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Cleanse RX® – Advanced Colon Cleanse System
Flush pounds of undigested waste from your system immediately and feel lighter, healthier,...
Burn More Calories per Day
NuPhedrine is the only pill that can guarantee you burn more calories per day. It contains...
10 Patented Weight Loss Ingredients – One Pill
Slim 10® is the only weight loss pill to combine 10 clinically proven and patented ingredients...
Miracle Slim Wrap - Feel Rejuvenated
With the Miracle Slim Wrap® you can remove unwanted fat from your problem areas.
The Flex Belt
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Slim 4 Life


Slim 4 Life is a weight loss system based in the Denver Metro, Northern Colorado, and Minneapolis/St. Paul areas. While many consumers know it as Slim 4 Life, it has recently been renamed Slimgenics. While its name has changed, it is said that the focus of the program has not. Reportedly, they educate their clients so that they can lose weight in the “now” and keep it off in the future, by giving them nutritional education and counseling, along with a healthy low calorie diet. They have programs geared toward men, women, and kids over ten years of age. Read a full Slim 4 Life Review Here.

Nuphedrine® - Extra Strength Top Rated Fat Burning Capsule
Nuphedrine® is the top rated weight loss capsule on the market. It has consistently been rated #1 by consumers due in part to the trifecta of extra strength herbal weight loss agents: Advantra Z®, Hoodia, and Slimaluma®. These three powerful ingredients are included to increase metabolic function, raise fat burning levels, boost energy, and enhance lean muscle mass, all while reducing hunger and cravings. It doesn’t get much better than that. According to user ratings, hunger is a non-issue when using Nuphedrine® because of their use of Hoodia, an extract that’s been used for centuries in Africa to stop hunger in its tracks. All the extracts in this formula are pure and used in their extra strength version, which makes using Nuphedrine® a no brainier. Just take a look at its peer reviews and ratings to see what people are saying. Click Here to read more.

Flex Belt – Accelerated Abdominal Toning Technology
The Flex Belt® is an awesome move forward in scientific ab shaping ingenuity. It is by far, the most proven and successful device we have seen for immediate ab toning. The Flex Belt has become the #1 ab belt systems on the market - due to its use of results driven, clinically demonstrated EMS technology. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is simply wonderful and The Flex Belt is the first of its kind to actually gain FDA Clearance using this technology. The Flex Belt® does all of the work! Even better is that it works all of your stomach muscles at the same time – it gets the Upper Abdominals, The Lower Abdominals and the Love Handles (or Obliques). So you don’t have to worry about trying to get all the different areas because it does them all simultaneously. The best part is that you can use The Flex Belt while you do other things. You can be cooking, cleaning, working at your desk, talking on the phone, surfing the net or watching TV. It is perfect for those of us who don’t have time and for those that are in great shape that just want to take their stomach toning to a new level. Check out our full review and see what various Celebrities, Super Models, Olympic Gold Medalists and Legendary Athletes use The Flex Belt. Click Here to read more.

Cleanse RX® - Flush Toxins, Feel Lighter, So Easy
Cleanse RX®, a one of a kind doctor and nutritionist developed colon cleansing formula, uses an exclusive two prong approach to remove toxins from the colon and digestive system so that users can see results fast in terms of improved health, energy levels, colon function and digestion! Both parts of the Cleanse RX® system were bioengineered using the highest quality ingredients available. It all starts with Cleanse RX® Phase One, which is easy to use. Users simply take a few capsules a day, whenever they want to. That’s all there is to more productive bowel movements, augmented energy levels, and improved health. The flushing out of old fecal matter and toxins is the reason for these effects and may even promote weight loss. Probiotics, or good bacteria, are used in Cleanse RX® Phase Two, along with other nutrients, to keep the digestive and colon healthy - daily. The entire Cleanse RX® system takes minutes a day to do, and users can see and feel real changes in their colon and digestive function. Click Here to read more.

Membrane Integrity Factor – Virility Enhancer
Membrane Integrity Factor has HGHR, in its real form - and is one of the most talked about and researched, anti-aging formulas on the European market. Good news, it has finally arrived in the US, creating a bit of a stir with consumers looking to boost their "youth factor". We've all heard about the anti-aging and health benefits of HGH and maybe thought them beyond our reach due to cost. But Dr. Hans Neiper, the developer behind this formula, has taken HGHR replenishing technology out of the lab and made it accessible to everyone. Membrane Integrity Factor infuses the body with HGHR to kick start your pituitary gland into high gear. Enhanced production may translate into feeling more energetic, sexual, and virile, while allowing you to gain muscle mass and lose weight more easily. Hands down Membrane Integrity Factor has done amazingly well with consumers looking to get their vitality back! When you read the Blog posts, and we suggest you do, you'll see for yourself what this formula can deliver. Learn More, Read the Full review of Membrane Integrity Factor here.

P90X2 - Get Toned, Be Ripped
It’s here. P90X2 - The brand new and second phase of the popular and proven P90X. This new fitness program is even more intense than the original. P90X showed that people can completely transform their bodies in just 90 days, and P90X2 takes the results even further. If you want to work on muscle strength, muscle agility, muscle definition and challenge you’re body like never before, than you are ready for P90X2. This program comes with completely new workouts based on the P.A.P. technique. P90X2 also comes complete with a nutrition program to blast fat and ensure your muscles are fueled throughout the workouts. This innovative system features an online program that provides users access to fitness trainers and an online community full of P90X2 enthusiasts. If you’ve been wanting to try P90X, now is the time with the new P90X2. Click Here to read more.

Flex Mini® -- Firm and Tone your Butt Right Now
The Flex Mini® delivers a more toned, firmer, and shapely butt through proven science. Using advanced EMS technology to focus on the entire butt and upper thighs, this device does much more in less time than you might expect. EMS has been proven to be effective, so much so it’s used by some health care providers to strengthen damaged muscles. Using the Flex Mini® is a cinch: just put it on and set your resistance level. It will immediately start creating muscle toning and strengthening contractions and releases. Keep in mind, you’re not house bound when you have the Flex Mini® on. You can easily wear it under your clothing and go about your day without sacrificing a butt toning session. Many people think there’s not enough time in the day for a quality toning session, but the Flex Mini® changes that forever. With the Flex Mini®, it’s never been easier to get the shapely butt you’re looking for. Click Here to read more.

Jillian Michaels
Jillian Michaels is well known in the fitness world, but her television shows and home fitness programs aren’t the only way to get fit anymore. Jillian Michaels now offers online support for individuals to reach their fitness goals and maintain weight loss from home. This program is easy to sign up for and offers a free weight loss plan. Jillian offers a fun approach to nutrition, fitness and shedding the pounds. All you need to start is your height, weight, in order to receive Jillian's free weight loss plan. The program provides personalized options that will tell you exactly what your body needs when it comes to the food you put in your mouth and the exact exercises you need do to tone the muscles and blast fat. The value is excellent, and the support is comprehensive. The blog posts that talk about Jillian Michaels continuously call this program an effective, economical, and no nonsense way of getting in better shape. She has helped countless people transform their lives and their bodies. Don’t be left behind. Learn more about this program now. Click Here to read more.

Miracle Slim Wrap – Spa Wrap for Rejuvenation and Toning
Miracle Slim Wraps are designed to offer users a high end spa-like wrap experience at home at an affordable price! Wraps are not new to the market; in fact, they’ve been used for centuries, dating back to the Egyptians, to rejuvenate skin, boost health, and increase energy levels. Wraps are often used in some of the most expensive spas to slim some of our biggest problem areas, including the butt, arms, stomach, thighs, and hips. The Miracle Slim Wrap uses top of the line organic ingredients, including an amino acid and aloe infused base mixed with mineral laden Seabed Clays. The Miracle Slim Wrap comes along with everything you need to get started having a spa experience at home. Click Here to read more.

South Beach Diet
Most of you already know that this diet is based on low carbs and high protein. This awesome plan is broken down into three easy phases and takes all the effort out of dieting by creating a customized program that is complete with meal planners, recipes and more. At the end of the day, this diet works for most people who stick to it, and they have done an amazing job at creating a huge menu filled with delicious recipes. In fact, of any food program, they have the biggest menu available. The only way to do South Beach these days is to join their online interface program. You could just get the book, but the online interface has access to their entire menu, which is always updated in real time. South Beach Diet online takes just a moment to sign up for, and sign up is currently free. This program really makes dieting fun as it connects you with other dieters and an entire online community that is fast to provide you with the motivation, information and support you need to shrink that waistline. The customers who use the interface say good things about it. Read the blog posts for more info. Read a full South Beach Diet Review Here.

HoodiaP57® -- High Powered Hoodia to Kick Cravings For Good
HoodiaP57® is one of the most incredible weight loss supplements on the market, offering a high grade formula that can dramatically reduce hunger and cravings. It consistently delivers real results users can see and feel. The reason why HoodiaP57® is so effective lies in its formula, which is Hoodia, and just Hoodia, with no fillers and no extra herbs to dilute results. That’s not all: they don’t just use regular Hoodia, which on its own is highly effective according to recent studies, this developer has ramped up its abilities by offering a formula containing Hoodia at 20X its normal power. This means that users get a product that delivers reduced hunger and cravings each and every time, which is exactly what you want when you’re dieting and struggling with hunger. This developer also guarantees that each bottle of HoodiaP57® is certified for purity, so you know you’re getting the real deal. Click Here to read more.

Slim10® - A Host of Patented Ingredients In One Capsule
Slim10® is an amazing weight loss supplement that rolls ten of the most well known and effective weight loss agents into one formula. When you research this formula, you will quickly realize that it’s one of a kind and that no one else on the supplement market has included this kind of fire power in a single weight loss supplement. Slim10® was designed to cut hunger, reduce cravings, increase energy levels, break up fat deposits, and boost metabolic function, while blocking fat and carb absorption. It accomplishes this amazing list by using extracts like Advantra Z, Phase 2, Super Citrimax, and Tonalin at optional levels. Hunger is also an issue for many of us, so this developer included extra strength Hoodia in Slim10®. When it comes to Slim10®, it’s not just about volume. It’s also about quality, and this formula contains the highest grade herbal and nutritional agents available. Slim10® offers consumers the best of the best in one amazing pill! Click Here to read more.

Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever - Best Way To Fight Fat After Forty
40 is a hard birthday for many, especially because once you hit this age it seems that it becomes harder and harder to keep off the weight. If you find this is your issue, than you must try Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever online weight loss program. This program is the only weight loss plan that exclusively offers those over 40 access to information that teaches the hidden secrets and obstacles that keep us from losing weight. This program provides step-by-step guidance and generates a customized plan for each member. With Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever, members can rejuvenate their metabolism and learn why they had been unable to drop the pounds before. This program is effective and it is fast and easy to sign up for. Can’t lose weight? Simply answer a few questions to find out. Right now sign up is free. Click Here to read more.

TurboZymes® - For Better Digestion and Better Health
It’s not easy to feel good anymore with the diet we commonly encounter through fast foods, processed foods, and just not great foods. The average American diet is laden with foods that don’t contain the enzymes needed to process these foods in the body. TurboZymes® is designed to remedy the sluggish feeling we find ourselves in after a big or not-so-good-for-us meal. Relief from bloating, lactose intolerance, constipation, gas, heartburn, and other stomach pains are just some of the perks of this product. The product was created to help people of all walks attain better digestive health and the ability to process the nutrients in their foods more completely. Because many weight loss struggles are related to digestive problems, TurboZymes® offers to assist those who want to lose weight while maintaining better health. With its popularity booming, finding blog posts on this product is easy. Just take a read and see why people love TurboZymes®. Click Here to read more.

Green Coffee Bean Max – An Antioxidant Superfood
Green Coffee Bean Max is a high-quality weight loss supplement and one many people may not have tried before. There are few fat burning products out there that work as advertised, but Green Coffee Bean Max’s formula has been proven to contain powerful fat-burning and anti-oxidant components. The reason behind this is that the unroasted green coffee bean is a known and studied Superfood. The online testimonials from customers who have tried this supplement say it all. Countless people have achieved their weight loss goals with Green Coffee Bean Max due to its powerful, untapped ingredient - green coffee beans. This amazing supplement is becoming one of the most sought after, because it actually works to help increase fat oxidation. Click Here to read more.

Flex Arms: Toned, Athletic Arms At Home
The Flex Arms® provides muscle toning where you want it most. The revolutionary product utilizes FDA cleared technology to tighten and strengthen muscles electronically. Called EMS technology, this method is used by athletes and physical therapists alike. The Flex Arms®, it sends electronic wavelengths into the biceps and triceps, triggering muscle contractions. The Flex Arms® method of training is highly effective, with 96% of users saying their arms were more attractive as a result. The Flex Arms® is highly popular and is frequently discussed on the blogs, where the products benefits are touted as both dramatic and convenient. Click Here to read more.

Designed to quickly deliver effective Hoodia to the digestive system, HoodiaBites gives dieters big boosts in their weight loss endeavors. These small chewy morsels taste good, just like a chewy candy. But they also deliver all of the benefits of a superior quality Hoodia supplement, including appetite reduction without stimulants. The top shelf Hoodia Gordonii used in HoodiaBites has no negative side effects, only positive weight loss effects. HoodiaBites contain certified authentic Hoodia, straight from Africa. Because they aren’t in a capsule or pill form, they digest more quickly, delivering the active ingredients when you need them the most. Many people have found HoodiaBites to work great on its own or with another program or supplement. The chatter on blogs makes it clear that this product does very well with consumers. Click Here to read more.

Cleanse Patch® -- Feel Better, Toe to Head
Detoxifying foot patches are said to be the top selling detox products in Asia, and this particular one is reported to be the best. Users simply put the adhesive patch on their feet before bed and let the product do the work while they sleep. Because the foot contains general reflex zones, the Cleanse Patch® works to detox organs like the stomach, colon, and liver. When you awake in the morning, the patch will likely be a different color, showing that it has removed substances from inside your body. The product is backed by traditional Asian culture and science as well, which took several years to perfect this method of detoxing. Consumer response has been very positive, as its feedback rating shows, so don’t pass up the opportunity to learn more about this excellent product. Click Here to read more.

Raspberry Ketone Max - Rapid Weight Loss Solution
Raspberry Ketone Max really packs a punch as it was designed to get results. Raspberry Ketone Max is becoming more and more popular as people continue to discover the amazing benefits of Ketone Enzymes. This supplement has been featured on television on major news programs and was designed to work and uses the latest weight loss breakthrough in its formula - Ketone Enzymes. This natural substance has been isolated and extracted from Raspberries to provide you its out-of-this-world fat burning capabilities. Ketone enzymes will oxidize fat, fight fatigue and boost the metabolism - all of which are great for weight loss! Raspberry Ketone Max is the newest natural fat burner on the market and has been getting a lot of consumer response for its natural results driven formula. Click Here to read more.

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Cleanse RX® – Advanced Colon Cleanse System
Flush pounds of undigested waste from your system immediately and feel lighter, healthier,...
Burn More Calories per Day
NuPhedrine is the only pill that can guarantee you burn more calories per day. It contains...
10 Patented Weight Loss Ingredients – One Pill
Slim 10® is the only weight loss pill to combine 10 clinically proven and patented ingredients...
Miracle Slim Wrap - Feel Rejuvenated
With the Miracle Slim Wrap® you can remove unwanted fat from your problem areas.
The Flex Belt
Tone Your Abs While You Go About Your Day. Celebrities & Pro Athletes share their ab...

478 Responses to “Slim4Life”

Courtney: Well Slim 4 Life was an okay program, I thought, but I did not get the drastic results that I had expected. It was good because it helped teach me what types of food I should be buying/eating but it wasn’t quite enough for weight loss. I only lost a few pounds on it.

mollyb@juno.com: I thought this seemed like a good plan for me, but then I saw that it’s only available in a few places, like Minneapolis & Denver, and that’s it! I was very disappointed.

kate: Slim4life had just a little too much “supervision” for my taste. I don’t like or need someone in my face about stuff. I just want a little guidance, not policing!

Andrea G.: My sister went to a Slim4Life clinic and liked it; too bad I live in Phoenix, nowhere close to one of these locations. They should branch out.

Jess: I was just on slim4life’s website, & it seems like all they have on there is information about their print and radio ads! That strikes me as weird. Why not talk about the actual program, instead of rehashing ads? We get it, you’ve done some advertising. Now tell us what you’ve got to offer!

Martha: Slim4Life looks like it could be a good option for me. I tend to eat the same old meals, and that’s not helping me lose the weight at all. I just don’t know about driving to the clinic all the time, the closest clinic is 25 miles away.

Erika: After visiting the Slim 4 Life Website, I STILL DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH IT COSTS. To me, that’s a bad sign.

Robin: I’m sure that Slim 4 Life is good for some people, and probably has helped them lose weight. But for me, it is just TOO time consuming! The shopping, the journals, the visits…I had to stop going after a few weeks.

LadyMarmalade@aol.com: Well, I am liking this plan, so far. I appreciate the information about healthy eating habits. It is a bit inconvenient that this program is only offered in a few places, though. I do tend to move around a bit for work, and I can’t be shaping my whole life around this diet.

Samantha: Anybody try Hoodia?

Lily: I can’t stand programs that make you keep a weight loss journal. It’s such crap. Keeping a journal doesn’t make you lose weight, it’s just talking to yourself or something. Whenever I see a program that includes “journaling,” I steer clear. That’s how I know it’s complete B.S.

sandra: What about exercise? I don’t see very much about that on Slim4life’s website.

Donald: Actually I like Slim4life so far. After my divorce, I gained a lot of weihgt because i was eating out all the time. The program has taught me about food and eating right, and it’s only been a month, but I feel pretty good so far. Only lost 2 lbs, but I think it’ll all come off soon,

Julia: Can Omega 3 oils help you lose weight? I’ve read that they are great for just about everything, so I’m thinking they might be good for weight, too.

stacey: my problem with slim4life was that i could not get toned. i may have lost a few pounds but i didn;t look any smaller or anything. i lost the motivation after a couple of months.

Ellyn: Major red flag, the Slim4life website promises that u will lose weight “without exercising.” To me that is a sign that it is just a temporary fad diet, not really a healthy lifestyle change. Any healthy diet worth its salt would NEVER exclude exercise!

S. Solomon: Haven’t joined Slim4Life but I already know that I would never have time for this type of program, way too involved.

Debbie: Did somebody say HOODIA? yeah, I’ve tried it…it’s only the best appetite suppressant ever. If you are going to take it, though, make sure you find a product that has real Hoodia, not fake!! You have to look for a certificate of authenticity.

Angela: Does doing “girl” pushups do anything for toning the upper body?

penny: If this slim4life says its going to keep u slim for the rest of ur life, but its only available in Denver and Minneapolis, that is like it is saying that u have to stay in Denver or Minneaoplis for the rest of ur life.

Olivia: It was hard for me to stay motivated with Slim4Life. My best friend and I signed up for it together, and were both excited and encouraging each other. But after about six weeks, she quit. I tried to keep going but it wasn’t the same. I ended up quitting too after a few more weeks, unfortunately.

Michael: is this slim4life program just for women?

Augustine: The best thing that slim4life has going for it is that it teaches portion control. But really, there are any number of diets that do that, this one is not unique. There’s really nothing to set it apart, it’s certainly not worth traveling across the country for.

Wilma: Even though I live in the Denver area, the Slim4Life program is still kind of a hassle. I’ve seen some online programs and might be switching to one of those soon. I am pretty motivated, I don’t need to actually talk to someone on a regular basis to feel supported, and with the price of gas, I really can’t afford to anyway.

Ray: I could not stand my counselor at slim 4 life, she was annoying & didn’t seem to really understand what I needed.

Maggie: i just signed up for slim4life and am hoping it will work for me and make me skinny forever.

celeste: THIs slim4LIFE program wasnt what i was looking for i guess. i need to lose like 50 lbs or somthing and i only lost 4 on the program and i HAted keep a journal its too personal when i just want ta looose the rest of the weiht. i quit.

Louise: Hmm, I had seen some ads for Slim4Life and was seriously thinking about joining the program but I think I might have to reconsider. I’ll look into this a little bit more before making any decisions.

Kimberleigh: Huh, unless you only plan to live another year, I’d say the name “slim4life” is a lie. I gained it all back in 6 mos! I have since learned that without exercise, any weight loss plan is doomed.

cheryl: I’m looking for a good exercise program for my kids, aged 10 and 12. I know, most kids just play, but my kids are very sedentary, and I need to introduce some activities. Any suggestions?

Anonymous: Unfortunately, I was not very happy with Slim4Life. I have always eaten balanced meals, for the most part, but it’s fitness I struggle with. I think I’d be better off with a personal trainer rather than this program, it didn’t teach me anything.

Clarissa: Well I agree with you that Slim4Life is lacking when it comes to fitness. I bought The Flex Belt to incorporate into my weight loss plan, and my abs are getting firm! I got it here http://www.theflexbelt.com/free and since I started using it, I’ve been losing the inches at a MUCh faster rate.

Nicolette: Just too involved, this slim4life….having to go in for a consultation first, etc., having to meet with people & keep a journal. Too much hassle, I just want the basics.

Martin: HOW long is it supposed to take before you actually lose the weight on this Slim4life program? I’ve been on it for 3 months, I haven’t lost a single pound.

Quinn: slim4life is just a so-so plan. I can sum it up for you right here – “eat less.”

Wendy K.: Well I like the concept of Slim4Life, but unfortunately, the approach just didn’t work for me.

Allison: Last fall I was doing pretty good on Slim4Life, but about 3 or 4 weeks after I joined, I was transferred to Chicago for work. I would’ve stuck with it, if I could’ve. For now, I have to settle for the gym in my building to try t lose the weight.

Frank: Eh, I’m a little skeptical of these radio DJs and such who plug Slim4life. Those guys will promote anything that they are paid to promote, period.

prockternd@aol.com: The Slim 4 Life program was much more than I had anticipated. Writing in a journal felt like homework, as did the shopping…I felt panicky and pressured at the grocery store, fearing I would cave in and buy some chips or ice cream for myself. I went in with high hopes, but I was let down.

Suzy: Is peanut butter REALLy that fattening? I’m a vegetarian, and i don’t want to just eat cheese sandwiches for lunch all the time. I need some protein.

Luanne: Slim 4 Life is pretty much a clone of every other diet out there, nothing special at all.

capri77@aol.com: Which is the better workout, an hour on a treadmill or an hour on an elliptical machine?

Laurel: You are all crazy, Slim4Life worked for me. You must not be taking it too seriously.

Nia: slim4life did not help me to control my appetite, which seems to be abnormally large. Plus, there was no real exercise plan. Lame.

Jasmine: Slim4Life was working for me at the beginning, I think I lost 3 lbs or so the first week, but it was hard to follow the program…especially when the weight was not coming off. I really did try for a few months but I didn’t feel like it was worht it.

William: slim 4 life DID NOTHING for me. Plus it cost too much!

Anonymous: As an employee of Slim4Life for the past 5 years, I have seen NUMEROUS success stories. As with any diet plan, each individual will have different results. But we are a company who cares about our clients and wants them to succeed. We offer support and advice and as long as people are willing to put in the time and energy, they will see some results.

Wilson: The Slim 4 Life program was supposed to be easy, that’s what the ad said, “weight loss made easy.” it was not easy for me, and i never lost the weight i needed to, even after 5 months.

Tony: I’m likeing slim4life so far….the people seem really cool, especially the girl who is one of my counselors. She’s great. I am hoping I will lose the weight really soon.

Gabrielle: Has anyone here lost a lot of weight on Slim4Life?

Kathy: I was on slim4life while i lived in Aurora (area of Denver), but when I moved I had to quit. Thing is, it was no problem at all to find a replacement diet, cuz slim4life is just like all the rest.

Eleni: I’m thinking of taking a belly dancing class…is that a good way to burn calories?

Judy: i tryed slim 4 life & while i was there with the advisers i thougt i would be able to controll my portions. but when i got home and it was just me and the food, i still kept right on eating to much. I need somehting that will help me be strong. this wasnt it.

Marcia: Once I started exercising in combination with slim 4 life, I did start losing some weight. But then I thought, “well, then what do I need THEM for?” I quit, and I didn’t miss it at all.


Juanita: Slim4 life did not work for me. I didn’t like the people! I’d rather have something i can do on my own.

Nora: Hey, has anyone tried something?

Dariah: I dunno about those testimonials on the Slim-4-Life Website…they seem a little far-fetched to me.

Rianne: The Slim 4 Life program did not work for me. I switched to Jillian Michaels http://www.jillianm.com/deal . Already, after 2 weeks, I have lost some weight. She gives you diet AND real exercise advice.

Breanna: Geez, one slim for Life testimonial actually says, “People ask me if I am sick bcs I am losing weight.” Is this supposed to be a GOOD thing??????

Lula: Hello, have the folks at slim4life ever heard of EXERCISE? Any plan that doesn’t stress the importance of exercise seems terribly outdated, to me.

Gary: You all should stop hating Slim4Life so much, it’s a decent program. I’ve learned a lot about myself and my habits.

annika: What a bunch of nonsense…do you really need to pay someone to *state the obvious* & tell you to eat smaller portions???? Puh-leese!

Kellie: Looks like Slim4 LIfe has more radio ads than actual weight loss centers! Something about that seems wrong to me.

Shelly: I’ve seen Jillian Michaels on TV, I didn’t know she had an online program. Sounds better than slim4life. I need the exercise advice, I’m gonna check out her site, thanks.

Gillian: IT is always a good thing to pay closer attention to your eating habits and make smarter choices, but YOU CAN DO THAT YOURSELF, without slim4life. And if you are into keeping a journal? Hey, go buy a notebook at the dollar store.

Dave: Cannot believe I wasted so many months trying to lose weight on Slim4Life. I had giving up on things, but it just wasn’t helping me get the weight off.

Teena: When I was living in minneaoplis, I really thought I needed Slim4 life to keep me in line. When we had to move for my husband’s job, I never thought i could do it. Well, now it’s been a year, and you know what, I am fine without it! I think it was just a psychological “crutch.” Now I am actually glad we moved, I was able to become independent!

VortexVince@hotmail.com: Yeah, i think slim4 life is mostly just hype w/nothing substantial behind it.

Helena: If it is really such a good program, why aren’t there more Slim4Life locations, or why do they not atleast have an online program? I don’t think I believe those ads.

Nor_eate: Yeah, I don’t need to pay someone to tell me that I need to stop eating dessert, I already KNOW that. The problem is actually stopping. Keeping a journal isn’t gonna help with that.

Tori: I was already to sign up for Slim4life, & then discovered that I COULDN’T, bcs it’s not located anywhere near me. NO worries, though, diets like this are dime a dozen. I easily found an equivalent.

dirtydeb04: Ha, I bet they paid that DJ to say he lost weight on the program. Or they gave him extra support or somethiing, maybe paid for his gym membership. No way he coulda done it with Slim4Life alone.

gold_slick@earthlink.net: This was just not the right program for me. It was structured, yes, but not the RIGHT kind of structure for me. Plus, I’m not a very “social” dieter. I don’t know what i was thinking.

Christa_47: Think I’ll try something different, that Ab Toning Belt sounds good. :) Just eating differently is not enough for me, Slim 4Life is not doing it.

