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Celia Ferna: This is a great product. If you’re willing to invest a little time to tell the truth about what you’re eating, it will show you why you’re not losing weight. It was informative, for me, to see where I was wasting fat calories (coffee with 1/2 & 1/2) and how much sodium I was taking in.

Anonymous: I just got the Bodybugg for Christmas and it doesn’t work around wireless devices it keeps not syncing with the watch. So I wouldn’t spend that much money for it again. Not helpful at all.

Anonymous: At this high price, how can a crowd on the TV program, “The Doctors” afford to distribute on to each person in the crowd? Doesn’t make much sense to me, but I would like to know how many calories I burn, putting puppy out, bringng puppy in over and over! Sorry about the cost.

sarah: Well my BodyBugg was a fun novelty gadget at first, but soon enough i stopped wanting to wear this all the time, and i stopped recording my daily caloric intake , and the system kinda fell apart. I just looked at the calorie counter on my treadmill instead, and estimated my food intake, and that seemed to work just as well without all the annoyances and tecchie stuff. Maybe if you are a real gearhead you nwill like this but i didnt.

nancy: At almost $300, the Bodybugg didn’t do anything an observant and honest person can’t do themsleves. Plus Make sure your internet settings allow cookies, pop-ups and javascript, or the bodybugg won’t work and you will have to call tech support.

barb diggins: I love my bodybugg, it keeps me on track. It keeps me from taking bites when feeding the kids and over snacking. You really don’t realize how many calories you eat till you have to log every one. It also keeps me active to keep up my goal.

Elizabeth Ham: I have used my sister’s and loved it. It motivated me to take stairs, etcetera. Anyone willing to sell their new verstion of the BodyBugg?

Christina_terraHaute: The idea of the BodyBugg was great, no doubt about that. I just don’t think it was the right choice for me. All those numbers were making me feel really stressed and that is just not how I wanted to loose weight. I since started the south beach diet and are being way more successful at loosing the extra pounds that i was with the Body Bugg. I lost 14lbs already and have a list if thing i can or cannot eat and recipes to go with it. I also walk everyday.

Ellie: I love my Bodybugg and just bought the upgrade. Yes, it can be inconvenient and it takes commitment like any other program. I find it extremely helpful to see my actual burn compaired to intake. It really helps keep me honest.

grace: yeah, the BOdyBugg is definitely not cheap, and it can be a real bummer after a while. like i felt like i couldn’t just have fun and relax bcs i was being “monitored’” all the time. it was a little bit too strict. LIke someeone said earlier, an honest person knows when they are loosing control. Having this thing on all the time made me feel like i wasn’t even allowed to be human on occasion. intreresingly enough, this unit did not inspire me too lose weight, in fact i think i started resenting it and rebelling against it by cheating. so, not for me. but i think it really depends on your individual pscyhology.

Michelle: I have been using the bodybugg for about 6 weeks now and I LOVE it! It really works for me because it takes all the guessing out of trying to lose weight. With it I know EXACTLY how many calories I’m burning (I’ve compared it to my HR monitor on long runs and they are very consistent) and using the website that goes with it, I have an good idea of how much I’m eating. Everybody knows what it takes to lose weight — burn more calories than you eat — but the bodybugg makes the equation REAL. No guessing. I don’t think it’s for everyone though. It won’t MAKE you exercise, it won’t MAKE you eat right, so if lack of motivation to exercise and lack of willpower on the food side are your issues, the bodybugg won’t fix them. However, if you have the motivation and willpower, but could never really tell how you were doing before, this will help! This is the ONLY thing that’s helped me lose those stubborn last 10 pounds that I couldn’t seem to get rid of.

tracey: i guess i gotta admit that the Body Bugg alone didn’t give me the kick in the pants i needed. It did help to feel like “big brother is watchign” and monitoring my intake, my output, etc. That gave me a motivation to do well, but sometimes i also felt annoyed at the thing and wanted to “rebel” against it (i have always been a bit defiant lol)…but i treid not to. For me tho, the thing that needed to be STOPPED before i could lose weight was my APPEITITE> even with knowing how the BodyBugg was tracking everything, i still was snacking to much. so i decided to try some Hoodia Gordonni (Hoodia p57 was the product name) and this waas what finally got the weight loss started. it helped me feel less hungry and so i stopped eating as much. I was able to use the BodyBugg to calculate how much less i was eating. The weight loss started happening and hasn’t stopped yet.

