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Craig: I usually have to fit in my workouts in the evening after work, & its hard to have the energy and stamina at that point. I’m finding that Slim10 helps me get going and get through it without keeping me up the rest of the night. Kudos to this one!

Traci V.: Used to take Alli, and i would warn all of u that this is NOT a good scene. Plus, the bottom line? the weight takes FOREVER to come off. Slim 10 works a zillion trillion times better for me and doesn’t have humiliating side effects.

ConstanceGardener: I was just so pleased that for the very first time I could resist food. In my office there is always a birthday or doughnuts being passed around. I would always blame that for derailing my diet bu now I have the willpower to just say no. It’s Slim 10 but I also feel like it’s me. I feel like I am in control of what I eat and how much I exercise. It’s so different and totally fantastic.

Giada: Hmm well I don’t feel any different really. Does that mean it not working? I guess I’m not so hungry but other pills, made me very aware i was taking them. Am I supposed to be feeling differently on Slim 10 bcs I am not yet.

clarice: Wish this came in a liquid form, sorry, i tried :(

Ava: I am a pasta/bread-aholic, and after a few failed attempts i could not kid myslef that the low-carb think would work for me. Slim10 works a lot better for me bcs it has a starch blocker in it Phase 2. I had heard about that but i didn’t know that you could find it in the same pill with Advantra Z, which i also love. Excellent product!

Lilly: All I was looking for was something with Hoodia in it, I’d heard a lot about it and never tried it. But my appetite is my biggest concern, the thought of dieting without some sort of support for my cravings was just unbearable. Slim10 turned out to be great for my appetite and i was pleasantly surprised to see that it also has Phase 2, a carb blocker. LOVING this Stuff!

Jean: Slim10 has South African Hoodia & u can tell….I noticed that my appetite calmed down a LOT with this…I didn’t even pick at my husband’s french fries when we went out to a bar. usually, he orders the fries and I eat most of them. but this time i really was cool with my salad. I tried other Hoodia products before but didn’t notice these kinds of results. this stuff is clearly the real deal!

Donald: Best product I’ve ever tried!! I’ve used Advantra Z before, but never combined with Tonalin. I feel like I’m REALLy burning off the fat and calories now, I notice a real change in my appetite and energy level. Slim 10 has helped me more than any diet product that i’ve tried before.

Madrigal: Slim10 is working GREAT for me so far…i can’t believe it, I guess i was expecting another disappointment. But this is kicking butt….when i found that i didn’t want my usual 4 slices of pizza, i was like “who ARE you?” but hey, its a good change. i don’t feel like an out-of-control glutton, and my metabolism seems to be working for me, too! HOORAY~!

morris.gina: when i first saw everything that slim 10 has in it i was a little intimidated. a lot of ingredients, all “patented” it took me a minute to realize that meant “proven” and that they all come from natural sources. This is really a good product, and it feels natural and not “weird” and “jittery” …thumbs up!

Laura: I wanted something with Hoodia because my appetite lately has felt out of my control and I have both read and heard form friends that Hoodia keeps you from feeling hungry but has no side effects. I was intrigued and got my trial and so far I don’t feel deprived and like I want to murder someone for an ice cream sandwich! :) I think this pill is quietly doing its job. I have energy, a sensible appetite and feel very good!

sylvie: Love it too. Slim10 has not given me any side effects at all, even with all the different ingredients. and i’m eating so much better, i just feel…normal. What a concept!

margarette: For a while now I have hated my body and not wanted to exercise and I am starting (WAS STARTING) to feel old and fat. I have this awesome energy now and my appetite is in check. . Slim 10 has Advantra Z and I think that is totally bringing my success this time.

Carm: Seems like Slim10 is working great bcs it is compatible with my body..I feel more in control and less like a crazy “diet pill junkie.” Great product!

Aaron: Good product, been using Slim 10, have no complaints, i feel like its curbing my appetite and burning more calories…very pleased with it.

Thomas: Slim10 is not really what i would call a “diet pill” altho make no mistake, it seems to be working. but IMO, it’s got so many good workout-maximizing ingredients, i think it could also be considered a workout pill i think. a few guys at my gym use it. i think its damn good.

Nessa: Slim 10 is the right combination for me. This product uses natural ingredients instead of stimulants, and I don’t feel sick or speedy, just like I have more natural energy,. I have never been able to resist dessert and now I feel like I can.

Jillian: Here is some more info about Slim10. http://www.slim10.com/offer

Shelly: Yeah, I no longer think of Slim 10 as just a “diet” pill either, I think its also helps me with energy and eating normal portions and going to the gym, and..just feeling like I am living more naturally and vitally. I’m already pleased with my results…No reason to stop taking it, it helps.

Ali: I had used Ephedra back in the day and looking back, I think I was a maniac. I feel like I almost gave myself a heart attack. I am much more health conscious these days but I wanted something that was going to work. Slim 10 is an excellent product IMO, top of the line. And I never feel lke my heart is racing, which is a plus. great stuff!

Laverne: like most women I have dieted. There were times when it was easy and other times not so much. With Slim 10 I feel like I am doing my best diet ever. I eat the foods I enjoy in moderation and don’t feel tempted for more. For once, it seems I don’t want it, don’t need second helpings.

Rachel: LIke many of you, I was just looking for some Hoodia when I got my trial of Slim 10. When i saw all of these other ingredients, i was like WHOA! i don’t think i knew there was a pill that had a metabolism booster AND a starch blocker AND hoodia AND a fat blocker, plus all kinds of vitamins and stuff. And it wasn’t just a bunch of words either…I feel myself wanting to eat less, wanting to move more, all the stuff I was so bad at before. I’m proud of me & super happy w/Slim 10.