Vera: The review for Slim4Life is not very good on here. I read about it on sensational.com/diet first and found this site. What works???????????

Kris -57: Slim4Life program was the singular most weird diet I’ve ever been on. After the near-death experience of the first 3 days, I gained back the initial 10lbs I lost by the next week. The weight is just not coming off even after 6 weeks of this. The required supplements are un-pleasant in taste and texture. The cost is huge. Slim4Life touts “It’s not what you loose, it’s what you gain” Nuts! I’ve not lost anything but a huge amount of money. Slim4Life has GAINED…my money!

babe: There is a slim4life coming near you. They are all over kansas and Missouri, check your local listing. It Works….

Hampton: I just signed-up and paid a decent amount of money. The above negative comments concern me; not about the lack of locations or the journaling, but the folks who have actually been on the plan and not lost weight. I’m still optimistic despite my hesitation. This is day one for me. It is expensive, but I do need the one-on-one counseling and accountability (I think). It seems sensible (not too sure about the supplements). I met some women in the office who lost a lot of weight. In the waiting room they have written testimonials of several local clients who have had great experiences. But of course we don’t know how many had bad results. I also intend to step up my exercise over the course of the next few weeks when I’m on the plan (and hopefully continue thereafter). I will intend to write back in month or so.

sooziechen: Unfortunately, slim 4 life engages in false advertising. I’m allergic to milk, wrote that on the forms I completed during intake and explained the situation to the person writing this down, provided examples. They still loaded me up with products that I never saw until they were loaded in my car, and many are loaded with milk products! So much for the personalized diet plan!!! I’ve complained and asked for resolution, but they are less than forthcoming. Don’t get involved in this program if you have any diet needs special to you!

Terrill: I lost 34 pounds on slim4life but it is very expensive and I couldn’t afford to stay on their herbs which I believe, really were the key to it all, so now I have gained back most of the weight and I am still paying for the diet literally on my credit card. Why do these diets always seem so expensive. Wouldn’t we all stick to them and their products if we could afford them?

Christy: Yes it is very very expensive, consider for the amount I paid and the little weight I actually lost. I like the idea of Slim4Life, but I will not continue on with it. Glad I am not alone.

Mary: I am currently doing there program and it really works I lost 20 pounds in 5 weeks and only have 30 more to go to meet my personal goal! It works but if you cheat it doesn’t I saw the increase on the scale if I said oh one burger and fries will not hurt!!! Like any diet if you don’t follow it, it will not work!!!!! I think you need to realize there is no magic pill to make you skinny so if you follow any diet you should see results! Yhe only down side of slim 4 life is the price!

Pooky: I just started a month ago and I like it. I like checking in 3 times a week. I certainly can spare 10 minutes. The journals have helped me establish a routine that I did not have before. I feel better. My blood sugars have never been better. Thumbs up from me.

diane: well my problem with slim4life is that, for the price, i don’t know how they can expect to help me keep the weight off permanently. i don’t want to be on some kinda diet forever and ever, i need to make some changes, lose weight, and keep it off. i lost 4 lbs on this at first but never any more after, and i just can’t afford to stay on. accountability is good, as long as you see results. when i wasn’t losing the weight, i lost motivation. need to find something better that really will work for life.

cc: I just started slim 4 life a week ago. I am feeling discouraged from all the negative comments. But I have worked out 3x a week for the last two years and have not lost one single pound! I’m hoping that this lifestyle change will help me with portion control, etc. I KNOW I SHOULD eat less, who doesn’t? Everyone knows how to lose weight. It is a matter of self control. You have to be motivated. I am hoping with slim 4 life and exercise, I will be successful.

Gina: Well I was only on Slim4Life for 2 months before quitting. I lost 9 lbs or so in that time, but, as expected, the weight came back in no time. I left thinking that I had learned a few key things about my diet, but I guess if I wanted to keep weight off with the program I would’ve had to stay on it forever and keep paying for it. Now I’m just trying to exercise more and get the weight off, not really sure what to do. I can’t afford another program just yet.

Anonymous: I been on the program for a week. I started at 181 now 174. My only problem with the program is I feel like the only thing I can eat is salads. And I’m freakin hungry all the time. Without a little bit of carbs where is my energy going to come from? I will stick with it since I paid an arm and a leg for the program but I better see results!!

J_shafstall: hahha yeah I too had the “carbo-crash”. I found NUphedrine on this site and its been just what I needed for a bit of extra energy. Hang in there salad eater!

Elaine: I have never been so disappointed in a program as I am with this one. It is expensive to begin with. I have been on this program for 4 1/2 months have managed to lose 15 lbs. The assistants have said, ‘well maybe it is your meds that are keeping from you losing’. I actually talked my doctor into taking me off of one of the meds. No change whatso ever! It is so difficult when I follow this program to a tee and get little or no results. Would I recommend this program to anyone I care about? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raylene: This is a terrible program. I was on it for the whole year, and did the entire program. I followed the plan 100% the entire time and lost only 15 lbs. After talking to a Registered dietition this program is terrible for portion control and does not supply enough calories to support a healthy body. There is also zero focus on any type of exercise and after your maintenance time you are free to eat anything. There was no way to truly maintain the weightloss without any form of exercise. The most disapointing thing is that after all was said and done, the start up fees, protein bars & drinks, herbal supplements, etc. the cost was more than $15oo, not to mention the protein supplements that had to be purchased during the program. This is an awful program, unhealthy and horrible for your body!

Bob: I’m a 76 yr old male in Kansas City.I,ve been on Slim-For-Life for 1 month and have lost 21 lbs to date. Their plan claims seem to be accurate in that the plan is easy to follow after the initial learning curve (7-10days), I have experienced no real hunger and the plan is nutritionally sound.The goal for maintaining your weight loss is a relatively slow (3-5lbs/wk)followed by a slow transition away from the more rigid diet and a prolonged (bal of a yr)oversight phase thus promoting the lifestyle change necessary for sustained benefit. I believe that other approaches to sustained weight loss to be in effective.My only complaint about this program is that the local TV advertising is misleading about the cost.

Liz: Ha, misleading is an understatement, this program is WAY overpriced!! I thought Slim 4 Life would at least be affordable, but I have spent so much on this, btwn the cost of the program and the supplements, etc, its just outrageous. Still, I wouldn’t even complain if the weight was coming off, but it isnt. I might give up on this altogether and switch to a diet pill instead.

Laura: Beware of Slim4Life! They just want your money. I hope if you join Slim4Life you read ALL the fine print. If you have a problem with a product or anything you will be told as I was: “all sales are FINAL!” “There is nothing I can do” “It’s out of my hands” Don’t waste your time or your money. This is a very shady company. Just ask them where their products are manufactured. They won’t tell you! This really concerns me, after how I felt on their products. This program will leave a bad taste in your mouth and cost you thousands of dollars! But don’t worry they will apply for a credit card with a $5,000 balance for you and before you know it! You will be fat and feeling crappy!

Victoria: Slim 4 Life does work. I hate to exercise, and after I tipped the scale at 234, I needed a change. I lost 60 pounds in 6 months. I saw immediate results on the scale after the 3 day cleansing period. I believe the herbal supplements are key to the weight loss. I did not crave things like sweets, and I didn’t have any hunger pains. The cost of the program itself is dependant on how much you want to lose and how long they predict you will be on the plan. In addition you pay for your supplements and herbs separately, which can get costly. But think of what you spend monthly on fast food and junk food you don’t need. The plan gurantees you to lose weight. The journaling is really just a pre-printed form you fill in with your daily food intake to make sure you get all the food in you are supposed to. It’s not writing sentances and you just fill it in as the day progresses or at the end of the day when you’ve consumed all your fruits, vegetable, and proteins. I needed a strict diet that said you can only have this and that’s it. Not like Weight Watchers which offers a point system, because I would always be over. I had no problem visiting the center 3 times a week. I like being accountable to someone else. When my weight plateaued, they have plans to put you on to jump start your metabolism. My only struggle seemed to be all the preparation required to plan your daily meals. Bottom line,it works and you should see daily if not weekly weight loss results when you follow your plan.

Darla: I have been on Slim 4 Life one week. I have lost 7 lbs,however the service has been awful. It is NOT $9 a week. You are expected to pay for the entire program in advance and then you are also expected to pay an additional $1,000 for supplements, that they do not tell you about until the first nutritional meeting. They take your blood pressure, and the girls are not qualified. Today the girl did not like the result that she got, so she said “let’s just add 10 to that”. Then she got a phone call and I sat across the desk from her while she explained the entire program to a new client when I was being ignored for my visit. I left the office. I would not recommend this program to anyone. i feel that I have to complete my 6 weeks with them because it cost me almost $400 already. I did not buy the supplements.

Stacy: Slim 4 Life was a great plan for me. My goal was to lose 25 pounds, I did that in 3 months and I have kept it off for 2 years. It really works

Pooky: I have lost 22 lbs, but unfortunately I have all this food that was purchased when I started, using their credit plan. Most I cannot eat and I have tried to contact their corporate offices with no luck. I think going through their credit plan is a major rip off and would not recommend it. If anyone has any ideas about getting in touch with their “higher up’s” please let me know, because at this point I am stuck with a lot of stuff I cannot eat.

Anna B.: Oh great. I have not even lost any weight with Slim 4 Life (well, 4 lbs, but my goal is to lose 45 lbs total) and was hoping to get refunded but now I am worried. No weight loss AND I still have to pay for the food? I will look into how to contact the co. too & let you know if I find anything.

Anonymous in Denver: I just quit Slim 4 Life and was extremely disapointed in the program. First of all, you spend way too much money to join, plus you have to buy all the thermo snacks and supplements. They said these snacks have more protein than actual protein like a peice of fish. Looking at the ingredients – they’re full of fillers and some soy protein! I should have known better, and felt pressured and vulnerable when I signed-up. I learned my lesson, and I would never recommend this program to anyone. I beleive in natural healthy options, and I’m continuing on my own with success. I stayed on Slim 4 Life for about two months and I regret spending all that money.

Jen: I went to slim 4 life when I watched my roomate lose a ton of weight. she lost about 25 pounds in the first month. So my 185 pound body went in and lost 62lbs in 4 months. WHICH in turn I gained all the weight back in 8 months. My roomate gained all of her’s back as well and did I mention at her lowest weight of 103lbs she was hospitalized becuase of the massive weight loss. Bad bad company.

MJ: This is a great program, I’ve done WW & Jenny in the past, lost some weight, quit, gained it back. I already knew what & how much to eat, what I needed was the 1 on 1 time w/consultant and the accountability that comes with it, I like the supplements as well. I’ve lost 30lbs, have 80 to go and am even more motivated then when I started. Like any weight loss program, if you actually do it, it works; the trick is finding one that works w/your personality so that you stay with it! Wishing you all the best on your weight loss journey, don’t give up till you find what works for you!

Barb: Not gonna give up on myself and trying to find a program that works, but I AM giving up on Slim 4 Life. I was worried about the rapid weight loss as well & see now that I am at risk for gaining it all back, and then some. Too expensive anyway, probably should’ve come here first, I was just curious about what other people experienced with this. I see the cons outweigh the pros, its time to move on.

jillian: I really like Slim 4 life. I have been on the plan for a week now and have lost 10 pounds. Everyone at the clinic is very friendly and supportive. When you have a lot of weight to lose it is very helpful to have someone there that can help and hold you accountable as many days a week as you need. To those of you who quit or gained the weight back, with any weightloss plan you need to learn from it and continue with what it taught you after the plan is over. I would say that no matter what plan you try you will fail until you have the right frame of mind. And it is not like you can’t excercise with the plan all it takes is a little motivation, is it really that hard to go for a walk???

Kate: Losing so much weight so quickly is DANGEROUS and almost never stays off for good. I felt starved on Slim4Life and even though I was losing, I also felt very weak and even LOST MY HAIR. I don’t think I was getting enough nutrients or even enough calories. The point of the program is to keep you healthy “for life” but on this, its not practical to maintain the lifestyle once the weight comes off. Not for me, anyway. I do make some healthier choices but, the weight has not stayed off. Terrible program, I would never recommend to anyone.

Tammy: I have been with Slim 4 Life for 2 1/2 months. I have lost 37 pounds with no exercise. It is great. I have a well balanced diet plan and I am never hungry. There are several offices in the Kansas City area. I weigh in at the Lee’s Summit office. I look forward to taking off another 50 pounds.

janice: Any diet that tells you you can lose weight without exercising is doomed to failure. This program is extreme, and the only real aspect is deprivation and the “herbal supplements’….I can tell you taht once i was done this diet, like many of you on this blog have said, I ballooned back up to 168 lbs a net gain of 35 lbs!!!!! This was ajoke, and i am upset that they prey on people like us who just want to find a way to lose weight that works. Janice

Tammy2: I am on my first week with this program and have lost 3 pounds which I think is only water weight. I had heard of a few women who had lost weight and loved the program. I wish I would have done more research before paying so much money for a diet plan. The supplements I can get at GNC, and I agree with most peole that you HAVE to exersice to keep weight OFF. I will not quit until I have completed the weeks that I have paid for. Maybe I will lose enough weight so that exercise will be easier and maybe even fun. So far no one at the office has been really friendly or helpful. Not sure yet if I can say I like it. My husband says the only way to be SLIM 4 LIFE is to be BROKE 4 LIFE. :)

Julia: Tammy2, LOL, your husband is so right, this diet is totally impractical, expensive and inconvenient. Plus, it doesn’t really show you how to change your lifestyle permanently. I wasted 5 months trying to do this, and got almost nothing out of it. I say finish out your time & find something better!

deb: I was very upset about the cost. They were not up front about it. Then when I quit they kept calling me and calling me. I knew more about thing then the poeple who were telling me what to eat. I one time went in wiht a 4lb lose and they still found thing I did wrong. Be prepared to pay though the nose.

Steve: I was on this diet for about 10 months and did manage to lose 25 pounds but it was costly in both dollars and health. They have you taking about 20 pills a day (herbs and energy drinks) which are designed to whip your thyroid into increasing your metalbolism. In my case, I believe it caused the growth of a thyroid nodule which required surgical removal.

Jeanna: Slim 4 Life is awesome!! It is expensive true… but what is more important than your health and personal happiness?? It really works. I have lost 32 pounds in 10 weeks and feel awesome! I like the counselors and have not felt pressured about product purchases. Accountability is not a bad thing. If you are trying it on your own, which is what I’ve tried to do for years, and the weight is still yo-yo-ing, you need to get help like this. I would recommend this program to anyone who is struggling to lose the weight and make “life changes.”

Qiong Dailey: My kids signed up for this program a few weeks ago. Slim4Life sold us a bulk of product (supplement), which cost us $800. Half of the product is bad, not edible. When they sold us the product we specifically asked what if we don’t like them, and what if it expires, they said bring it back. Now when we tried to exchange 5 untouched and unopened packages, they told us its the company policy no exchanges or returns. How deceitful!!! They just want your money. I want everyone to aware of this. The cost of buying their supplement is very high, yet they supply you with bunch of crabby product. Never buy bulk!!! The store staff needs to learn how to treat the customers honestly. Don’t do business with Slim4Life!!!

Kellie: I have tried slim 4 life and explained my situation how hard it was to loose weight after a hysterectomy. I was promised results and I stuck to the diet to a “T” weighed everything. Did not loose a thing.They seem to make me feel I was cheating and it was my fault I was the only one that never had results. You have to constantly only eat there food and it is costly. I have been to 2 nutritionist since then bringing in all the pills they make you take 3 times a day ( you have like 4 different bottles) plus you have to drink there powdered thermo boost. Anyway, They both read the ingredients and saw the food they were selling and said it was Horrible. The food was horrible for me and the pills did nothing at all, the powdered thermo boost was the only thing that said could support to help flush your adrenal glands but heck they make you drink 80 Ounces of water a day so you should be flushed. The cost to join was $800 dollars. It is very costly to do this and this is not a convenient diet. You have to have 2 thermo boost a day with your 80 ounces of water. You take your vitamin in the morning, your omegas, and a pill 10 minutes before you eat and I think yet there is one more.Your eating there products 5 times a day for meals and snacks mixed with some of your own food.very hard to do if you work. It is similar to the south beach diet which did better than this diet but they make you buy there food for it to so call work.If you want more details feel free to email me. I can tell you how it is supposdily works.

je gallo: The plan has worked great for me. I happen to like the structure and guidance it provides. Just like any weight loss plan, if you are ready to do it – you will!

Jacqueline: I agree, Slim4life is costly and ineffective, it teaches you NOTHING other than that you have to buy their products! There food was crap and the supplements and various other pills just made me feel sick and jittery. I dont think a reasonable diet should have to demand that you buy only their companys product in order to work.

Sarah: I have been on slim4life for two and a half months and have lost 25 lbs. I was even on vacation for 2 weeks and had to eat out a lot. I still lost 5 lbs by following the principles I learned. I visit the office in Grandview, MO. They do not push the supplements. They let me know when there are sales but if I say, “No thanks I think I’m set.” they let it go. I do take the pills. I do drink the protein drinks. I cook my own food. Usually several days worth at a time. I wanted someone to just tell me what to eat and that’s what I got. I have 18 more lbs to lose and believe I can do this for the rest of my life.

liz: Hi Sarah, I think I am you, 7 mos. down the line….I also wanted someone to “tell me what to eat..” and that is exactly what Slim4 life did. I followed their instructions to the letter, and naturally i did lose weight. But once i went off the diet, and there was no one to tell me what to eat every day, i was lost. I didn’t have the skills to chose wisely, and frankly, i was weak! See, this program appeals to the kind of person who doesn’t have willpower (this is no offense, i place myself in this category too!) and they impose willpower on you for a certain period of time. but then, when the hand holding is over,, you are on your own, and it’s back to square one. I ended up gaining 57 lbs, which was more than i ever lost (32 lbs). I now feel more out of control than ever. If theyr eally watned us to be slim “for life” they would teach us more, instead of just telling us what to do.

anna: I was employed with slim4life and did lose weight as well on the program,however i have gained a little back since quitting. i think working there kept me in line of course but the program can be very sucessful, i saw people loss up to 100 lbs. It takes a lot of dedication and will power one cheat and you wasted three- five days which gets hard emotionally to get back on track it’s hard but it does work and yes, it is pricy! but so is mcdonalds day after day as is bp medication and cholesterol meds or worse a burial plot! you only have one body, it’s up to you!!

louise: well…hmm,. yes. Anna. I agree that the costs associated with being overweight and not taking care of yourself can be steep. But that shouldn’t mean you should be spending close to $1,000 on the herbal supplements and membership to this Slim4life program. I think there has to be a less costly way to lose weight. You yourself admit you gained the weight back after you stopped working for the company, and that just “one cheat” can ruin everything. I just need something a little more forgiving, because life is stressful enough. And you might be just a bit biased Anna, since you are a former employee. Anyway, good luck to everyone, whatever approach you take! God Bless you.

Anonymous: Who ever said getting your health back was cheap and how could you even put a price on that? Bad habits are going to cost you and you’re asking for years and years of storage fat and stress from it to be removed from your body naturally.

augusta: Well, your comment is very……..ominous, anonymous. You do have a point, though. My health is priceless…that’s why I’m never again going to subject it to the yo-yo pattern of a diet like Slim4Life. Becuase the way i see it, lifelong changes should NOT require that you buy only one type of food, you should be able to learn how to choose wisely among ALL foods. Slim4LIfe held me to a strict regimen of their foods and powdered drinks and siuipplements, then washed their hands of me. I regained all of the 23 lbs lost and more. So: yes. I agree. I can’t put a price tag on my health, and that’s why i am not going to pay Slim 4 life’s ridiculous, unjustified price tag.

Joanne: I lost over 60 pounds, my husband lost 50. It’s not loss for life and I got tired of the pressure of going in all the time. Get the products and snacks at diethighprotein.com. Saves a lot of money. EFA’s are good for healing from surgery, makes hair and nails stronger and grow fast.

Lisa: I have only been on it for 2 weeks but it has done everything they said it would, even when I have had to eat out or friends house. It is costly and they are not up front in thier adds about that. But compared to Weight Watchers, Gasternol bypass, and lap band it is comparable. I am not a licensed or registered diatician but I manage a Head Start kitchen and have plenty of rules for healthy eating and portion controls to learn and follow. The diet is as easy as those are and meet all the requirements for an adult. The supplements help with the hunger and burning fat and I consulted my Dr. before starting the program and she ok’d it without any problems. They give you papers after you sign up suggesting exercises to do to help speed things up and for health but not require them. The counclors are all different some good some not good. The good ones really listen and help and teach for long term success. If you get a bad one ask for someone different or go in on their day off. Others I know who have done this say it is hard to continue after the year and keep the weight off unless your dedicated. But that would be true for any program including exercise.

DJ: I have been on the plan for a little over a month now. I have lost 12 pounds. I have been eating very healthy and my body feels great. I love the fact that I went from a size 12 to a size 10 in a matter of weeks. My size 8 is just a little tight but I’m almost there. A weight loss program is only what you put into it. Sure there are many plans out there but not every plan is for everyone. For those of you who blame Slim4Life for you gaining the weight back…. shame on you. We cannot blame others for our lack of self control. As for the journal… it is practice for the life style change anyone who wants to keep the weight off must do. I sit in front of a computer all day long… I needed a program that did not REQUIRE excersize. Just because Slim4Life does not REQUIRE you to excersize does not mean they do not want you to. The counselors always say to me, “A little excerise sure won’t hurt.” Because dieting is so stressful and such a lifestyle change, they try to ease a person into it. It is up to me to make the life style change and not go back to eating the foods that caused me to gain so much weight. More calories out than in is what we all must remember. How it is achieved is up to the individual.

barbara: “A little exercise sure won’t hurt??????” That’s what these people are paid for??? Geez. I can say that. I think i just did. Well you’re lucky, DJ that your counselors even said that. Mine barely even discussed exercise. I found Slim4Life to be what many of you said: a program of dependency, where you are told every single bite of food you will take. So of COURSE once you are not monitored that closely, you are gonna slip? I think it was actually jesus who said, “give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, you feed him for life.” A diet that TEACHES YOU HOW TO EAT keeps you slim for life. Slim4Life just gives you temporary portion control in my experience.

Tracy: I have been on the program for one year and have lost 63 pounds. I have struggled with weight loss my entire life and tried everything. I think we all know that most plans work, the challenge is keeping it off. I was inspired to join when a coworker lost 130 pounds on the program and 7 other coworkers joined as well. It is not the most sophisticated program (emphasizes one thing at a time i.e. weight loss and not exercise) however, if what you need is accountability and semi-personalized attentiona and you don’t like groups it is a wonderful program. I haven’t used the supplements since the first two months. The snacks do cost money and they are not “natural” or necessarily “wholesome” but they definitely help with the cravings and give you a feeling of having a treat. I highly recommend!

linda: Slim4life is a joke, they get you in by their commerical of just $7 a week, next thing you know they are opening a charge account so you can join today for only $600, the consultants are like car salesmen they sweet talk you,which is easy because your self esteem is low because you have tried other diet aids and nothing has worked, It’s not just $7 a week, the products are expensive and you are hungry and you do have to exercise. You will save alot of money by having your physician have you meet with a dietician to teach you how to eat better.

Doreen: Slim 4 Life costs $700 upfront and then they push you to buy their supplements. I only lost 8 lbs on the program. Oh yeah, the counselors then stalk you, all in the name of policing. Fuhgetabboudit!!

Karen S.: When I began on SLim 4 Life I was not prepared to spend so much up front either ($600 + more for the supplements) and felt a bit overwhelmed. But I thought okay I’ve paid and so now its time to workand get the weight off. At the end. I was only down 4 lbs. I signed up for Jillian Michaels 3 weeks ago and have already lost 9 lbs http://www.jillianM.com/internet . I wish I would’ve never wasted money on Slim 4 Life and gone wiht this program from the start. Its easier to follow and there’s no counselors stalking me.

Sucker!: My wife and I walked out of the slim for life office with a box of products that cost us just over $4200.00 and were told we will need another $1200.00 worth of snack products to complete the required weight loss we are looking for. I need to lose about 100 lbs while my wife needs to shed about 35 – 40 lbs. This is a customer beware contract. We have not started the program as of yet and the sour taste in my mouth has left me feeling RIPPED OFF. I have contacted the states attorney general office and was told all I can do is lodge a consumer complaint and to be more cautious in further transactions. I am sharing this information so as some one else can make better decisions in there dealings with representatives of this and all company’s. If you think that person selling you a service or a product has your best interest in mind, Please be aware.

If you are ready...: I have a new life thanks to Slim4Life and its counselors. I hated myself and the way I allowed myself to become and look. At first the money concerned me but now, I would have gladly paid twice that amount to get what I have now. I started the program and at times if was difficult. However, I did not give up. Everything in life that is worth something is difficult. I had wonderful support. I followed the program and lost 82 pounds and over 53 inches in 6 months with no exercise. Since then I have started to exercise and am in the best health of my life. I was moved so much by the relationship that I shared with the manager that signed me up and my new life that I went to work for Slim4Life.

OMG!: I also paid in excess of $3,000 and was also “advised” to purchase more. SLim4Life is a company that depends totally on REQUIRING that people buy their products. REal diets products are good enough that you WANT to buy them, you dont get talked into it as part of some bogus plan. ANd you know what i found out? The products are pretty much all you get. I, too, have been had.

kate: I went to slimforlife last september, desperate to lose my dr had said I had hypertension and bad bmi. I started losing right away and by January had lost about 50 (I was 220). I stopped going in the summer because of vacation and started eating all the good stuff in Hawaii and Canada where I went. I gained about 6 at first then 10 more in Canada so now I’m fighting 16 pounds. Slimfor life reallyworked well when I didn’t cheat. Now I have no willpower. I don’t eat like crazy like before, but I don’t eat so small that I lose either so I’m sitting right at 175. Anyway I’m walking at work on break and not gaining anymore and I’m poised to mentally get back into the fight, I don’t know if it will be what I did with slim for life or ww or slimfast but it will be something because I loved being size 10

Nicole: STILL am paying off my visa card for what i spend on Slim 4 Life last year ($3600) and am also STILL 30 lbs overweight. I lost some weihgt in the beginning but got stuck around month 4 and have not been able to loose since. I did not want any more of their supplements and am pretty sure theres a cheaper way to lose. THanks for the JillianMicheals link above, that might be a better program for me at this point. I would also advise others NOT TO WASTE UR MONEY with this outrageously expensive, ineeffective program.

Carolyn: I have found the program very helpful to me. The staff helps me to learn how to manage my slip-ups and believe me there are many temptations out there. Committing myself to see a counselor 3 times weekly in the beginning helped me to to stay on task. I have lost 26 lbs and have 14 to go. Yes the supplements are expensive but I do think they help with the weight loss. The benefits thus far: my cholesterol and tryglycerides have dropped to normal, my blood pressure has dropped, my knees quit hurting, I don’t feel as tired as when I was carrying the extra weight. I am looking forward to the stabilization phase where individual foods will be introduced and then maintenance so I don’t gain it back.