Darcy: I first heard of the BodyBugg just when they released the new version (version 3) and thought it was a great idea. Yeah, it’s a bit pricey, but it’s far cheaper than a lot of other options. I felt self-conscious about wearing it the first week, but now I hardly even notice it. I’ve been logging my food and keeping track of my exercise for quite a while, and was making very slow progress. Having the BodyBugg has nearly doubled my weight loss rate. Now, I’m not guessing how many calories I’ve burned, I _know_. If I come home hungry, I can check the Bugg to see how many calories I can eat and still reach my daily deficit goal. If I’ve been working out extra hard, the Bugg tells me just how much I can afford to indulge without going off track. If you like having actual data to work with, not just guesstimates, the Bugg is a great tool.

Daniella: I don’t know what I was thinking when igot the bodybugg. I thought somehow seeing how much I was spending in calories would help me figure out how much i can eat and in my experience it just does not work. The device is cute but when you are over weight like I am, it is extremely discouraging to realize that no matter how much exercise i do, I am still the same weight more or less. I am going to make an appointment with a nutritionist and hopefully it will help me.

al: notice all the comments. negative from those who look for easy ways out. this device helps not hurts. $300 or $2000 for a trainer. non-computer savy people will always not like it.

Kashmir: I LOVE my Bugg! I use it in conjunction with Spark People, and between the two of them I have the accountability I need to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I currently weigh 125 lbs, coming from 230! Burning more calories than you take in each day is the ONLY way to really lose weight and keep it off, and the Bugg helps me know exactly where I am each day. Diets do not work, eating healthy and moving more works. The only negative I’ve run into with the Bugg is how it affects my right bicep (I have the old version). When I work out with heavy weights it causes my bicep to spasm, so I no longer wear it when lifting weights.

wendy: The body bug really helped me stay accountable. I followed a healthy eating plan and used the online tools. I’ve lost over 13 lbs using this product.

steve: This bodybugg is the most convulted piece of junk I have ever dealt with. I just got it and I cannot figure out how to use it. Has anyone else been able to unravel the 15 pages of directions to even activate the upload. I just gave up.

cindyloo: I personally love the Bodybugg! The comments about the price, i recently purchased mine for under $200. It holds ME accountable and i love the fact that im not taking a drug, where i have to worry about side effects or long term health risks. It takes some getting used to having the band on, but after a day or two, I almost forgot I was weaing it. Its simple to download your info, and you can see down to the minute how many calories youre burning. I dont have have to buy any special foods or follow any specific program, the website gives alot of information and you can look up foods and see their nutritional values. Its a great motivator and very happy that I decided to purchase it.

Sean: I got the BB v3 on December 20, 2008. As of this post (May 3) I am down from 317.5 lbs to 253 – and could nothave done it without the BB and some iron will to reform myself. True, you can effectively do the same thing with a monitor on a treadmill – and writing a log of food comsumed – but this is your personal coach, with you every minute of the day. Its not punitive, or hard to use, but it will hold you accountable to yourself. I would highly recommend trying this product. Wost case: buy it, realize you don’t like it and can’t yet commit to it, put it on line for sale and you are only out $50…best case: money well spent to increase your health and the health of those around you. I and my family have all gained from this investment! Thanks APEX for giving me my life back!

Sara: I started the BodyBugg program in October 2008 and have reached my goal weight! I’ve lost a total of 24lbs and 9% body fat – and have kept it off for 3 months now!!! It is a GREAT tool to help you realize what you are eating, and how much “working out” at the gym you are actually doing. This is not for everyone though, as I have had many friends who have bought this and failed. You really have to be diligent about entering your food (at least in the beginning, until you “get it”). You have to log EVERYTHING you put in your mouth. Once you get used to the program though, it really isn’t as time consuming as it was when you first get your bodybugg. I have stopped wearing my bodybugg and logging food now for a month, and have been able to control my weight on my own. I think this is a fabulous tool to help you understand what it is you need to do to make a lifestyle change, and you aren’t going to be stuck wearing it forever. To me, the bodybugg is priceless.