Judi: Slim 10 is a very interesting pill, and I feel like it is working like a charm for me!! thumbs UP!

jalyssa: I am so, so happy with my experience with Slim 10 I can’t tell you. In every single aspect of my life I feel I have more confidence. I am actually looking forward to having my picture taken at my daughter’s graduation. maybe I’ll send it in! They need more hot moms on their websight.


deborahann317: I take my Slim 10 pills with my vitamins every morning and drink a smoothie and look at the picture of myself that I posted on the fridge for “thinspiration” I was 25 and sexy then and I hope to be 50 and sexy soon! I feell like I am on my way. p.s. every woman should take hula hooping class. Super fun & great for the waist!

Maura: I sure didn’t know that not every diet pill that says Hoodia actually works… I was taking a pill that said it would curb your appetite, but I was always hungry. I just got my Slim 10 trial and I am super excited to see how this goes.

Seline: When I first got Slim 10 I mostly wanted it for the Phase 2 carb blocker. But it turned out that Slim 10 had not just Phase2 but also Advantra Z which seems to be one of the better ingredients for metabolism that i have ever come across. So glad i discovered this ingredient and all of the other great stuff in Slim 10!

RhadaMitchell: Slim 10 is a simply elegant little diet pill. I can’t take anything too big but this pill goes down easily and doesn’t not bother my sensitive esophagus or stomach. My food cravings feel more under control and I feel quite good.

leslie: I tend to be lazy when it comes to working out…I mean, I do work hard as a full time mom but it’s not necessarily AEROBIC. So i feel like a need a “nudge” to get me on that treadmill. I feel Slim10 does a great job with that, and it also seems to keep the appetite in check. Good results with this so far, in my opinion!

JOY: Never had used 7 Keto before taking Slim10, but I had heard about it. Don’t know if its from this or the Advantra Z, but I truly feel like my metabolism is faster. Great product!

Diana: Slim 10 was fine, not really what I’m looking for. I sorta miss the caffeine rush, I guess. I probably won’t use this one again.

Holly: I feel like I just want to exercise all the time now that I am taking Slim 10. for real. Before I would have to drag myself to the gym after work and really had to focus in order to stay for an hour. Now I am thinking about my workout all afternoon. I just have so much energy and the more I do the better it feels!

Carla: I’ve tried it all, too! Not just pills, but all kinds of diets, from NutriSystem and Optifast to that wacky grapefruit diet, and the cabbage soup diet. Slim10 has really been a different sort of experience for me. I don’t even feel like it’s a struggle to continue with this, it’s not torture, and i feel great.

Elena: My biggest problem has always been my super slow metabolism. I feel like with Slim10, and between the Advantra Z and all the other metabolism boosters, my body finally seems to be more efficient! Very pleased with this.

Sondra: I usually have a huge appetite & I just dont feel like myself since starting on Slim 10. Very unusual to not feel hungry, is this normal?

WINDWALKER: With slim 10 I feel like the difference in my energy level is remarkable. Now when I get home I change and shoot hoops or ride bikes with my kids (the warmerweather helps too). I feel like a healthier person which is important.

luellen: Well I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything that worked like Slim10! My goodness it seems to a powerful pill. I also appreciate that it does not cause me to feel strange or unnatural. That’s very important to me.

DALLAS: Slim 10 seems to really be helping me cut back on the calories without feeling deprived the real test will be how I do this next weekend, I have a huge office party to attend, there will be fried foods & cake. Hopefully I won’t overdo it! Wish me :)

Beth: Slim 10 pills are really great. Sometimes it almost seems like I forget I’m on a diet. I went on with my dancer friend for lunch and we both had salads with lemon juice and mineral water. I didn’t feel hungry for a sandwich or dessert the way I usually do. Seems to be working!

Tara: A lot of times with a product that suppresses appetite, you have to get used to the change of eating moderately. You definitely still need nourishment, but a good diet pill, (like Slim 10) will adapt to your body and its needs, and the appetite suppression will adjust. I give it an A plus and a thumbs up!

Dimitri: Slim 10 has many of the good inrgedints I have wanted to try and I am definitely liking it! I really want to get lean. if I keep traneing I feel confident I will do it. IMO Slim 10 is best thing out there.

JODIE: when i used to take caffeine diet pills before, they used to make me so ill i felt like I might gag. seriously. My body is not meant to have all of that caffeine in ! With Slim 10 I fine, really quite normal. what an excellent formula they have put together. thumb way up!

Merlin: Slim 10 was okay…but I guess I was hoping for something that would give me energy like Ephedra. It gives some energy, but not quite the same.

Jorie: SO GLAD i didn’t just get a plain old Hoodia pill. Slim 10 has a lot of good ingredients, better to help me lose weight. and I feel really happy, not like when I took Ali or tried the cabbage soup diet.

Pippy: Ever since I first heard about Hoodia on Oprah I have been trying different products. Guess its true that some companies might use cheap fillers or not the real plant or something, bcs nothing I;ve tried yet has worked. I’m impressed with what I know about Slim 10, the Hoodia plus all the other ingredients, am hoping this will be my much-needed solution. Just got my trial, looking forward to the results!

Lalana: Okay, so I truly feel like I have NOT had a craving for chocolate OR chips ONCE lately, I HAVE PMS! Really amazing, usually this is a time when I am pigging out and crying, not to be sterotypical but its true. Slim 10 seems to be keeping me stable!!! Everyone in my life is happy about this ;)


GFPalmer: Not really feeling the necessity of the Slim 10 pills, can’t tell what it does aside from making me feel less hungry. Might go back to my plain old pure Hoodia pill instead.