Lil'Devil: The program is healtheir than a lot of other programs & I was really excited about Slim 4Life at first since it was geared towards me & my needs. The counselors were helpful & I feel like I learned, to an extent. But the supplements were expensive and after a few months I took the knowledge and sort of rolled with it on my own. I’ve been doing really well by getting my butt to the gym, eating low-fat and also eating these hoodia chews (hoodia bites) when the cravings are out of control. Its a chaper way for me to do this rihgt now, and I’ve lost 32 lbs in the past 3 months (and 11 while on slim 4 life)

Anna: I wonder how long ago this website did its research, as I know of 4 centers within my are of Kansas City alone. The other inaccurate statement is that Slim4Life encourages exercise. In fact, they ask you not to. Yes, the supplements cost extra but for my busy lifestyle I found them well worth it. Furthermore, anyone who doesn’t lose weight on this particular diet isn’t giving it all their effort. Yes, the food choices are limited. For me, I like things simple. Yes, you have to go to the center once a week at least to weigh in. For me, I need the accountability. Yes, it can get costly. For me, the cost of staying fat far exceeded the cost of the program. Yes, they are going to try to sell you something. For me, I knew that going into it. It’s different strokes for different folks. For me…it worked and 70 lbs later. I know I gave it my best, and don’t regret a thing.

Leanne Taylor: Well the review may have some inaccuracies, but the posts here are spot-on, as far as I’m concerned. Slim4Life was incredibly overpriced, and I didn’t get much out of either the supplements or the food choices (boring & bland). I would’ve appreciated some fitness guidelines as well, I joined this as a last-ditch effort to lose, and walked out thinking, somethhing doesn’t seem right about this approach. 5 monhts later, I’m still a size 16.

MIke: Wow. So much negative about Slim4Life. I have never tried a program, but did this one. I have lost over 70 lbs. in 4 1/2 months. One of my managers has lost over 70 lbs. in 3 1/2 months (incredible loss). Others I have recommended have lost 25 lbs and seen great success. I think the program is well-balanced. It is expensive, but not nearly so as the health risks, fast food cost and other dynamics of being overweight. I went from 309 to 237 lbs and have begun working out again, as well. They adjusted my program to allow for exercise…no biggie. Once I knew what I was doing, I simply adjusted my visits to once per week instead of 3x. I enjoyed getting to ask questions about food, dieting and feel like I’m getting a basic education in nutrition. I’m sorry this has not worked for so many. I see many, many people at the location I go to in Shawnee who seem very pleased.

Wanda: The Slim4Life program was vERY costly, FYI. To spend several THOUSAND dollars on food & supplements, and end up with only a 1-inch loss in 3 months? NOt worth it. I understand what some of you are saying about the cost of being overweight, but geez, at least my insurance could pick up the bulk of that cost. This was all out of pocket. If I had results, I’d be praisiing them, but i didn’t so I am bitter.

Nancy Lynn: I swear – you people want some “magic” fix when it comes to weight loss! YES-it is time consuming and WORK! YES -it is easier to just stay fat! Losing weight means changing habits. Yes, its easier to buy crap in a bag (chips, boxed dinners, etc.) rather than practicing “good” habits which you haven’t done in the past. Journaling WORKS. It is so YOU can take a look at yourself! Other than the first week; they encourage exercise all along; especially when you aren’t losing as much or as fast as you’d like. I started this program one year ago. The program is based on 52 weeks. My weight loss ended after week #27. I lost 35 pounds. I am now on maintenance and have NOT gained anything back….25 weeks later! Downside: it is quite expensive. But, ask yourselves “What is my health worth?” Fact: healthy foods cost more. And, if you don’t do something “healthy” now; you’ll spend it on doctors, meds, surgeries and more. This program got me going in a positive direction and lowered my cholesterol nearly 80 points!! I now use information from the book “Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight for Everybody”. If you can do it on your own and don

Lola: First of all, I just want to say congrats to all of you who had succes with Slim4Life. If it didn’t work for anybody, it probably wouldn’t be around. Still, I don’t like some of the assumptions made about those of us who it has not worked for (which appears to be the majority). A year in, only moderate results. I tried, spent a lot of money and didn’t reach my goal. I actually have lost more weight in Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet than I ever did on Slim4Life. I’m gonna stick with what works for me.

Liz: I did Slim 4 Life 4 years ago and lost so much weight. I have not been that skinny since 9th grade. It does take a lot of work but it was worth it. It was very expensive but they have an easy credit plan that I even got approved for and I do not have a job. It was worth it!!

Holly: Very disappointed in the program. Concept is a no-brainer….eat less. But they haven’t said anything yet about exercise. Also, I don’t believe in drastic changes in eating habits….too hard to keep on track. I like more gradual with flexibility….something you can stick to. It does stress eating more fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. Again, all common sense. My husband is 6′2″, hard-working physical farmer….his breakfast plan is 1 starch, 1 fruit, and either ONE EGG or TWO OZ. OF CHEESE!!!!!! Also, very disappointed in the info I gathered over the phone from one of their centers before we went for consultation. I asked if packaged foods were part of the plan. They said no, that they just teach you how to eat. I said I know what to eat….it’s just coming up with meal plans & recipes. They said that’s what they do. When we went in, they stated in order for results to be guaranteed, we had to purchase 2 boxes of “Thermosnacks” per person weekly ($10-16/box!!!!). These thermosnacks are bars, drinks, soups, etc. I said that I was told there wasn’t any packaged foods to purchase. They responded that they don’t consider these as “packaged foods”…..oh….that’s makes complete sense……it’s food in packages…aka packaged food. And only got a couple SAMPLE meal plans and recipes….but if I wanted recipes, I could spend another $25 (above the $700 program cost & $600 thermosnacks) Save your money. Here’s their concept….eat WAAAAAAY less. And what you do eat, make sure it’s lean protein, veggies, and fruit…and LOTS of water. That’s it.

Renee: Slim4Life was very overpriced, I agree with Holly. I don;t know what I was thinking when I decided to sign up, but I immediately regretted spending the money. I stuck it out for a little while, almost 3 months, only lost a tiny bit of weight. I;’ve been on the Cheat to Lose diet for 10 days now and am pretty happy with how its going..no packaged foods, good recipes and cheat days. Lost 4 lbls already.

Becky: My neighbors are on Slim4Life and he has lost 110 lbs and she has lost 60lbs. They follow the plan and go to their counselors regularly. They are very inspirational and I have seen them shrink right before my eyes. Eventually you have to incorporate excercise and they do tell you that at the consult.

Mary: I am reading these posts and I certainly sympathize with those of you who have not lost weight. Personally, I have struggled, spent thousands over the years on this magic pill, or that magic device and NOTHING. I was at the point of looking in the mirror and calling myself names for being so fat. I cried daily. So when 2 women i actually know lost 30+ lbs and one lost over 75 I bit the bullet and shelled out the $700 sign up fee. I also have spent quite a bit on supplements and their snacks. Yes, i have seen them online and they are cheaper but i like the convenience of instant gratification on the purchase at the centers. I lost 40 pounds and am happy. I am now finished with the weight loss phase and should be in stabilization but have decided to just do it on my own as 2 of my friends have done (the other now actually works at slim 4 life) I am very aware that if i revert to my old eating habits the weight will come back. But doesnt that make sense? It was eating like that, no, living like that with bad food, regular alcohol consumption, and not exercising enough that made me gain the weight in the first place. Let’s face facts, folks. Some people just are stuck with having to monitor their lifestyle while their friends can eat, drink and be skinny. The only way to change your body is to make a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Diet/Excercise is a commitment. It really doesnt matter what diet works for you. If you dont change your lifestyle the weight will come back. For those of you who really did stick with Slim 4 Life, followed the plan and did not cheat, even a little bit, I wish you the best of luck in finding the plan that works best for you. I know the frustration. I am thankful I have found the one that works for me.

angela: well i have just not been that happy with the results of slim 4 life. i was on it for 3 months and really, really tried hard to get the weight off and it just…wasn’t coming off. no matter how much i exercised or what products i was eating, it just didn’t come off. i spent over a thousand dollars for 6 measly pounds. great. i’ve been reading about other programs on this blog; has anyone tried winning money through the dietawards.com? i wouldn’t be so down on slim 4 life if i could win the money back..i think its time for me to explore other options.

NewHarleyCrazy: I’ve read all of these posts and despite what seems to be a large number of negative comments, I’m going to try the program. I have a busy lifestyle so I probably DO need someone telling me what to eat and what portions are healthy. I would estimate that I have about 30 pounds to loose and I DO know that exercise is important…I already do that anyway…So I guess I’ve got nothing to lose but the weight…

Mark: A friend of mine lost 100 lbs on this program. I decided to look into it because I personally knew a success story. I called him after my consultation and his comments were dead on. 1. This is an amalgamation of every diet out there. 2. They are vague during your first consultation because it is a program you could do by yourself. 3. You will have to pay about $1,200 to lose 100 lbs. This is cheaper than Gastric by-pass surgery and you probably won’t die from Slim4life. 4. The money you spend on their snacks is about the same or less than what you would pay at a gas station on candy bars, chips and soda. 5. Yes, you have to go in three times a week for individual weigh in. My buddy said he needed to have the accountability because he didn’t have the strength to do it alone. 6. Once you are done with the wieght loss phase they stay with you for another 26 weeks. Or longer if you want. This eliminates the yo-yo weight gain. I do not work for Slim4life. I went on the plan 6 weeks ago and lost 35 pounds. This is a great diet that doesn’t feel like a diet. I am only 1/3 done but it feels great so far. The one thing that is great is if you want to drink beer or eat snacks you can and they will work with you but the plan takes longer. I know a guy who won’t give up his beer and popcorn and still lost 80 pounds. It just took longer. I don’t know how people could rip this program. I can guarentee that the ones who fail on this program are the ones who can’t give up pizza and ice cream. I love this program and I don’t give a rip what the others say about it. AND I REPEAT, I don’t work for Slim4life believe it or not.

saskia16: I just want an inexpensive diet pill whats the best?

annie g.: Slim 4 Life was not a good program, for me. Too expensive, very little weight loss. ANd I gave it my best, did not “cheat” as mark implied above. the weight just didn’t come off. i think slim10 is the best diet pill around, i just started to use it last month and already lost 11 lbs.

huston: I am on the program right now, I would not suggest it to anyone. Yeah, I lost some weight, but I am not toned at all. I asked them if I should workout and they said “I guess it helps” Second, they try to find ways to scam you to pay more money, I thought I was getting a good deal, but every few weeks they kept finding ways to make me pay more $$. If you do choose to do this program follow it 100% (and workout on your own), and the only way you can do that is if you have no life outside of the diet. Not realistic for working professionals. I do not even have kids or a house to take care of and I could not find the time to meet the demands.

Haley: Mark, Do you really think it is healthy to loose more than 2 lbs a week? I lost 10 lbs in the first week, I kept loosing 3-4 lbs a week. I lost a total of 45 lbs, I have 11% body fat, which is not healthy for a woman, but they kept pushing me to keep going. My weight is still 155, and I am 5′8. I talked to a few doctors about this and they all said the program is unhealthy. My doctor’s are nervous about my health now and I might not be able to have kids because my body fat % is too low.

Julie: I feel scammed and ripped off and the managers do not care, how does that work, i thought the customer was always right.

Lori: Just made my 30 pound goal and am down to 135 pounds. Great program if you live in Colorado or Minnesota area.

jess: Hi, Haley, my doctor said Slim4Life is unhealthy, too! Actually, my doctor had never heard of the program, but I sent him some of the information. After reading it over he said it was completely “unhealthy, unrealistic and unlikely to reap any long term benefits.” That is a quote. I am super-glad I checked up on this program before I started.

Buzz: I made the commitment to finally loose some weight. I was 284. I went to a few known weight loss names. I chose Slim4Life. It seemed to fit my needs. I travel around the US for my job. It has been hard to do the weight loss thing as I get older and less physical. This plan/program has helped me achive my original goal of 60 lbs. It was so easy without cravings and learning to eat more real foods. Veriety, portion size, well balanced, fruits, veggies, meat, fish, poultry, etc. I decided to loose more. I stopped at 84 pound weight lose. I am off of BP medication and cholesterol medication. It is easy to stay commited if you truely wish to change your health and appearance. I have more energy now then before. I save money by not paying co-pays. Weight lose for me is the challange I have for the rest of my life. I can eat anything now. Control what I put in my mouth. I haven’t got into the grazing mode yet. I have a picture of what I was and what I am now. I like what I am now. Lean, Healthy and energetic. Support is always there and they are very professional. Once again……IM VERY HAPPY AND EXCITED with life!


Kasey: I tried Slim 4 Life a fews years gao and quit after a few weeks. (extensive cresit threat letters and call folowed). The “counselors” were not trined and it was all about selling you new stuff. The package products were nasty and supplements of equal & better value can be purchased at any health food store cheaper. There are bettter, cheaper, and healthier programs out there. Don’t be fooled by the ads It is a scam!

Katie: I had great results with Slim4Life- i lost 40 lbs in 3 months. But- the diet is so limited, once you start “eating” again, the weight comes right back! I always felt that I was being pressured to buy product, although I found 2 or 3 staff members who seemed to genuinely care about I well being. As soon as I stopped the program, I gained 30 back before seeking a plan that is more suited to moderation. I always knew that it is diet and exercise, but really wanted an easier answer.

Zack: I am currently in the stabilization stage of Slim4LIfe. It has worked great for me. I’ve lost 37 pounds on it in only seven (7) weeks. They also guaranteed that I would lose more in my current process. I live in the Kansas City area and it is available here. It is a great program if you have the discipline to stay on it. I didnt think I would ever look good again. But I feel great and it is amazing!

lucy: yes i agree with Zack, you have to have DISCIPLINE to stay on Slim 4 LIfe, or else your not going to achieve your goals. And i think a lot of you lack discipline, you are just big babies who want “instant” everything. well its not like that. I have lost 24 lbs in just 4 weeks and i look and feel great! You guys should just shut up and do it.

marietta: I can’t help but notice that there seems to be a lot of arrogance coming from the “Just lost the weight” camp of Slim4Life…to all of you I would say, come back and talk to me in 6 months or a year. Because I used to be like you, feeling like a superstar achiever at weight loss, thinking i had found the answer and it was simple. Well, it became less simple over the next year, while i steadily gained weight just from eating a regular diet. I didn’t go overboard or pig out on hot fudge sundaes, I just ATE NORMAL FOOD and all of my weight came back +7 lbs. So, I would say, before you folks start gloating, you should wait until you have fully completed the stabilization stage.

earlie: I was on Slim4Life in the Kansas City area in 2004 – i lost my goal, 40 lbs, in 5 months. It seemed like a piece of cake. I kept it off for almost 2 years, gained some back after some major surgery, but the principles I learned were very helpful. My daughter also lost almost 40 lbs on the program (she did not sign up, just copied what I was doing minus the supplements). I was there when one lady was in to meet her counselor and hit her 100 lb. loss mark. It works – but you have to stick with it and follow the program. Just like anything else, it only works if you commit to it. It is a lifestyle change. MEANING – you don’t go back to old habits when you are done.

Ashley: I was on Slim 4 Life from Feb. 2008-June 2008. I lost 50 lbs. This not only is a diet but it is a change of life. And to succeed on any type of diet plan you have to change your habits for the rest of your life or any diet plan will be a failure. You can not lose 50 lbs and than expect to be able to eat a bag of cookies and chips everyday. What S4L does, is teach you how to make that change and keep it off. After you reach your goal, you go into stabilization, which than teaches you how to add foods back in so you are not deprived of them forever. But it is up to you to make this change. Not the diet plan. Anyways I love this program and would recommend it to anyone. But this program is definitly for people who are willing to be commited and structured. Believe me, I had a few mess ups during my time on S4L but that is what the counselors are there for. They help you get back on track.

kimmie: well you can’t blame anyone but yourself if you regain the weight you lost on Slim4 Life! If you go back to being an overeater then you will have to face the consequences. Slim4 life can’t just hold your hand forever you have to do it yourself! those of you who do poorly are realy just complainers!

sharyn: Well, i dunno, i was STARVING on Slim4 Life! They don’t really teach you in “stabilization” how to overcome having a huge apeptite and cravings all the time! I still had to deal with those problems constantly, and in the end, they caught up with me, I regained 24 lbs within a year. :( ps i am not just a complainer, i am reporting my experience so this blog can be *balanced.*

elisabeth: here’s a tip that i’m finding useful in getting through the Slim4life stabilization process: Hoodia! Right now i am taking these Hoodia supplements called Hoodia p57 and they’re helping me to stay on the wagon and not overeat. in fact, i’m much less vulnerable to the cravings than i was. great stuff!! you should try it.

Kelli: I’m loosing weight, but it has cost me $1,000 since the end of September 2008, and it’s only mid November. If I want to keep loosing weight I have to keep paying for their pills, vitamins, food etc. Plus, If I go in and have gained 1 lb, they trat me like a failure, it just makes me want to eat a big cookie when I leave.

Unanymous: Slim for Life works if you are disciplined in your need to lose weight. I followed everything to a T and lost 50 lbs in 5 months. I have kept it off for 6 months now with ease, due to my life style / eating habits changing. It is HARD, but losing weight always is. The only downside to Slim for Life in my opinion was that by the time it’s all said and done there was about $3,000 that had left my wallet. It was worth it to me, but I sure miss that money now.

dana: There’s NOTHING about Slim4Life that justifies expenses in the THOUSANDS of dollars, not during what’s being called the second Great Depression! Its just ridiculous. I was doing Slim4Life for a while, but i thought it was pretty much standard & typical diet stuff. So I switched to South Beach (MUCH much cheaper!) and I’m doing just as well, even better because i don’t feel DEPRIVED like i felt on Slim4Life. There are plenty of decent ways to lose weight nowadays, you don’t have to sink $3,000 to do it!

Marie: Signed up for Slim 4 life. After 2 day I had a personal issue that I could not go through with the diet was not able to return any of the products $445.00 and was charged a $210.00, processing fee. Was able to get 329.00 of my $1094.00 investment. They were very unflexable and it is the hard sell. Take my advise stay away and save your money. The only reason I got some money back is because I have not attended there class yet. My orignal cost for 26 week was over $2000.00.

Terry: Did not succeed with Slim4Life either. I also feel that i was robbed of thousands of dollars for a program i thought would work to get me slimmer and healther. Instead I was sent on the most expensive yo-yo diet of my life! 21 lbs lost and 32 lbs GAINED! Horrible. I just get started on the 5 factor Diet (5factor.com/offer ) already lost 8 lbs in 10 days.

tdb: I joined slim 4 life almost a year ago, It was a very good plan. I lost 90 pounds and got my life back. I would recommend it to any one, you can even call in for those that are not in the areas that they are in. It was nice to have someone else to talk to when you would go in to see them and it’s not like calorie police but they show you what to do, when you do have something thats not on plan.

Alexandra: I was seriously considering doing slim for Life but after reading your posts and the review, I am not so sure anymore, I think I am going to read a little more on that Jillian Michaels someone mentioned. Good luck to all of us!

Lisa A.: I did Slim4Life a few years ago and I did lose a few pounds, but I stopped going after just a few weeks. Here’s a rundown of the program. You go in for your free consultation and are pressured until you agree to sign up for a program that costs over $1000. You have to pay all of that at once, and if you don’t have the money they will have you sign up for a credit card to put it on. Then you have to buy a ton of pills and “snacks” that they make. I have no idea what are in the pills because they just have generic names on them like “morning vitamins,” etc. They tell you that you don’t have to exercise at all. It sounds good, but if you’ve ever tried to lose over 100 pounds, you know that you are just going to look like a saggy balloon that burst if you don’t tone your muscles. The first three days of the plan they tell you to eat as much meat as you possibly can. You are supposed to stuff yourself with meat. I didn’t exactly stuff myself with meat, but I did eat a lot over those three days, and I lost 2 pounds. Then when I went back in to get weighed, they yelled at me because they said I must not have been stuffing myself with meat to only have lost 2 pounds. After that, they put you on this ridiculous diet that basically consists of about 800 calories a day stretched over the course of the day. You are supposed to keep track of everything you eat, and then you have to go to the center three times a week. When you go for a check in, you have to sit in the waiting room until they call you. Then you go weigh in and sit down with a “counselor” who reads your journal and asks you about when you went to the bathroom last. None of my counselors were ever encouraging to me at all. I felt like I was just being herded through. It was humiliating.

Melissa: Like I stated before, I lost the weight I wanted to and have managed to maintain it since August and I did it without taking the herbal supplements, once it ran out, I did not purchase again. The only thing you are required to purchase to guarantee the weight loss are their snacks. You need to eat their snacks during weight loss and stabilization phases. Once you hit maintenance no need to eat their snacks – I found good alternatives to their snacks, i.e. South Beach products. It was the motivation I needed to lose the weight!

Kathy: Just signed my daughter and I up for $1100.00 thinking thats it, no more money. Try this, at the so called nutrional meeting all we recieved was a well groomed pressure pitch. The cost for all supplements, herbs, etc only if you buy THAT day (more pressure) almost $8000.00! yes its right 80000.00! I have been to weight watchers several times in my lifetime and got the weith off or down and kept it off. But like any human I have put it back on. Thought I was helping my 23 year old daughter, only to join this rip off and make her feel even more pressured. Get this we both lost the same amount of weight so far 11 pounds in 4 weeks. I gave her all the supposed freebies we got when we joined. I didn’t take any and we both lost the same! As for the counseling what a joke. All they are are high pressure salesman behind the facade. There is no emotional or social counsel, just push more product. They told my daughter that one drink and one bare she doesn’t eat because we can’t afford it would cause her to lose 30% less. I could go on about this forever but I think you have the idea. WW is your best bet in my opinion and I am a seasoned dieter. I will never doubt or try anything but them again. I am continuing with this program only for my daughters sake but I have to try to sub calories with other foods because we are losing so many cals by not using their products.If you don’t you are starving tyourself. We will be lucky if we make it through. Buyer Beware!

laura: Kathy what an AWFUL story..!!! SLim4LIfe is a terrible company, they take exceessive amounts of money from people!! they bled me for close to $3,000, and it took me almost a year to recover from that financial blow. The program is no better than weight watcehrs or south beach (what I’m doing now). Kathy I am praying for you and your daughter. good luck to you, i hope you find a better diet soon.

Linda D: I just started Slim 4 Life about 8 days ago and it is a lot of work and time commitment. The cost is also very steep — I spent $800 just to start the program and another $260 for 10 weeks of snacks that they require. I have lost 6.5 lbs and have stuck with the recommended foods. The part that I find very hard to agree with is that you must buy their snack foods and they are very expensive (2 per day are required). In addition, the snacks do not taste very good to me. I knew that the plan did not include exercise, but I walk and swim. The other thing that no one mentioned is that there are vitamins, carb blockers, herbs and essential fatty acids to take and they are extremely expensive also–although they are not a required purchase like the snacks. I was also very surprised that the fruit list does not include bananas. The vegetable list does not include carrots, peas, onions. You may not use pasta products, cheese, most cereals or any legumes (beans). Since I have a great deal of weight to use I will stick with the plan for as long as I can, because I have seen a good result in my first week. I am also a type 2 diabetic and was having trouble controlling my blood sugar. My blood sugar levels have all been in the normal range for the past 5 days, and that is a very good thing!!

Shawn: Wow. A lot of comments here from people who don’t like it but have never tried it, or from those that sort of tried it (started but did not follow the advice). Well, I’m here to tell you that I’ve been following the plan and after 3 weeks have lost 16 lbs. It really opens your eyes to how bad you’ve been eating, even when you thought you were doing well!

MN Client: Yes, Slim4life is expensive, but it is just what I needed. I needed someone to outline exactly what I can and can not have. I learned to eat every few hours instead of waiting until I was over-hungry and then over eating. I have lost 40 lbs in the past 5 months. If you are a person like me who needs (and can follow) their lead, this is a good program. Oh yeah, if you can spend the money too. I am done buying anything more from them, I am now broke. But, what I do have is better health. I look and feel great. How do you put a price on this?

Roseanne: Well I am an example of some one who has tried and failed, on Slim4Life. I was on the program for 3 months, bought supplements & snacks and lost about 4 lbs right away. THen I hit a plateau pretty quickly, even though I was doing everything right. I even added some moderate exercise, never lost another pound. This is not a program I would recommend to anyone to follow, between the cost an lack of results.

Donna: HI just wanted to say that I signed up for Jillian Michaels based on above suggestiion and am doing better from the fitness-based program, rathter than the tasteless foods on Slim4 Life. With Slim4 Life unfortunately when it was all said and done, I was out $2500 and only 7 lbs. I’ve lost 16 lbs in the last 8 weeks and feel more in control of my habits (eating & exercise) with Jillian Michaels and so much cheaper night and day. There really ARE programs that work!

DeeDee: I believe different diet plans work for different people. I joined slim 4 life in Jan. 07 by April 07 I was in fact 30 lbs smaller as promised without any exercise. Yes it might be timing consuming if you think taking 15 minutes at the most to write down what you eat, or going grocery shopping which I hope you would do normally. If you are not a disciplined person then no I don’t suggest you go here. However if you really want to loose the weight then I recommend them to anyone who has access to a center. The majority of the comments who gave it a thumbs down quit, that’s not slim 4 lifes fault and if you are really overweight it is not going to happen overnight. So to those out there different things work for different people and you can not base what’s good for you on someone else’s judgement. Try it you might like it.


Ana: I lost 41 pounds with them and I feel great. Yes, they don’t help with fitness but I helped myself. Once you start losing weight you feel more energetic and I started to play volleyball and going to the Gym. Also, they helped with plateau. They guaranteed 3 pounds per week but of course you have to follow the plan and it worked like a charm. I am very pleased, yes it was costly to buy the snacks but there are websites that sell the snacks for a cheaper price. They don’t advertise the price because it depends on how many weeks of weight loss you need. But the first consultation is free and then, you will get information on how much money it will cost you. After that, it is your decision if you want to pay/join or not. After I lost the pounds, my sister in law and 3 friends at work joined with great results.

jeannette: Slim4Life was seriously disappointing…you would think this plan would at least address fitness and exercise, which are important components of any permanent weight loss (aka being “slim for life). They really dont teach you much about eating right either, they just sell you their diet foods which really don;t have anything to do with the real world. and the price, please don’t get me started…

Client: I have lost 47 pounds on the diet so far since june 08. I stuck to it religiously, but did not lose the 70 pounds they promised by Nov. It is not an easy diet and I am still hungry all the time. When I tell them this, they just want to push their reaaaaally expensive products. The weight was suppose to come off 3 to 5 pounds a week – noooo way. I hate the journal keeping – like I don’t know what I am suppose to eat after 7 months on the program!

Minnie: That’s the way I felt too. like all the Slim4Life people care about is making money, not my weight loss progress, or my health. It was expensive and SLOW, this program. 11 lbs in 3mos?? please! I give up!

apesrite: Slim4life is definitely for people who are determined to lose weight. I have been very successful. If you go off plan it’s very easy to get back on track. If you follow the plan you will see results! For me, going to the consolers is accountability. If I only had to answer to myself I wouldn’t get the same results. If it’s been a while since I’ve seen a friend and I see them again and they are slimmer….never fails…..Slim4life. Every now and then my husband tells me about someone from work who has had success from the program. They are so happy, glowing and you feel so good. BECAUSE IT WORKS! It is pretty expensive. The supplements is what costs the most. It’s worth it! Take it from someone with the experience with the program. Give it a try if you are willing to work for it!

