and steadily lose weight, but at the same rate as I previously did. Therefore, like pretty much all diet products, this is a load of s^&* But now I had abdominal pain and bowel symptoms. All for the bargain price of $59!!!! Plus $25 p&h…oh yeah, and they kept billing my credit card for the bonus offers you automatically agree to when you sign up for their “Free Trial” I had to cancel my credit card to stop their continual billing. Emails were not responded to. I didnt even bother returning the unused tea. It is a complete scam. You might want to consider before you purchase something like this, that they could put ANYTHING in it…and you are putting that in your body! My advice if you want to lose weight.You need a lifestyle change, eat less junk, more fruit/veg, smaller serves and GET SOME EXERCISE!!! Without exercise your new body won’t be worth showing off anyway.

barbara: well i just started drinking the wu-yi tea 3 days and i been going to the bathroom a lot more i don’t know what to think now it’s too soon but i have 11 days to see if it works for me.

mandy: OK so the idea was there, an slimming solutions that may just work??? IT DOES NOT WORK. They have charged me

Bubbles: not sure about this program. I wouldnt give my credit card details out. Looks appealaing but i think is a rip off scam. Anyone be careful and look for another alternative. best advice i reckon

Diane: I have ordered the tea anbd been on it for two weeks following the guide supplied i have lost 5 kilos but now I wish i had read this forst as I am worried about trying to stop recieving this tea, I only want three months worth, and the worst thing is the numbers do not work when in Australia.I have spoken to the online people about things and printed copied of converstations.

Reena: I was in the process of ordering this “Wu Yi Tea” the website really, really sounded so “Good” However after reading all these comments…I will definately be looking elsewhere for weightloss support!

Henry: Where are the District Attorney’s when we need them?

alicia: i havegot the free trial. i got billed 25 dollars for international post, got charged 59 dollars for more tea and i have not got it yet. i did lose 4 pounds but so maybe thats someting. i AM shit scared now bout this product.

Jo: appetite suppression? sure! i feel like i need to puke all the time. scam. word of advice, always use a credit card with a limit (in new zealand we have a oLaded card) that way there’s a limit to their money pinching. heart goes out to all who were tricked. it taste


Esther: There’s always gotta be someone telling the rest of us we must be morons for not losing wieght, right? I don’t see anyone on here saying they wERE eating chocolate bars and expecting to lose. THe issue here, I believe, is does this Wu-Yi source work for weight loss? From my experience and from what I;m reading here, I would have to conclude, no. Furthermore, to just drink this as a tea, which could have some benefits, the wu-yi is overpriced and the company cannot be trusted. I canceled my credit card shortly after purchasing the tea, so taht solved that problem for me. All in all, this gets a negative rating from me.

jenniimills@hotmail.com: Total scam!!!!! Product does not work and they will take your money and run. they also sent my credit card details to a sister ccompany for products i didnt order-(they sneakily disclose this when you order)I contacted them through their live chat to cancel my membership, which they did,(well said they did) but get this! they cant cancel the other 2 memberships with their sister company and wont give me an addresss or contact number to do so (Remember I never ordered these, but untill I cancel it I will be charged 14-95 a month. I have since cancelled my credit-card.Lets see them steal my money now!!!BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!!!

Alice: WU-YI Source Tea is not and will not work the way they claim. It sad when people lie to make a buck off of other people. Don’t waste your time buying this tea your better off just drinking the green tea it problem do really work.

Sarah: I too got suckered in by this scam company wu yi tea. I did it religiously for the 30days and nothing. I didnt realize that they automatically sign you up for support with there parent company which charges you approximately $16.00 month.Its billed under your visa as Web fee and also Membership fee, which i had no idea they were charging. So when i cancelled the tea they never cancelled the other half of the service that i wasnt even aware of. So they have continued billing my account this 16.00 a month. Now i have to go through another company to get them to stop billing me and get my money back. Which good luck by the sounds of things. Visa said to call them and cancel this, and if still no help, they will get involved. So thank goodness for Visa.

anchorage alaska: the tea was very bland and had trouble getting it to steep(change the color of the water)might be old dryed up tea not fresh.on the up side it might be the stuff they put in it to make you constipated and thirsty.It makes you consume more water than comfortable(which is good for you)and go to the bathroom alot (also good for you)highly caffenated for appetite suppressant.you must consume 8 glasses of water a day(uncomfortable) but if you follow their instruction exactly ANY tea will work as long as it makes you jacked up thirsty and constipated.When i tryed to get a refund they told me because i kept the unused product for more than two weeks i would be carged for 2 months supply and two mor of thesxe charges would be coming through 2 months apart.its a contract you applied for when you took the FREE sample.the contract is binding and uncancellable.If you do not apply for the free sample you can get buy 1 get 1 free plans but the only way to cancel is to mail back the unused portion.no emails or phone calls required(signature required of course)but even then theres no way to insure the charges dont continue.Visa has a dispute program so you can reverse charges via visa so it should not be necassary to cancel your card.Read the fine print very carefully i did not and tryed to cancel im caught in a six month contract.i even tryed to upgrade my order to the buy 3 get two free and the still would not cancell my order.I did get two charges for shipping the free sample one for 3.95 per agreed and another for 2.95 the next day.I wonder what would happen if you returned the unused portion before the 6 months was out?i do not want to pay a bunch of shipping to find out but thats the only way out of their “normal” program…maybe it will work for their Free trial program.Which incedently is a six month contract where you get nothing for free.I doubt oprah signed on for the free trial which makes it easier to get out.Follow the instructions carefully and it should be impossible not to lose weight and i gaurantee it has nothing to do with the tea.its a credit card scam.

Amanda: I just looked at the site and before you navigate away from the page a live chat window pops up. “Live Chat” yeah right.

Rachel: Purchased tea: Tasted terrible, did nothing…worse I started having “mysterious” charges on my credit card….after considerable time (2 hours on phone), got a real person: who said can’t help you…this is a monthly charge you signed up for (amt. $9.95) Did not….BUT be persistent and you can get the charges reversed. DEFINITELY DO NOT RECOMMEND PRODUCT OR COMPAMY. as a side note, my health food store sells a great weight loss tea…tastes great and gives me the edge.

Belinda: Another disappointed customer from Wu Yi Source; nasty tasting tea that gave me the runs, and several unauthorized charges too. I;m not fond of pils, so I buy Hoodia Bites (http://www.hoodiabites.com/mags/ ) to help with cravings and weight loss, which is a million times better than drinking this so-called tea.