BrendaEllsworth: I have always just been an overeater with a super slow metatbolism. i really feel that Slim10 has made a tremendous difference for me. I’m just very thankful for this product! - Brenda

jon: I have taken diet pills before that don’t seem to DO ANYHTING. once one pill I took made me insomnia and another seemed to give me a bad stomach troubles. I think that Slim 10 is made with a higher caliber of ingredients, because it seems to be doing what its suppsoed to without causing unwanted effects.

stephanie: Slim 10 really does seem to be helping me burn more calories and i definitely feel a decrease in my appetite! IMO it is a great product for those of us who have stuggled with these issues all our lives.

Oli1647: I didn’t even know Slim 10 contained hoodia and I have been taking it regularly and i love it! I think it’s definitely a combination of great ingredients that is making a difference. I took a Hoodia tea that I found in Amsterdam and I felt like that worked for a while but this product seems to be like, doubly effective for me.

Summertimes: I never thought I would be able to change my bad eating habbits. Slim 10 seems to be changing that ! I feel like it is certainly changing the way I think about food and weight and what I can and can’t control. . I feel like I CAN take the control now.

eden: I have been taking Slim 10 faithfully for a while now and I notice three things: 1)I do not feel anxious or feel like I have trouble sleeping like I have with other diet aids 2) my appetite seems to be so reduced. 3) I am happy on this diet

lilacstream: I love food of all kinds, healthy, junky, fast, slow, whatever. In my opinion, taking Slim 10 has made the greatest difference. I don’t feel the need to sit down with a bag of chips to watch Top Model. I knit or write while I watch TV and I feel really great aboutn my new yoga class. it all contributes to my lifestyle. I am eating fewer calories and feel so invigorated.

Calen: well, I don’t know. I have been taking Slim 10 for awhile and I don’t think I have lost any weight. I feel like I still get cravings for fast food. maybe I will try it for alittle while longer but I really don’t have time to exercise more right now so if that is what it takes I can’t do it.

Kelly: This has been an amazing product IMO and I plan to keep using it.

Monty: My cravings seem greatly reduced, with Slim 10, just like I thought they would be. How do I know, though if its from the Hoodia or Slimaluma, or what? I guess it doesn’t realy matter, but just curious…

audrey: I really like natural supplements with herbal ingredients, and I LOVE that Slim10 is an herbal formula. What’s also great is that it also seems to do what it is supposed to do as far as appetite and energy.

MustangSally: This is the first time I have dieted in a very long time and it has NEVER felt this easy or this healthy, as it is with Slim 10. I can still cook for my family and I am even getting into cardio “spinning” class. I finally feel like I am on my way to my goal, and I don’t feel deprived, starving or tired!

Erika: I feel pretty normal with Slim 10 actually, I just seem to want as much food. Also don’t feel jittery like with other pills.

cookiemonster: I was a sneaky midnight snacker and I often was unhealthy with myself to make me not gain the weight. With Slim 10 I feel much more health the natural way. I don’t seem to want eat to much or make myself sick. That was a vicious cycle and i feel like I am done with it now.,

Pierce: I like that Slim 10 seems to be pretty potent with all those ingredients…So far I think it works as well as I hoped, just the one supplement.. glad I don’t feel like i have to take a bunch a pills anymore.

Linda: I like that Slim 10 has a Hoodia authenticity certificate And even better than the certificate is the fact that I do not feel as hungry as i used too. Thanks Linda.

Diane: Taking Slim 10 does not feel like being on a diet. It doesn’t feel restrictive; it just feels healthy to me. :)

salisha: I am using Slim 10 while I am on a cleansing lemonade diet.It really seems to fight the cravings I usually experience when I do this regimen. i will prob continue to use it and maybe those lbs will not creep up. a very fine diet pill, IMHO.


Joyce: Well, i think Slim10 helps no matter what kind of diet you’re on. I’ve just sort of been on a reasonable, portion controlled diet (real food, tho, not packaged). I just try not to eat too much of any one thing, and i go for a walk in the evening after dinner. Simple.


shirley: Slim 10 has been a fabolous product for me….i was truely depressed when i realized how pudgy i had become, i think i was in denial!. Facing reality was tough, but after i took the first step toward change, it seemed to get much easier.

nadine: With Slim 10, i seem to have energy, and i feel pretty happy, healthy, and great overall. Thumb up.

kendra: I just got my slim10 recently and i hope i have a good turn out like most of you seem to have. I am needing to lose weight but i’m also hoping this gives me the energy that i need to help with losing. Will let you know it turns out.

Tracy: I was diagnosed with a hypo thyroid right before I got married and seriously gained like 50 pounds before my wedding. then three years later I had my daughter and gained even more. I need help because jogging isn’t working so lets see how this goes.

Jacy: Well, I just wanted to say that all of this info about Slim 10 is definitely helpful to me. I used to be very thin “naturally”. After having 3 kids that has all caught up with me. I hope this really works!

mg: I never tried any weight lose product in the past. But, I am so ready to order Slim10. I need to lose weight and be healthy! Wish me luck.

jay: i debating between slim shot and slim 10. i am very sensitive caffeine, and usually it causes my boold pressure to rise sligthly. Has anyone had in problems with that type of thing?

JoAnne: Definitely a thumbs up from me.


Bob: Does Slim 10 give you energy and reduce appetite like ephedra?

Catherine: On SLim 10 I feel like have energy but don’t feel…wired, I guess is the word. And I think bcs it has Hoodia in it too, my cravings seem much less and I feel able to fillup on smaller portions. Its a good one!

Druvgrov: I am very leary of “diet pills” and their true ability to help take lbs. off-keep them off. I hit 50 (almost 3 years ago) and I went from 125-155 in 3 months?!?! No energy, slow bowel mobility. Also trying CleanseRx. Have lost 10 but can’t get anymore off and it’s depressing me bad! Last call….

