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Anonymous 34: I just started taking these pills and after a week I have only lost 1 pound, although they do control your appetite. I haven’t seen the 7-10 lbs it’s promise to loose in a week and I also work out which you would think I would loose weight much quicker. I don;t have much to loose but I wanted to loose 7 pounds after having a baby 3 months ago so that I could look better for my child’s baptism but the pills have not work for me.I also watch waht I eat and still nothing. – Redotex

Anonymous: Hi,I use Redotex and I had lose weight,I reasonly been sick so I gain some weight I did order me Redotex again to help me lose the weight one more time.I have a Dr. in Mexico that I order my pills from…….

Amy: like with any weightloss pill you should talk to your doctor first. Redotex is only a short term way to drop weight and get your eating habits under control. Americans have the highest obesity rate in the world right now and a lot of people are worried that they may have more severe health issues if they don’t get their weight under control. A healthy diet, exercise and plenty of sleep will keep you fit after you stop taking this medication. Drink all the water that you can stand to keep from dehydrating

sofie: hi i do recommend redotex iv trided it works i lost 40 lbs in three monts just believe in your self drink lots of water and exercise 30min every day …..

judy: I lost 10 pounds in one week with redotex I was 135 now I weight 117 in less then one month

chris: I have used redotex for a week and lost 10 pounds, but I have lost my sex drive. Nothing I do helps, havent slept in three days. Not even with sleeping pills. Now tell me, do you think it’s really worth it?

Cris: hi Im Cris I took Redotex 2 years ago went from 164 to 139 in 2 months no side effects was able to maintain my weight for 1 year with no exercise eating all i wanted and never gained it back i recommend it if its gonna work youll know in the first 2 wks people will tell you!!!

jaymie: it is really a miracle pill if you dont believe me then just try it you’ll see

lucy: I have been taking it for 4 weeks now..i do follow a very strict diet.No dairy.no meat.no shellfish.no fruit.no carbs.I do walk 2 miles once a week..and drink only water about 2.5 liters a day.I feel great ive lost 23 pounds in 1 month…my goal is to go from 185 to my pre pregnancy weight of 135.I feel fine..i go to the doctor once a week check my blood pressure and i also get b6 and b12 shots once a week.I was going thru the worst depression because i couldnt loose the weight.I believe the only reason its illegal in the usa its because it works and people abused the drug.If you follow the doctors diet and actually do a little exercise…and follow ur diet..it will give u great results.I hope this helps anyone out.

Michelle: I am very careful what I put into my body and this REdoTeX sounds a little scary to me for losing weight or anything else.

Anonymous: Redotex sounds liek a no no to me. I so wanna loose weight but i think i will be better off with hoodia or something like that. I hear hoodia p57 is powerful, anyone tried that?

geneva_D: ok so you can get this in Mexico only is that right. sounds like redotex could cover any issue for weight loss, though, i think i rather have something natural. i read slim 10, has like, 10 patented ingredients so, like its still been researched but, no need for script or any of that fuss.


TommyWestB: Redotex seems like it has it all. i am a skeptic but also a believer. I need to feel better to lose weight and then I will feel even less depsress. get it?!

K.C.: What if you live nowhere NEAR mexico, can you somehow find REdotex, it does sounds like maybe a good pill. i would workout & tone with flex enervive of course but i think this, could make a big differentc.

Cyrus S.: Does anyone know how long RedoTex has been around, i don’t want to try something just bcs its new. Want the tried & true. Like Weight watchers, as some one mentioned, but do ou need anything extra with that?

AndreaD: Its not hard to lose if you have a product you trust. redotex, Um not sure. I used to like quick trim but now I am looking for a different formula ie hoodia and fat burner.

Mark: I think there are a lot of other choices beside REdotex for losing weight which is what I’m going to look up right now.

Timothyw: its important to me to have a supplement that is healthy. I am not sure Redotex is. gonna check out weight watchers and stuff.

Jeff: Anyone that takes Redotex is endangering their life. This medication is BANNED in the USA by the FDA because of its dangerous combination of ingredients. Redotex has caused strokes as well as death. It is an extremely dangerous mixture of drugs – the combination of which does not make sense. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION. Diet and exercise are the ONLY proven ways to attain long-term healthy weight loss. Redotex can KILL you.

THE TEXAS CITY SLICKA: I’ve been taking redotex for 2 weeks now… first week lost 10 pounds immediately. Then have kinda stayed there but I stopped working out the day I bought the pills due to me pulling my hamstring the same day. Just started the gym again today and back on my regular routine. I will try and post up again in a week with hopefully better results not that I am working out while on the pills.

Los: I have been taking the pills for 3 days now. I have felt great ! No hunger at all! I have to make myself eat my meals. I eat my three meals a day to stay healthy but I am not craving anything at all. I did notice I was able to run an extra mile with no problem but when bed time comes around I am tired. The only side effect I have had is THIRST !!!! I am always thirsty I have drank 4 liters of water today and I just can’t get enough !

Anonymous: Day 3 of redotex and i dont feel anxious or jumpy energy for me is the same im wondering when will pill start taking effect

Sarah: Hi. Iíve been using redotex for about a month and a half now and Iíve lost close to 40 pounds so far. I started off at 326.4 pounds and am now at 288.8 pounds. I did not talk to a doctor prior to use but kind of gauged myself to see how my body was reacting. I checked my blood pressure everyday for the first week since I am bigger and do have high blood pressure. The pill made my blood pressure go super high so I took a break for a couple days and started again. As my body got used to the medication it was more comfortable taking the pill. It helped me to not crave the things that I usually crave and made it way easier to say no to the things you did not need to eat. The last couple of days I havenít been taking the pill because I want to wean it off to avoid any side effects of stopping cold turkey, and have still stuck to the diet. So I wouldnít say that itís a ďshort termĒ solution as it gets you onto a routine. But. Just watch yourself I feel like people have strokes because they donít monitor their blood pressure. And people die because they take more than one pill a day or they drink alcohol while taking the pill which you arenít supposed to do. So just be responsible with it (:

Gymdoll22: I took redotex for a full month, a pill a day as instructed, and lost a total of 12 lbs!!! My initial weight 121 lbs and upon completion of the first bottle I weighed 109. I was amazed as to how these pills curved my appetite. Very satisfied and would highly recommend them, that is if you can get a hold of a legit bottle!!!

Tina: Redotex needs to be prescribe by your doc. I’m lucky to live near Mexico and I’m under the doc’’s care until this treatment is finish which should last 3-4 months not more. This is my 8th day taking redotex and feel great. Some jeans i wouldn’t wear cuz were too thight are loose now which is awesome. haven’t weight myself but I sure can tell the diff. The first two days I did feel with a light head*che and my he*rt going 1000 and hr but I guess it was just getting used to them. As I mention you have to be supervised by a doctor,,, I didn’t just go and told him I wanted to lose weight and have me the pills but she did send me to get some blood results that needed to check my thyroid levels and overall test of my system to see of I was opt. To start the treatment.. The pill sells for like $45 with prescription but can excel to $100 without one. My aunt that is 38 was morbidly obese weight 300 and now is 180lbs in just 5months, you do lose appetite and you also don’t get tired easily when doing cardio. Best of luck to you All in your weight loss.. And just wanted to share my journey ;)