Tatiana: Well the bad thing is I am missing over $100 dollars from my account, and I know its Wu Yi. But the good thing is, although I know Wu Yi did NOT help my weight loss, it did help my bowl movements and water weight gain. The taste is atrostious!!! But I down the tea anyway’s. Weird thing is I felt slight cold symptoms coming on and drinking the tea actually stop them> NO JOKE.

Dave: My girlfriend unfortunately got ripped off by this scam. I work for a bank and have some knowledge of how the charges/refunds work. If you paid by Debit Card then I’m afraid you will have to follow the merchants own cancellation/refund policy in what is likely to be a long, arduous (and maybe unsucessful) attempt to get your money back. e.g. phone them, cancel, return the merchandise and risk further delays/problems and a further cancellation charge. After doing this, they should at least cancel the agreement and not present any further monthly charges to your account. The only sure way to prevent any further charges getting through to your debit card account is to cancel your card with your bank and get a replacement. If you are then still intending to return the merchandise in the hope of getting a refund, then forewarn your bank that a refund may be presented to the old card. Better news if you paid by credit card and wish to cancel. Simply, phone your card provider and tell them that you may wish to dispute some charges and exercise your chargeback rights. They should help you cancel the continuous authority agreement to prevent any recurring monthly charges and (should you wish to) dispute the other charges they have presented to your account. There are a number of ways they can do this. The easiest is for non-receipt of goods. The merchant must prove you signed for the goods within 30 days of the charge being presented….so if you haven’t signed for them yet then you can always refuse the delivery and be sure to obtain a refund. Your card provider should also be able to attempt a refund for fraud/misrepresentation by this merchant as there are many documented accounts of their unscupulous behaviour. Hope this helps and good luck.


Florence: I also ordered this tea on the 14 free trail and I totally agree with the post from Alaska, above. I got totally scammed, called customer service to have it canceled and requested a refund. That never happened, As Alaska commented, was told I was in a contract for the three months or whatever. So I caved in and just kept it, was charged on my credit card for three months. That was a huge mistake I made. Oh, I don’t notice any weight loss with it either.

Pam: Never ever do business with these “organisation” its a massive scam before you know where you are there taking money off your credit card all the time, then something else pops up on your credit card obviously related to them. I’ve tried to cancel three times via email, letter and even called the telephone number all of which have been ignored. Luckily for me my credit card service are on to them and told me they have had problems with this site before.

Virginia: This company is a rip off – scam for sure. I ordered the tea with the best interest at heart. Received the tea, opened and tried it. I immedately had to run to the doctor as it raised my blood pressure in addition to other reactions. I called the company – stopped orders, asked if I should ship it back was told no. To my suprise they have continued to bill my credit card (oh but they stopped shipments). I have repeatedly called, and gone on line with their live chat. No response except “you should of sent it back”. Others I have been in contact with never received their refunds after sending merchandise back. DON’T gamble with this company. They are there for a profit only!!

Dennis in Nassau: My wife and I were both very excited about this weight loss tea and ordered after just looking at the Wu Yi source website…now I’m hitting myself on the head for not researching! We got the tea within about a week from ordering and drank it regularly. THought it tasted ok, and I had no problems but my wife complaind of stomach aches. We decided we were done with it after a month and never ordered more. wEl like others said, our mastercard was charged several times, in small amounts, that we traced back to the company (Wu Yi) Every time I call, it just rings, or the call gets disconnected. Luckily I am able to dispute the charges with Mastercard but, had to cancel so I don’t get charged more from these scam artists. AS a side note, we have both had success on the Slim Shot Diet for the past month; we are in agreement that the drinks taste better than the tea did, and are both happily losing lbs practically by the day. Sorry to see others hurt by Wu-Yi, I hope my experience keeps others from making the same mistake. Just hang in there and find what works!

Pennsylvania: I was skeptical when I first heard about WuYi, but I figured what did I have to lose! I have lost 27 pounds in less than 3 months. The tea makes you feel fuller. I have just been paying more attention to what I eat. Having a healthier snack, so that when I do want to hit the sweets… I don’t feel guilty. Maybe it comes down to metabolism or will. I’m not sure, but I can say that it is working for me!! I did get charged for a couple extra things that I guess I didn’t read the fine print when I was printing out and downloading diet information from them. I called their customer service, and the charges were reversed immediately. So, I even had a painless experience there.

jocelyn Canada: do not buy this tea its a rip off, there is no money back, and they will continue to charge your credic card without your authorizaton

Margaret S.: Drank the tea for about 2 months…did not cause any bad efefcts as others say, but the WuYi did not aide in my wiehgt loss. I think I could’ve just bought any old tea at the store for $3.49 and gotten the same results. Maybe drinking tea vs. eating dessert is a smart move but I don’t need to spend that much on it. Guess I was hoping for a magic tea not just regular tea. I just read the WuYi review on sensational.com/diet and it has a similar opinion. I wish I read these before i got suckered in DO NOT DO WU YI.

Geoff B UK.: Ive been on WU Y9i now for about 7 weeks and have lost an amazing 27lbs – yes nearly 2 stone. Like any diet aid you need discipline and being truthful wiht yourself. I exercise twice a week for 40 minutes and still eat regularly throughout the day. I feel better, and the tea has definitley worked for me – no milk or sugar in it – whats the point in that. Weight loss is simple – less in – more exercise = weight loss. But this tea has really helped me after a 15 year losing battle of one diet after another. Want poof – I’ll send the pics

nora: geoff you just did an equation that is very true: Less in + more exercise = weight loss. Don;t you think maybe that’s what caused you to lose the weight, not this tea? Otherwise, how do you explain me, a person who wanted to test this product on its own, and who didn’t change any of my habits? I wanted a clear test of WuYi source alone, because I know a lot of these products recommend diet and exercise, which is a cop-out that encourages consumers to do the work the PRODUCT is supposed to do. So, as i was saying: I didn’t alter my habits, just drank WuYi Source. And you know what happened after 2 mos.? NOTHING. That sounds like a big difference from your 27 lbs, geoff.. What i am saying is this tea is hiding behind legitimate weight loss efforts. it does nothing on is own.

KJ: WuYi Source just made me poop, no fat loss.

RA: Im disappointed with what im reading i really wanted to try this tea as i love hearbal teas and the added bonus u loose weight. Well i have to say i wont be getting any. They should be reported to a head of therapeutic goods company and shut down and fined jailed whatever.

