30 Responses to “AbFlex”

Holly: I didnt realise there were 6 exercises you can do with an ab flex that sounds awesome HOWEVER I thikn ab belts are the new thing in exercise, in a good way. But still I am readign all reviews and getting more optinion before i by.

MrNIgel: THe Ab Flex looks pretty good as a resistance device for ab toning, and i mean, if you can find it for cheap online seems like could be worht it. My only concern is maybe its hard to find, and also wonder why its currently not available from the usual places. I’d try it though at least.

PaulyRez: Not really interested in the Ab Flex, but like the info on the Flex Belt, seems like a much better direction to go, now I gotta find out about EMS…cool!

Ben: I guess if i can find the ab flex for 20 bucks it would be a pretty inexpensive way to get abs again. Crunches are just hard on my back. Is anyone using devices like the ab flex or the Ab rocket? How about the flex belt mentioned here on the review. What makes it number 1 rated EMS ab belt?

paul V: goood point, ab flex is probably out of date. why bother, if new technology like ems can do the job for less pain/strain/hassle. guess i should start reading more ab belt reviews and see what this flex Belt is all about.

Catherine: doesnt seem like the ab flex i as good as I thought. I guess I was confused. I think using it seems unnecesarily hard but i am also weak about ab work. I hate crunches so I have to find something.

G: So gla d I found this review to clear things up for me. Was confused about the ab flex, totally thoguht it was an abs belt and that s what i;m looking for, a real powerful ab shocker to get my ab muscles in shape. Don’t want a cheap cruncher device, i could just dust off my old ab roller for that.

Gavin McCloud: Sure a lot of complaining going on here, if you don’t want an ab flex, fine, but come up with someting better, like lets talk about EMS belts and end on a positive note, ok?

AdnoddPlus: Well some of us don’t have as much money as others, so i think the ab flex sounds fine, but you’re right, maybe some resistance things would be the best of all, hook ‘em on me feet and do crunches, why not?

Claire: I find it hard to even think about doing abs workouts with the ab flex after reading about ab belt like the flex belt!! Like someone said earlier the belt can crunch your abs up to 150 times per session, i could never do that on my own and knowing i could be doing other things while using sounds just fantastic to me. SOrry but i am exited :)

Jay: No pain no gain. Crunching with an Ab FLex seems to me like a sure way to a six pack.

Julianne: ab work can be made easier with a good equipment but it can also be ahrder sounds like the ab flex makes things difficult for no reason and I dont havea ton of money to spend I just want somerhing to work. dyh,

Evelyn Sawyer: Does the ab flex leave marks on your skin because if you have to push against it doen’st that mean you’re gonna get welts or somethong?

Jess: Well i didn’t read a lot of feedbacks saying that people had a V after using the ab flex. I mean that one thing for the commercial to say it and another to actually hear it from users. SOmetimes cheaper is not better. Crunches are free and they hurt like hell.

rizenshine: let’s say I can find an ab flex, where does it go against my body when I push down on it, not my b**bs I hope?

MillenderZ: Sure like the idea of the Ab Flex, and the price is about what I want to spend, now if I can just find it do you think ebay or amazon?

Ron: WOw you can do like 150 crunches in one session with the flex belt! That’a amazing. I know you can get the ab flex for cheap but i rather have less money and get good abs!

SarahAmes: If youre into resistance, why not just get of those bands and call it done? That ab flex looks kinda like a jack you’d put under a car, too hard for me to even think about.

Liam: If you’re looking for easy I don’t know why you don’t think about one of the contour abs belts, like the Flex Belt for instance, and find out if they make payments, that way you could stop fooling around with trying to figure out how to exercise.

Jack: moving with resistance seems to be proper but I am not sure that this is going to give my core the right workout and get my obliques in shape at the sam time.

Phillip: working with an ab flex I dont think would impress me it seems like not my style I would preer the technology of ab belts with seem more on the edge.

PHIL: Agreed, the ab Flex is probably a fine product, and if its what you want, fine. Wear a tummy belt or use an ab roller, i don’t care what you all do, i think anything wil get results if you work hard enough. But yeah, let’s talk EMS. I was reading teh Flex BElt review and it goes into detail about the technology. Medical grade and all that, which sounds good to me. I don’t expect a belt to compeltey transform my midsection but if i eat right and keep up wiht the cardio, sure looks like this kidn of ab toner could make a difference maybe, give me that edge over traditional crunches, etc.

AldenM: Man, you sure said a mouthful, but think you’re right on all counts, the Flex Belt is the place to be…or maybe Contour Abs? Now that I’m finding out about these EMS belts, sure is a lot to take into consideration…which one really IS gonna be the best??

dicecom: Well it doesn’t have to be just about the Ab Flex or the Flex Belt does it? I mean if we’re talking ab machines, ways to get toned, what about the Cardio Twister?

LClarkson: Hey just because you use an ab belt doesn’t mean you not gonna be working out your abs hard core. Sure you can do resistance with a n ab Flex, or you cna wear an abs belt like the Flex belt, and a. ensure proper form while your abs are contracting, b. increase the intensity level for a harder workout and c. focus on training other muscle groups, or doing cardio, while you’re wearing it. Rally seems liek teh more advanced and effective way to go.

Anonymous: using an ab flex as oppesed to an abs machine I think is just whether you want to get a simple tool or utliizing technology so thats the different to you.

BOO: don t be sissies use ur body as resistance if u wana see resultz

Shannon: good to know about the ab flex and now I am reading more ab belt reviews so thats awesome I know I will find the right one soon and get a better body

Mia: I don’t think you have to be harsh about an ab exerciser like the Ab Flex, a simple “no, thank you” is enough, what’s happened to manners?

marty, TX: So i most definiltey liekthe idea of being able to use this abFLex for 6 different exercises, though i have to say i’m not so familiar with crunch variations. Wonder if it comes with a guide book or DVD, anyone know?

Jaap ten Broek: I need new rubber expanders for my – abflex isometric. Does anyone know where I can by them?