Lauren: THIs was the program that was supposed to change my life around. Well guess what, it didn’t happen. I lost 10 lbs the first 3 weeks on Slim 4 Life and over the next 2 months, it slowly came back, even though i was still on the program! I don;t who you people are, who are glowing with success from this and telling me i didn’t want to succeed or try hard enough? I DID! I gave it everything (including a few hundred bucks) and got nothing in return. I’m beginng to wonder if some of the people on here have an agenda..

Marilyn: Although I did lose some weight, I found the plan FILLED with hidden costs. The slimmest thing about me was my wallet! The counselors seem sort of stupid; just people who have been on the plan and counting the commissions on the items they will sell. Probably, Weight Watchers offers the same advice and is a LOT less expensive. I DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Tracy: I have been on Slim4Life for 6 weeks. I LOVE it. I have lost 21 pounds so far. I find it works for me because I NEED the accountability of weighing in 3x per week. It is a 30 minute drive one way for me, but I decided I need this to be committed to the plan. My only “agenda” as Lauren points out, is to lose weight, and this program seems to work for me. I’ve tried WW, Atkins, you name it, I’ve been on it! I just feel different about this one, and BECAUSE of this one. Don’t believe all the negatives you hear about it!

Ed: I started in May of 08, and lost 100lbs. by Xmas. It works for me, I feel great. I need trainning on what food does and does not do to a person, and they did a great job!

Sarah: My daughter and I went through this program together about 4 yrs ago. We were frustrated with inconsistencies from one councelor to the next. We were told we’d slipped through the cracks. We stopped going once we started going through maint. Shortly after I moved out of state and found they didn’t have branches back east. Last yr my gfriend and I went through it again (I voiced my concern about my fist experience to the mgr prior.) My weight came off very slowly. I didn’t have as much to loose this time-no plateau breakers needed. I signed up for things to be emailed to me but I never recieved any. Positive thing for me is I needed the one on one guidance-groups didnt work, I didn’t mind keeping a food journal. This time I went through it with minimal cost buying vitamins etc through Vitamin Cottage. It has made me more aware what I eat that puts the weight back on. Carbs are my downfall!

sms: I came upon this site and began reading the comments from the people that are in this program. Personally I think this is a waste of time and money. My neighbor is on slim 4 life, read the words, slim 4 LIFE….She lost all the weight she wanted by eating the same foods daily plus taking their so called vitamins and fat burners. By the way she has a heart condition and was so desperate to lose weight that she never told them this, read the labels on the vitamins. As long as she took the pills and followed the set program she kept the weight off, NEVER exercising though. I suppose it’s good to be out of shape but thin? She looked thin but horrible, nothing was toned, just loose skin. Anyway, she could no longer afford the program and attempted to continue on her own, needless to say she gained all the weight back and then some. She is going back to slim 4 life because she feels that those fat burners are what she needs. Use some common sense and eat smaller portions, exercise, cut down on sugars, pop, etc. Save your money invest in a treadmill. I lost twenty pounds with no program, just watching what I ate and exercise. I understand not everyone is able to do this and are need of assistance, but for the amount of money they charge plus the endangerment to your health I sure would think about this program seriously.

Shara: OMG, “sms” that is a sad story about your neighbor….I find it concerning that she’s going back on the Slim4Life fat burners, even with a heart condition. This more or less confirms what i suspected about this program, that it is mostly built around the pills. I had a similar experience myself, except the pills didn’t even help me loose that much weight. But i ddid feel nervous and anxious and jittery. My appetite was increased, so i know that didn’t help either. i want to learn genuinely healthy habits that i can maintain for the rest of my life so i will not have to take jitter pills like this again.

Heather: I have had success on this diet program, but I personally do not like all of the “debt collection” type calls. If you do not show up for an appointment, they will call you 10 times in a row and hound you in order to find out what happened. I didn’t like the extreme attention, but I know a lot of others who count on it for success. I guess it just depends on what works for you!

TR: I have been on slim4life for about 5 weeks now, and have lost 18 lbs. I am very happy with the results, and think this is “the” diet for me. What keeps me going is the fact that they have outlined a goal weight, in an estimated time-frame, that I can work towards. Being very goal-oriented, this is important to me. This is also the only diet I am aware of that includes post-goal mainteneance as part of the program. Losing weight is often not the biggest issue for people, it’s the probability of gaining it all back. The stabilization and maintenance phases teach how to incorporate favorite foods back into your diet, without gaining back what you lost. This to me is invaluable as it is not realistic to “diet” for the rest of your life. Price is not disclosed on the website for the simple fact that it depends on how much weight you need to lose and how long you need to be on the program. You can always just call a center and ask them for price quotes (they seem to always have a special of some sort). I found it reasonable to start, but there are ongoing purchases that need to be made each month (for their snacks, pills, etc.). Much of the supplements that they offer are optional, though, and I have still lost weight without using many of them. It really depends on how dedicated you are to the program. From what I see on here, people once again want an easy magical way to lose weight and that is just not possible. It takes hard work and dedication!! As far as exercise, I agree that that is a important component that is left out. However, for me it’s not a problem as I know better how to exercise than how to eat. Bottom line, move that body! Walk, run, do aerobics, whatever. I’d also like to say that journaling is important in any diet. If you look at it as “homework” then you are not willing to really consider what you are eating. Seeing it on paper tells me whether I am eating too much or not enough. It’s my way of keeping myself accountable…it is way too easy to “skip” bites of food here and there and not take it into account on my diet..then wonder why I can’t lose weight?! Just take 5 or less minutes out of your day and write down what you eat, it’s that simple. Bottom line, whatever you choose as a means to lose weight, you HAVE to commit fully, otherwise it will just not work.

dawn lynch: Well, when i told my doctor about slim 4 life, she asked me what the exercise plan was for the diet. I told her “there is none.” She just laughed, and said that the only way a person can be “slim for life,” is if they incorporate LIFELONG HABITS like exercise! At that point i had been on slim 4 life for about 3 weeks and almost nothing was happening. she said this sounded to her like another fad diet, and she recocmmended i try something more moderate,like South Beach. I have been doing great on that diet, have lost 15 lbs in 7 weeks.


melissa: The fat burner pills made me feel weird and interfered with my sleep, and i was already writing down what i ate. I was already exercising too, but then Slim 4 life said not to! This diet is not too great, to tell you the truth.

wbry1982: My parents both did this program together in Independence MO. (They have offices in a lot of places if you look in the phone book) They lost a TON of weight! My parents are both thinner than I have seen them since I was a very small child. My Mom lost 68lbs and my Dad lost 102lbs! They are both on the maintenance plan. The counselors were really good about pushing them to stick with it although it wasn’t that hard to do. My Mom said that even though she was eating less food she was never really hungry. I think it was all the water they ask you to drink, and there are protein drinks as well. I’d do this plan myself but it figures the closest office is 3 hours away.

Vickie: I joined Slim 4 Life the week of Thanksgiving 2007 & was told it was $500, then after 3 days of flushing I went in & was told I had to buy all my products up front & I spent another $1,700. They have you — you can’t cancel & get your money back–I was told I would loose 80 pounds by May–yeah right I only lost 32 & kept being told I was not doing something…I was also told 3 times before Christmas that I needed a colonoscopy by the St Joe, MO store manager & also the area manager. I finally had it done & my doctor told me I was fine & he didn’t like the products they were having me take. I asked him if I should give Slim 4 Life the bill & he said yes…I have gained back 15 of the pounds & when they interview you they don’t know for sure what affects what like a doctor should, but they are real good at telling you. I have found out that I am insulin resistant & their program does not work for that….The money back guarentee is a joke also. A truly dissatified customer–donating $ for nothing..

Edith: Before trying Slim 4 Life program I thought I would pay any price to just have better health. However the cost of this seemed reasonable for what it was and that made it more desirable for me to try it. The counselors were nice and encouraging at first, but after a few weeks, it seemed that the solution was only to push more pills. I wound up paying quite a bit more than what I signed up for and feeling real discouraged, having only lost 12 lbs over the course of 3 months. I did not appreciate the tactics used..maybe not all of the centers are like this but my experience was disheartening.

Kathy: I have been on slim4life for 10 days and have lost 9 pounds!!! I have never felt better. I no longer nap during the day. I have bought into the entire program which means I have bought all the herbs, thermo drinks and bars recommended. I know it is a lot of money, but I really want to lose weight and this is the commitment I need to make to make that happen! I feel so healthy! Slim4life has taught me how to eat!

celeste: wow its sad that this diet is just all about overcharging people and selling these fat burning pills. i should have known it was too good to be true that there is no exericse program in Slim For LIfe. I would like to know how could they even call it Slim “For Life” without incorporating healhy exercise habbits? This was on e of the sillier diets i have been on and also one of the more expensive. i lost 7 lbs on this and regained 12.

Greg: Got started at slim4life last week. Went thru the 3 day prep phase and lost 9 lbs. Then came the class day where you learn the money you already spent to join is only going to be a drop in the bucket. All in all with the startup charge the pills, thermo drinks and snacks… total cost was going to be almost $2500. I wish they would have been upfront with the cost and I would have walked right out. Im glad for the information I learned about good food and foods to avoid, portion control and changing eating habits… but I just cant bring myself to buy all that crap. I think eating healthier and getting a gym membership would be just as effective and a fraction of the cost

Leeann: Cost goes by how much you want to lose. Up front, in the neighborhood of 600 dollars. Then you need to buy the “minimum” suppliments (pills, drinks ect) which run around 315 a month. They want you to get extra suppliments which “make you lose better” so you could easily add another 160 a month for all the whistles and bells. This diet is VERY limited. I know 6 people who have tried this diet… 4 hit their goal and 2 lost a lot but didn’t hit goal. I’m talking about people needing to lose 60 to over a hundred lbs. If giving someone that much money doesn’t hurt you, then don’t try this diet. Everyone I know who’s lost has done so because they spent so much money on it and weren’t about to throw it away.

Mary: Wow, thanks for all the information about this Slim4Life diet, I had no idea would cost a small fortune to go on it. I need to lose about 40 lbs and I’m hoping I can find a better (cheaper) way than this.

Veronica: THe program (Slim 4 Life) set me back about $2100, all said and done. Like most of you mention,I was also not aware of just how much it would cost me until I was already in it. I lost about 15 lbs with it, and it was slow going. I kept buying more of the supplements, etc, thinking it was doing me good. Finally, during my fourth & final month, I stopped, since it had been 5 whole weeks since I;d lost a pound. And then, I started to regain the weight! I wound up buyng Nuphedrine after doing some research and thought, maybe I’d be better of just paying for one bottle of pills each month, vs all the crap I was buying from Slim 4 Life. It was a smart move, as I’ve lost a total of 22 lbs in 9 weeks. I just wish I could’ve saved the money in the first place…the program is just a way to swindle consumers, if you ask me.


Kathy: I am excited! I just joined Slom 4 Life and can’t wait to see the results. I have 3 friends who have made amazing transformations on this plan. Wish me luck!

Raebeth: Slim4Life is not cheap, make no mistake. If you stick to the program, have honest discussions with your counselor, you will have success. Also, if you have a slip up they have correction plans and if you stop losing they have plateau breakers to get your metabalism going. I have just started and have lost avg of 5 lbs per week. Another lady that attends the same center lost 9 lbs at her weekly check-in, and it was her 20th week and she was in a wheelchair! If you stick to the diet and you really do need to lose, I think its impossible to not see results!!! I give it a big thumbs up.

Ken: Slim4Life is great. While I will agree that it is expensive and they might not be totally up front regarding the “total” cost, I don’t think you can put a pricetag on health. If you have the discipline and the money, not only will you lose weight, but it will change your life. After only 3 weeks, I’m on target with the program, my resting heart rate is down 20 bpm, and what I’ve spent on the program, I’ve saved by not stopping at every fast food joint in town as I did before. Bottom line is if you cheat, the program won’t work, but if you follow the program, it definitely works. Best of luck to anyone who is overweight and is trying to lose no matter what program you try.

a believer: I think there are diets that work for some and dont for others. First of all you have to make the commitment. I have tried many diets that have failed for me – but I am a believer in Slim 4 Life. I have seen terrific results in a short amount of time and I feel great! Great program if you DO IT RIGHT

jackie: well i do think you can put a price tag on health if you have 2 kids to feed, no husband and in the worst economic downturn in recent history, Ken. I am out $1,700 due to deceptive “hidden costs” that this company was less than up front about. Not to mention that they over charge for almost all of these products, the fat burning pills, the thermo beverages the snacks….and after trying the fat burning pills, I am not so sure i would categorize that as “health”. In fact i think it was very NOT healthy as it made my heart race and my hands shake. I lost a minimum of weight on this program (6 lbs) and gained that amount plus 3 pounds when i finally couldn’t afford this anymore. No, i think i will put a price tag on health, and i think it can be acquired much more affordably and reasonably.

Ms.Taylor: Wow I had no idea there was so much buzz about the Slim4 Life program, seeing how I’d never heard of until I moved to Denver last year. And I am not here to bash the program- I felt that the people I spoke with were well educated and had a general knowledge of health & weight loss. Also, I never had a problem getting to speak with someone when I would just show up at the center without an appointment. That said, at a certain point, I felt like the advice given to me was pretty repetitive, even though it had not been working. I lost 7 lbs only and am still not sure what is keeping me from losing the weight. I was on the program 6 months before I decided the cost was outweighing the benefits. I was not happy with this and am still 21 lbs overweight.

Jeanne: I have been on Slim4life for 4 months and have lost 45 pounds. This program works if you do what you’re supposed to do

nancy: I word hard on Slim4Life, i wasn”t expecting a quick fix or “easy” weigh loss. I know it would be hard. And it was hard. But the worst part was, i was pretty much spinning my wheels with this bcs it ended up lowering my metabolism and causing me to gain weight back when i went off the diet. There’s not even any exercise program and I eneded up spending $1,200 and practically starving only to regain the weight,

Jeff: Two and a half years ago I lost 40 pounds in 12 weeks on Slim4Life! It cost $1200, so I tell people it is roughly $30 per pound to lose weight at Slim4Life. That was a huge motivator to me. It is an excellent program if you work it as instructed. Nine months ago I gained 15 pounds over a 3 month period. I tried losing it myself, but only stopped the gain. I went back to Slim4Life, and while it is working, it has been harder the second time around and I know my heart isn’t into it like the first time. Bottom line, if you are serious about losing weight and work the program it works very well. If not, the results are not as good. It has more to do with you than the program. I know of what I speak!

diane: I think it seems a bit silly to choose Slim4Life BECAUSE it’s expensive….i sort of get the logic, you figure you’ll be more serious if it cost more…but it seems that for a lot of people, that just starts the “yo yo” cycle and they gain it back. Thats what happened to me with Slim4Life, I lost some weight on it 7 years ago but gained every pound back. Now, I think i’d rather do something like Weight Watchers, where you get FREE lifetime membership if you reach and maintain your goal.

Marie: WARNING, a friend of mine just spent 2 days in the hospital undergoing a battery of tests after suffering symptoms of a stroke and heart arhythmia. They determined it was a reaction to the Slim4Life supplements.

Silver: I am on the Slim4Life program. It is working – but slower than I expected (it’s aggressive). I started it because I needed a program with high *accountability*, *longer term* (this is a year) and *different*. I’ll take care of the fitness piece. How much does it cost? A lot – but varies per person based on the weight you want to lose. Plan on dropping about $800 up front and ~$2000 or so when it’s all said and done. But I’ll tell you this – *because* I dropped the money – I’m going to make this work! Not for everyone and I agree – they should be more upfront about costs…up front.

Tracy: I’ve been on Slim4Life for 10 weeks and have lost 30 pounds. I can’t believe so many negative comments on this site! I NEED the accountability of weighing in 3X per week. I NEED someone to tell me I did poorly (even though I already know that) when I get off plan. Expensive? Probably not more than any other program, and you get to buy your own food. The only REQUIRED food you have to buy is the snacks which equal $32/week in MN. I love it and could not be happier with the results.

Kelly joe Lexinton: You know how we have charity for poor people who don’t have a place to sleep and eat, I feel like it would be a good idea to have someone to volunteer just to help people loose weight. What is everyone trying to make money on our fat back? From weight watchers to Slim 4 life and let’s not forget nutrisystem, they all sound like they want to help you but all they do is take you money. well let me tell you something, I have done all of those plans and have each time lost more and less weight but none of them helped me reach my goal of loosing 70lbs, none. None of them gave me my money back cause I was not happy. $32 a week for nasty snacks is A LOT of money, do you know how much dry fruits and raw nuts I can buy for that price? I am pissed because I just lost my job and no one is there for you when you can’t afford to by those overprice bars anymore. Loosing my job has only made me realize that those program are not here not help us, there are here to get richer and the fatter you get the richer they are gonna be.

Mary: I just signed up for Slim4Life in Seattle. This also includes hypnotherapy. As for the cost, it’s a whole lot less than lap band, Nutrisystem and etc. if you divide it by the months that’s included in the plan. You are also eating “real” food, not something in cardboard boxes. As for the outcome, that’s up to the individual! I know I’ll be able to reach my goal with eating whole foods and staying out of the fast food places.

Jenn: OMG, Marie! That is SO scary!!! Was there any warning sign or anything before she had the arrhythmia? I do have a family history of that kind of problem, & some of these SLim4life Supplements have made me feel a bit “sped-up.” wow. I’m not liking the drinks or snacks on this program anyway & i am not seeing any progress., so i think i’m going to get out now. thx for the warning.

Diane: Hey kelly i hear ya about the of Slim4Life, it’s outrageous…listen, you oughta try for that prize money i mentioned in my post earlier..it’s not quite a “charity” but its close..actually its better because you WIN the money instead of just getting a hand out. good luck!

MGM4706: WARNING!! This Slim4Life place is like Amway on Steroids!! Their main goal is to sell their Vitamins and other food products, often for $100, $200 or $300 per visit!! Not much help on the weight loss side. Justt gove you a paper and tell you to track your intake and eat less. You can do that on your own for FREE!! Beware!!

Chrissy: Slim4Life has worked great for me! Wow… A lot of people on here that never even tried it, strange that they can rate it. I’ve lost over 12 pounds in 3 weeks. My counselor has incorporated exercise and I love cooking which this plan requires a lot of. Thanks Slim4life I hope the negative comments don’t prevent others from joining, because it really works!

kara: I checked these boards out before I joined the program and wanted to add my 2 cents now that I am actively involved. When I went in on the 1st day I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wanted to lose about 20 pounds and they told me they could help me do that in 11 weeks, estimating 2 lbs. a week. It has been 3 weeks and I am already down 8 pounds. It was definitely pricey but then again, so is any other diet if you consider the cost of food/supplements or a gym memebership. I feel awesome so far. I have to be very conscious of my intake but this is helping me realize that my previous habits were not so great. My self-esteem is on the rise and my clothes are feeling loose all over. I am really looking forward to the next few weeks on the plan and know I’ll hit my goal. Also, the girls who work at the center have been really supportive and helpful along the way. Just wanted to share, hope this helps some of you make a more informed decision.

fitnessfriend: Their services were marketed at $6 a week but in fact the yearly cost would be somewhere between $900-$1300 after negotiating down from the initial offer they gave us. The Slim4Life program seemed decent enough and they do have a guaranteed weight loss statement. The problem was that you must show up at least 3 times a week and it just wasn’t justifiable to spend that amount of money to lose 12 pounds. The omega 3 and 6 supplements they sell cost $40 a bottle which you can get elsewhere for $7. They also tried to tell us we needed to buy their Carb Blocker, Protein Shakes, Metabolism Drinks and more, most of which cost about $20 a week which adds up quick. I’m sure it’s helpful for a novice but you must be ready to shell out some cash.

Anna: The Slim4 Life program taught me some good tips for cooking/meal planning but the cost was a little high for me, and going to the center became inconvient for me schedule. i;m sure it works wel for some if you stick with it. I joined the Jillian michaels online program and think its great. I get emails sent to me, lots of recipes & exercise tips, its a really really good program and does not cost nearly as much as slim 4 life. For busy people on a budget, Jillian M is better, in my opinion!

Just Sad: I’m 6 weeks in. I have lost 13 pounds but I am constipated, bloated, have headaches, feel jittery from the boost drinks and metabolizers and haven’t lost anything in two weeks despite PERFECT behavior. My “counselors’” advice consists of telling me to do another water flush and/or the parsely plateau breaker which the last time I did it almost broke my sanity.

disappointed in denver: Recently completed 8 weeks of the Slim 4Life program and lost 6 lbs only, also felt pretty bloated & constipated. It was tim e to move on. What I did was, I got a cleansing supplement, the CleanseRX and am three week into this 2-month system, THIS cleaned me out but, no discomfort. Also, lost an additional 4 lbs. Its the best sysstem I ever tried, gentle & effective.

Carla: There are now 5 locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I just started the program and I think this will work really well for me. I need the accountability so the journaling and visiting with a counselor several times a week is good for me. It’s time consuming, but it’s what I need to keep me on track. So far, so good!

Mia: I wish they had a Slim 4 Life location on the East Coast. I live in Brooklyn and would love to give it a try, despite the bad ratings I still see that it worked for some people and know I could be one of them.

Sue: Considering how much I spent on Slim 4 Life, I really thought i was gonna be a skinny girl again at the end of the program. Was not the case, I lost 9 pounds, i needed to loose at least 25lbs. I feel betrayed. I just don’t know what to think or do anymore.

Just Sad: Does anyone else just feel like the “counselors” don’t know jack and you have been sold down the river?????????? LOL! I guess I deserve it. There is no quick fix. The truth is it is going to take “4″ times as long to take this weight off as it took to put it on. Unlesa of course you are one of the lucky few who can survive on parsely and broiled chicken for an entire year.

Denise: I think Slim4Life is one of the only real “options to weight loss surgery” diets out there. It is an intense diet and counseling program that works amazingly well IF YOU STICK TO THE PLAN. The people who are frustrated or disappointed are the ones who are not following the plan as it is written; as it is written is works! I’m thoroughly impressed with it.

soledad: i guess for me, there seemed to be to much focuse on them selling the supplements. They were nice enuf people i though, but i had to keep saying no over and over ad it was exausting. other times. I felt like i may as well just by the stuff. And really these supplements were not that good. i think Slim4 life a decent weight loss program if followed precisely liek Denise said but for me the sales pitching jsut got a bit distracting.

Sherry: I am currently a member of slim 4 life. I agree that it is expensive, but it is working. I am also working out as well. So far I have lost 17 pounds and 18 body inches. When I go to weigh in, they do try to sell me supplements, but I don’t buy what I don’t need. This program taught me about the good and the bad foods. My blood pressure has been great. I like the plan. I used to go to a doctor that prescribed my appetite suppresants and told me to exercise. I did not get the results that I have now. This program, although expensive, has been a blessing. I have not felt this good in a long time.

rachel: I just started the program last week, and I am already down 6lbs. I don’t like keeping a journal of what I eat, but it helps tremendously. Some people do need people to push them, and a menu outlined. My friend lost 70lbs, and her mom lost 45. You just really have to stick to the plan. – Slim4Life

Very Happy: Slim 4 Life is expensive but I am worth it! It was a health choice not a diet for me. I figured with the cost of continueing to be overweight and seeing a doctor later in life only to have him prescribe all types of Med’s vs. getting myself healthy today would be a lot less expensive and could ensure a future with a good quality of life. The potential health risks involved with my past eating habits and being over weight just wasn’t worth it anymore. The hardness went away after the first two weeks and comes around every now and again but I keep telling myself that my future health is worth the investment now. It was all in how I looked at it and finally adjusted my thinking and stopped trying to “cheat” myself through it. I have lost 22 lbs in 7 1/2 weeks and I have low thyroid function. IT has been GREAT for my health. I have loved re-inventing myself and the level of health I have chose to live at. It is only “hard” not impossible, and I am seeing major results fast! I am happy, and I know from cheating that it doesn’t work if you do not stick to the plan. My average would have been better if I haddn’t burned a couple of weeks going off the plan. :O)

Natasha: Disappointed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about my whole slim 4 life experience. I am still a student and don’t have a lot of money but yet was tired of being fat so I did a loan to pay for the program. All I lost was 11 pounds. It may sounds like a lot but when you are almost 60lbs overweight, 11 is nothing.

katharine: i thought Slim 4 Life was Ok, but it seemed to be too focused around the the supplements, which i thought were just “OK” and not great. So i guess i figured, if i was going to do an essentially supplement-based diet, i might as well pick and choose the best supplements out there. i was originally planning on taking 2 supplements- one for appetite suppression and one for fat burning. but i ended up finding a good pill on here slim10 had good ratings So i’ve been going for walks, eating NOT FROZEN FOOD, fresh now :) and taking this. Nice and simple, and it’s working for me – 22 lbs lost in 3.5 mos. I am so not complainging…

Sandy: Yes, this Slim 4 Life program is fairly expensive, yes, it is common-sense and nothing radically new, and yes, they do try to sell you products. But let’s face it, if you could lose the weight on your own, you would already have done so! I have lost 23 pounds in 7 weeks and while I still have more to go I feel sure I will achieve my goal. The journal-keeping is NOT hard to do and I found grocery-shopping to be easy as well. You are not discouraged from exercising, but for many people it would be too much to start out with a big diet change plus exercise, so they don’t nag you about it. If you want to get into a heavy exercise plan, they modify the diet to take that into account. Also, you don’t have to go in every day and can work out a convenient schedule with them. I have found this to provide the extra help I need and it is working for me & is well worth the cost.

marianne: Yes, I agree, I have had trouble loosing weight on my own, hence the need for a diet plan in the first place. But i guess If I’m going to turn to some sort of diet plan for help, I would prefer it to be a really good one that isn’t really costly and doesn’t try to sell me stuff. I have been watching Jillian Michaels online on the Biggest Loser for a while now, and although she’s a tough cookie, she consistently gets results out of people. So when i saw that she had an online plan, it seemed like a no brainer for me. I feel like i’ve got her strength and support on my side. And unlike Slim4Life, Jillian’s program doesn’t try to sell me anything and it cost only $4 a week, which in this economy, is awesome. I’ve lost 13 lbs this past month and i’m almost halfway to my goal.

kellygirl13: This Slim 4 Life sounds like LA Weight Loss reorganized. They required a lot of money up front and supplement purchases as well. I’m a little skeptical after being burned by LAWL.

Sadie: I’m in my 13th week of following the Slim4Life plan and I’m down 57 pounds with a goal to loose a total of 100 lbs by August. I know I will sound like a commercial, but I love the attention I get from the staff. They know my name as soon as I walk in and they are all like friends. I “journal” what I eat because the diet is very specific (broken into fruit/veggies/starches/protien/fats)and it reminds me to space food out throughout the day. The up front cost is clearly communicated in the initial one on one consultation and you only pay according to the ammount of weight you want to loose, so from what I understood, if you wanted to try it out, you would not have to commit long term. The supplements (EFA’s, Multivitamins, and an herbal weighloss pills) are something you can buy from Slim4 life, but they are not required. In my experience, when I have them, I have seen pounds drop faster because they suppress appetite, give me energy and keep me “regular”. I am a busy mom of 4 little girls, and I never thought I would be able to do what I have with Slim4Life. If you are in MN or CO, it is worth it!