Melanie (England): I ordered my free trial which arrived as stated. I used the product for the trial period and tried to return it to no avail, in that time i have had

Debra: WuYisource.com is a scam. If they get a hold of your credit card they will keep charging you and no matter how much you try, they won’t cancel it. People have had to cancel credit cards to stop the charges. Good green tea like Oolong has weight loss benefits, it doesn’t have to be WuYi.

natasha: Ok…I thought it was just me, but I see that I’m part of “it don’t work family”. I purchased this product about 3 months ago and I haven’t lost a thing not even the poop that most of you talk about( I was all ready regular). However I did lose aprox.$150.00 thus far. Fortunately I lost my credit card and had another one issue with a new set of numbers, otherwise I’ll probably will still be in payment limbo.

peyton: The tea really does work but the caffeine can tear up your stomach. There is a suggestion they make on how to lesson it’s effects but it didn’t really help much. The taste of the tea, even using their suggestions is absolutely unbareable. I had to brew it along with another tea and add vanilla extract to be able to stomach it. That being said if you want to try the tea I high suggest getting one of those green dot cards to pay for it because if you cancel you will be ripped off for many monthes afterwards and their customer service reps. don’t seem to want to take any responsibility for their mistakes. I cancelled because of the expense and about 6 monthes later found charges which they denied but amazingly, soon after I received a free 3 month supply. HMMM…… Good luck!

peyton: For anyone trying to reach WuYi this number worked for me. The customer service reps. aren’t very helpful but atleast you will get in touch with one. The number is 1-866-449-5557. Hope this helps!

carrie: Peyton, thanks for that number but the WuYi Source customer service people were very rude and apathetic! They didn’t seem to care at all that this product doesn’t deliver what it advertises to do, nor do they seem to feel bad about abusing a person’s credit card information! I wish I had never even gotten myself involved with these unscrupulous people. GOOD LUCK! If you are thinking about buying WuYi, DONT DO IT!!!! Save yourself the time and money.

DCWallis: I seem to have troble cnacelling my order. I can not longer call you so stop my order. dougme @telus.net

Annibee: Hi I just saw your comments about how difficult it was to cancel an order. I called their laines and was directed to web site or got no actual living breathing person. I then called my bank and cancelled my credit card and ordered a new one. I hope this nips the problem in the bud….

maritza: I havent tried the system yet i did recieve the order of wu-yi tea. after reading all of your posts i decided to cancel my order i got through right away and the customer service rep was very informative and helpful. I dont know if it is a scam or not but she did give me useful information. When many of us click the “i accept” button, we really dont read what we are accepting. i read it after i ordered and i didnt want that so i canceled it. However i got a flood of calls from the people at wu-yi asking if i wanted a sample even though i canceled. Now when there are these other charges happening, you need to call the other companies that you all agreed to sign up for when u signed up for wu-yi. That is why it is so important to read what we are getting ourselves into. here are some phone numbers to help cancel the other subscriptions 1866-396-0187, and 1800-989-3907 if you have your order number thry to use that but im sure they can look you up by phone number, email, or address. READ EVERY SMALL PRINT BEFORE SIGNING UP TO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!

Ruby: I thought I’d read the small print. Obviously I must have breezed through it. Let this be a warning to you. I exercised faithfully and drank the tea 2x a day. Reduced my diet to proteins and fruits, and very few carbs. I didn’t loose anything. If you want to be ripped off this is the way to do it. Wu-Yi is ridiculous!!!

Carol: I ordered the Wu-Yi free trial today and then after reading these comments, I went on the livechat and asked them to cancel my order. They said they did and that no charges from anything would be charged either now or the future. I hope they are telling the truth.

Carol: Thank you Maritza for the phone numbers. I have written them down in case I need them.

John76: It sounds like a massive headache. I don’t want to spend anymore time on the phone with anyone! I just cancelled my credit card which was another headache but I wanted to do be done with that whole Wu Yi scam as soon as possible and are here to let everyone knows that.

liz: What a crock this wu-yi source tea is. I was excited to get on this tea and lose some weight. didn’t lose a pound or an inch. I have read other people’s comments and all the one’s I read have negative reviews. One person stated about charging your credit card, over and over. I am going to be phoing them because the last time I talked to them thet were giving me a refund. To this day I haven’t seen it on my credit card. Luckily I got a confirmation number which the credit co. told me to do. hope it works out for everybody involved.

Ibolya Madarasz: They charged me with $115.81 on my Master Card, No tea, no email and can’t get my money back.

Perepetespal: *WuYiSource* I read about this and decided to give it a try. The laxative effect (if not too severe) wouldn’t bother me too much. After stomach stapling, it would probably be welcome! What I need to know is: what happens if you can’t call the telephone number on the package to hear “an important message”. Can anyone tell me roughly what it says, because I live in Australia, I can’t access the phone number and want to know if anything in the way of warranty or amount to be paid is affected if I open the package without hearing the message.

Sibrael: I’d love to know what the message is too. I also live in Australia and just recieved the tea today and now after reading all this I’m starting to freak out…

scammed!: *WuYiSource*I am completely disappointed with this product. Not only does it not work, the free sample they claim ended up costing me 66.98 for so called shipping! I can’t believe I let myself fall for this gimmick! Please don’t go there! You are in for nothing but disappointment and no results!!!!!!

erma: started drinking the tea this mornign, i think it tastes fine. am a bit concerned that i will not lose weihgt as expected with wu yi source tea but glad i came on the blog. maybe i shold go ahead and just cancel my card before i see extra charges?

Vivian L.: Getting a refund for the mysterious charges (from wu yi source) is IMPOSSIBLE! Erma if you can go ahead and cancel your credit card, I say do it. Save yourself a future headache! And if you wanna really lose weight, try slim10 pills, i did after reading about em on this site and thats what I take now. These pills and water, help me eat less, stay active and already lost 11 lbs in 2.5 weeks. A good product from a honest company, thats what its all about.