Erica Ross: Tried ‘em all, slimquick, quick slim, slimfast…surprisingly the Slim 10 seems to be the most effective for me without any noticeable side effects. ONce I got used to allowing myself to just eat less, knowing I would feel satisfied, it has been much smoother. great pill

Jim: THe thing about diet pills, is that you still need to do the work. Anything that promises to do it all, you SHOULD be weary of. What I like about these Slim 10 is it seem that and I feel like it covers all the bases, sort of addresses all areas where i could fail on my diet. I feel like it is definitely helping me, along with my walkking program.

Rosalba: im so excited to read about everyone’s success! your feed back on slim 10 sound like its a great pill, i’m going to give it a try wish me luck! :)

Kyra: Well after reading all the reviews I decided to get the slim10. so we will see how they work i have about 80 pound to lose. I will check back monthly and give updates as my progress comes along.

Liza: Well I have been eating less and exercising more without feeling wired or starved. great product, i love it! :)


Lillian: Slim 10 seems to be the *best* and *strongest* diet pill i have tried that doesn’t FEEL overly strong. I don’t want or need a diet pill to feel strong, I just want the results to show it! so far, so good.

Carmen: Slim 10 has worked great bcs I dont feel like I have to pay close careful attention to every bite I put in my mouth, for once! And I also now feel that if I’m unalbe to work out one day, its not the end of the world! From what I can tell it is going to work just fine!!

Mandy: I was taking solo slim and it started giving me chest pains and i read all the bad reviews on it so i looked at this one and nothin but good reviews so i try it, will report back soon to let u know how it worked.

Kirsten: Slim 10, I feel so much better,physically and more in control of my yearning for snacks.

damon j.: very good…i feel like I have greatly decreased my daily calories since using slim 10 and also feel able to exercise longer on the treadmill. All and all, i think thats pretty good.

Laura G: Slim 10 has given me the energy to run 4.5 miles every morning when normally I could run no more than 1.5 miles. I am determined to loose 20 lbs. We’ll see how fast I reach my goal :)

Kim G: Took my very first dose this morning. Just turned 26 years old and I am the heaviest I’ve ever been and not at all used to the weight and I can’t stand it. The weight gain happened in just a few months, I’m not at all ill nor pregnant, I just blinked and poof 25 lbs heavier. I am desperate. It’s inspiring to see such positive updates from you all, I just hope I have the same luck.

Yolanda: Well I believe there are alot of diet programs out that will work, but I am concerned for many people who are already taking medication for either heart disease or Hypretension. Some of these diet pills can’t be taken due to increase heart problems or high blood pressure. I would like to know which one is the best for these types of health issues.

Angela: The only real concern I had before getting Slim 10 was my cholesterol (besides the weight of course) and I knew that making simple diet changes might not be enough, I definitely feel like its easier to eat healthy and workout with Slim 10 I do definitely watch what I eat but I feel like this is making it easier to do so.

STARR: CAn u only lose ten lbs on slim10 or something what does the ten stand for, thx

Tracey m: I just received my 10 and I’m going to take it after my 6 weeks check up i just had a baby a month ago. I hope it will work for baby fat. I cant wait to try.

Nan: I wish Slim10 had been around when I had my kids…I feel like it has been great for controlling cravings and seems to be really helping my metabolism come back to life! Good luck to all!

A Brit: I have been living in the USA now for 2+ years. When I arrived I was 123-125 Lbs and i am now more like 132Lbs. I know it may not seem like much but being closer to 50 than 40 I am finding it harder and harder to loose. I used to have a flat stomach and now I don’t and I hate it! But reading these postings makes me wonder if this is all a bit too much for 6-8lbs. Anyone got views?

Jen K.: I’m excited/nervous to try Slim10. I put weight after I had my son. I weigh a lot more than i did in high school and it has really taken a turn on my self esteem. I exercise all the time, I’ve tried diets and other weight loss drugs, nothing has worked. Hope this does!

Ida: This one was better than i thought i’d be. :)

Deb: OK I have read the reviews and read the contents of Slim10 and Nuphedrine. Does anyone know how the two products compare. At these prices I have to pick just one. I need to lose 100 lbs. I am obese at 5′6″ and 240 lbs. I walk or do 1 hr of aerobics per day. I eat about 1400 calories per day but never lose weight. I get tired quickly during the day and have little energy by 7 PM. Any comments or suggestions from those that have tried either product and lost a LOT OF WEIGHT? Thanks

Lacey: So far it really seems to be helping wth my appetite and my energy levels. Love Slim 10 so far and recommend it !

bay: I just got Slim 10 and thought I would give it a try. How soon do you see results?

Evelyn: I’ve been fat so much of my life, had just about given up on ever even seeing my feet again without bending over for a look, but now with the Slim 10, I think there’s hope in sight…I feel like I don’t want nearly as much food as I used to eat, and I don’t even mind going for a walk or riding my bike for exercise. I feel like these changes can only add up to good things for me.

alisoN: i had never tried a diet pill until I got hydroxycut at walamart = but had to return to walmart cuz I did not loose any with the hyroxycut. Heard about Slim 10 and just got my trial, and can’t wait to start!

tetrapap74: I got Slim 10 because it seems to have all the best ingredietns. Before this I felt like I had to take 4 different pills to try to conquer appetite, metabolism, etc.. I love this one its the BEST and am very glad I tried it.

Laura D.: Been using this pill (SLIm 10) and I have noticed and felt: no jitters, less appetite, more energy!!

Jillianna: Okay… I ordered Orovo… and then found this blog… Ugh. I have decided that when my Orovo arrives, I’m sending it back (I got it on eBay, not the official provider, so I have the option to send it back-YAY). This Slim10 stuff looks very promising. I am getting desperate to slim down! I lost 40 lbs on an ephedra based product about 9 years ago, and since it was made illegal, I haven’t found anything that is even remotely effective. I am glad I found all these positive comments. I have ordered a 1 month supply of Slim10. I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed. Wish me luck!!!! 3)

Marcy: Hey everyone! I want to order this but i was just wondering how many boxes i really need? I want to lose 15 pounds but i also want to keep them off. Any Suggestions??????