Candy: I lost 87 pounds on slim 4 life and ended up not being able to finish my program or get any refund after I had severe kidney problems including numerous, painful kidney stones. I still have permanant kidney damage due to this diet program. BEWARE.

anonymous: Its very sad that this Slim 4 Life company, “the owners” don’t really care for the clients. Most of the counselors do, but NOT the owners. Every client is a number, a BIG number. They are all crooks, and train the staff to be crooks too. Sad that the turnover is so bad, but the reason is the owners. Have you all seen the new hours, they make the counselors work from open til close everyday and work til 1 on Saturdays. Thats the hours at the centers that I know of anyway. Recently great counselors have been fired I guess and they are bringing in new counselors, alot of them, so those of us who ever expect to see the same faces, we won’t. The company really is jacked up and I feel sorry for anyone who enters their doors. I say BOYCOTT!! March 15,2009

kelly: Jeez, this is some disturbing stuff you guys have expeirenced on Slim4 Life…wow. THANKS for the heads up. I did call them about the possibility of joining but I didn’t like the attitude i got, plus the prices are RIDICULOUS for this economy. now i read this stuff, plus the super low ratings on this site, and that’s that. i see no reason to pursue this one. THANKS for all the information!

ann: I wish I had read this blog before I wasted over $2,000 on Slim4Life. The first two weeks were miserble, anxiety attacks caused by the herbs, stomach cramps, and went to ER. My MD told me not to take the herbs because we did not know the content. I joined because two friends had lost weight, but they later regained most of it. I did lose 40, but regained 20. My daughter did the same. We stayed on the program, and had to listen to a sales pitch EVERY time we went. We finally purchased the $500 Unlimited Maintenance because the counselor insisted that we would not have to pay anymore – which was a LIE. They immediately started treating us very poorly, once even throwing my food journal at me. The only counseling we received, besides buy, buy, buy more products, was to increase water and take away what little starch or fruit you are allowed to eat. Instead of helping us order food in a restaurant, we were told not to go to family birthday dinners, not to go with friends to lunch or dinner. After a year of no weight loss, I was told that thousands of people had lost weight and I must need psychiatric help to lose weight. All I lost was $2,000, don’t waste your money.

Mike: I have been on slim4life for approximately 6 weeks, and it has worked for me! I have lost approximately 30 pounds, and am able to fit into clothes I had given to my son. The greatest benefit is that I have cut my diabetes medication to 1/3 what I was taking, and my blood sugars are normal. It takes discipline, but I am a goal-oriented person and like the structure it offers me. Yes, the thermo-snacks and supplements are expensive, and that is a drawback. However, ONE diabetes medication I am no longer using costs over $200 per month. I like that they REQUIRED consultation and approval from my physician before starting. As a result, I do not have to take the herbs. What matters to me is results, and the diet is working.

Trina: Two people I know lost major weight (one lost 40 and one lost 90) on S4L. I decided to try it and have lost 20 lbs in 7 weeks and am halfway to my goal weight. Its VERY expensive but worth it. You really will lose 2 -3 lbs per week. Especially if you add the exercise! – Slim 4 Life

Diana: I joined S4L the first week of November 2008 (Southlake, TX) location. I paid my entire program up front, which saved me 50%. It was expensive, but if I lost the weight – worth it. I consistently lost 3 lbs each week. I even splurged for one meal at Thanksgiving and one meal at Christmas. I lost the weight I wanted in EXCACTLY the number of weeks they said I would. Then I lost 3 more lbs on stabilization. I am not on maintenance. I have made this diet plan a “lifestyle”. I still have my Mexican food and pizza binges every once in a while – but go right back to the healthy plan. I did not start exercising until I hit my goal weight. Now I work out 3 – 5 days a week. I have no excuse to ever gain weight again. They have taught me tricks to getting over binges and plateus. From now on I will be Slim For Life.

Amy: I just joined Slim4Life, even after reading these negative comments. Every diet program out there, including any diet your doctor puts you on, requires/suggests you keep a journal of all food intake. That’s because it shows you what you are consuming and can possibly tell you why you’re not losing when you look back at it. The cost of this plan was high, but if you compare it to other diets, it averages out around the same amount. You pay in advance for this plan, while other plans have you pay weekly/monthly and buy food, scales, snacks. My counselor suggested that I adopt an exercise routine to help with weight loss and to help maintain my loss after I get off the program, but they don’t have an exercise plan to follow. She also explained to me, and it’s something that we ALL know, even if we don’t want to accept it, it teaches us how to eat after getting off the program so you don’t re-gain the weight – which is why it’s called Slim 4 LIFE. Every diet teaches you how to eat, and you don’t have to be on a DIET forever, you just have to stay strong. Once you lose you weight, you don’t go back out and eat ice cream, potato chips, fried food, etc and you watch portion sizes, eat healthier. I know these things, but am still overweight, so I need to retrain my way of thinking, which is what most of us need. Diets aren’t easy, they’re hard work and yes, you do have to give up the foods you like, and you don

Camille: Wow, Ann… $2,000 seems like a lot to spend, only to regain your weight! So far, I’ve already shelled out about $1,200, and am getting pressure to spend more…I think i might have to stop here. The staff is rude and pushy, and besides this is starting to feel a lot like a “crash” diet or starvation type of fad. and i need to drop the weight permanently. In this ecomony i can’t afford to be so wasteful.

Marty M.: I was thinkning about joining a program and stumbled onto Slim4Life because a co-worker had some great results with the program. He admitted that the program was not cheap but the education gained by the experience was worth the cost. I joined Slim4Life in July of 08′ and surpassed my 70lb. weight loss goal in 4.5 months. I was looking for something that didn’t require exercise because of some knee issues due to the extra weight I was carrying around. I am now exercising on a regular basis and have maintained my weight loss due to the guidance and good habits I have created from the program. My results have encouraged family and friends to loose weight and join the program.

Carol: I’m doing the S4L and really love the results. Its expensive to use all their products. And no its not unique but you have support and the journal helps you to eat balanced meals plus record what does and does not work for you. They are very understanding of my time when I can get in. Suggestion, If you don’t want to talk to someone, don’t want to take the time buy the book some of us do take our weight serious. I’ve lost 35lbs and gone from a tight 12 to an eight, yes I have not exercised. Because I will put on muscle and weight, and I want to get my weight down before I start. The you don’t have to exercise is for the lazy people in no way was I told I didn’t have to exercese, but told it would be better for me. Centers are all over the US, if you can get to this sight then you should be able to figure out how to find the different centers. Sorry guys tired of reading gripping…

Heidi: Well, I’ve already been keeping a food journal on my own….so i guess if the journal is what’s so special about Slim4Life that you have to pay $1,200-$2,ooo, then i will just hold onto that money. One of my friends lost some weight from the pills and drinks from Slim4LIfe but then she gained it all back plus 12 lbs. it was relaly very painful to watch and i dont want to end up in the same boat.

Rita: I have been on Slim4life for almost a month and I have already lost 23 pounds. This cost is high, but you can’t put a price tag on your health. I have been big my whole life, and I am so happy that I have found something that is working for me. I am so happy and I feel so much better. I just have to say I LOVE YOU SLIM LIFE and Thank you!!!!

Grace: Sorry the slim4Life fat burners made me feel very weird, I started to feel like this was not healthy for me, so i stopped after i used what I paid for. It was quite costly and i really wasn’t getting a lot of help from them, that was just my experience,. Wished I read the opinions here first would have saved me some $. Grace

Vanessa: At first I found this program good. I lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks but this program is really expensive. On top of having to purchase the program, you have to buy their supplements which ran me $74 per week. This program would be great if you have the money for it which I didn’t and had to stop. Maybe if they made it a little more affordable… – Slim 4 Life

Jane: I was disappointed with the Slim4Life plan from the perspective that it was “cookie cutter” and not really tailored to me as an individual despite my constant urging. The counselors pushed the use of lite salt constantly and I don’t use salt period and my potassium levels are just fine. My problem is not over-eating or eating the wrong things, it’s under-eating. My work schedule is a contributing factor to my under-eating, but I was never “starving” at the end of the day. I’d often grab veggies or a piece of fruit throughout the day. I did eat most of the food each day and always felt berated by the counselors when I’d weigh in. When I’d ask the scientific questions about how much protein I should be consuming for me height/weight, they could never answer the question. They’re sales trained and not particularly informed. There was never any emphasis or encouragement of exercise as a part of the plan, although I do workout. While I did lose weight and gained it back during maintenance while following the plan, I probably would NOT recommend this plan to anyone.

Andrew: I just returned from my initial appointment – WARNING: They will trick you; by saying: “if you join today, we will give you a 30% discount.” BUT, it had to be THAT SAME DAY, or else it would be $799.00. Folks, this is Bullshit. I am 81 pounds overweight and I can find a program that won’t starve people – NO OATMEAL? NO CARROTS???!!!! This program ought to be investigated and fully exposed by local or national television. Keep your money, buy healthier food, excercise, cut way back on sugar and moderate the carbs. I can do it without these dumb fools. – Slim 4 Life Andrew

Amanda: I started Slim4Life 2 weeks ago. I was incredibly sick the 2nd day of cleansing. The counselors told me that it was because of all the toxic food I had previously eaten. When I am religious about ahearing to the plan, I lose about a half a pound a week. When I cheat 2 days out of the week I lose 2 lbs. When I stick to the plan I am starving. I go through all the food I bring for the day by 11 in the morning and then I suffer until I get home. Sure – I could bring more food but then I wouldn’t have anything left to eat for dinner. I have no problem with high blood pressure and still have no idea why I am on a low sodium diet. The food you buy from them is incredibly disgusting and they don’t allow exchanges. It coats the inside of your mouth with a bad taste and don’t ask me what it does to you intestines. I have over $100 worth of food in my cupboard that I just won’t be able to choke down. I will continue for the 9 weeks that I paid for but I just don’t see how this is going to keep the weight off. Once I go back to eating normal protions I just don’t know what will happen. They do try to pressure you into buying all your snack during the first 3 days when you have no idea what you are doing. They don’t really explain anything – they just give you a broad overview and then push you to complete the transaction. I don’t blame them for me wasting my money. I should have had more self control and listed to my inner voice that told me to run out the door as quickly as I could. I am now pissed that I spent the money. I’m angry that I’m hungry. I’m confused because I don’t know why any of this works or what kind of diet this really is (besided caloric restriction). I haven’t learned anything that I didn’t already know before. They haven’t educated me on anything nutritionally. They have really shown that they don’t answer my questions because they don’t know the answers. I’ve never been so concerned with eating junk food in my life. I was never a junk food junkie but now I dream about it. I used to enjoy eating (hence the weight). Now I dread every meal plus I have to cook two seperate meal because my 8 year old can’t adhear to the same meal plan. He can’t afford to lose any weight. Fairly disappointing!

Donna: SLIM 4 LIFE! DON’T DO IT! Not only is it SCAM but very unsafe. When I joined, I was told by the so-called “nurses” (one of them who in fact just graduated from interior decorating school) that the products were entirely safe and natural. Stayed on the program for about 6 months, and saw a fair amount of return on the outrageous investment. Then one night, I was rushed to the ER in an ambulance with a blood pressure of 250/180. Upon diagnosis, it was determined that I was on my way to a major coronary attack as a result of the “herbs” and the other supplements I purchased. The products contain MASS amounts of stimulants, caffeine and Phenylalanine. I didn’t realize until much later that too much Phenylalanine is a neurotoxin and excites the neurons in the brain to the point of cellular death. There are NO quick fixes, especially the ones the Slim4Life offers. If you are prepared to spend thousands of dollars on food, supplements, and “nurses” who are really interior decorators, and risk your health, then go for it! Guess death would be a good way to lose weight!

can't say: I have been doing the Slim 4 Life program since December 23, 2008. I have lost 30 pounds. But now – my weight loss has slowed WAY down. They have been nagging me for three weeks now to take the herbs (which I never took from day one due to the warnings on the bottle). They just tell me that the government requires everyone who sells herbs to put those same warnings on the label. They even went so far as to say that those same warnings are on Advil. (they are not, I checked). I am really discouraged now and I dread going there because of the lectures, and I’m pretty sure they will try the breach of contract speech next. They want you to go there 3 days a week, I go two. I keep telling them, I got this far without your herbs and coming in two days a week, I can finish this the same way. Then they cock their head and say, We’re only trying to help you. BULLCRAP. It’s about the cash doll face. How stupid do you think I am. If it keeps up, I will no longer go there and I will do this on my own. I have priced and compared the protein “snacks” elsewhere and I think I can manage just fine. One more thing – I read on this page something about the counselors. I agree. I had two that I particularly favored and neither are there anymore. Who knows what happened to them. They were great. The new people that came in PUSH PUSH PUSH the supplements and are not very nice about it. They lecture me like I’m 2 about coming in more often and, like I said before, the next thing will be the “contract” issue. I agree with the gripers. BEWARE.

Vicki: I just joined Slim 4 Life a week and a half ago and have lost 6lbs. The plan is expensive, but so far it’s worth it. They claim that you don’t need to exercise, but I know that exercise is key in keeping the weight off and getting healthy. There is no magic pill or quick answer. You have to work hard. For those of you who think journaling your food is stupid, I have news for you. Any personal trainer will tell you the same thing. I think it helps having to write down everything you put in your mouth. If you cheat, you have to write it down. If you don’t write it down, the only person you are lying to is yourself. While Slim 4 Life might not be the answer for everyone, I think it’s a good program so far. I have 2 close friends who have lost significant amounts of weight. Most of you seem like you a looking for something magic that makes you lose weight without much effort. I expect most of you will be overweight forever then.

Mike: Probably a good program based on portion control. However the ‘pitch’ is to buy their ’snacks’ which are formulated with chemicals and additives that I was not fmiliar with. If you have any food sensitivities don’t go near this plan. Staff is very inflexible when it comes to finding a suitable alternative. Staff will not exchange snacks. I personally feel very uncomfortable around with the staff. They don’t come off as trustworthy. – Slim4Life

Ashley: I have been on the program for 3 weeks, and i hate it ,i am soooooooooo hungry all the time. I don’t understand the reason for the supplements they are nasty, and why cant I just have real food in the place of them? I don,t understand why they take away so much, no cereal, no carbs unless there flavorless and nasty, no beans. If u want to be hungry and broke join s4l, it has worked so far, I lost 14lbs already, and my goal is only 35.I am afarid I will gain it all back. – Slim4Life

Bri: I have been doing the slim4life program and I am very disappointed. I have followed the plan and the advice the counselors have given me religiously and I have not lost any weight since my second week doing the diet. Six weeks later, I am incredibly frustrated. I feel like I was mislead and I have put so much money into this diet with little to show for it.

Vicki: I just started S4L a little less than 3 weeks ago and I have lost 10 lbs. So far I’m really happy with the program. You don’t have to buy all of their “herbs”. I’m almost out of the original starter pack they gave me, but plan to still take the Omegas but bought them a lot cheaper from Bodybuilding.com. You do have to buy their Thermo snacks, but as far as all the other stuff, you don’t have to buy them.

mattC: I think a lot of people out there are looking for the easy fix for weight loss. I’ve got bad news for you. It doesn’t exist! The only negative side of this plans is the price. If you follow it to perfection you can expect to spend around $2000 over the course of 4 months. It’s a matter of how bad you really want to lose weight. I was tired of my appearance and never expected to be a slim person. I just wanted to look better. I followed the plan like a robot and I can assure you the results were incredible. I went from a flabby 215 to 170 #s in 12 weeks. I actually have a visible 6 pack of abs for the first time in my life. They don’t “require” exercise but anybody with a shred of common sense knows that you will probably achieve better results with exercise. I rarely felt hungry while on this program. That is if you can call sitting at home bored on a Saturday and wanting to eat real “hunger”. If you’re looking for cheap lazy way to drop excess fat and get the body of your dreams then I wish you the best of luck. You’re not likely to find it.

sammy: Slim4life is a restrictive program that very does well work. The question is are willing to accept the accountibility and support of the program. As a past employee of the program, I can assure you that many clients do not want to accept the accountibility and support of the program. If you are not the type to that can do this on your own which is the majority of us, then the program is designed as such. The weight loss results on the program are more rapid so therefore the plan is more restrictive. So if you want the results the program works as designed. It amazes me how many people pay such a large amount of money and decided to go off plan just for a holiday or event. This is not the fault of the program by any means. So if you decide to join this program, make sure you commit to the program. And remember, we all have to be accountible for our behaviors, how else are we to make a lifestyle change.

Sandy: I sent a comment awhile back and want to say that I am still on the program and my weight loss is exactly on track for what they offered – so far 42 pounds in 3 months. Like everyone else, I am afraid to gain the weight back but from experience I know that I will always need to be careful about what I eat and I have come to accept this and have a more realistic view now of what my body can take in. The herbal supplements make me jumpy so I just don’t take as many as they suggest, and I have never had a problem with the counselors about this. I also don’t take their vitamins because they have too much iron. Unlike some who wrote on this blog, I look forward to the food bars and drinks -some of them are not very good, so just buy a little at a time until you know what you like. They regularly have specials on all of their products and you don’t need (and shouldn’t)to buy them all up-front. It is expensive to enroll in the program (several hundred dollars depending on how much weight you want to lose), but after the innitial cost I don’t think the supplements add anything to my monthly expenses, considering that I am buying a lot less food and can wear clothes I haven’t fit into for years. Of course no plan will work for everyone, but if you know that you can lose weight on low-carb and low-calorie diet, then this can provide the help you need. – Slim4Life

T: I started Slim4Life 2.5 weeks ago. They were completely upfront about the costs, expectations and guarantees. I bought all of the supplements and foods at the second visit so I wouldn’t feel like I had to spend more with each visit. My goal is to lose 50 pounds. When it was all said and done, the program ran about $2700. It IS a strict program. The food choices are limited and the amounts are structured. BUT..this is the first program that has worked for me. I’ve followed it precisely and weighed in 3-6 times/week as required…and the weight is coming off. The counselors have been helpful (some more so than others), but it’s the accountability and frequency of visits that keeps me on track more than anything. Plus, after spending that amount of a program, all I have to do is think of the $$$ each time I’m tempted to stray. As previous posts have pointed out, no single program is for everyone. But this one has sure made a difference for me. I take all of the supplements as suggested (with no side effects) and strictly follow the plan…and the weight is falling away. I’m extremely happy with the program so far.

Dawn: I’ve been doing S4L for about a week. I am already down 7 lbs. For those people who are able to follow a program then it is great… for those of you who are looking for a miracle diet that will shed the pounds while you still continue to eat like a pig then this is not for you. Stick with the program to see results… if you don’t have the discipline then save your money.

Judy: I have a comment about one blogger’s mention of the dangers of phenylalanine supposedly provided by the Slim 4 Life diet. Look it up, phenylalanine is Aspartame and if you drink diet sodas, you are already consuming it. Some of the Slim 4 Life supplements contain Aspartame, but the guidelines limit your consumption of these as well as consumption of diet sodas and artificial sweeteners. Of course, some people cannot metabolize phenylalanine at all, and that is why newborns are tested for PKU disorder. For most people, I don’t think this is anything to be worried about for the time you are on the program -though it is of course best to phase out your use of these sweeteners over time. For me the health benefits of losing the weight override concerns about Aspartame. The “herbs” contain a slow-release form of caffeine (guarana) plus gingko, ginseng, bitter orange, and nutmeg – not phenylalanine. I agree that most of the counselors are not terribly knowledgeable about the nutritional foundations of the program, but it does appear that that guidelines are medically based, and they are revised as new research is developed. The sales techniques can be annoying, but this program does work!

patty: I lost 63 pounds on Slim4Life about 1 1/2 years ago. I absolutely loved it…some of the plataeu breakers were tough, but I got through them just fine. I never thought the foods were restrictive…you can still have fruit & starches and I was rarely hungry. Once I used the initial supplements (herbs, carb blockers, etc), I just went to GNC or WalMart and bought the closest thing I could find. Much cheaper. I also found an online store, mydietshopz.com, that carries the same snacks as Slim4Life, also, much cheaper. The only thing I continued to purchase at my center was the Thermoboost, and I only drank one a day, not the two recommended. My counselors never gave me a bad time; they would ask if I needed any product, I’d tell them no and that was the end of it. The program was somewhat expensive (even with buying product elsewhere), but I figured I was easily dropping $3-5/day before on sodas & snacks out of the vending machines, plus I was eating fast food lunch almost daily ($5/day easily) and my family often ordered pizza or chinese for dinner…in the end, I was spending more eating crap than I ever did purchasing healthy food/thermosnacks, probably well over $100/week + regular groceries! Also, you get out of this exactly what you put in! If you think you can cheat 2-3 times per week and still be successful on S4L, you are very wrong! I have kept off this weight, because S4L taught me the right way to eat for the REST OF MY LIFE. If you think you can go back to eating crap every meal once you reach your goal, again, you are VERY WRONG! That’s what got you to the point of looking for a diet to begin with. I had reached my goal weight before and went from a size 22/24 to a size 10/12. I’m going back this afternoon to restart…I’ve decided that losing another 20 lbs will be easy and that will put me in the “normal” weight range…for the first time since my teens! I’m excited!

Leann: I have been on S4L for 6 weeks and it is working really well. I have a total of 27 lbs to lose and I’ve lost 15 so far. The plan itself is really good about teaching the right food choices and serving sizes and really pushes the number of starches, fruits/veggies, proteins to eat each day. Its really helped me decrease my starch intake and make the right choices. My only complaints are that there are supplements involved. Most of them are NOT required so once my starter pack runs out, I will not refill them. I have a 12 week weight loss phase; then a 6 week stabalization where they will work in some of the things I’ve had to give up, then a 12 week maintenance phase. It all sounds good. I’m very scared how I’ll do when that’s all done and if I can stick to it. The good thing is, its long enough that should hopefully create lasting new habits.

Angila: It’s expensive, I spent 2600.00 in their suppliments, which aren’t changing me. I’m not even taking them because it’s to many pills and a hassle. The food is a hassle too, snacks I mean, some are good, stay away from some of the mixes, only recommend bars and crisps. I have to say for me I’ve been on 5 weeks and losing 2 pounds a week, this can happen without slim 4 life by following your cal intake on something like, my diet plan.com, I log items before eating so it helps me change before I comsume for example I only want to stay around 20% – 28% carbs for the day. It’s really about realizing the calories. I never knew my small changes would make a huge difference like using lettuce instead of tortillas saving 270 cal per meal and don’t mention all those processed flour carbs. Good luck to you. It’s really about style changes. I have no metabolism and am down 10 pounds in 5 weeks without exercise by eliminating some bread out of my diet. – Slim 4 Life

Decadence: You need to go to the Longmont Clinic. Those girls there really are wonderful. Cheryl, Karrey, and Carolyn really know what they’re doing and truly do care about you as an individual not as a money sign. So don’t give up and go check them out, they really are super gals.

mal: I think that the program is good as long as you stick with it. Currently I’m going into my 9th week and I’ve lost 27 3/4 pounds. I still have about 43 pounds to go. Yes the program is very expensive, and if you can’t afford it, don’t even try to start. There are hidden extra fees that you are unaware of and they make you know to this after you walk in the door. If I wasn’t losing weight as well as I am, and if the counselors were not as nice as they are I wouldn’t recommend Slim 4 Life. If you have a busy lifestyle, then instead of going in 3 times a week, just phone in to the center.

Kari: I would recommend Slim 4 Life- it is however a huge commitment. I went faithfully for 3 months and it was awesome I hit my goal weight in 8 weeks (25 pounds) For maintenance I only needed to come in once a week which I did for a little while but I was burned out in going in all the time and slowly stopped going- my plan was for a full year and maybe if I had to continue going in I would not have gained back all my weight. I regret not fully completing the program . Its pretty pricey but if you can afford it and are willing to make a huge commitment and stick with it I think it would pay off

kelly: Slim for Life was a good diet plan for me and I lost about 45 pounds but I HAD to be very strict with eating the exact food they told me too and it seemed like the cost was never ending and extreme. If I had it to do over I don’t think I’d spend the money again. The money could have been better spent on a personal trainer … and believe me with what this plan cost you could hire a decent personal trainer.

WON'T SAY: Beware of Slim4life sales tactics. Slim4life employees are trained to sell since their paycheck depends on it. Counselors are hired even though they may not have a background in the field. It seems that the very seasoned good counselors do not stick around due to a high pressured sales environment. It was mentioned in the intial consultation that if I couldnt afford all the pills, the snacks were the only requirement. It was also mentioned that I could lose with the food plan and the snacks only. So don’t buy in the notion that you have to use all the products. The employees push the bulk savings in the beginning because they make a good percentage of commission from the sales. Not a good idea because I ended up losing money on the snacks i couldn’t stand. The herbs are highly overpriced and lose their effectiveness if taken long-term and are not as safe as they reccommend. The truth is there are weight loss programs less costly that teach not only healthy eating but include exercise as well. Slim4life is just another weightloss plan like LA Weight Loss that is only concerned about the bottom dollar.

Don't: Don’t do it!! It’s all about the money to this Slim4Life company. They really don’t care, bottom line is they just want to see counselors bring in the money. All the required snacks are over priced and not that good. Can’t even return them if you don’t like them……..even if unopened! Even Target takes things back…….opened.I guess if you like chicken and lettuce, well, then this is the diet for you.The best part is my counselor did not even have a backgroun in nutrition, she was a MaryKay salesperson!