Sandy: I tried this tea for 4 months and never lost a pound, infact I gained 5 pounds. I sent the entire new shipment of 4 boxes back to the company the next day and was advised two weeks later that I would receive a refund of 149.95. That has not happened yet. I am still fighting with them to get a refund. My credit card company has still not given me a credit after sending them over 20 pages of documentation that I have tried to get my refund. BE CAUTIOUS OF WUYI source.com of SPLIT ONE TECHNOLOGIES

ronald stevens: I went on wu-yi tea for 6 months and lost a total of 78 lbs. I drank it for breakfast, dinner, supper and bedtime. I found out that the key to losing weight was eating alot of green veggies, chicken and watch your carbs. I went from a size 48 waist to a 38 waist. it does work if you stick with it. Also get on the trteadmill helps gratly.

jay mullins: who is this guy kidding. 99.9 percent of the responses above did not lose weight. What is this gut smoking.

Miranda G.: There is nothing magical about this tea…I’m sure I could drink any herbal tea while sticking to a low-calorie diet and getting plenty of exercise, and get the same results as with Wu-Yi source. I stopped drinking it becuase its too expensive and there’s a ginger peach green tea that i prefer. i’m gonna stick with that. if it doesn’t help, maybe i’ll get those slim 10 pills vivian mentioned.

Coral: * WuYiSource * Dont buy this unless you want your credit card to be continually charged its crap doesnt work and this company is fraudulent. I have had one lot of supposedly free tea that I ended up paying $84.90 US for. Send in two charges – they are really clever. I have told them not to send me anything any more but I am worried!!

monty: It took me 4 plus months to get my credit card straightened out from Wu-Yi Tea they kept billing me over and over plus hidden other charges.

Shelley: Tried the tea for 30 days, lost nothing! New shipment sent out two weeks ago, billed $78 Cdn but have not even received the second shipment. Obviously can’t stick the the “diet” that doesn’t work anyway…and it costs too much.

kirsty: ***IMPORTANT: read before you buy the tea”

Amanda: I purchased from Wu-Yi source earlier this fall, and when it finally arrived I was very excited to begin the program. The next morning I drank the tea (it didn’t taste horrible, but not as strong as I’m used to) and took the supplement. A little later I began to feel bloated and slightly nauseous, so I stopped using it. I don’t know what the results would have been if I had continued but I doubt it would have caused substantial weight loss to justifiy the price. Also, “mysterious credit card charges” were mentioned on here previously, and that’s something to be very wary of. I had quite a few for $4.95 AFTER I had canceled any further orders. Be very careful not to get scammed.

debb: what a rip off

Anonymous: * WuYiSource * Watch out for this one. You’ll get surprised when a “members fee’ appears on your credit card. Then there’ll be an “inter-net access” fee. These guys should be prosecuted.

Glenys_Brakke@yahoo.com: What a scam. I tried the tea for two weeks and sent it back. (of course a month later i got more in the mail)Then my charge card is being charged for a “Membership” and WEB Access. $20 for these memberships. it is a SCAM….don’t do it.

Linda Honokaupu: I am inquiring about payments.I paid for 1st order & got the product for $39.95,but since they have been taking money from my accoun for at least 2 to 3 months sometimes twice a month.I want to know why?lso I want the money put back in my account ASAP.I am sorry,but we live on a fixed income. ANyone? Thank You, Linda

ana bela: I am ashamed to say I fell for the Wuyi source but am very surprised to see that I am not alone and they continue to be allowed to scam other trusting people like myself.

nicole: WuYiSource – i purchased a $4.95 trial pack 3 months ago and i have been sent 6 additional packs and charged my creditcard $360.00 thats is outragous as no weightloss has happened..and i cant find who how or where to cancel..except SARAH NICHOLSON whoever she is i would like to speak to her …or im going to aus federal police this has to stop..

Jenny: I am shocked that there are so many negative reviews. I think the WuYi is great tea, at least for me.

bonnie: well, i don’t have a severe hatred for WuYi Source, but i just found that it didn’t work. Simple as that. It’s just tea, and I should have know that. I do think its dishonest that they market it as a weight loss tea, but you know, “Caveat Emptor – let the buyer beware.” Just figure i’d let you all know to keep your expectations reasonable. I just hope my credit card does not get charged extra like most of youall.

ivania: wu yi tea pls!!!!!!! it was the worst purchase i have ever made, first of all its nothing special its oolong tea which u can get pretty much anywhere for only a fraction of what they charge you, didnt lose a single pound! oh and trying to get them to stop charging its a pain, i canceled my account and for 3 months they still charged me other crap that to this date i dont even know what it was!!!! HORRIBLE! stay away and safe yourself the headache of dealing with such scammers!!!!!

sharon: WuYi Source – Be careful, free trial including the month supply cost $189.93 NZ and the supermarket tea works just the same

bjh: Just ordered this tea today, and I wish I would have looked here first… but anyways after reading this web page I tried calling the number they gave me to cancel it and it didn’t work!! so I just called my bank and canceled my credit card, what a hassle….but I learn my lesion…. Thanks everyone on this page for the help!

suzanne cox: ive put on weight n feel totaly ripped off theyve sent me 3 boxes of tea bags and charged me one hundred n fifty pounds totaly mislead u robing scamers they will have no luck su in liverpool england


maryann: I ordered the tea and never arrived at my address. I left messages to them and they still have my money! WuYiSource you need to return my money ASAP or I will report you to the BBB!!!

Mary: WuYiSource – WOW..I just order the tea, after reading all of these comments, makes be wish i never orderd this tea.

Annoynimous: I like so many others who went for this product felt like there was a possibility that I stumbled onto the answer to weight loss. Well, I’ve had it two wks. and have lost 4 1/2 lbs. However I don’t think its the tea, its because I eat five small meals a day which even the people on the biggest loser are told to due because this revs up the metabolism. The taste is not great but I didn’t expect it to be, most things that are good for you don’t taste good. It is a little weaker than I expected, I’ve had green tea thats stronger. Here is what is really bugging me… I checked my account this morning and I was charged for another order that I didn’t request plus a membership fee which I have not agreed to. To top it all off your guy’s warnings are beggining to sound eerily familiar, so I’ve concluded that there’s only one thing to do…the card number that wu-yi has for my checking account will be cancelled so that they can not get any more money. This will be done before I call and cancel the tea so that if they try to continue charging me, they’ll get nothing-account number will not be valid anymore. As for what they have already gotten don’t care if I get it back, my punishment for believing people can sometimes be honest (yeah right). Anywho thanks for sharing your experiences with this company. It has helped me to stop this before they scam me out of anymore money. If you guys really want to lose weight stop eating fried foods, drinking beverages loaded with sugar, eat more fruits and veggies and whole grains, watch portion sizes and do some form of exercise at least three times a week. I’m doing and telling people who ask that its not a diet, but a life-style change. I’m really kicking myself because I’m usually very smart about these things. Guess I thought I could take a short cut. Well we have to remember that we can’t always have a quick fix, its hard work. With a little dedication and determination, we can reclaim good health and a better body. Sincerely Anonymous

Bethany Layle: Thanks for the link to the Slim Shot Diet drinks, Mandy. I was so disappointed in the Wu yi source tea, had multiple “odd” charges that I never authorized, on top of getting diarrhea from the tea! I almost gave up on diet aids altogether but I took a chance on this and it works.I’ve been using for 2 months and NO BILLING ISSUES – WOO HOO! And the best part is that I’m finally able to reach my goals: 16 lbs so far and hopefully a solid 30 will be off in 2 more months.