Andee: I feel like the pils def do help, I think if you set a long term goal for being thinner, it does not even matter how long it takes to get there, thats my opinion! I feel healthier and more in control with the Slim 10.

Jillianna: I have received my box of Slim10. I ordered it on Wednesday and it’s Saturday… I didn’t even pay for the express shipping! Got here wicked fast and now I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I’m gonna be starting tomorrow morning. I can hardly wait! I don’t know how much I weigh… I avoid scales at ALL cost. I do know that I’m squeezing into a size 14 jeans. Ugh… I wore size 16 before I lost 40 pounds on an ephedra based product 9 years ago… and I’m almost back there! Ick… So, I’ll pop in and announce to y’all when I can slide right in to my comfy size 12 (non-stretch) jeans. Wish me luck!

Jillianna: Been using the Slim 10… I don’t own a scale–I HATE them! But, I tried on the dreaded “goal jeans” this morning. Last Saturday I had tried them on and had to lay on the freakin’ bed to get the bloody things zipped and buttoned… Drum roll please… Tight as they may have felt (oh yeah, still have the muffin top) I was able to zip and button the dreaded goal jeans without laying down. I didn’t even feel the need to suck in my gut! I think I amm FAR from fitting into the goal jeans without the muffin top thing (ick) BUT the fact that I didn’t have to perform acrobatics to get them zipped is a huge deal for me!!! And, note to everone who may be concerned about feeling funny while taking Slim10, DON’T! This stuff doesn’t make me feel funny at all, and I would recommend it to anyone. So far so good!!! 3)

drea: With Slim 10 I feel like I have more energy but no jitters… its a great pill for me.

Renae: I have enjoyed reading about your experiences! I’m going to try Slim 10 and will report back with my progress! Thanks and good luck everyone!

Lissa: I have to say that Slim 10 seems to be delivering on what it is supposed to do, I feel like I don’t even need to eat half a pizza or a giant tub of movie theater popcorn. And i feel a nice subtle increase in energy nothing “weird” or “jittery” just good and motivating. thumb up from me!

Mandi: Hello all! :) I read all the posts here and decided to give Slim10 a try! I’ll update with my results. I hope this works!

ani: Can you take it with advocare mnsmax3?

Donna: Well I’ve been looking for something to make the cravings stop. I’m hoping this is it. I’m going to try it and see what happens. I’ve tried so many with no results. Hope this one proves my skepticism wrong.

cdebella: I do feel that Slim 10 is working QUITE well for me. I feel like I’ve been much more conscientous of the types of snacks I eat and also seem to have more energy to spend time on cardio machines. I definitely think there are some changes going on with me!

RUTH: THis is a very good product, and by the way, this IS not the one from China. I was a little skeptical as I’d read some scary things about a slim10 pill made there a few years back. And then these days, with al the sketchy products coming out fo there, you just never know. But anyhoo, its not the same, and I’ve been taking it, and I feel like i am seeing a difference in appetite and energy. I’m very optimsitic and excited.

judy ingalls: Ok, i admit, I had pretty darn hi expectations for Slim 10 And it turns out they were justified…I started noticing that i wasn’t feeling so hunger and that I was feeling this nice, “clean” energy to exercise, not the weird cracked-out energy you get from some pills, you know. I definitely plan to conbtinue taking and i would recommend it,

Karyn: I am so excited to be trying this, I recently started and feel no different- no jitters, which is awesome- but appetite suppression, maybe a little? I called customer service and they said to take 2 in the afternoon instead of one, I’m trying that, wish me luck!! I know it’s only been 3 days but I am so pumped up to lose some weight, for health reasons! I will be back to let you know how it goes!

LEah: I feel like with Slim 10 I can eat less & work out like a madwoman. But I also feel like I can sleep and feel normal! What a nice balance! good stuff,.

Sindy: i am 5′3 weighing at 120. i just wanna lose maybe 10 pounds or so. will slim 10 work for me? i reached my plateau and cannot lose anymore weight =(

D. McEntire: Slim 10 has been working real well for me. I feel as though my goals are possible with this bcs it makes me feel in control of my eating and exercise. good luck 2 all.

Rosie: As a mother of 2 boys, 3 years old and 16 months, its hard to get to the gym like I used to. I started taking Slim 10 recently and already feel a little lighter. It has definitely curbed my appetite. I really hope it works for me. Summer is coming and my vacation too! Wanna look good. – Slim10

patty m.: my goodness rosie you sure have your hands full! i’m making progess with slim 10 (feeling less hungry and more energetic) and it sounds like your doing great too! Best of luck to you!

Rosie: Thanks patty m! I feel good on Slim 10 – I definitely feel less hungry – not finishing my kids chicken nuggets like I used to! Thanks and good luck to you too! Are you working out, and how have you changed your diet?

texasdoll94: I’m feeling great with slim 10 too, it starts with the small steps, for sure. every bit of progress is huge for me.

violetstar: Slim 10 does seem to block my appetite… The good thing for me is that I am able to resist binge snack at night like I have done for the last year or so. I even seem to have energy to work out this evening! (Which is what I should have been doing on all those binge snacking nights!) It’s I am super excited and I will be back with more updates, for sure!!! – Slim10

angela j.: Seems to be working for me too, It really is awesome, how much less hungry i feel from taking Slim 10. :)

steph: Okay, so i got my supply of slim ten and i find it hard to take 3 pills a day. I’m not big on pills, or any other medications, so I’m kinda nervous when it comes to taking three pills, and especially when you have to take one on an empty stomach. Has anyone lowered the dosage for themselves and still received results? Or should I gradually acquaint with the pills until I’ve reach the goal of three a day?

barbara: will it work really fast with exercise and diet

Janine: This worked great 4 me…Slim10 really seemed 2 helped me get going on my diet & exercise plan. My appeitte decreased quite a bit with the Slim10, and so that made it easier to start the diet. And i do think the metabolism boosters in this product did make a difference! Everone is different, but for me this jump started things in a big way.

lisa: the first day I took slim 10, I didn’t feel any different, I still feel hungry, the second day, I don’t feel hungry, but I felt dizzy and nervous, my hands are shaking, I am not sure I like the products.