Deborah: I have been on this program for 1 year. The first year I lost 40 lbs. I felt great, except my credit card bill was taking a beating. We had to move to a different town in CO and I kept on the program. I paid for another 6 months and gained 10 lbs. and could not get it off. I continously told the “counselors” that I needed my blood preasure taken, that hardly ever happened unless I told them to do it. I explained to them that at the first people I worked with came up with a program for me, I needed to do blockers every 3-4 weeks. When I told this to the new group, even though they had my file in their hands, they would not agree to doing that. Needless to say, I am not on the program and because of the very slow weight loss, if any, and the high cost I will not recommend this program to anyone. I also took the supliments into my dietition (sp) and she said there was nothing in the pills that would help me lose weight. She gave me a list of natural items that were much better and the cost is less. Since I have left the program, 1 month, and eating right I have lost 10 lbs. If you are on the program, good luck, but don’t forget to take your credit card or check book with you, you will need it. – Slim 4 Life

Cindy: I finally decided that I needed to commit to being healthier. I am a nurse and am 51! I had several friends that have lost thier weight just by following the plan.One couple each lost over 90#, another friend lost 40# and several other friends have reached and maintained thier weight for over a year! I watched a friend of over 20 years loose 90 # WHEN NOTHING ELSE WORKED FOR HER. Once I decided to give up control of what I thought I should eat ( or not eat)and ate ALL the food I was supposed to eat, I lost weight.I have been doing Slim for Life for 8 weeks and have lost 25# so far. Yes, it is expensive, but you get what you pay for! Yes, you do have to follow the plan and keeping a food journal is so you can see what works best for you and so the counselors who are there to support you, can help make changes to help you reach your goal. Lets face it being overweight is an EATING DISORDER and if we could do it ourselves, we’d all be thin! SO, when you are ready, really ready… It really works and if you feel the need for dairy queen once in a while, so what! It’s life and they will help you make better choices so you can live the life you want… healthier to be able to do the things you enjoy again. I can’t believe how the weight just comes off and if I didn’t start it 8 weeks ago, I’d still be where I was, miserable with blood glucose levels going up and preparing for a heart attack in my future. And the exercise thing… Since not everyone can exercise due to health problems, it is not a requirement but they do encourage it if you are able and obviously, it will help speed up your weight loss and be healthier for you. Good luck to all who want to loose weight! It’s working for me when other things have not! I love it!

skyking: I always want to know the cost up-front, before having to sit through a pressured “sales presentation”. If a company wont publish the cost then I automatically dont trust them. – Slim4Life

Karatemom: All I can say is they didn’t not tell me upfront that there was going to be such a huge requirement of their pre-packaged products of which most taste like crap. They want you taking their pills. Metabolizers, Omega3 &6 (this one I agree with) Carb Blockersand a multi vitaman. My stomach has been killing me. Cramping etc.. I quit taking all but the Omega. Not to mention they are 40 dollars or more a bottle yikes 3 times a day that will get expensive. I am not a fan. I will warn you they want you to come in every day for the first 2 weeks. They really don’t want you to exercise I mentioned that i was starting a karate class and they wanted me not to do it. If you do they said add an extra egg. I have decided to switch to Jillian Michaels program. Luckly I only wasted a few hundred dollars since I refused to join under the pressured thousands of dollars piece. Having to go in 3 times a week just doesn’t fit my schedule and they won’t honor their guarantee if you don’t. they also will tell you if you don’t follow their exact program they won’t honor their guarantee either. and the 3-5 lbs guarantee is a cumulative at that end of the program not an actual weekly amount. A bit mis leading. I found them to be mis leading in a lot of ways. I really wanted this to work. Anyway After all my reading this weekend I believe that Jillian has the right answer. Balanced eating(the right foods) for your body, lower caloric intake and exercise. Slim4life says they tailor the eating plan just for you. Not really, they have like 4 plans that they fit everyone into.

Ann: I just started and am excited. I actually have 2 friends one has lost 74lbs and the other over 90. You cannot even recognize them. My problem is the cost but since I have seen it works I’m excited. People talk about quitting so soon and giving up, you have to pay so much to start I don’t believe you would throw money in the trash like that. So I don’t think some of you have really been in the program. Because if I was trashing it the first thing I would say is how expensive it is.

Dea: I have read all of the comments and find so many of them are connected to what I have been through with Slim4Life. When I started looking into different programs I read that the counselors were all in the medical area, mostly nurses. This is a false statement, my friend, needing a job applied with Slim4Life and was hired, no medical background at all, she was told how to do the blood pressure. She told me that during her training time she was told to “push” the supplements because that is where the money comes from. If you have been on this program for any length of time at all you know this to be true. When I would go into to get weighed I always took in my diary. One of the girls Told me that when my file was looked at during a staff meeting the manager of that office said my diaries were almost anal, there were times when I would even write the times when I would eat something. But, if I would have a potato chip, or miss a thermo boost, I was told that those were reasons that I didn’t lose weight. How many of you stayed perfectly on program, never going off? Trust me if you do you will be the problem not the program. I had a physical and they use the same type of scale as Slim4Life uses, I went to weigh in and weighed 173, and 5 min. later (the time it took to my doc.’s office (no I didn’t eat or drink anything) I was weighed at the doctors office I weight 4 lbs. lighter. When I told the girl the next day when I weighed in she said that I must have missed something in the program or the doctor’s scale was off. This program is so expensive for that in itself is enough to stay far away from it. If you don’t want pay the high prices for extra weeks, and the supplements you can go on e-bay and find the products cheap. I have one question for anyone……how does a person get in touch with the corp. office. I would like to discuss all of this to them.

cyrustar: I have lost 26 pounds in 2 months with Slim4Life. I have 25 more to go and for the first time in my life I feel confident that will happen. It is expensive, but like others have said before, what is the cost of being fat for the rest of your life… depression, ugly clothes, lonliness, self esteem issues, health problems, the list goes on. So you pay a healthy chunk of change, but it works. If you go off track, they are there to steer you back and keep you going. It is not the most convenient thing in the entire world, but if you follow the program it really works and in the end isn’t that what really matters? I don’t think it is fair to judge it with a thumbs down when your negative reaction is the location issue. I have yet to talk to anyone in person on the program that is dissatisfied with the results.

John: Dea..I tried to get in touch with the corp. office……….Do they even exist?? I never see the same face after about two weeks, whats up with that?? One counselor I really liked, just gone…puff! This company sucks!! Buyer beware!! -Slim4Life

Foolish: dea the way to get to the corp. office is to tell the manager that you are going to get in touch with your state’s attorney general’s office and the better business bureau. this only worked after i spent a 24 hour period with a very rapid heart beat and visit to my doctor. the docotor told me to stop taking the pills and go back to the company and get my money back. my health was such that i could not take their products. like a fool, i believed them when they told me i would get a large discount by getting ALL the products up front. DUMB. they had to wheel the cartons to my van. i spent $3000.00. was able to get all but 300.00 back. this took 2 calls and almost a week. i feel it was a bait and switch scam. am sure that each person that walks in the door is told a different thing. i was never given the option of doing it month by month or not purchasing the supplements, snacks etc. the woman who helped me was new. i asked how long she had been there. she said just a few months -and she took the job to get the products. i don’t remember if she got a discount or they were free. bottom line. if anyone is reading this to find out what goes on–let this be a warning – do not sign anything until u have as much information as u are able to get..then only sign a contract from week to week- if they will not agree to this WALK.

vic: Slim 4 Life seems to be working great for myself and my 13 year old daughter. It is teaching both of us how to make good choices and enjoy REAL food not full of perservatives. They do talk about excersize but don’t push it as hard as eating right. (I know we must have a good balance) My daughters goal is to loose 20 pounds and she has already lost 8, (my goal is 15 and I’ve lost 5) I love seeing her so excited about her results.

Sue: I have been on Slim4Life for 3 weeks and have lost 15 pounds. I have also gained 3 pounds…only when I cheat. yes, it cost me $489 for 6 month, yes, you have to buy bariatix products, no, you don’t have to exercise (but do it any way). Yes, you will lose weight if you eat properly. I eat their supplements a couple times of week. I love going in and being accountable to someone else. It is encouraging. And when I do cheat, they help me get back on track and I see an immediate weight loss. If you are looking for a miracle pill…keep looking. If you are looking to change your eating habits, try Slim4Life. It works!

Dea: I had an appointment with a Nutrition Expert, and by the time I left (she spent 1 1/2 Hrs. with me), I was almost in tears because of all of the money I have wasted with Slim4Life. Finally, a person does not have to be a certified anything to work at any of the offices. My sister went in to be a counselor and they spent more time instructing her how to sell, sell, than they did teaching her the value of the program. Please, don’t walk from this program, RUN!

Gayle: I joined a local Slim4Life center about 3 months ago, initially I lost 8 pounds the first week. After that I realized I didn’t care for the specific items in each food group you had to choose on a daily basis. You could have eggs, but could not have any other kind of protein with the eggs (like bacon or cottage cheese), couldn’t have tuna except every 3rd day, and no eggs the same day as tuna. I couldn’t keep track of the no-no’s after a month. One of the counselors made me feel as though she was always in a hurry to get me out of her cubicle. The number of supplements you have to take and the disgusting thermo drink you had to do twice a day also became overwhelming. Some of their candy bars can be addicting, but expensive! It’s pretty pricey from what I experienced for the 3 months I went there. I have a friend that is doing very well on this program, I think she must brainwash herself every night before she goes to sleep to make it through each day on this program.

Jo: I quit smoking five years ago, which caused me to packed on some weight. After several attempts at dieting, I joined Slim4Life. I lost about 10 pounds in the first few weeks, but I did not like eating all of the protein. I talked to a counselor who adjusted the plan to better suite what I like to eat, and I have done well with it since then. I switched to the vegetarian plan (I am NOT a vegetarian) which incorporates beans, dairy, and grains. This keeps me from burning out on chicken and fish. I get to eat fruits and carbs everyday, unlike many other diets I’ve tried. I’ve always been a fairly active person, so I do exercise a couple days a week, but I’ve never been able to lose the weight with exercise alone. So light exercise and Slim4Life has been a successful combination for me.

Sherry: I have been a member of slim4 life since Feb. 2009 and have lost 30 pounds. Yes..it is expensive,but it works. My counselors do encourage exercise as it will benefit me in the long run . Not every diet works for everyone, but this one is working for me.

Pat: I know 3 people who have gone through the program. All 3 lost a substantial amount of weight. I have done the trainer, weight loss clinic, weight watchers and others. I am in my 9th week. I have lost 39 pounds. I have learned quite a bit about foods and how they interact with my body. Anyone who goes on any diet may gain their weight back. Kristi Alley is one example I can think of. Once you loose the weight you can’t expect to go back to your old ways of eating. Hello that’s what got you into trouble in the first place. Look at those who have been on the Biggest Looser some of them have gained weight back. How hard is it to take 5 minutes every morning to plan you meals for the day? Every diet plan that has credibility tells you to record what you eat. I am not into spending alot of time in the kitchen or into using fancy reciepes this plan fits great into my busy schedule. I grill up stuff freeze it and then it is grab and go. It is a whole lot cheaper than eating out or purchasing unhealthy processed frozen meals. As far as exercise, simply walking is the place to start and then build from there. Just move. I have a gym membership I go for a few months drop off and reappear. Trainers aren’t cheap either. As far as the price goes if you plan you can save some money when they run their specials. If you cheat on this diet or any other diet you will not loose the weight. You can justify anything to yourself but the scale does not lie. So far I am thrilled with my sucess. I feel better, my blood presure is down, I am sleeping better, I look better. I never feel tired and I work some very long days. This system may not be for everyone but it is for me.

Pat: Sadly, I didn’t find this blog before I paid the initial program cost of $300 (started at $799 and magically kept coming down) This is supposed to be non-refundable. Then I went to my “pre-nutritional” meeting where I was told the “required supplements” for the 12 week program would cost me$900, but only if I paid for it all the next day at class where I would receive a 30% discount, but only that day. What was I thinking? If they had told me this all upfront, I would have been out of there. But….I’m sure that is how they hook ya. – Slim4Life

Doin' Again: I signed up in May 2005 and was very careful in proceeding especially purchasing all the products upfront (I did not even with the large upfront discount) – I didn’t want to buy items I may not like plus I only contracted for 80 lbs to begin with and then after obtaining that milestone, I then contracted for another 40 lbs. I have had a weight problem my entire life thus I been through many programs for the last 40 years. But after sitting on 260 lbs. I was just tired and joined S4L in OP, KS. Now being the perpetual dieter and obviously not successful at maintaining, I said yes but not without reserve. Not unlike other plans, selling the product is very important to these types of centers – I knew that going into the program. I do not do well on diet pills but found I tolerated the herbs OK…so by April 2006 I had lost 118 lbs. I didn’t go off the plan once – had numerous plateau breakers (the parsley breaker is TERRIBLE), checked in 3x a week and did not deviate once. I was thrilled and I needed the structure of the limited plan, the accountability of the journal and the cost was a big motivator. It was pricey, very pricey but I can tell you I have spent that amount and more over the years. I planned my purchases around specials and earned free weeks over the holidays. I went through stabilization and maintenance. It was the plan for me but as so with many morbidly obese folks, this is not a life long miracle – it’s work and I did keep a constant weight for some time and but my eating triggers began to emerge again so I went back to my dear friend, chocolate and I sadly did not keep myself in check and have gained a substantial amount of the weight back. But it was my lack of self accountability not the plan. Research, research, research…..I purchased the lifetime maintenance and am able to resume my visits. I now buy the supplements through DietDirect – they carry the EXACT protein bars and drinks only under the Wonderslim name and it is half the cost. I found the herbs on ebay and use fish oil from Sam’s Club and get carb blockers from DietDirect. Sure there were folks at the centers I liked and others I felt were just “passing through”….so again, I learned the program, asked questions, was firm in my conviction that it was my money and I would not be pressured into any purchases I did not want or need. And yes it is very true about the no return policy – once you pay and walk out the door there is no return of the products – not a client friendly policy especially for those who can not tolerate the herbs and other products – the company should revisit this very insensitive and unfair policy. Again, as with any commitment, make sure it is what you want, does the price justify your personal goal and having this medium to read – you should be able to access if this plan is for you.

bea: Kathy, you said ww is your best bet so why didn’t you do that and stick with it to keep the weight off if it is so easy?

middle aged mom: I am 2 weeks in, have lost 10 lbs and have 20 to go. I wonder about how fast I am losing, and although I must say that I am never really hungry, my cravings are overwhelming. The staff is friendly, but they are clearly not trained to help with any of the psychological factors that play into eating. Their solution to everything is to buy something, a cookbook, a different snack. It isn’t that easy. I caution anyone to really consider the cost and question everything before you give them a penny. If you had the energy and focus, you could create this program on your own for much less.

Shawn: Have been in the program for 30 days and have lost 28 lbs. Found it much easier than WW and appreciated the time with the representatives and their advice. If followed strictly you will see results almost immediately. As for the exercise. I think it is a given with anyone wishing to be healthy…just figure out what works for you…be it walking, swimming, treadmill, you have the deciding vote. Make it your plan. It will work.

Jenna: Slim 4 Life is a great plan, however, YOU DO NOT NEED THE SUPPLEMENTS OR PILLS OR THERMOBOOSTERS!!! Heres a tip the so called “thermo snacks” are protein supplements. They give you an extra 20-30 grams of protein a day. South beach diet bars that you can buy at your grocery store at 10g protien 140 cal and a 1/3 the price happen to have almost the same ingredients and nutritional facts! Don’t get me wrong the diet is great and if you stick with it you WILL LOSE WEIGHT. Im just here to tell you the herbs and the mumbo jumbo they tell you about having to take all that stuff is nonsense. A placebo and a crutch for those of us who are slightly leaning on the idea of it being easy. It aint easy and buying a bunch of expensive supplements is not going to lose the weight for you! So there it is follow plan eat your protein supplements wich by the way can be a smoothie from your nearest GNC, and lose weight. Oh yeah and if you want the plan to encorporate fitness, work out. Oh yeah and did I mention plan is fruits, vegetables, protein, CARBS, and no fat or sugar and minimal sodium. What are we paying hundreds of dollars for again? Im pretty sure Slim 4 Life didn’t come up with this all by themselves:)

lisa: 5 years ago I watched a friend(52 yrs old) lose about 40 lbs. and keep it off for at least a year..and its still off…I then suggested it to my daughter(26 yrs old) who was concerned with a large weight gain during college..she went on and in less than a year lost 80 lbs..3 years later it is still off…so after I(56 yrs old) saw her losing I went on it and lost 37 lbs… all three of us took the lessons learned and were faithful to the stabilizing 6 wks following the diet. We all have busy work lives but over years or college had gained. We all are active and now within our proper weight range myself I’m at 130. Slim4 Life was perfect for all of us.

skinny: i think people are just lazy if you really want to loose weight you will pay the money and not worry about anything slim 4 life teaches you how to eat and there is someone to support you it cheaper than going to the doctor

lisa: I have been on slim 4 life for a year and have lost 100 pounds. It worked for me. It is not a simple fix. You still have to follow a diet and protion control. It is very expensive but worth it to me. The best thing is you do not have to exercise. It is a big commitment.

jessica: Its called exercise skinny!! ppl are jus too lazy to get up an go exercise and eat right. Slim 4 life says theres no need to exercise but what about after u lose all this weight…are u still not gonna exercise? Theres no need to pay all this money ppl… u jus need more motivation and support

ck: I just joined S4Life last week. I was really excited about it because I have 2 friends who were on it with outstanding results. I was aware of the high expense up front but really wanted to invest in my health by losing weight. Weight Watchers is great, but for me I need to be accountable and need the weekly supervision. My big concern is the supplements – just taking the thermoboost for one day, I have a tingling sensation in my hands and feet.When I looked up the herb-Quercetin on the net it listed that as a side effect. I’m definitely a “more sensitive” person to medications. So at this point,do I stick with the recommended dosage of the supplements, cut the quantity in half or not take them at all?They must be safe-the company has been around for 25 years and lots of people have been successful with it.I don’t want to end of with any health problems from it.

ck: Okay, so I jumped the gun. I was drinking the thermoboost way too fast.I talked to S4L and they were great listeners as well as recommending what I needed to do. Told me to spread it out over 3-4 hours (instead of drinking straight down in 20 minutes.) and I feel great. Definitely helps curb my appetite. The team has been so helpful, supportive and great coaches.The rest of it is up to me–sticking to the program and really wanting to lose weight and make it happen. Their program and products are just tools to make it easier and support me in my efforts.

anonomous: I have been on the program for 20 days now. I have lost 12 lbs and have not cheated yet. I like that I can eat foods that I like and have heard of. Looking forward to losing the other 28 lbs. Some of the supplements aren’t very tasty and can get pricey but so far so good.

DANIEL COOK: I live in kansas city and like many of you spent years and thousands of dollars on every possible “pill” or workout routine quik fix diet there is. I was the runner up in the kansas city slim 4 life biggest looser i lost 138lbs in 24 weeks, it has changed my life in so many ways. This program works im not saying it doesnt take every ounce of will u have to stay on track but they give u the support and tools to get out of the program what u need for it to work for you. I like to tell people it was like picking up a second job, it is expensive but if ur health is in the boat mine used to float in , a program that works is priceless. I heard a little saying that i have posted everywhere. “nothing tastes as good as it feels to be thin”. I wana say good luck to everyone and hope this may help someone reach there goals a little faster.

David: The only thing that got thinner was my wallet

Scott: I had a friend who was on the Slim 4 Life diet and lost 40 lbs. I had some weight to lose, so he shared with me the basic tenets of the diet and I lost 37 lbs. in 11 weeks. This diet is good because it tells you what you can’t eat, which is where so many low calorie diets fail. In regards to the foods that you can eat, you can get everything from the grocery store. I have just taken multi-vitamins, and fish oil, none of the other supplement crap, so based on my weight loss and the period it took me to lose it, I would agree with others that say they are a waste of money. For those of you who want to lose weight, it is 2 proteins (6 ozs.) 4 veggies, 2 carbs (no white flour products) 2 fruits, and a protein bar. 1 teaspoon of fats (low fat butter, sour cream, etc. (I did 1 tablespoon) 2 tablespoons light salad dressing. Don’t eat fried foods, cheese, soda, rice, pasta, pork, nuts, ketchup, SWEETS!! (this was the hardest part for me), canned foods (because of how they are processed and the salt content). Companies claim a bunch of scientific reasoning as to why some foods, but not others, etc. and there is probably something to this, but since I am no doctor I can’t explain nor do I really care to learn, but the bottom line is calorie control and this diet limits certain high calorie foods, and if you eat what they allow you to eat you will generally come in at or under 1500 calories per day.

jan: my husband recently started on your program for the 2nd time it works for him but it does not teach portion control or the importance of exercise in being able to maintain wt the cost is ridiculous for what you get its sad that people sign up for this and expect miracles when its basic knowledge portion control exercise and its a life style change i adore my husband and will support him in this because its what he wants but i believe you are outragous in price and hype

Linda: My experience is kind of a mixed bag – there are things I like and other things that I just endure. I have all kinds of food allergies so I’m unable to take any of their suppliments or food products. They were willing to work with me and put me on a combination of plan 4 and plan 5. I’m losing an average of a 1.7 lbs/wk. It’s slower then most but the weight is coming off. I like the food diary because it is a good framework. I also like the accountability of having to weight in. Helps me stay on program instead of saying “what the hell” and endulging in whatever. The thing I don’t like are the councelors. They know their program but they don’t know nutrition and they don’t really help you they just scold. Not fitting into their norm I already feel like the problem child but then when they scold you I feel like a bad child. They are very ridgid with their program and will get on your case for eating a onion instead of green onions – higher sugar content and will slow your weight loss. Their pushing fast weight loss bothers me too. What happend to slow and steady? I continue working with my own Nurtitionist and I follower her advice over the program and fudge my food dairy to minimize the scolding at the center. I gave the products I had to purchase to my Nurtitionist who was shocked by the amounts of nurotoxins in the products and now she uses them in her nurtition classes as bad examples. I guess this program is like anything in life – its what you make of it. I am losing the weight and learning what works and what doesn’t and those are indeed skills I can use for life.

Sandy: I have a friend who did it and lost 50lbs, she looks fabulous. She averaged 3# loss a week. So- I started! I have 30-40 lbs to loose. I started 2.5 weeks ago and have lost 8#s. I think it’s wonderful. They are teaching portion control, what types of foods to eat. They have to tell you if you are eating the wrong food- don’t you want to be successful- if you don’t want accountability and a coach- do it yourself and don’t complain you are overweight. There is good in everything and take the positive away and become better! I’m going to do this! 125 lbs by Thanksgiving!

Michael J: I’ve been on Slim 4 Life program for five weeks. (Male) started at 212 lbs, have lost 21 so far. Pro’s? It works. My family doctor sort of ’scoffs’ at the supplements they and others sell but said the food groups and portions recommended are outstanding. Cons? I agree with the comments about not being able to find out the cost of program. Word to anyone about to do this: I suggest you buy only one sample box of each of the snacks and protein type bars at the start. We (wife and I) followed the suggestion and bought-up all kinds of product – multiples of many things. Problem is that once you buy them – you cannot return or exchange for other product. We are stuck with many items we don’t care for but have gone back to buy more of the items we have liked. My brother-in-law (lost 60 lbs) and nephew (diabetic who lost 40lbs, started this program in January ‘09. I see him at church each week and kept asking him about the program. If I hadn’t seen his results – first hand, I probably would have gotten up and walked out at the initial appointment – when it got to costs, my wife and I could have easily spent $2500. total (around $500. to sign-up per person, and another $1000+ in supplements and snacks. To date, we have spent approx $2,000. total. This does include most of what we needed for our 12-20 week weight loss phase. Summary? Ain’t cheap but it works. P.S. search internet for coupons before signing up. Counselors are all excellent by the way. My clinic has an RN and a Registered Dietician on staff. They actually care how you’re doing!

Anonymous: follow-up to previous blog… I meant to say that we could have very easily spent $2500. at the start. We ended up beginning with a total outlay of $1500. and have since spent another $500 or so on products. By way, wife started at 164 and as of today has lost 13 lbs (towards goal of 30 total)

dmb: I’m considering trying this program. I realize it may be quite expensive, but so is continuing to buy new clothes larger sizes! I know no one can really give me specifics about the program, but I was wondering just how restrictive is it? Will I be eating only like 10 different foods for the first month? Is it going to be chicken & salads all the time?

Troy: I lost 40 pounds in 10 weeks on the Slim4life program 18 months ago and have not gained a pound. In fact I lost 5 more after I finished the program. I exercise everyday and they tailored a program for me. It cost alot, but I learned how to get back on track after a big eating weekend and keep the weight off.

Kensi: DO NOT JOIN THIS PROGRAM! I went in on Monday to have my “free” consultation and ended up paying $478.00 to join the program. I was told that this amount included the pills and snacks I needed. Yeah right. The following night I went to the “class” and was asked if I wanted to purchase the snacks in bulk because it was cheaper. Cheaper to them meant another $313 dollars. I of course did not pay more money and before I left they took my weight only the second day of the program which was no differnt then the day before. The gal told me I had not lost weight because I was not eating enought, what????? You can only eat so much meat and raw greens!!! I am not going to contiune with the program and with only having to loose 15 lbs I will go to the gyn and watch my sweet intake. Plus, I will save a lot of money!!!!! Just a bunch of sales people. If you look at the requirement for the councelors they have to have experince in sales!!!!!!! I wish I would have done more research before joining!!! – Slim 4 Life

Barbara: I’ve been on the Slim4Life plan for about three months and have lost over 21 pounds. I originally weighed 141.6 and now weigh 120.6. I’m only 5 ft. so this has dramatically changed my appearance. People who have more weight to lose will lose more pounds per week on the program. This is the only time on a weight loss program that I have consistently lost weight and kept it off. It’s not easy. It is work. It does cost money. I feel my health is worth it. I’ve had so many compliments on my improved appearance and have much more self-confidence now that I know I can lose weight successfully. Another thing I like about the plan is that the counselors are very helpful, friendly and encouraging. After losing the weight, the program includes Stabilization (a plan to reintroduce different foods and see how your body handles them) and Maintenance (a plan to keep the weight off permanently). If you are serious about losing weight, do it. If you plan on coming up with excuses to stay the way you are, don’t. You can change, but it won’t be easy. Your body will be so much healthier and you will be happy you accomplished a life-changing process. By the way, I am not a Slim4Life employee, but I plan on applying for a position with the company because of the positive impact this program has had on so many lives.

Kathy: I am doing great on the program but I am wanting to know if anyone has any trouble with severe n*usea after eating. If the supplement drinks, etc. could be causing this?

Paula: Wanted to lose 50 lbs. Was told would lose 3-5 a week. I followed plan exactly. Was losing 1-2 a week. They said “oh, because you have a thyroid condition”. I put that in my initial paperwork and was never told my weight loss would be half what they claim. I spent almost $3,000 for the whole deal. Everytime I weighed in, they said I must be retaining water, reason for not having larger weight loss. Individual counseling claim in ridiculous! Drive there, weigh in (I already knew my weight from scale at home), give them my food journal (already knew it, I wrote it!) and the person would say “Good job, hang in there, need to buy more products”. After 3 months of this, I became discouraged and quit. Of course, no refunds. Have tons of products left that I bought. I have gained back what I lost and 20 lbs more. They claim you don’t pay high priced packaged food. WELL, PAYING $3,000 FOR PLAN AND BUYING ALL YOUR FOOD AT THE STORE, IS WAY MORE EXPENSIVE!!!! Not to mention, it’s a full time job, planning, buying, preparing, measuring,all your food. Then fix regular meals for a family!

Anonymous: I have done every diet EVERY diet and slim 4 life has changed my life. I never think about food which has never happened. Its worth the money and the people who comment about the time, it takes about 10 min…. its also the most fun I have had on a diet. You can go to the gym, it helps… they tell you to atleast walk 3 times a week, but you still loose weight if you dont. I have lost 30 lbs in 2 months.

Amber: I have been doing the program for about a month and have lost 11 pounds. It is teaching me a lot, but I wish I had talked to someone before I started. Some tips – Be Prepared to spend about $500 or more up front depending on how much weight you need to lose. (You have to buy the program in weight loss weeks and they say you average 2.5 – 3 lbs lost per week.) You are also required to buy their snacks (you eat two per day) but can buy them individually or in bulk – $16 per box) You also have to have time becasue they want you the check in with them 3 times per week. They also say that the plan works the best if you buy their supplements (another $1000 or more cost) I have found that you can get regular multi vitamins and omega 3’s at the store for much less. You can also go on craigslist or e-bay and buy the rest of their supplements for 1/2 the cost. I liike the program and feel I am doing well on it, but wish I knew these things before so I could have spent less money.