Karen: I received a call from this company attempting to ‘confirm’ my order. I Insisted that I did not order this product and hung up on them. Several days later I received a box of this tea in the mail. I am now in the position to have to monitor all of my credit cards for any unauthorized charges. I don’t know how these people got my name, number and address. BEWARE!

Angie: WuYiSource is a total rip off. It tastes aweful. I used it for 3 month and there was no result whatsoever.

Linda: WuYi Source Tea I desided to buy this from an email telling me i would only pay $4.95 shipping as it was a free months supply, After completeing the form and going to check out i was charged $24.95 so i rang them in USA i canceled the order straight away but was told it had already been sent to me , 2 days later i found they had still taken the money from my Account so rang them again, was told when they got product back they would refund my money but also informed me that they would be takeing $59.95 from my Account on 6th feb as the free trail was in fact only for 2 weeks but wait for the $59.95 was what i would be charged each month for just being a member with them that was with out the cost of more supplies , i contacted my credit card company who have now blocked them from takeing anymore money from my card and are going to claim what they have taken back for me, i recieved the parcel yesterday and returned straight away at the cost of

Tina: BE CAREFULL ordering some of these Wu-Yi products on line. I decided to try the acai-burn and tripple berry for 2 weeks. That was December 18, I receive a 30 day supply of one of the pills, then was charged over $170 without any new product. I was charged 9.99 for weight loss tips, $4.95 for on-line access and $87.00 for the tripple berry, which as of today have not received. I have called the company 5 times with no action. I spent 1/2 day cancelling all the “memberships” I was signed up for that I never asked for. ALso found out 5 of the charges were submitted by 3 different companies. WHAT A MESS…DONT ORDER THIS STUFF

Janet Videka: I hate this company, they should be sued. Hopefully they will go out of business. They are nothing but a rip off DO NOT BUY THE PRODUCT OR DO BUSINESS WITH WuYiSource

Carol: I subscribed tothe WU Yi weight loss system and find it doesn’t helpme at all. I am now having difficulty on contacting anyone to cancel the subscription and stop any further deliveries.Has anyone managed to contact WUYI tea people or been successful in cancelling deliveries of the tea

Debbie: I’m grateful to this site. it’s great. and thanx for letting me know all the untruths about wu-yi. i was actually getting tempted to buy the tea, coz of all those b4 and after pix. thanx for letting me know before wasting any $$$!

Want Out: Does any one have a contact number for Wu-Yi Source? I ahve been trying to contact them to cancel but can not find a phone number for them.

jo: WuYiSource – Same here and every swear word is coming out of my mouth because of this low lifes who are taking out money out of my master card and calls me a permanent customer without my permission. I only ordered the 1st batch which I thought was $11 but charged $66. And I never wanted to follow up with more orders. I cannot contact them.

Terry: WuYiSource – They do not refund shipping ! I tried to cancel right after i ordered and they said they were unsure if it would ship but it probably would even though it had only been 15 mins. since I had ordered and they still want my shipping cost.If I had only seen this site first!

Debbie: I tried this tea for over a month with no results. I added cinnamon and honey since it tasted so bad. It cost me $180. 3 boxes plus 2 free. I sent them back 2 boxes and they refunded $72

norma: i tried this WuYi source tea and no way can i drink it and try to stop my order by email but they keek take money for it and send it to me i have 4 boxs but can’t drink it so take care when ordering it

Robyn: I tried this for over a month with no success. The first time I tried it I threw up because of the bad taste. I could not get a refund and they kept charging my credit card (After I cancelled the tea) for on-line support that I never knew about. Why would I want to keep the on-line support when the tea didn’t work? Had to call several times before they finally gave me one months credit and stop charginy my card!

Rosie/WV: I tried the WU-Yi Source Tea and it did not work – does anyone have an address or phone number to call?

Angela B: I ordered the WuYi Source free trial just 3 weeks ago. It arrived within 2 days. I am one of the few who does not think it tastes yucky. So I was impressed. But no weight loss. Then I started to have constant headaches and feelings of dizziness. So I have had to stop drinking the tea. I have been charged for web access – did not know about this charge. I’m not even going to bother and try to cancel the orders. Just going to cancel my bank account before they start taking the money out after the so called free trial period!

Suzzanne: I bought this tea after seeing it on a talk show on TV. Forget it; what a scam. I followed the program and only toned up because I was exercising, but no weight loss. Unable to reach the WuYi Source company. Would not suggest using.

nikki: I like it..

Jenelle: I have been usong the tea for 2 weeks now. U have lost 4 kilos and last time I measured 3 centimeters around my waist. Takes no longer to brew than any other tea and with 1 equal tastes just fine.

brenda: I guess this tea tasted good enuf and i didnt get diarrhea like some of you reported ( i tend toward constipation so maybe it actually helped in that regard) but i never lost any fat or even permanent fluid weight, with this. like instead i would lose like 3 lbs then gain it back, etc etc. I guess i thought Wu Yi was a special kind of tea that would make me thinner but it really just causes fluctuation in water weight. i was disappointed.

Jodi: That’s what I mostly thought about Wu Yi, too Brenda, that it would some how promote weight loss (like it says it will) but all it is , is a basic tea. IT looks like tea,smells like tea, tastes like tea…I can buy Lipton or even Tazo for much cheaper and get the same results. I shouldn’t be surprised but still, I was hoping it work. I’ve been taking the Hoodia bites for a few weeks now, for my snack cravings and am practically addicted…THESE are what’s helpng me lose weight (finally) so much better than the wu yi source!

Cindy: I tried the WuYi diet an tea for 60 days nothing happened with my weight but I have a very bad headache it will not go away, I also want to send my tea back for full refund but WuYi won’t accept, I did not send for the tea it arrived and my account was charged, I WIll persue with furry!!!