Marianne: I feel totally normal and like “myself” on Slim 10 which is great, bcs I’ve always been a bit sensitive to diet pills. What i love about this is that I really believe it is helping me to change my behaviors. I feel totally able to reduce my portion sizes without feeling liek I’m starving for more. I used to have 2nd and 3rd helpings of everything, but now i just eat regular, sane amounts of food without feeleing deprived. I love this product.

pls1979: After reading all the comments, I’m still leary if it will work, but I’m going to try it. Nuphedrine had very good reviews as well and it did not work for me at all. Hopefully this one works for me.!

Kristin: What I have noticed with Slim 10 is that I definately feel less hungry which is pretty awesome! I also seem to be burning more calories when i exercise and that is such a nice feeling, I feel like I will eventually be rewarded for my hard work.

Amy: Well i definitely had my doubts as well about Slim10 i wondered how could they put all those ingredients into it without causing me to feel jittery and freaked out. But i have noticed that i still feel like my normal self when i take it, the only thing thats differet is that dieting isn’t quite so tough anymore. I am better able to stop eating and i do think i am burning calories better too. you never can know for sure with these pills until you try them but I’m glad i got the trial of this one!

Rachel: I have went through one box of Slim10 and I believe i have lost about 6 pounds. I do eat some what healthy and I am active too. It is not a lot of weight lost, but I think that it is helping me to maintain my weight instead of gaining. I think I am going to give NuPhedrine a try and if it is not any better at shedding the pounds, then I will stick with Slim10.

Amanda: Love the energy I get,I haven’t started my diet yet,and I feel like I am makeing progress already!I did notice when I don’t take it on an empty stomach,in the morning,it doesn’t really do its job. .Wondering why I have to take it in the morning-I still wanna enjoy my caffeine rush,not the rush from the pill!!

marlene: well I think Slim10 is pretty much an awesome pill, the energy is good without being weird, I like to take mine midmorning, i think the dosage ttimes are just recommendations so u dont stay up all night. i feel like I am pretty ok with the boost from this its not jittery so i take a lil later but not in the evening.

Anonymous: I think that slim 10 may in fact be a Joke. although, I must admit that I have been taking slim 10 sporadically. I did however take it correctly and unlike some others i have seen no weight loss. This, somewhat made me skeptical about this product. and on top of all of that when I googled slim 10, info about “The slim 10 incident popped up. Also on Wikipeidia it elaborated on how it contains products that are associated with liver failure, as well as other health hazards. I would advise that b4 anyone decides that they take this product that the do some research

Shannon: FYI apparently there was another product called slim10 on the market a few years ago made in China or something that had some issues. This is different…I don’t think you can even get that other pill anymore. Anyway, hopefully this information might help clear things up for some.

Mickey, ATL: Slim 10 seems to be helping me get to the gym and stay there longer than i normally would. Usually I am to tired. But this makes me feel like I can actually keep up a momentum and exercise after work. Thuimbs up,

kitten: before this i was using slimquick, and it realy wasnt that quick, or slimming. Slim 10 seems to already be stronger, without causing any side effects for me.

Anonymous: I must not be taking the same formula. I have noticed not one difference and if anything they seem to make me hungrier than I normally am. My appetite is not even surpressed for an hour. I hate I feel like I’m starving. They may be good pills, maybe there’s just something wrong with me the reason right after I take them I’m hungry 30 minutes later.

kellyK: Well I think my results with Slim 10 have been great…I feel like I’ve been doing less eating been working out more. It seems a little bit surpriseing that some of u report excessive hunger…I mean, no effect would make sense, but to be hungrier seems a bit weird. Anyway, I have felt less hungry which is great.

Ella: Hi everyone ,i am just about to try Slim 10 myself i start tomorroe,But here what i read ” Over more than 7 years they have received 23 reports of health related issues with those taking Hydroxycut-branded products. The main health concern appears to be serious liver-related problems.” Does anybody experienced a liver problem after taking Slim10? or pehaps you know more about this. Thanks yall

Janae: Slim 10 seems to reduce my cravings and gets me going, thumb up for sure, I’m feeling amazing.

Tamara R: I really do feel like its easier to get through the day witout obsessing about food. which for me is awesome. I used to live for meals, which is really kind of sad. THumb up for slim 10!

Barb: I only recently got my Slim 10 trial, but I am feeling okay & glad to be starting on this cool product, I already feel like my metabolism is kicking into gear, and I do think I am cutting back on my snacks! YAY!

Ella: slim 10 ,haven’t lost any pounds yet, but i deffinately feel less hungry. My sleep has been a challange though. Any comments to my sleep problem? Thank you all !

Janine: Well i think it depends how late in the day are you exercisng, maybe that’s making it difficult to sleep?