Brandy: The plan offers good nutritional information and the products (supplements and fat blockers, etc) are ok. However, the cost is very high if you want to follow the program as they prescribe ($1200 to $2000) for a year. The guarantee is not worth the paper it is written on because nobody can “guarantee” that you will lose weight. Only you can make that statement about your committment to stay with the diet and take the supplements. I am thankful that I decided not to continue with the expense after spending $428 but I am continuing the plan and nutrition guidelines. In 5 days, I have lost 7 pounds but that is because of my tenacity to shed this fat.

Martha: HELP. Does anyone have the contact information for there corporate office? I was not happy with my experience and belief there advertising misrepresents the plan as does the initial meeting. They do not disclose the food plan or the cost of the supplements until you are hooked. Though you may loose weight on the plan — it was not for me. They do not give you enough info to make an inform decision and I am having a difficult time getting the name/phone number/email from anyone in there corporate office. – Slim 4 Life

Sabrina: I have been doing the slime 4 life program for 17 weeks now and have lost 40 pounds. I have read these comments and I hear a lot of excusses on why the program doesn’t work for them. Too much work, cost to much, don’t want to have to do a journel, etc, etc, etc. That is just a lot of BS from people who want to feel like they are trying to loose the weight but in the end are too lazy to actually do anything about it. If you actually follow the program like you are supposed to the weight just comes right off. I am never hungry, I don’t have to work out because there have been several studies lately that have shown that working out doesn’t actually help loose weight. It does work for toning up muscle, but you can work out all you want, and if you can’t eat right it doesn’t matter you will stay heavy. You have to learn to eat right and smaller portions to loose weight, then add a workout to it to keep it off and stay fit. I can not say enough good things about this program it has changed my life, saved my marriage, and made me feel like life was worth living agian.

Mary: I started Slim 4 Life 6 weeks ago. I’ve lost over 20 pounds…my resolve is fading fast. Last Friday I had been feeling horrible, weak, dizzy, nauseous, headach all day. The thought of taking those herbal supplements made me gag! I ate the diet food all day but at midnight, while watching videos I was so hungry I couldn’t stand it anymore. The thought of ONE MORE PIECE OF BROCCOLI or one more bowl of LETTUCE made me want to puke. My willpower is fading. I had just HAD ENOUGH, and went into the kitchen and binged. First time I cheated in 6 weeks. I’m back on the wagon now (mostly because I spent so much on this program). But if one night of binging can cause you to gain weight after eating nothing but veggies and turkey burgers and chicken for a week…well, what good is the plan? I know that if I had more weight then 34 pounds to lose, I’d never survive on this diet. TOO RESTRICTIVE, TOO COSTLY and the food you CAN eat is just nasty after awhile. I’m about 12 pounds from my goal and don’t know if I’ll make it or not. The constant cooking for me and then separately for my family is driving me crazy, driving all the way over there 3 times a week sucks and I’m sick of the food, plus I spend 3 times as much at the grocery store then I used to. I ate lunch an hour ago and I’m really hungry already… I have lost weight, I guess I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth feeling weak and sickly all the time. My husband says to stick with it because I spent so much on it. Easy for Mr. Pizza Roll, Pineapple cake to say! Overall I’d say, if you only have a little weight to lose? It’s TOO EXPENSIVE..if you have a great deal of weight to lose….it’s too restrictive and mundane and tasteless. I guess I’ll see what my counselor says tonight and if they can give me some kind of Jump Start to remotivate me. I also exercise nearly every day and have since long before this program. The weight loss stalled out last week and that didn’t help.

Eileen: Slim 4 Life worked for me because I need accountability so I knew I needed a diet center where I had to “face the music.” I lost 35 pounds in about 20 weeks. Expensive, yes; time consuming; as in grocery shopping for fresh foods often, yes; educational, yes; worth it, definitely. I now actually read ingredient lists and am constantly checking the sodium level of products. It is all up to the individual and how badly you want to change your eating habits. Yes, about 4 weeks into the program I got discouraged about taking the herbs, etc. but I decided I was going to do my best and follow the program. I started the first week in April and it is now 11/2. I achieved my goal of 35 pounds and in fact, am down 3 pounds from that, all because of learning how to eat better.

Deb Egnash: I started Slim4life 38 days ago and have lost 17 lbs. You do purchase their supplements and snacks in the starter pack, but once the supplements run out (in about 30 days), you are not required to buy any more. You purchase enough snacks (2 per day for most plans) up front at the bulk rate. Common sense tells you exercise is good for you, but, it is not required to lose weight when you make healthy food choices. Slim4life (now Slimgenics) teaches you about portion control, that variety really is the key and drinking 10 glasses of water daily is a must. Stay tuned!

Lynne: Just spoke with a friend of mine – down 102 pounds since 1/2/09 and has 25 more to go. Another one of my friends lost 25 pounds in four months. Both liked the program. But like everything else you need to do the work.

Serra: Hmm well, I thought a program like this might be what I needed but I’m pretty skeptical now from reading the reviews on this. I don’t like hidden costs or any types of catches, just looking for something straightforward and uncomplicated. Of courseits gonna take work, I’ve got 60+ lbs to lose, but am gonna keep lookng around for somethingelse.

Cindy: When you join Slim for Life, you are out about $600 to begin with that is non-refundable. In addition, to buy their foods, they come packaged in multiples. If you try one and decide you don’t like them, you can’t return them. They are expensive and you will be stuck with them. It seems the push for the company to make money after you join, is to have you buy as many supplements and foods as possible. Beware, not many of them are tasty and you will be stuck with them. I would recommend the company sell individual packs to allow people to try them and figure out which ones they like. Also, the people who work there are not trained very well in listening skills. They talk through a script.

Jean: I started S4L last March and in 8 months have lost 36 pounds and have dropped from a tight size 10 to a size 6. It’s great. Sure it’s expensive, sure there are supplements, but it has changed my life. I needed structure and accountablility, a program that could fit into my busy lifestyle, and S4L was it. I did not use the herbs, but I did use many of the “snacks”. My annual physical in October showed dramatically improved results across the board (cholesterol now in the healthy range, blood pressure very low, etc.) As with any program, we need to find the balance that works for us. However, done correctly, this program can change your life, and that’s what it’s all about.

Rick: Been on the program for a week and I’ve lost 10 lbs. but I know that’s water weight since I’ve been drinking more water now. The girls at the office are a little too excitable for my tastes. One girl asked me in a hyper voice, “Are you excited to lose all this weight?” I could only respond, “Not as excited as you seem to be.” I’m okay with journaling. I’d like to see more emphasis on exercise and I’m just holding my breath until I see a law office on TV telling people that if they’ve been harmed by Slim4life supplements they can help. I’m not giving this a thumbs down because it seems to be working so far, but not a thumbs up either because I’m still skeptical.

Shaunna: I did slim 4 life in 2006 and lost 43 lbs at the end.. I had to quit because I ran out of weight loss weeks and just decided to stop going.. I did not veer from the plan at all the first time.. but 3 years later had gained all of the weight back at the end. I like the plan as a whole, but do agree that the COST, the SALES PITCHES and the SUPPLEMENTS get out of hand.. I spent $2000 dollars at the end of the day but was very pleased with my results. I am in my second week of the second round of S4L, and have lost 6.5 lbs. this time, I’m not going to the center and found a food blog and my knowledge from the first time to do it all again. You don’t need all that other junk. All in all good, but it’s not a great science

Ashley: I am currently on Slim4Life/Slimgenics. I lost 5 pounds in the first week and have lost 10 more pounds in the 2 following weeks! and I’m still going! As for those who say that they haven’t lost weight, then you are either cheating or not following your plan! and if your a vegetarian or have allergies to milk or anything for that matter, they have meal plans to accommodate this. And as for not having a fitness plan, they don’t discourage it, they just don’t require it. For the average person who works a 9-5 job and then has to come home to the kids, they don’t have much time for exercise. This plan serves the modern society. Of course, exercise is only beneficial and may help speed up weight loss, this diet just makes it possible for those who don’t have the time to lose weight. There is no room for excuses, follow the plan and you will lose weight. If you plateau they change up your diet so you continue to lose weight. My Slim4Life weight loss center guarantees you to lose 3-5 pounds if you follow the plan (and no cheating). If you still don’t reach your goal weight loss in the allotted time, then they add extra weeks (free of charge) to the program until you reach your goal. Yes it is expensive and a hassle to go in to the counseling center but it keeps you accountable and on track. And its fast, it literally takes 2 minutes. You go in and get weighed, they look at your journal, and you’re out the door. And if you can’t make it to the center, then they allow you to do phone counseling. I think its a great program, I don’t know where all this negativity is coming from because there hasn’t been one person at the weight loss center I belong to that hasn’t lost weight. Also, the herbs and the supplements you can buy are also no necessary. They say it may help speed up weight loss and have benefits such as provide you with more energy as well as other health benefits but they are not critical for weight loss. The only thing you have to buy from them are the snacks which can get pricey but there is a website where you can buy these snacks for a lot cheaper and the snacks are really good!!

Jenny F.: After spending more than $500 to enroll and expect weight loss counseling to accelerate my weight loss, I was counseled by a fashion merchandising graduate posing as a weight loss center manager to ‘measure my salt.’ This counseling was worthless.

lynn: I have friends that have done the slim 4 life program and have spend alot of money. Yes they lost alot of weight but after being off the program for months they started to gain the weight back. I got off of sugar and products that were made with enriched flour (white flour), I have lost 85 lbs. and have kept the weight off without spending thousands of dollars. And I get to eat meat, cheese, butter, sour cream, vegetables, sugar free pudding with cool whip ect…. and haven’t gained any weight after 2 years. Glad I didn’t waste my money.

BellaBlue: THAt was pretty much my issue with slim4 life program and why its getting a neutral rating. i did lose weight, however, VERY costly and also gained a lot of itback once i ended the porgram. Am actually doing well now on Weight watchers, which I had shunned before, bcs i guess i thought it was just overhyped. I’ve lost 18 lbs in a couple months & eat real foods, no supplemnets so I think it willl be better for the long term.

sassy: I can’t decide how I feel about Slim4Life thus far. I’ve been doing it since July and have dropped 25 pounds. But I’ve kind of plataued. The counselors at the center keep telling me that once I get off the plateau I’ll be fine, but I keep hitting the same spot and stopping with the weight loss. I feel great though. My one complaint is the cost of all their snacks and supplements, on top of the cost of the program. VERY EXPENSIVE. I’m a college student and don’t have a couple hundred dollars a month lying around to spend on food and pills. I don’t mind the food diary so much, makes me think about what I’ve eaten and will eat for the week, and it makes me be accountable when I walk into the clinic. With that said, the jury is still out on Slim4Life

Trish: I’m down nearly 50# from this time last year. I am sad to say I have not incorporated any exercise in this weight loss plan. Slim 4 Life (now slimgenics) has been the key in my weight loss. It is very planned and methodical. That is if you want success. It has been the best investment I’ve made in me. My fiance has lost over 50#. I have a degree in Biomedical Sciences and I am an RN. They did not teach me much. I already knew so much of what they taught. Why I could not put all of this together on my own? Not sure. The counseling has been encouraging. I’ve cheated plenty of times and they understand. They examine my journal entries and help me to determine what are better substitutes for my “weaknesses.” I’m looking forward to hitting my goal and moving on to the next phases of the program. I think the biggest key I’ve learned is how to lose weight through modified intake and how to keep it off. I know what to do when those splurges happen, how to correct it, and how to get back on track. I’m also finding plenty of people who quit the program so I can buy their products more affordably :D

chelle: I lost 27 pounds on slim 4 life…it did cost a lot of money but after the diet was done I went back to my old wiei size my fault i got lazy

Kim: They will not give you the costs upfront!

muffeey: My daughter just joined. we went to the manadatory presentation. This is a fairly restrictive program to start with. I can see where you will at least have an idea of proper portion size at the end but it’s loaded with slim4life/slimgenics brand metobolism boosters and carb blockers. You HAVE TO eat slim4life/slimgenics brand SNACK FOOD. This diet does not cover any kind of workout program nor do they promote it. When I asked about excersize I was told they focus on the eating. At the center my daughter signed up at they said she has to come in everyday for the few weeks then 3 times a week or they can’t guarantee the program. I asked what we do if we go out of town and their isn’t a slimgenics center where we are, they said they can’t guarantee the program. So basically they are looking for any reason to NOT stand by their agreement. They also made sure to get their money before they interviewed my daughter to make sure she didn’t need a doctors note. They told us they have a bulk discount but then told us on another visit that the discount was only good for the sign up and the presentation. When we went in for our free consult they quoted us $600 then said they could only guarantee it for 7 days. They wouldd not make payment arrangements, only payment in full up front. I can see that when you reach the end of this program and go off all the metabolism pills and carb blockers you might gain some of the weight back. At this point I would never recommend it To expensive, To many pills, No workout plan. My daughter has lost 7 lbs just by changing her diet on her own with NO HELP from slimgenics.

minneapolis7: I see a lot of self-denial and excuses being made from most of the people who didn’t get a good experience from the slim4life experience. It seems a lot of people want someone else to do all the work for them. The program IS kind of a pain in the butt, but it is a good thing. It teaches you to pay attention to your own habits and be accountable for your own actions. And even if you have to make frequent visits to the center, it is for you own good and keeps you on track and accountable. The journal as well. People act like filling it out is a time-consuming and confusing Trig assignment. It takes you a few minutes each day. I think people just don’t like it because it forces them to be accountable for what they are eating. If you want an easy fix for weight loss, there isn’t one. Slim4Life is not magic pill. It’s a common sense plan that teaches you what foods you can eat to stay thin and healthy, and what an appropriate portion is. I had a wonderful experience. I lost 55 lbs. in 4 months. I followed the program and kept myself accountable. I even did it without a bit of exercise. I don’t understand why people are complaining about this either. What I learned was that if you give your body only what it needs, it will shed the excess all on its own. I only used exercise after I achieved my goal and began working on additional foods to maintain my weight. I then kept all the weight off for over five months. However, I failed myself and gained it all back, plus some more, over the next year and a half. Why? Because I became lazy, and unaccountable and ignored everything I had learned. I am now starting up the plan again, but on my own. To lose weight you need to eat right. Both in quantity and selection. But more importantly you need to dedicate yourself to the goal and not cry about restrictions. It’s not easy. I will say, however, that as a business I found Slim4Life extremely pushy. I did not enjoy the people or how they treated me. It was clear that they were most concerned with your money, as they constantly pushed their products and even tried to convince you that you should continue to take them after the plan, basically for the rest of your life. I simply put up with it because the program was working. I’ve lost several pounds already just repeating the program on my own, and without the use of their supplements. I think that part of their business is sort of a scam. But the program in general works if you stick to it and don’t make excuses. But that’s the hardest part, which is where the Slim4Life value lies. It keeps you accountable.

Mandy: After hearing the commercials on a local radio station of how Slim4Life had programs where a person could loose weight for as little as $7.00 a week, I called and made an appointment. I went to the appointment and the counselor hereself told me that they DIDN’T have any programs for $7.00 a week & that the charge to join had to be paid upfront. I pulled $600.00 out of savings account to pay for, (I found out later) JUST THE WEEKS & COUNSELING & THE PACKAGED SNACKS, VITAMINS AND HERBS WERE ALL EXTRA EXPENSES!!! I did the 3 day prep of beef, meat and raw green veg and lost 1.2 lbs., after remembering them tell me that I would loose 5 lbs or more in 3 days, which I didn’t. Then I went on the regular program. The first day, I ran out of food at 3 pm and was starving the rest of the day. This was also the case the 2nd and 3rd day. I weighed in on the 3rd day and had lost 2 lbs, but with the amount of hunger pains that I went through, it was not worth it!! My husband said that I had dark circles under my eyes and just did not look healthy – and this was after 3 days on the program after the 3 day prep!!! This program is very expensive, they tell you that they cannot guarantee your weight loss unles you buy their vitamins and supplements, which are well overpriced. I ended up “plugged” up and unable to elimainate with constipation and cramps after the 3 day prep and being on the program for 3 days. This program does not have enough calories to be able to burn fat in your body and you will experience hunger, which is your body telling you that healthy nutrition is missing / incomplete. A major problem with this diet is THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO VARIETY OUTLINED IN THEIR DAY TO DAY MENUS!!! Lastly, this diet DOES NOT OFFER A LIFESTYLE CHANGE IN YOUR EATING HABITS THAT YOU CAN LIVE WITH FOR LIFE, WHEN YOU GO OFF OF IT!!! HENCE, YOU CAN LOOK FORWARD TO GAINING BACK ALL THE WEIGHT YOU LOOSE AND THENSOME!!! MY husband and I joined Weight Watchers the day after I quit going to Slim4life and I am much happier with their plan, which I NEVER get hungry on while looseing weight AND they teach you lifestyle changes in developing eating habits that you can live with!!! I promise you that if you join Slim4Life, you will be disappointed in their program and the costs involved.

vic: It costs alot of money and if you have a very busy lifestyle the accountabilityand supplements help get you through.since July first I have lost 30# and am still losing. I gained some during the holiday, but lost it right away. It is expensive but has taught me a new way to handle my weight and my doctor is pleased as well. No more cholesterol issues. Like anything, it is all about choices. No genie in a bottle. I do feel and look better than I have in years.

Anonymous: I have been on slim4 life for 1 week and wish I had read more about this program before I started. I am very disappointed because 1) the cost is very expensive, 2) limited amount of food choices, 3) unfriendly counselors (at least at the location I am going to). My blo*d pressure has gone up. I did lose 6 pounds during the pre stag but nothing since. The choice of foods is so limited I am already tired of eating the same foods over and over. I don’t eat fish so eating just chicken and turkey everyday for both lunch and dinner is getting very old.It you eat tuna you can’t eat beef. What they told me during the first visit changed after I signed up.

Juls: Just started Slimgenics (same plan as Slim4Life. Only on 1st wk and have lost 5.5lbs! It sure surprised me. I have been on just about everything, but YOU have to make a commitment to lose the weight. The consultation gives you more info about it and the sessions are mainly for you to understand everything and stay on plan. I work with someone that has kept the weight off for 2 yrs and we are the ones that have to make a change for life to be thin….or healthier. I’m sure once the weight is lost, more food will be introduced and of course, as we add some form of exercise that will burn the calories faster. Good luck.

kh: This program is EXPENSIVE to say the least. And unless you are a huge fan of taking supplement pills and eating chicken and fish then I would encourage you to stay away. I have been on the program for 2 weeks. I have lost a little over 5 lbs, but I feel like crap. I’m hungry and so sick and tired of chicken that I can no longer even stay on the program. On the plus side, this has made me realize that a “quick” weight loss is a crass idea. So I’ll be hitting the gym harder to work out the pills that are in my system now.

Maria: TOTAL BATE AND SWITCH. I was told 12 weeks would cost me around $300 when I signed up. Two weeks later, when all my products ran out, I was harassed for not buying more of their OVERPRICED items. She would not counsel me to lose weight, only twist my arm to buy their expensive crap. (Zone, for example, makes protein bars half the price with way more protein and less sugar). Why am I waiting in line a half an hour for someone to nickel and dime me? I know how to eat less carbs and starve myself for free.

sally: Slimjenics is just Slim4life with a different name. Are they trying to fool people? It’s the same starvation diet as befor with the same expensive pills and snacks. I walked in to the location thinking it might be something differen…….but was not! Same people work there that have no backgrond in nutrition why do people feel they have to spend money to lose weight? Not for me. I will never go back. Jillian Micheals is the way to go!!!!!

Dianne: I have been using Slim4Life for 5 months and have lost 40 pounds. I have learned how to choose foods correctly, what to look for, how to eat out, etc. It is a LIFE LESSON! As for the not needing to excerice, that’s geared toward those who are so out of shape that excercise really isn’t on option until significant weight is lost. It is all over the country, I’m in Kansas City and there are 9 locations in our Metro area. Chances are there’s one very close to you too. It IS EXPENSIVE! It’s not a “FAD” diet. It does use supplements, but more importantly it teaches you how to eat properly when you’ve met your goal so you can keep the weight off. It’s hard as heck and not for the easily-give-er!!

Judith: I have been on Slim4Life for a bit over 3 weeks now and I have lost 15 lbs. I go to a center in Arvada, Colorado and the people are fantastic. They do not pressure me to buy anything beyond what I have already purchased (which I believe to be about 1400 in total which includes my snacks). I am not taking all of their suppliments with the exception of the EFAs. They don’t pressure me to do so. There were several that I simply refused to take and it has never come up again. They do encourage people to be active, they even take your activity level into consideration when determining which program to place you on, etc. At least within the center I go to – they give me good tips, they are very supportive and encouraging. I go into the center M/T/W I’m in/out within 10 minutes unless I need to talk about something or ask questions. I feel it’s a good program but perhaps it’s not for everyone. At the end of the day I’m obviously burning more calories than I’m consuming so it’s not entirely a new concept they bring to the table but it provides adequate support and structure. Support and Structure that I clearly needed b/c dieting on my own was not working. Exercise alone has proven to not be an effective method for losing weight however you can lose weight by diet alone. This is something that my personal trainer says on a regular basis – diet is the most important variable in weight management. I think as you lose more weight you’ll become more active and exercise will become a regular part of your routine. I don’t consider this to be a fad diet … but it I gain weight back – it will certainly be me that is at fault not the program. I have been given the tools – I choose to use them or abandon them.

BW: People need to understand that IF they want a excercize specialist or plan go to Bally’s or Lifetime etc. .If you want a diet go to a diet location. Don’t expect it to be EVERYTHING for you!! use some logic. Also remember NO DIET PLAN OR COUNSELOR CAN GIVE YOU WILLPOWER,THAT IS UP TO YOU!!!! People have WAY TO MANY SOB STORIES AND EXCUSES START WITH THE PERSON HOLDING THE FORK.


vanessa: i noticed a LOT of ppl wanting to do the program but dont have one in the area. if you think the program is right for you, call one of the locations. i live outside kc and dont have the time to go into their centers but called anyways to see if theyd sell me their info and the designed a home program for me. ive lost 26lbs in the 8wks since i started. i think i like the idea of my home program bc i dont feel the pressure as much as i would if i had to go in all the time. so try it out. it may be for you. i dont know about the other places its offered but i know the ones in kc do home programs. my counselor even said she has someone pon the east coast doing it!

bruce: As a male with 50lbs to lose, I can tell you S4L works. It works if you follow the plan. Anybody on here who says they did not lose weight despite following the plan is lying. I guarantee they were sneaking in extra food somewhere. The plan is expensive. If you have 50lbs to lose, plan on dropping $600 when you start. You will then have to buy supplements as you go. Make no mistake about it, it is expensive. If you want buy your own snacks and Omega 3 fish oil (S4L calls the fish oil EFA’s) and that will save you money. Also, you will be hungry. Don’t believe the adds that say you won’t. Any of us who need to lose weight are over eaters and the very nature of any diet is you have to eat less. In this case, a lot less. You will have more chicken, fish, and vegetables than you will like but that is how it is if you want to lose weight. I admit to being hungry all the time because I am a big guy. However, the results are immediate and dramatic. Just remember, if you follow the diet it will work. You will spend a lot of money (worth it in my opinion) and you will be hungry.

Karen: Slim4Life is a rip off, buy a book on how to eat healthy and get support from a friend rather than a high school graduate wearing scrubs purchased at the mall.

Jennifer: I am currently doing the slim 4 life program and i love it! it has totally changed my life!! i’ve lost 71 pounds in just 4 months, i have 40 more to go and its amazing!

Rocky: Hey- I have been on Slim 4 life/slimgenics for 6 weeks and have lost 27 lbs. Works if you work it. It is cheaper than bi-pass or lap-band. It won’t work for everyone but when it does it works well. I have tried every diet and this one I saw the most lost quickly. This keeps me going unlike losing .05 every two weeks. I have 70 more to go and look forward to posting good stuff then too.

tkm1966: I have been reading these comments & am stumped as to why most everyone has had such a bad experience with Slimgenics (formerly Slim4Life)and thought I had better write something cause this diet changed my life for the better! I started Slimgenics 2 years ago & lost 45 pounds. I only had 50 pounds to lose total but did not finish because I was having some health problems. I found out about 4 months ago that my health issues were were due to an allergy to milk & malt. During the time I was off the program, I gained half of my weight back, so I rejoined earlier this week. The only way this program works is if you stick to the diet & do not consistently cheat, although I know it does not work for everyone regardless. I have now been on the program for 3 days & have already lost 7 pounds! I was told during my consult yesterday that if I start exercising consistently to let Slimgenics know & they would bump up my plan. The staff in Longmont is caring & attentive and other than the initial consult where they really try to persuade you to join, they have not been pushy about purchasing products at all. The cost was $459 to join this time. Even though this is a lot of money, it breaks down to be about $13.00 per week which is not bad compared to other plans. So, overall, I am very pleased with Slimgenics and would highly recommend it.

Christina: I am really surprised at all the negative comments on this site. I’ve lost 65 lbs since I’ve started the program and could not be happier. I follow the plan, get plenty of food, and am not hungry. I’ve tried many other plans prior to this – Weight Watchers, personal trainer, nutritionist, eDiets – and this is the only plan I’ve been successful on. Yes, it is VERY expensive up front but if you break down the cost per week it is very similar to Weight Watchers. There are some of their snacks I don’t like but for the most part I find their foods very good. I highly recommend their hot chocolate! For those comments I’ve read that complain about no exercise program – really? The counselors certainly don’t discourage exercise so if you want to exercise get your butt to a gym. For me, who has always struggled with food choices and, I hate to say it, but I am an “emotional” eater I knew that in order to be successful I would have to 1st change my eating habits and lose weight by concentrating on my diet. So, for the 1st 50 lbs that is what I did. After that I added exercise, the counselors adjusted my food plan and I’ve been amazed at the results. Even during the holidays where I did go “off plan” and enjoyed some naughty food I was actually eager to get back to the plan after Christmas. Go figure. Anyway, it is time consuming but needing to lose 100+ pounds I would have been delusional if I thought it was going to be “easy”. So if you are smart enough and have enough will power to do it on your own – good luck to ya. Otherwise, I recommend this program.

JOE: First, I’ve lost an average of 4 lbs a week on this diet. If I didn’t cheat so much doing things like using real sugar and cream in my coffee I’d be doing much better. The up side of this plan is that it will work for anyone willing to really stick to the plan as it is written. You’re allowed plenty of food and no excersize is necessary “but is helpful”. I have always hated excersize and couldn’t due to all the extra weight I was carrying around. There is NO WAY you can’t lose if you eat “exactly” what is on the plan. I weighed 283 when I started about 11 weeks ago. If you buy the full plan right off it’s a major incentive to stick with it as it is VERY expensive. The $$$ is in the carb blockers, herbs, vitamins, essential oils and food supplements “snacks” they sell you and for having access to their counselors 6 days a week. I’ve tried other diets and that seemed to work for a while but I’d just end up blowing it every time, giving up and gaining all the weight back..plus some. The down side..and I don’t want to discourage anyone from trying this plan but you’ve got to know going in that if you have a lot of weight to lose it’s going to cost you! Also, if you’re like me and love to eat, especially pastas breads burgers and greasy foods, be prepared to go through a phase of depression much like you would imagine drug withdrawl. It’s like losing all your best friends, it’s a fight to drive by the fast food joints or pass up a plate of cookies or a hundred other temptations “EVERY DAY”. The plan gives you tools to make through but it’s still very tough. You eed to be willing to prepare your own food every meal and sit and watch as others eat what you’d like to be eating. I’m eating maybe 1/3 rd the amount of food I’m used to eating. And forcing myself to drink that 80 oz’s of water every day is a real skunk. Being accountable to your counsellors is very helpful but they’re not sitting next to you all day telling you not to buy that doughnut or drink that beer. Like all plans it’s up to you. This one may not be for you either. But I have to say that I feel a LOT better eating this way and it has taught me alot about how to keep from overeating and what to do if I have lapse and screw up at times. I gained a 1 1/2 lbs over Christmas but didn’t beat myself up over it as I know know how to get it back off again. I’ll update you in about 6 months if I remember to. I’m shooting for a total of 80 lbs and I’m more that 1/2 way already. I know that this time I can do it ! Good luck with your diet whatever it may be.

doug: Has anyone asked the center’s why the name change? This program is nothing but a starvation diet.

denver: I found it to be a good program but I found a couple inaccuracies in your overview. They DO require you to buy their “thermosnacks” that you must eat twice a day. They are expensive at $16 for 6 servings when not on sale, but they do often have specials. There are also suplements you must buy and take daily. Exercise is NOT part of this program but they will compensate with more calories if you are on an exercise program too.