Liz: For the so called advertised amount of ONLY $4.95 to try this tea for free, has so far cost me $140.95 in the company unauthorisingly debiting my account!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had to go to the bank and cancel my account to stop WuYiSource FROM STEALING MY MONEY!!!!! Stay away from these people, IT IS A TOTAL SCAM!!!!!

uni: wu-yi is only a con for them to make money out of people. For as long as they have your account details they will keep taking your money for what they call e-books, so you have to make two separate cancellations with one compamy. what a con

Raymond: I tried the WuYi Source tea for a month and in that entire month I didn’t see any changes in my weight lost. I can basically get the results I wont through good old fashion exercising and eating right. The only thing about the tea is in its pure green tea and better than other green tea’s I have tried but that alone is not enough to pay 60 dollars also trying to get my money back was very difficult to do as if they don’t wont to return your refund.

sherri: WUYI source are CROOKS!!!!!!! DO NOT order a single thing form them! I have been billed for $200 in two weeks! they are dishonest and lie straight to you when you call in!

Sabrina: It’s a RIP OFF. When you order, you are charged from 3 different entities, various membership and web access fees. When you call WuYiSource.com to cancel it only cancels the tea. My credit card kept getting monthly charges of $1.00, $4.95, and $9.95 for 2 months before I was able to track down the phone numbers to cancel those “memberships”.

saima: i was hoping to loose weight by purchasing WuYi tea but after reading the comments of unhappy customers i think i will give it a miss.

Debbie: Buyer Beware! Change your credit card number-they have revolving charges for all kinds of memberships supposedly in the WuYi Source agreement

Bronwyn: I was scammed too…. I live in NZ and the total $$$ was twice as much as the site said, over 1/2 the box of WuYiSource tea, the bags weren’t sealed properly so were unable to be used even if they don’t work!!! They did refund my money but of course it didn’t cover all the cost, it would of the same amount of $$$ to send the stuff back to the states and can’t imagine what would of happened if it got lost, who can you trust. Apparently I also signed up for a free web thing at $9 per month which was cancelled yet I am still getting costs at $20 per mth, still can’t find this web site!!!! I cancelled my order on the same day as I apparently ordered, my computer went down just as I changed my mind not to get it, hence 2 pmts later i’m still getting billed. As the $ decrease in the ressesion the harder it gets for us, wish I had read this page before I even went on there site. Just another headache that no-one needs. Does it work??? Cut down in any food (mainly sugars and carbs) watch portion size and if you do 20 minutes of exercise apposed to none and drink water, you will loose weight!!! – hang on we all no that, so why to we all continue too look for the short cuts, need some help go too “YOU ON A DIET” the diet doctor that Ophera uses (not that it works for her) but heaps of hints and real chat rooms, we can do it, see you in there, or instead lets spend less time (say an 1hr per day) looking for shortcuts and to for a walk!!! Play with the kids!!! I don’t believe I am spending my hard earned money on this crap!!!

Sandie: I feel that this company total misrepresents itself. Many of these ads state “results not typical” so I asked “well, what are the typical results?” of course to receive no response at all. I too had a terrible time trying to get my money back (which I did get a portion). Their customer service was slow and non-responsive for the most part. I love to drink tea and thought this would be the perfect way to add weightloss benefits to my daily tea. DON’T BUY this. It doesn’t taste very good and it did absolutely NOTHING for me. Not to mention the $$ lost – not what anyone needs no matter what the economy is like. Hope this helps! – WuYi Source

Paul from Perth: Amazing how the world we live in still have these scams being pushed through us everyday. Got charged 5 times the actual amount that was meant to and really feel let down in it’s product!! I see these messages and wished i had read u all first. How small am I :( – WuYi Source

Matt. Australia: SCAM!SCAM!SCAM!If you are having trouble cancelling check your bank statements as there is phone numbers with each direct debit. This WuYi Source company is shady, they bank on the fact that you wont read the lengthy fine print with lots of hidden extras. Unwittingly I got signed up to 2 other websites that charged me PER MONTH even though I didnt use them once, as well as fees just for each transaction. DONT GO THERE!!!! STAY AWAY FROM WU-YI!!!!!

Janette: I tried this tea as a health benefit, not expecting to lose weight. I cancelled right away after receiving it and had the same problem others have reported, they charged me the full price of the tea as well as additional charges on my credit card for web services I did not use. I would NOT recommend anyone deal with this company!!!! – WuYi Source

Scammed: This WuYi Source was such a acam, My husband was the one that ordered it, after finding our the stuoendous cost I flipped out, getting our money back was harder than granite, we ended up having the credit card company go after them, then the company still tried every month to bill the card. we ended up canceling the card. Oolog tea is available at ANY supermarket. If you want the stronger kind go to a Oriental Market and buy it loose. Tis company should be investigated. Tea (any kind) is a natural duiretic, it makes you pee more. Green tea naturally decafinated is good for antioxins. Drink that. But don’t expect to lose weight. nuff said

Jill: There is aparently nothing free about their trial. I did not lose a bit on the tea because i already do all the other things they recommend which is the best way to lose weight – eat healthy and excercise. When i returned my unused tea surprisingly they refunded only half saying they need to add a restocking fee. trust me i read the fine print and couldn’t find that anywhere. Think this is a money making gimmick????!!!! I am very unpleased with the company. – WuYi Source

Lora: WuYi Source is a SCAM!! I tried the free trial with shipping and handling came to $4.95. After about 6 weeks, charges started to appear on my credit card. My credit card company was told that it was a service that they were charging for. Bottom line, I was out $180 and only 1 box of tea!!