Ella: Thanks Janine. I don’t excercise late ,but i think my sleep starting to improve. Though no weithgt lost .

vicky, dundee: can tell so far, that i am feeling more of an appetite decrease than i did with slimQuick, i eat three solid meals a day with only fruit, string cheese, & yogurt for snacks. plus i got to the Y regularly for workouts. Very happy with this,

mssyetti: Well, I’m read just about every single comment in this blog and love it, I have done every diet too and nothing works. I’m so tired of all these diets and how they suppose to make u loose weight. But for some reason I feel that this one is gonna work for me just fine. I placed my order last night and will give this a try, I’m already excited and I’m thinking very positive, and as you can see I have alredy given it thumbs up, i belive this is gonna work for me. I want to thank everyone that took the time to share their experiences with slim 10, thank you because if it wasn’t for u, I wouldn’t have bought it. I will come back to input my results, God bless you all.

mssyetti: Has anyone found this product cheaper anywhere else? Can u still drink coffee while on the slim 10?

sal91: Feeling alright with this, expected to feel jitters, just cuz thats how i always get with diet pills. Nothing really feels diffrent, except for the cravings seem to be down. I am trying to make myself eat something periodically through the day, heard that’s helpful, anyone else doign this>?

barb: Over the last few years I have gained alot of weight. My doctor didn’t seem to care. His answer was weight watchers. Well, that doesn’t work for me. So, finally I was diagnosed with hypothyrodism and started on medicine in may. Today is the first day that I have started back on a diet and am anxious to see if I can lose now. Not to positive because I still gain 2to 3 pounds at the drop of dime with no eating changes. I truly need a miracle. I afraid that I am going to drop dead from obesity. Does anyone know if you can use the slim 10 if your on thyroid meds and if you have had any results or feedback. I really need some help.

Jillian: This is the link to get the real Slim 10, it also has the best price. http://www.slim10.com/offer.

jeannine: so so love that Slim 10 has that carb blocker in it, esp since last night i sorta splurged and had an extra serving of pasta. but i had this and also, i felt like I had extra energy to run today, so hopefully its all balancing out! good product.

mssyetti: I just got my pills and so happy to start this diet. Awesome to read eveyones comments as of how well this pill is workin on everyone. Feeling good so far. I still feel a lil hungry ab times, can some one tell me if it take more than 2 days to feel like this is really making you feel full? I would appreciate you helping me get thru this, thank you, u all are great for sharing your experiences.

mell: mell, i dident get my slim 10 does eny one no a free call number i can ring to find out what,s going on

jaime: I feel like I am eating less and iin a good routine… MY advice is; try to drink lots of water, bcs i read it helps wiht weght loss, and plus its good to stay hydrated.

Emily: Slim 10, i feel really good, my energy is up, i’m waking up so early in the morning with all this energy, took my first pill at 7am, ate bkfst at 8am, one scr.egg, one slice ww tst and a mini red skin pot., and was very satisfied, had my second pill at 10am, went out and surprisingly I did not feel hungry until 4pm, felt good not to munch while I was out, came home and prepared me a can of progresso light chicken noodle with a mini red skin pot., at 6pm had a 100 calorie popcorn, 45 min. Cardio workout, and at 9pm my dinner, one boiled green plantain with 4oz chk breast. also had 9 cups of water thru the day. I haven’t weight myself yet, but I feel I’m droping those pounds.

Andrea: Started Slim 10 not too long ago and I feel much more productive, overall. Had more motivation to prepare dinner every night & eating well, only went to the gym twice but am hoping to do better with that very soon.

Anonymous: I feel like I have already lost lbs I can’t believe it. Feels great. Although I still feel a lil hungry bit before I know it, he hunger is gone. It doest even last a minute or 2 and them the hunger is gone, has anyone experiences anything like that?

Dara: Slim 10- feeling great and I think I am about third of the way to my goal on the trial.

Ella: i don’t like the product,it’s been 3 weeks,but i not only didn’t loose weight,but gained it. It might be something wrong with me ,but i am returning product ad just ordered Slimbionic 99 . It worked for me amazingly in the past.

Mari: So far so good, I feel good, liek I’m ready for anything, and most imporitntly, my appetite seems to be down so, I hardly ever wanna snack and eating less at meals. Hope it continues this way!

Taylor: I have been researching diet pills for a while now, and seem to keep coming back to this one. It really seems to work. I would like to lose around 20 lbs. but I am unsure of how many boxes I should buy. Any advice?

Kit: I feel like I am eating less, moving more and healthier over all! Now yes, I am exercising DAILy I do know that helps. Still, this pill seems to make the whole diet/exercise thing much easier!

Emily: Kit, can u tell us a little more about what type of diet and execersise you are doing? I want to loose a lot of weight and I’m trying to workout (cardio) at Least 3 times a week. I would really appreciate your help, thanks.

bree53: Very good. Feel like I I haven’t wanted to binge. I am wanting to go outdoors for more walks, there seems to be less sitting & watching movies on the t.v. I feel Slim10 is a good start to my new lifestyle ways, will check back in with weight loss resuls.

Sue: Hi, to all of you that have taken this product, once you reached your weight goal, if you stop taking this pill does it all just come back again? I’ve never taken diet pills before and would love to find one that didn’t put more weight on you if when your done. Does anyone have suggestions? I want to lose about 15 pounds.

Michaela: FOr me Slim 10 seems to be helping. Im exercising regularly and I don’t feel as though I need as much food at meals.

katie: Considering buying this product, but I am fearful that it might make me jittery, and make my heart race, which is what I usually get on diet/energy boosting pills. Did anyone experience this? wonder if there is a little trial pack or something I can get for free and test it out? I really dont want to buy it and find out after a week that i hate it.

Viv: Am feeling really, really good with this. I feel, more alert and motivated to go out for a walk or bike ride and am not eating so much junk foods. Don’t even seem to miss it. i just am feeling more lively and I guess active.

rose o'leary: have been reading up on lots of products, the reviews for this are pretty overwheming. i am gonna go ahead & try the slim 10.