Nancy: bodybugg is an awesome product and if you know how to use the website you can get a lot of help understanding weightloss and what you need to do to lose weight. They are not nearly as expensive anymore, $199 and you still get a coaching. I lost 26 pounds real fast because I could see what I was doing every step of the way. Makes weight loss easy.

Phil: I am looking for something like Bodybugg that will help keep me focused on what I’m eating and calories I’m burning. Have read quite a bit about Bodybugg – some good, some bad. Does anyone have any other products they can recommend. I found some information about a MYTRAK M2 mobile device – does anyone have comments on this or similar products.

Traci: The bodybugg pictured is not the current version. The current version can be bought for $199. I also bought the digital display for $99 so I could see how many calories I am burning if I am not near a computer. I lost weight on Weight Watchers and got to a point where I just couldn’t lose anymore. Some say, “You must not be eating enough” others, “You must not be moving enough,” others, “Just eat less.” It would have been great to have this device so I would have known exactly how many calories I was burning and how many I was eating. So after 3 years of struggling…I am finally losing again!

ksnelson: My daughter and I were so excited to get the bodybugg, but as stated before, it becomes a hassle to wear it all day and it will not upload. Our “coach” din’t reach us for 5 months, after we had quit using it. Technical support-I know they say they have it but they did not respond for days. Not worth the money at all. Look at a cheap watch from wal-mart before wasting your money!

kap: i am very interested in buying the bugg! what i want to know though, as a pedometer, does it only track calories burned throughout the day walking? If i lift weights or go cycling, is there a calorie count for those activities as well? Also, is it a count down as to how many cals you have left for the day, or how many you’ve already consumed? cant wait for input!

Anonymous: I just bought the Bodybug and am on my 2nd week. I’ve already lost 5lbs in those two weeks! All I can say is if you don’t want to be “monitored” or truthful in logging what you eat- then you will not like this. The coach contacted me within 2 days of buying it and we had our free session a week later. I’m considering buying the digital display now because I might like to see how many calories I’m burning during the day instead of waiting to upload my Bodybug at night. I LOVE IT!

lisa: I have been using the Bodybugg for about 6 wks and I love it! I am a math teacher and all the numbers and graphs that are generated keep me motivated. I’m sure it won’t work for everyone but it works for number geeks like myself. I don’t feel self-conscious wearing it at all. I feel like everyone I know knows what I am up to because they can see it. It makes me feel more responsible about staying on the diet if everyone knows. Yes, it is expensive but so are heart disease and diabetes.

ashangulit: kap the bb monitors and calculates every calorie you burn wether you are running, cycling, walking, or just sitting watching TV. I have lost 40 pounds on simply being able to use real data to know how many calories I have burned or need to burn versus how many I have consumed so as to stay with in my desired calorie deficeit for the day. I don’t really use the computer program for inputting calories I have consumed because I found it cumbersome. It has a very limited database of common foods the rest I would have had to but in all the information on and I just didn’t want to spend the time doing that when there are websites out there like claorieking or myfitnesspal that already have the information calculated for almost every food item you can imagine including nutrition information from recipes in cookbooks I use. So I use those sites for that and just use the body bugg to know how many calories I have burned. I love it. I will say that since I didn’t use their website much I decided I would buy the display hoping that I wouldn’t have to keep a subscription to the site since I could get the information I needed right off of the display and dicovered that after about 20 days of constant use my body bugg was out of memory and would no longer work until I downloaded it to the site necessitating a renewal of my subscription which sorta put me out but I love the thing so much I was willing to reinstate my subscription. I hope that is helpful for you.

allinatni: bodybugg is totally not living up to its promise to upgrade v1 users to the new model. Not only do they deny requests, but they refuse to acknowledge or help with products that don’t work. DO NOT BUY ONE. Take it from a user who bought two, neither or which work.

Charlotte: I’ve had mine for almost three weeks. Lost 8lbs so far. Gotta say, LOVE this thing. I’m a bit addicted to it. It’s easy to wear, and easy to upload the data! Biggest thing is making sure you record ALL you eat…in fact, if i’m not 100% sure what the calories are, I always add a little more, better more than less.