Relda: mmmmm load of crap made me v*mit every time i drank it and when i tried to cancel they keep charging me for it along with double ups of charges. communication with them is very difficult. A MAJOR RIP OFF – WuYi Source

Meg: I found Wu-Yi online and the website was SO inticing I decided to give it a try even though it was expensive. After drinking it pretty regularly I lost less that 10 pounds. I was discouraged and stopped. However the real kicker that upsets me is the ridiculous weight secrets bull membership that you automatically get signed up for. If you dont canel it is 28 days, youll be charged 9.95 a month until you call and cancel it. They say its writen in the terms and conditions but with that mombojumbo only a lawyer could understand that mess! It was such a waste of time and plenty waste of MONEY!! NEVER AGAIN!

lilly: ok my mum and all my sisters tried this tea we made our payments and used this item just how we were meant to and it did not work at all.skip ahead one year after canceling the orders and what do we find is lots of charges from all diffrent named companys.look into it and all payment are going to the same company they are stealing from evrey person that buys that tea. thay offer a free samle and later you find out that they have charged you for it. all i can say nw is it does not work and they rob you blind.and the only pounds you lose is out of you bank account. – WuYi Source

Lyn: I went for the WuYi Tea and was very disappointed. The tea bags were awful and I felt like I was drinking hot water. I had to poke holes in them to get anything. I got through to them at this number 866-449-5567. I had to call it two or three times before it went to a person. Now I’ll have to keep an eye on my credit card for anymore charges. Hope this helps.

cheryl: I send back my tea with tracking numbers from Canada Post. This company denies they have been received. HEAD OFFICE IS IN CYPRUS THIS IS FRAUD AND NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN ASAP************** – WuYi Source

laurel: OMG….. i wish i saw this b4 i purchased! since ordering i opted out but have been charged a further 3 months and no one will reply or cancel my order now all i am left with is hundreds of tea bags, but i have have lost a few pounds prob from the stress of it all!

Lyn: Ijust got off the phone today with 4 different companies that I saw charges for on my credit card and didn’t know what they were. 2 were for $9.95, 1 for $4.95 and $1.00, they are all linked to WUYI!!!! I have all my cancellation numbers and will keep a very close eye on this! I only recieved a total of 4 boxes of tea and was charged $59.95 4 times as well as $4.95 for the “free” trial. This company is a huge ripoff!!! stear clear! I wish I would have seen this site before ordering. I’ve checked everything else I was interested in on this site, its awesome.


Jim Bob: My wife ordered the Wu Yi tea online a couple of days ago. I’ve just spent 3 hours reading numerous reports about how this company is a scam. Simple solution really, we have cancelled the debit card that was used for the initial order. Let’s see them try and scam us now.

virgil & colleen: how do i tak to someone in customer service. i just received shipment with 18774172511 number on the side. when i call it says number blocked, so i opened anyways. there is no paperwork inside.

Kristin: I decided to give Wu-Yi tea a try and it caused me nothing but problems. It took over two weeks to get the first box of tea and then I got a second box immediately after that. I canceled within the “free trial” time frame but they still charged me a total of $180!! Luckily when I returned the boxes of unused tea, because it didn’t work, I put delivery confimation on them so I knew they were returned and the company accepted them to sell to some other unfortunate sucker.

Nicole: I ordered the tea 2 weeks ago, I am only drinking one bag a day and after reading these reviews, i called to cancel my order and the rep told me my card will be charged for $59.95 because what they sent out was a month of supply, but when i asked them about the trial period was only 3.95 and how are they charging me cause they sent a month worth. He gave me a cancellation # and also address to send the box back and advised me to put insurance on the box. But after reading all the reviews, I am still going to cancel my credit card tomorrow.


Kay: I’ve had a positive experience with the tea. I think the tea curbed my appetite. I followed the recommended diet, several small meals a day and lost 22 lbs. THEN, the holidays arrived and I dropped the program. Will begin again. I haven’t tried canceling, perhaps I will then tell another tale.

joanne: CON CON CON – SC*M SC*M SC*M. I’m angry! I can’t contact these ‘bleeps’ either. Charges for free trial and extra charges without product being sent! How do we take them down? DR? I doubt it – Mr Kenneth Liu? Who are you?

Kim: For all people out there who thought Wu-Yi Tea was fake and would never work sorry to say but you are all wrong I tried the product and lost 30 pounds and never regained the weight back I myself can say this product really worked for me and a few of my friends who I got to try the tea it was simple to follow all of the instructions like what foods to eat and don’t eat and how you do need to work out in order for the full affect of the tea to work and for all people out there who don’t want extra charges and such being taken off of your credit cards use a pre paid credit card that you can get pretty much every where now a days

Sam: If only I had known of this website/blog a year ago. Absolutely everything people are saying here is TRUE! I too fell for the miracle tea, had the healthylife scam of 19.95/month, plus the auto-debiting for the monthly tea supply. It took me almost 8 months to get the charges to stop, and a ‘1 month’ refund for both products. i did what they said to do in the fine print. I emailed, and emailed, and emailed. I had the website address change or stop working. I finally started the calling routine. I would call one toll-free number, and be told to call a different one. I had the overly rude customer service people telling me different stories, finally after quite a few headaches, and many hours of researching, and calling – they agreed to refund a month of each, even though I had been trying to cancel the crap for 3 to 4 months. It was so incredibly frustrating. And it took probably another 3 months to get the refund to finally come through – they supposedly kept missing the billing cycle to credit my account. A big load of crap is what I say.. And now I’m stuck with 3 months of this stupid tea, and tastes horrible, and doesn’t help lose weight. When is the consumer law suit going to happen against this company, Do yourselves a favor, go down to your local market and buy oolong tea – its the same stuff, & save yourself a ton of mental pain and agony. Stay away from Wu-Yi Source they are total CONS – and the product is a SCAM.

Tia: Ok I know the company may not be all that great but I did the tea when I was 340 and couldnt exercise much started out barely excercising and I lost a tremendous amount of wieght doing the tea eating better and small excercising I am now 170 and I have stayed there. Its not a miracle its a state of mind and a life change. YOU have to be diciplined it just takes the edge off your appetite and for me it made me not crave the snacks and fast food to which I had been relying on due to my work schedule and kids schedule. There is no miracle cure for being overweight its up to you not a miracle drug.

Rayelle: I just found this Wu-Yi Source tea for $2.00 per box at an odd lot store! I see it is on ebay for various prices. MAJOR RIP OFF ALERT!!!

diamond: i bought this product back in march didnt even use it sent it back straight away got 1/2 my money back and they are still taking money from my bank account after i have returned the product i didnt even open the carton and they said i will only get 1/2 my money back because the carton was damaged and yet there still taking money from my account ?????????????

Big Jon Stud: I like the Wu-Yi tea. It tast better then Green tea and black tea. I would never let someone take my card and auto-debit. I got my Wu-Yi tea at GNC for $20 a box. I work out 2-3 times a week hard. nothing changed but the tea. I went form 229 to 221 the first week. Its not just water wate because I drink about one Gal a day. I like it and for $20 a month I think its not bad drink.

