28 Responses to “CerefolinNAC”

Rachel: Just lost my health insurance which is as you can imagine very unfortunate. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew a of GOOD atlernative to Cerefolin NAC I could get without a prescription. I heard good things about Vinpocetine but are overwhelmed my all the different products. Thanks

Jenny: Cerefolin NAC is a prescription? I don’t wanat anything from the Big Pharma’s I know all they care about is money and I’m not giving them one red cent, there’s an herbal like this, I’ll bet you anything, but I’ve bet they’ve made it hard to find, there the bigges crooks in the world, I don’t know what to do though I need to find something to get my brain working right, being old and not having anybody close to care about what happens to me is awful if I had more money maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, but that’s why I need some help in decididing what to get that I can pay for and will work. Thank you very much, Jenny Rodgers.

Morgan: I have been experiencing memory problems for the last six months or so. i dont think cerefolin nac is helping me to remember better but I keep hoping.

AnnaBeth: Um, muy husband has kind of a drinking problem and I just noticed these sort of grayish patches on his cheeks, that’s probably bad huh, and but he’s getting dumber by the minute and I read Cerefolin nac is not for people with liver problems, so maybe there’s something else he could take, I don’t know, I feel like he’s winding down in a lot of ways, it’s so sad.

Jarinda: My doctor said my choice was Cerefolin NAC or Aricept, I chose the Cerefolin, I can’t believe I have ANY thing that needs Aricept, no way, now how! So I’m feeling better thaking this, I think it’s all I’ll ever need, and I’ll be fine, ok?

Edgar: Cerefolin? I don’t have drug coverage on Medicare, I can’t afford it, this coutry has gone to hell and damnation, it’s all those right wingers, there’s nothing left for me or anybody that’s not rich, god damn them all.

Reenie: So, really, that’s what’s in Cerfolin NAC? Folic Acid? Another rip off, I’d say, am going straight to GNC, or maybe even plain old RiteAid, this is so terrible that people get away with charging money like this for something so simple, they should be Ashamed! :(

Monica: Do you know if there is anything i can do to prevent me from getting Alzheimer’s disease ?? My dad had it and I am just terrified. Back in the days they used to say one small glass of wine everyday could help but now they say that drinking alcohol every day increase the chances of getting cancer! SO what should i do and what should i avoid?

Erin: I was on Cerefolin for about 3 months and the main problem for me was that it made me feel incredibly drowsy. that’s really not such a good thing considering i had been taking it for improved alertness and memory. But halfwayy through the day i felt ready for a nap and my energy never returned.

Havana: I’m not so sure about the Cerefolin NAC I don’t think it’s what I want right now, I can function good so far, it’s just at the end of the day I kind of wind donw, like after about 4 in the afternoon things get tough and I don’t understand things so well, my kids get mad at me they think I’ve been drinking, but it’s not that, it’s that I can’t concentrate any more, I’m worn out, but I’d still like to look for something natural, not all this hard core stuff, I don’t think I really need it????

Rudy: IT’s not bad, I’ve been taking the CerefolinNAC for a few months and doing alright on it. NEver knew that there were even natural options, til I saw this review. Just came on the site looking for a diet that’ll work to help me drop 27 lbs. ANy ideas?

Judy: I wish Cerefolin nac actually worked. But it was the first of these I have tried so i will just keep reading and researching and shopping and I know I will find something.

Victoria: cerefolin nac doesnt sound like a product I would want I want I am here looking for a diet aid.

anna: Yeah i like Cerefolin OK too.its just one of those less “dramatic” pills, i think pills for your brain tend to be more subtle. LIke for example, the Paxil i am taking for depression, i haven’t really noticed that I’m all that “Happy” now that I’m taking it (it’s been 3 years btw) but i suppose it takes some of the edge off. I think Cerefolin NAC is similar, it helps a little but nothing mindblowing, no pun intended.

alexandra: Should i worry if sometimes during the day it start staring adn have trouble making myself and my eyes do anything else but that? It worries me a little because of friend of mine said that it was weird, She mentioned that her mom was taking Cerefolin NAC but i just read the review and it does not seem to be for me. Let me know people if you experience the same thing. I will make me feel less weird:)

Ella: So Alexandra, are you taking Cerefolin NAC now or just thought it might help? Are you taking anything? I am not familiar wiht your problem,but curious if this is a side effect of any medications or something like that..

alexandra: No no I am not taking anything and are just wondering if i should.

rita hinton: based on the review alone, i am not so interested in cerefolin nac. and these comments, aren’t helping the cause. only one postive about it in the review, that does not warrant my vote, or a purchase or whatever. would love to know whats good.

Patricia: Dont’ think the Cerefolin NAC is strong enough for me, I know it’s a prescription and all that, but I’m not getting any better at remembering words, that’s what I’m having the most difficutly with, I have to describe thingh, like you know that think you drink water out of, becasue I canat think of glass, it’snot good and not getting better, I think I’m going bak tomy cocter.

RileySmollett: What about RestorAGE, I’m thinking I might like that better for right now, the Cerefolin NAc sounds like it’s only for brain repair, and I need my whole BOYD rpeared, too so I’m going to try it first and then if it doesn’t work I’ll get something like the Cerefolin, but I sure have a lot that needs fixing.

Julianne: I also had the effect that someone had mentioned earlier about feeling drowsy on Cerefolin CE. It was almost overpowering,it made it difficult for me to get through the day and funtion, i had to discotinue taking it after only about 2 mos.

Elliot: Unfortunately, this did not do me much good, overall. I was on Cerefolin NAC for some time, can’t say my brain was any better for it. Nothing I could notice anyhow. Just paid out to much money fora pretty worthless drug, thats my 2cents.

Alivia: So what should I use if cerefolin nac isnt good. thanks so much.

greg_Likes_Beer: i guess if you have a “drinking problem” you are not suppoe to take Cerefolin NAC. When i got the Rx i said i would stop drinking but i havent been alble to do that its too difficult. I guess is should stop takeing it it is hard to even no if it is helping becasue i know i am also killing my brain cells when i drink. so really what is the point./

Abbie: Cerefolin NAC, from what I’m reading, I all ready take uppers to just get throught the day I have narcoplepsy with is no laughint metter believe me, so i don’t thkn I can take this I’m drowsy enough as it. is.

Manny: I am taking Cerefolin NAC for memory problems and I am upset because the price has just increased dramatically and my insurance will not pay for a “supplement”, even though it requires a prescription. It now costs me $3 a day and I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for where to find the 3 ingredients at a more reasonable price?

Anonymous: costco has generic triveen nac for 44$ for 30 caps. same as cerefolin nac

Brian: I have been on Cerefolin NAC for two years now. It has made a huge difference in my life. I was unable to remeber words and would forget things that were just told to me. I would forget where things were or go (like put ice cream in the fridge) . And though I would not say things are perfect, I feel more confident in my memory. There were days that I couldn”t argue with someone on what I said, I had to believe them. That doesn’t happen anymore.