Norton902: Slim10, i think i;m off to a good start on this one so far. :)


Sonia Betterton: I was lucky enough to get the chance to try Slim10, and I am so thankful! I have never had an easy time at losing weight. I lost 15 pounds in one month without even trying! It was awesome! I am a total snacker, especially since I stopped smoking, and it completely stopped my cravings! Thanks!

Kris: Has anyone really lost any weight with Slim10? I am reading that “it seems” to be working, “I don’t eat as much” and it “doesn’t make me jittery/” Not many people are reporting an actual weight loss other than Sonia. Sonia – congrats on quitting smoking and taking off the weight.

Judy: I did notice that I didn’t feel as hungry. Should hopefully keep the calories down that way, and I already can tell i like it better than the slimquick stuff.


Linea: Just curious should I be eating anything specific whiletaking the SLim 10 pills??

Blinkin: On the webside it advertises people who have lost alot of weight on this product then states it’s not typical. What is typical? I want to lose 20lbs and am considering this product, but I don’t want to pay $75 for something that wont do anything for me. I’ve tried other products with the same promises and they were worthless. How fast does the weight come off and how much?

Charlee: Pretty sure that everyone loses differently. Tried Slim 10 and all I can say at this point feels am eating less and not feeling deprived, and have been getting to the gym every morning. I’m hoping ot keep it up bu t overall I feel like these pills are a good balance for me and will hopefully help get the weiht off.

JakeF: THumb UP for Slim10, sure does have a lot of kick a$$ ingredients.

Sara: Have been taking this for 4 weeks with no results! save your money. Buy Alli!

Evie: Was pretty impressed by the number of testimonials I saw for SLim 10, and am really looking forward to seeing how this diet goes for me. I mean, with all the patented ingredients in it, I feel like its gotta help me a least a little bit…and love that it has phase 2 for carb blocking, i’ve esp been wanting to see how this goes!

MaryAnne: HAve never had any luck with any pills. Really not impressed wtih d4 extreme, was hoping to see big results from that one, what a letdown. NOthing feels strange to me with Slim 10 and feel hopefully like with this formula, i can finally lose!!!


Gavin: NOw what exactly is the number ten for, in slim10? i just am curious can i lose ten pounds fast or in ten days or is it about the ingredients? Whatever i still think this seems like a good diet pill just trying to get a better idea.

Danita S.: Tried this product for about 6 weeks because I really wanted it to work. I can’t say that it took away my cravings or suppressed my appetite. I didn’t really notice feeling any different. I only lost about 4 lbs, so it wasn’t worth the high price tag to me, as I can loose 4lbs on my own without any supplements. I stopped taking the pills once I started waking up in the middle of the night and was unable to fall back to sleep. I was exhausted, but unable to fall asleep. I felt kind of wired. I must say the company was good for their word and did reimburse me all the money I had paid for the product. I was just disappointed that the product didn’t work for me.

heidi: ready for a slim summer, o r a summer slim down i guess. seems like a combo of the slim 10, swimming and eating more fresh fruits & veggies could maybe hopefully do the trick. seems like a good plan.

Joleen: Very good, and yeah I would say its best to try and change eating habits along with Slim 10 pills bcs even if u are eating less, the quality of the calories still counts, and i feel like some of us forget that. :)

Gertie: It used to always seem like the new year was a good time to start a diet but now I’m convinced spring or summer is better because theres a lot more fresh fruit & veggies and its easier to avoid al the fattening comfort foods. Plus, much easeir to be outdoors. And with additional help from Slim 10, think might finally make some progress!

rosemaryA: can’t stand diets where you hsve to count calories, hoping to just eat less and not think about it. slim 10 seems to have what it takes i think.

Wandaj: For some things i think less is more but for diet pills ingredients seem like MORE is more for akll the ways this can aid appetite and metabolism and whatever else.

uncledan9: a diet that doesn’t feel like dieitng thats what i;m talking about. less hunger, no real restrictions, sounds like a super easy way.

Paul Hanson: I must not be taking the same formula. I have noticed not one difference and if anything they seem to make me hungrier than I normally am. My appetite is not even surpressed for an hour. I hate I feel like I

melody harper: i reaally like this too, helps with hunger bbut you still have to diet smart.

GINGER: Sure seems like Slim10 has all the top of line diet ingredeints, from all the descriptions on the website. LIke it, covers al the bases, thumbs up.

annie: is everyone trying to stick to a lower cal diet with this? how low?

CJ: I like the reviews but of course it is not a miracle worker if you want to see results the natural science is to use as an aid to diet and exercise with it, the quality of food counts big time. i am waiting on my order to reach me and I am praying it works as nothing has worked really in the past other than hard diet/starving and hard core exercise but cannot do this anymore I need some help to keep on trace, so I am hoping it will make things easier.. I am also hoping to see more weight loss amounts on the reviews. I know everyone is different but for those doing it right we should have some figures to motivate us even more. I read someone did not get on with NuPhederine but on those reviews people were giving so many nos for weight loss but I went for this as it had a balance of more ingredients to assit and may use the Hoodia Bites with it for further assistance if required as appetite supressing and metabolism speed up is my main concern I will jump for joy if I get my appetite under complete control. You can use Hoodia Bites with it as it is all Natural so a tip for anyone with a stubborn appe-slack …lol..like mine this might assist. For people wanting to know if the weight comes back on after yes well if you go back to your old ways yes but if you use it to change your lifestyle and your relationship with food no the weight will not come back on and you could possibly use Hoodia P57 as it is natural or the bites to keep the appetite tight as a maintenance plan.

Michaela: ALL I’m trying to do is avoid the fats & carbs and ths seems like the best way to make those temptations easier to resist. Looks like its helped a lot of peopel so, that s a good sign.

Cvk: I don’t see anyone saying that they lost any weight on these reviews. What’s with that?

Anonymous: Ummmmm….Danita S. and Sonia Betterton above DID mention weightloss to name a few…