Chris: My ex bought into the scam using my account (of course). It’s an oolong tea, so the flavor is different, not bad, but not my favorite… certainly not worth the STEEP price they charge. It was very hard to get the auto-debit stopped. I now have about 5 or so boxes of the stuff (60 tea-bags per box, so I’m set for an oolong time). Sorry couldn’t resist the puns. I could stand to lose 10 lbs (or trade it in for muscle), but know from the best, and experience, that this only happens with a healthy diet and exercise- not supplements or fad diets alone. I love tea, and as I’ve already paid for it (unfortunately), I’m going to drink it.

Michelle: A friend gave me this tea and I have lost 5 pounds in 2 days. It tastes like crap, but if I lose weight, it’s soo worth it. I will follow up in a month.

koko29: I agree with the posts here. I currently am drinking this tea; but it has not done a thing for me (not even laxative effects). Why do I bother? Because it was a gift to me, and also I am an avid tea drinker, which is why I don’t mind the taste. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat sensibly and exercise. The results are not “quick” but they are everlasting. I also recommend the Ab Diet book for those who want a place to start. I have read over twenty diet books and this one makes the most sense and is the healthiest so far. It also yields results if you dedicate yourself to the recommended lifestyle changes. Good luck!

Michelle: Hey it’s me again! It’s been a week and I have lost 8 pounds so far – of course I am watching what I eat too. I just feel like this tea is really curbing my appetite. I love it…of course I did not get burned like you guys did with the auto-debit issues. YAY for me!

Dree DeSoto: I just bought a box at the dollar store – I’m doing South Beach and the tea can’t hurt for a buck – so I’ll let you know how it turns out on the weight loss

an: Wanna know how I lost 22 lbs in 2 and a half months….exercize and better eating habits…..in the end put the fork down fatties and actually move around….quit paying abunch of money for a wannabe miracle…there is none….own up to youfr responsibility to your body and have some damn self control….the people that sold it to you are smart you are stupid…they made money off your laziness ….see the truth….self ccontrol

Kim: I purchased my tea from the Wu-Yi Source Co. and lost at least 30lbs. or more. I did change my eating habits some, but not much and was amazed at the results. Then, they didn’t send me anymor on my auto ship, so I just quit using it. Afew months ago I wanted to use it again but forgot the name of the company and ordered from “The Original Wu-Yi Tea Co.” this time. WOW, what a difference. After three boxes and too much money, I didn’t loose a lb. I was really upset!! I just found my papers from Wu-Yi Source and would like to order, but these comments have me worried. Please make sure that you are crapping on the correct company.

MS: I am sorry for you all with the bad experiences, we all wish for the weight loss miracle, I do! I tried this tea back in March of 2008 and lost 31 pounds by the end of May. I also drink ALOT of water in a day as well as changing my eating habits (smaller portions) It did help me. I did have to get the company to take off the charge for the internet fitness expert advice, but they did and I didn’t have any odd charges as well. Well I kept drinking my tea and kept the weight off for about a year, then I stopped drinking the tea, I don’t know why…. I guess I figured I didn’t need it anymore and slowly the weight started to creep back on. Well I have now started the tea again, about the middle to end of July and since that time I have lost 21 lbs, I have again started drinking LOTS of water and cutting down my portions again, and this time I have added more exercise because I am a bit older and feel like I will need that added boost. Could I have done it either time without the tea, I don’t know? I have tried to lose weight in between when I didn’t drink the tea and I have not had the success that I have had with the tea. Some may say it is just in my head, but if that is what works for me and I am successful then I am going to keep doing it. I have found that if I put the tea bag in the water in the cup and then cook it for 120 seconds in the microwave, really hot water then it steeps better. I don’t mind the taste of the tea, but I am having trouble finding the orginal company I started with and now I gotten my tea through a quest for life company and did not have trouble with charges with them either. I wish everyone here would have had the success I did, I feel so good about myself and I actually look forward to my cup of tea, it’s like a continued commitment to weight loss. I don’t think I will ever quit drinking it this time, but I may try to see if it is in a GNC store instead of having to order it.

NT: Drinking Wu-yi tea, in combination with a healthy diet & exercise is what the tea suggests to loose weight. I have done this, the first time after my 1st child & I lost 8kg & now again after my 2nd child & im loosing the weight again, so far I have lost 2 kg, but have only just been on it again for 2 weeks. I dont have much weight to loose, just abit of exess baby weight. I have tried to llose weight alone with just exercise & healthy eating, that did not work too well. I am happy with the tea, for some reason also, I get a positive feeling from drinking it & it gives me motivation to exercise, maybe the caffeine in it, i dont know.

Larry: WuYi Source is a good product. But, I wouldn’t order it on line. Get it from your local health store. As far as loosing wheight over night, it won’t happen. But it will help remove bad fat (trigliserides) from your blood which is good for your heart and has antioxidents. You want to loose weight, stop being lazy and exercise

lisa: the secret isnt the tea its the diet menu they send you. if anyone has the menu please post it. i need it again my doctor gave it to me before a tummy tuck and it works.

Megan: Wow! I must say I’m very surprised this tea recieved so many bad reviews. When I tried it, I lost 30lbs. All I did was follow the instructions. I ate healthier, exercised regularly,and drank a cup when I woke and before I went to bed. I loved it! But, I do think you have to be consistent, patient, and willing to follow the plan. You can’t sit on the couch, eat a cheeseburger everyday and still expect to lose the weight. You have to actually put effort into it just like any other diet.

OmniGirl: I tried Wu Yi tea several years ago. I did not lose any weight with it. I was told that they probably use a lot of fillers, so it doesn’t work. They kept trying to send me more & keep charging me, which was a problem I did not like.

CAT: I have been using this tea and works great , I am an skinny guy with a little pouch and as you well know get rid of fat when you are skinny and a gy is almost impossible. I took it and on the first week I noticed the difference , I am careful with my food and exercise regulary , but this tea made a difference. I don’t think it will work if you want to keep bad eating habits and not exercising thou , is not a magical formula. Also it feels great to know that I am taking only natural products

Dominique: It does work. You need to order from officialwuyitea dot com. The only tea that has worked for me is the beige bag with wu yi written in tiny tan letters all over the bag. It is awesome. You may feel a little sick to your stomach the first few days but that goes away. In 3 months I lost 25 ponds which I lost in all my problem areas. I exercise 5-6 days a week which of course helps. The only down side is once you stop drinking it your weight starts to creep back up. :(