Kitty: I would give Slim4Life a thumbs up, if you like the low-carb high protein diet regimen. You get to eat fruits, some bread. It was fairly easy to stay on this diet, but it is expensive. It was $320 to start the 6-week diet, and more after that if you don’t lose the weight. They WILL try to sell you supplements, which are VERY expensive. They are expanding locations, and they are now in the Kansas City area.

Ceejai: I have a friend who has lost 76 pounds in 21 weeks so far on S4L. He inspired me to follow along with him and so after being on it for 2 weeks I have lost 14 pounds. I buy my own supplements as does he and I will continue to piggy back with him until I am at goal which is another 75 pounds. I have not had any hunger pangs or cravings at all (Believe me, I would have had them) It all depends on how ready you are to commit to something. I was on many medications that made me crave certain foods and I gained 45 pounds. Now that I’m off them, I am commited to getting back to being an even better version my old self! What an adventure it will be!!!

Brooke: I used to work for Slim4Life and they are the worst company I have ever known in my life! The ytrick, scam, bully, and lie to anyone they can to make a buck! They would sign up 1* year old girls who matbe had 3 lbs. to lose and force them to buy products these poor kids did not need. If you spent any money there nothin would be refunded no matter what the diet or products may have done to your health. I was horribly embarrassed half the time to talk to my clients due to the fact I new we were a complete rip off. Don’t get me wrong anyone who eats 1200> calories a day and pack their diet full of protien absolutly will lose weight. But do you really need to take 20 pills a day t odo it? Not at all! Besides that if you want to take pills to help increase the amount of weight you are losing you should be able to purchase ones you can afford! To anyone who is on this diet and spent all the money for your weightloss, stabilization, and maintenace weeks… you can buy protien supplements and appetite suppresants over the counter and they will do the same thing as the over priced crap they make you feel like you have to buy to get “Guaranteed” results you don’t! And the guarante you think you are getting is totally faulse advertising! The first time you wright on your food diary that you had even one bite of something not on plan you void that guarante for good! My old manager told me in ten years of her working there they had never honered that because it’s impossible to go 3+ months not eating anything off and if they say they did they are lieing! DO NOT GO TO THESE PEOPLE! Save you money!!

Raquel: I was Scammed4Life. I paid for the program and supplements up front, never thinking I would fail. Two weeks in, my doctor told me to get off the supplements and wrote a letter for me. Then my knee went out, and I had to have replacement. Both of these things made my continuance of the program impossible. I petitioned the owners for a partial refund of unused services. Was told they could not refund any money because I had attended the “nutrition class” (unorganized, unclear, bad grammar). Not a red cent. They had me legally. But what about character?

Joe: I can imagine that if I “failed” I too would be a little miffed at S4L. But, you have to ask yourself how much have you paid for other weight loss programs and excersize videos etc. and failed at those as well. You have know one to blame but yourself for failure. Being out all that money is your own fault ! Beware, S4L is just like any other diet or program…. if you are not motivated you WILL fail. My ex had lap band surgery and it almost killed her because she couldn’t stop stuffing herself. I know one woman who died from it because she couldn’t control the food intake. My motivator was the cardiologist telling me “lose weight or die”. It seems to have worked so far. But even with that I still go off on eating sprees when life gets all sucky…if you know what I mean.

Heather: I researched many options for weight loss and I found S4L to be the most natural and useful option. I know unless I learn to eat on my own I will not be able to sustain for life, this program teaches you how to do it on your own for life. I have read most of the negative comments and would like to respond; those who say it is too much trouble, takes too much time–to you I say, this is a lazy trait that you need to deal with before you can succeed in any program. This program takes less time and effort than any program I have ever seen. For those who say you don’t need someone telling you to keep a journal or “up in your face” all of the time, to you I say you are running from your issues and do not feel comfortable being held accountable for your actions. If it makes you angry to be told what you are not doing right it is because you feel guilty and do not want anyone bringing up the ugly truth. To those who say it cost too much, have you ever figured out the cost of the “feed you from a box” programs? For my entire program-supplements and snacks for the whole time I paid 2700.00 approximately, for Jenny Craig I would have paid over 5,000.00! Last but not least, those who said you did not loose anything or very little, to you I say you must not have been following up like you are supposed to because when I don’t lose in one day they look and usually find a cause and offer a counter balance and the next day I am back on. I have hypothyroidism so it is usually very challenging for me to lose weight but I have lost 10.2 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks. Not only am I losing weight, I am healthier because I am eating a well balanced diet, drinking the amount of water my body requires to be healthy and my body is healing, not just losing. I love S4L and I am an RN who does not believe in fad diets. (oh yeah and for those who say it’s a fad diet because it doesn’t include exercise I say how many skinny people do you know that exercise? the fact is, you need to learn to keep the weight off FIRST without depending on exercise which you are not likely to stick with anyways, THEN you can add exercise once you learn how to eat and how many calories you will require then you can add calories to meet the need of your exercise routine. Not to mention the program tells you to become more active, stand instead of sit; walk instead of stand; run instead of walk…ect…)


lawanda: Hold onto your money and RUN! You will pay much more than you expect after the nutrition class, and nothing…not a doctor’s letter, surgery, or probably death…will result in any kind of refund from the fine, Christian owners I was told about when I signed up. I’m embarrassed to have been taken in by Slim4Life.

Erin: Seems like there are a lot of people on here trying to justify why they don’t want to sign up for this or ANY program. (i.e. the person who says they steer clear of any program that requires them to use a food journal). To me it sounds more like these people don’t want to face the fact that they need help losing weight. I’ve been there before, so I understand not wanting to admit there’s a problem. I’ve ALSO been on the program for 5 weeks now and have lost 18lbs. I’ve never been able to lose weight until doing this program. I’ve done weight watchers (which ALSO requires a food journal) and it wasn’t helpful to me, but I also wasn’t ready to commit. If you are willing to make a commitment, this will work for you. If you aren’t willing, that’s fine, but please keep your unhelpful comments to yourself. Those of us who are willing to go the distance don’t need or want your negativity.

Linda: Why would anyone pay so much money for a diet? How many books are on the store shelves about dieting? That would only cost you about 20.00. But any diet that says you “must” take their supplements, or you don’t need to exercise, should raise a red flag immediately. Don’t sign up for any program, Jenny, S4L, or any of the others. YOU WILL GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK when you stop following “their” guidelines. See your Doctor and a nutritionist/dietician (licensed) and develope your own guidelines. Live it, don’t diet. It has to be a life style change or it will never work.

Lisa: I am currently on the diet, and I was able to do it by getting the materials from a friend and buying all the actual supplements & thermosnacks new and sealed off craigs list and ebay. I am following it to the letter, as if I had paid for the program, but without their daily counseling. If you don

Susie: I began my S4L program 7/29/10 and I am SO thankful for this program. To date 3/2/10 I have lost 80.5lbs. !! I have cheated ALOT but still continue to lose, and am probably 10-15 lbs behind schedule, but its my choice. I appreciate the guidance, and the accountability of the three weekly weigh-ins. I am fortunate to have access to a close center to go to and the counselors are very helpful. I know that I will always have to eat right, or I will gain it back as I have about 7 times in the past 30 years.I am sure that I have lost and gained 300 lbs. or more. This is it for me !! I will NEVER eat like I used to again, because I have invested alot of time and yes money into this program, but it is working and I am grateful for all of it. You have to WANT to make an investment in yourself and decide up front what your goals for yourself are. It doesn’t fall off of you, and if you don’t stay with the program you won’t lose, but 8 mo. 80 lbs less??…that’s very good if you ask me and everyone is so proud of me, but mostly I am proud of my accomplishment and commitment. I have gone from 20/22 size to 10/12 and I haven’t been this size since elementary school. It is so much fun to be able to shop now and not be limited to “that” corner of the store where the not so fashionable and very limited selection of clothing is in every store. Don’t listen to the negative comments, it just tells me some people expect a magic pill to take overnight and wake up thin. You must WORK at it every day all day long for the rest of your life. I am doing this because I am worth it and I can keep up with my younger co-workers and my grandchildren and have FUN which I have missed out on for such a long time I am 53 and Fabulous! ;) Good luck to all on your journey

Missylin: I work in my husband’s dental office and one of our patients came in one day after not seeing her for six months and she had lost quite a bit of weight. I asked and she had lost it with Slim 4 life. I was impressed. I had actually joined slim 4 life two previous times but never went back to have the “consultation” session where you purchase food for the whole program. I decided to try again. Now I purchased the products but was extremely hesitant to use the supplements. Of course the counselors tell you that you need those. Well I didn’t use them. The foods such as “nacho cheese pasta” is disgusting. I ended up quitting and starting two more times – I felt ill every time I tried this diet without the supplements. I think it is too much protein. In the meantime this patient was back in the office after 6 months and gained back all 100 lbs lost. After seeing this and reading the negative comments I am going to return to Weight Watchers and learn once and for all how to do this. My cousin has been doing WW for 6 months and has lost 80 lbs while combining it with walking. Just beware of the cost, the supplements, disgusting dried food and counselors who know less than I do about nutrition.

Katti: I found the very same products that Slim 4 Life rips you off for at $17 a box. They only charge $9.95 a box. They look a little different, but if you look at the nutritional labels, they are one and the same. Arrrrrrrr! I spent a TON at Slim for life, but now I just buy my stuff from this website instead.

Ross: One of the managers of a Minneapolis market ‘clinic’ actually had liposuction to remove her excess bodyfat, and yet pretends she lost weight on the SLIM4Life d/b/a slimgenics program. Other counselors in that market have college degrees in fashion merchandising, sociology, and criminal justice. Whatever they say, they have little or no knowledge of health and nutrition and never had a practicum of any kind before being employed by ’slimgenics.’

pamtastic: i lost 70-80 pounds on weight watchers in two year then hit a 9 month plateau where i gained and lost the same 10 pounds. i went to slim4life with very low expectations, and proceeded to drop another 60 pounds in 5 months. i am very pleased with the results, but i firmly believe you need exercise and commitment to whatever plan you choose. my workout routine includes an hour of cardio everyday (treadmill or elliptical), weight training 5x a week, and random kickboxing or toning classes. i have 4 kids, a full time and a part time job. if you want it bad enough you’ll make it happen.

Gennie: I liked Slim 4 Life. Not only did it help me lose 45 pounds in 3 months, but I’ve kept the weight off following their guidelines. I love that it uses regular grocery store food and not prepacked products. It made it much easier to transition out of maintenance. I would recommend it to anyone.

Billie: I just got out of the hospit*l with a dig*stive problem of sev*re cr*mps and v*miting- strange thing is I started Slim4life 2 weeks ago!!! Hospit*l doctor said “Do not take any more of those pills”.

Karen: Its April 12, 2010 and this past Saturday I hit 62lbs! How long? I began November 16, 2009. I can’t believe the reviews I’ve just read, so I had to take a moment to comment. First the program is exceptionally affordable, a similiar program I did in California cost thousands of dollars, Slim 4 Life only a few hundred.Second, I’m not going to lie I made a few modifications so I could stick to the program (like I must have onions on everything & I never measured my salad dressing but I did use light Italian). While on program I had a fall & surgery and was in a wheelchair for 3 months – I stayed on program, made my visits and still lost every week! Third, I have gradually changed my attitude about eating and food. The counselors are the greatest, I split my visits between two clinics and found them to both be equally supportative. If you live in an area that offers Slim 4 Life and you are tired of yo-yo dieting,call and make an appointment for consultation. Before Christmas you could be a new person for life.

Kris: The jury is still out on this one. My husband joined SlimGenics one week ago. I was livid about the price but decided to chalk it up and support him and do this along with him (without the supplemnets). He lost 9 lbs in the 1st 4 days and I lost 5. Mostly water weight that will come of on any diet plan if you stick to it in the 1st week. I joined WW a couple of years ago and lost 50lb and kept it off. I plauteued for alomost a year now without following the plan to a T. I like WW as it is not so restricted and teaches how to “live and eat” in the “real” world. The slimgenics plan is very structered and strict. Not sure if this can be maintained for any period of time. I am starving so it is natural that I could lose weight on this program. My husband has been in the bathroom for the last couple days which is not healthy either. You may lose weight on this program quickly but I do not think it is realistic for the normal person.

Heidi: I think that Slim 4 Life is the biggest rip-off. When I went into the initial appointment I let them know that I was a busy mother and student and didn’t have time to measure and record everything I ate. Guess what I spend most of my day doing? The plan is so restrictive and I haven’t lost much weight. The bars and are way too expensive and taking 19 pills a day is tough on my stomach. Weight Watchers is so much easier because you choose the foods you want to eat. Don’t waste your money cause you will regret it just as I have.

Mike: It had been a great program for me. I have lost 57 pounds in 15 weeks and I am learning how to eat properly so that I can maintain the weight loss. Do what they tell you to do and you will lose the weight. It can be pricy when the suppliments are figured in but it can also be done by just applying the principals learned. I taught my brother and he lost 24 pounds in 4 weeks all by himself. My wife has lost 17 just cooking for me. The savings on groceries makes this program less costly than it might otherwise appear. People who are truly committed to weight loss will do well. I like the fresh food aspect of the program too.

Rick: I started my Slim4Life program on 10-4-2009 and have lost 55 lbs today, 4-24-2010. I found the diet to be perfect for me because I like to eat the same foods day-to-day. I bought the metabolizers, carb blockers, and vitamins but have not used any of them–I sold them on Craig’s list. My initial goal was to loose 75 lbs, and it doesn’t look like I’ll get there before the end of my program. If you go 4 times a week they are giving an extra week of weight loss–so that’s how I’m extending my program now. After loosing 55 lbs, I feel absolutely fantastic and it’s hard to be as disciplined as in the beginning. Regarding exercise, they don’t want you to do any “weight-bearing” exercise–like weight lifting. Otherwise, walking or riding a bike would be great. And like others, I enjoy the organic diet…all fresh food…stay away from processed food. Also, the reduction of sodium in my diet has worked wonders for my blood pressure. Before starting the diet I was on blood pressure medicine and slept with a CPAP machine. My blood pressure is not a steady 112/70 and I no longer sleep with CPAP. I think it’s a great program and I will use the principles I’ve learned in the future.

Paula: One of my friends is on the program. She looks AMAZING! She said she owes it all to slimgenics (slim4life). She did say it was expensive but well worth what she looks and feels like now.

Donna: Can you order the protein supplements online from someone else? I have the diet but I don’t have access to getting the suplements like the protein bars and drinks from them. I want to order online. Does anyone have a web site that would have what they offered?

tudie: This program is GREAT!!! I have lost 41 lbs in 11 weeks…If you have not lost weight..you are NOT doing the plan!!and It is the BEST diet program I have ever been on!!

Barbara Plilar: How can I order the products for Slim 4 Life like the protein bars and drinks?

phelda: slim4life cost 600 to start up. ive read on other sites the additional cost are in 1000s. ive only been out of pocket 600.00 because i refused to purchase more. the supplements given to you are marked up and labeled with their logo. you can purchase the same items for cheaper through your local over the counter nutrion store or pharmacy/grocery. do not sign anything. there are absolutely no refunds. the 600 goes toward marked up vitamins, the weeks of counseling, and a book no bigger than a magazine that has meal options and plans. the book is very wordy or kind of confusing. the counseling sessions dont even last 5 minutes and consist of the counselor taking blood pressure and weight and asking you how your diet is doing. thats it. no real counseling. you basically pay 600 to s4l and do all the work. keep in mind that you still have to do grocery shopping. the counselors then push their powder supplements and snacks on you. there must be something in these products because the counselor told me i would not reach my goal weight without these items because they account for 80 percent of the weightloss. s4l claims 3-5 pounds of weightloss per week. the food prep is very time consuming. this plan is especially not good for anyone is busy life or work schedules. some sites have customer complaints of developing liver problems later on possibly from the special supplements. bottom line slim4life is a scam. your consultation is filled with a lot of empty promise and fast talk. buyer be ware. i hope this helps everyone else to hold onto their money especially in these economic times. good luck

Syerp: I’ve seen a lot of comments in here about not seeing the pricing of the product before you go in. This is because the amount of time you are in the program is based on how much weight you need to loose. For example, I only need to loose about 30 pounds, so I’m on a 12 week diet, 4 week balance phase, and another 16 weeks of follow up to make sure I don’t regain the weight. I am going into the office 3 days a week to check up with my counselor, and they help me manage supplements and snacks. Since they sell the supplements and the snacks, this is where they “get you” for your money. However, I have found that the snacks and supplements I buy from them have been a wash compared to what I was buying before. I was getting Omega 3, daily vitamins, and snacks from the grocer and GNC, now I get them from SlimGenics… it’s about that simple. Otherwise, I only paid 9 bucks per week of my program, and 100 bucks for the setup. Which translates into the absolute cheapest program I have ever taken part in. Most importantly, down 5 lbs in week one, after having already lost 30 lbs on my own before starting. It’s a great program, like any diet, you have to WANT to do it, and be willing to commit.

Groovey_1: I just joined Slim4Life last Friday. I am going to give it a go but they are not very forthcoming about the program even when you go in for your initial consultation. I was signed up for a one time lose all you want for $195 so I won’t be charged the usual weekly fee. What got me was that $195 turned into $295 when they added 6 weeks stabilization and 1 year of maintenance visits. Then the price doubled with my “starter package” that I had no idea what was even included or the price of each item in it. That part bothered me and I do not intend to continue purchasing ALL the items in the kit. You do sign a commitment to purchase 2 products per week which will be any where from $18-30 extra dollars a week during the weeks you are actually on the program which the counselor determined by the amount of weight loss divided by the guaranteed 3 pounds a week. You start out with a 3 day prep diet that is high protein and nothing but raw green veggies for 3 days – then you go to the nutritional class where you will be enlightened to the rest of the program – that I will attend tomorrow so I will know the rest of the story after that.

Shirley: I live in the DFW area of Texas and started the Slim4Life program about 20 weeks ago. I have lost 43 pounds and think the program is a very workable plan. I wanted to lose 51 pounds, so I am alittle shy of that goal, however I have gone from a size 14-16 to a 6-8. As with all diets, you have to stay structured and follow their guidelines as closely as possibe to get the best results. The plan has been pretty easy for me to follow, even eating out at lunch 5 days a week. I have successfully lost weight on WeightWatchers, but I wanted a more regimented plan this time around. I love the Peanut Butter and Carmel Crunch bars for my breakfast each day. The plan consists of 2 proteins, 2 starches, 2 fruits, 2-3 green vegetables, 1 fat, 1 dairy (which I did not do), 80 ozs of water, 1 diet soda (clear only). For the first time, I’ve been able to drink the water and give up my Diet Cokes. As with WeightWatchers, journalling and weigh-ins have helped me. The counselors have been very helpful and offer some alternatives when you reach a pleateau. The program is kinda expensive, but all in all, I have been pleased with the plan and the results that I have had. I will start the stablization next week for 6 weeks then the mainteanance section and hopefully I will learn to stay on top of my weight and not gain it back.

Cracking up: Reading all these negatives about SLIM4LIFE crack me up! Those that say they stayed on it for 6 to 8 months and lost nothing are obviously cheating in the closet…lol…..you can’t eat 900 calories and NOT lose weight…physically impossible!

Lisa: I thought Slim4Life was a very good program with a couple of modifications that I made. I enjoyed counting food servings instead of calories directly; it’s the same concept, but for some reason, 2 proteins, 3 fruits, 3 veggies, etc., is a lot easier for me to track than individual foods that I don’t know the caloric content of. I lost 36 pounds originally, of which I have maintained 30 in the last year. I just started the program at home again (not in the center) and am hoping for more results soon. One note is that I never used any supplements for the plan although they were recommended. I may have had a slower weight loss, but as a medical professional, I am not comfortable with the idea of carb blockers in my body. Your brain needs those few carbs you are giving it on this diet!

katie: I was very successful on slim4life. Lost 53 lbs. in about 12 weeks. You have to follow the plan. You cannot approach it like it is a “diet”. You have to make some changes in your food choices, and work on them until you have changed your eating habits. I eat out all the time and have zero problems ordering. All these people amaze me who say “I could have done it on my own” Key question here: why haven’t you???? You cannot go back to your old eating habits and then bitch because you gain the weight back!! I have kept my weight off for 10 years because I never went back to my old eating habits. Food is like a drug for some people. You need to eat to survive…not survive to eat. Please quit your complaining and quit blaming slim 4 life if you gain the weight back. You are the only one to blame.

Joni: I sure wish I had read all this information before I paid the money. I feel much like they made unrealistic promises and now I am the one NOT losing the weight. Slimgenics is way to complicated. Simply did not work for me.

Miffed: This program is a total sc*m. Does everyone else here with a “thumbs down” think that the “contract” they signed was worth the paper it is signed on? People–there are legal options available. Based upon my own horrific experience, I’d say that Sc*m4Life is very lucky someone hasn’t contacted a lawyer willing to fight or put together a class action lawsuit. There seems to be enough dissatisfied people here. Signing a contract you understand is one thing,, but signing something that changes after the fact is fr*ud. Anybody taking legal action?

Sharon: I wish I had read all these comments before I spent $485 on Slim4life. They just confirm what I have now discovered – it is an extremely expensive program – I cannot possible afford $30 a week simply for protein snacks – and the price of the other supplements you are supposed to use are outrageous. The diet was presented as “You can eat all 4 food groups” but it is basically a high protein diet with a token nod to the other food groups. You don’t find the details until AFTER you sign up. And there is no flexibility – I work peculiar hours and all I get from the counsellors is “well, you are going to find it very difficult.” They appear to be looking for every excuse – if you don’t lose the weight it is YOUR fault for not following the plan to the letter. And it is a very complicated plan – requiring more time and organisation than I can put in, without a great deal of stress that I do not need. I feel sick that I have wasted so much of my precious hard-earned cash.

Melanie: Slim 4 Life is not for the lazy person. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort to cook a healthy meal and follow the guidance of your counselor, its not the plan for you. My husband and I have been on the program for 6 weeks. He has lost 42 pounds and I’ve lost 20. He is “officially” on the plan and I’m not. Yes, it can be expensive, but if you stick to it, you WILL be successful. I don’t buy their vitamins – I took their bottle to Walmart and found an EXACT equivalent at a much lower price. I’m going to do the same with the supplements. Bottom line – if you follow the plan, it will work.

Marci: I have been with Sligmenics for 12 weeks and have been thrilled. I didn’t have a lot to lose (15 lbs), but I wanted to learn to eat better. The journal is very easy to use and helps you remember how much protein, fruit, etc you eat. I have tried online programs and I like this one because I have to check in to have my weight checked and this way I am accountable to more than just me. I am currently on the balance part of the plan, which helps incorporate more food back into my life. You add more food 1 week at a time for four weeks and then learn to eat in moderation. I have lost 15 lbs, 9 inches and down 2 pant sizes. Because I am a teacher and a single mom of 2 girls I am constantly on the go and moving. Because of my schedule I don’t have time to exercise, but if you are expecting to sit around and lose weight you aren’t going to see results as fast. I think it is a good program, but the thermo snacks could be improved.

Hibby: I love the program and the food, for once in my life I’m finally craving salads and lean proteins not Pizza and ice cream. I’m never hungry. But the only thing I do not like about Slim 4 Life / Slimgenics is that they say “You’ll eat normal food” yeah, half of your calories are normal food and the other half are snacks you have to buy from them that are loaded with aspartame and bad protein. I’m basically paying them to be my accountability partner because none of my friends are reliable enough :P I have found replacements for all of the supplements and the snacks. And I’m going to start working with a trainer to make sure I make my heart healthy and keep my muscle mass I’ve gained from carrying around all that weight for my life time.

mary: I am very unhappy with Slim 4 Life. I started this program in April 2010. I have lost 40 pounds, however I have stopped going due to 2 major reasons. I felt pushed and pressured in buying all of their supplements/vitamins/ minerals. They made me feel very pressured and even got irate with me when I told them I did not get paid till next week and I couldnt buy supplements. (Granted I had already bought 6 weeks worth at the inital visit). Secondly and most importantly, I could not take their bitter orange pills. I repeatly told the “counselor” that I did not feel well when taking these pills. I told them I could not sleep, felt to nerv*us. Their reponse to me was, “well you wont loose weight if you dont take the pills.” I tried to slowly take these magic weight loss pills and to no avail. I am a nurse, practicing for 25 years. I know that just because something is “natural”,does not mean it is s*fe. If you Goggle bitter orange you will find that it is simialr to Metabolite which was taken off the market because of the high risk of str*kes. Needless to say the cousnelors pushed, (mind you they are ot medical professionals) anyone can take a blood pressure. Well I ended up in my physicians office after I continued to take these magic pills. I had a rapid he*rt r*te of over 120 beats a minute. I though I was having a he*rt att*ck. It boiled down to the “natural herbs” that Slim 4 Life tried to and insisted that I take. I nearly ended up in the hospit*l due to their ignorance of pharmaceuticals. This is a d*ngerous diet. I have kept off my weight by eating lower carbs, exercising and slowly loosing 1 to 2 pounds every week. I am so fruious with this program and their lack of clincal knowledge I cant believe that I signed up for it in the first place. Now they call me everyday since I stopped coming in almost to the point of harrassment. They are lucky I dont file a l*w suit. To those who had success with this program,more power to you. It is not for every one but does work for some, however the facility I went to was too pushy and the manager had a very poor personality. What is scarey about this is that some people there are diabetic have high blood press*re and other medical problems. The counselors act as if they have a medical degree, changing peoples regimine if they arent losing weight fast ennough. This is a very d*ngerous practice. I am surprised that someone hasnt s*ed them yet.

GREGORY: I was able to lose 100# over a 1 year program. I feel great but still need to lose more. I am more aware of the type and amount of the food i eat. I would like to extend my program but i cannot afford the initial price. I am still going to the center to purchase some products.

Anonymous: I am in week 14 of slim 4 life and am down 48lbs…still have 55lbs to go..this is great!

mary: I have been fairly successful on slim 4 life..however…their products are VERY expensive and you have to be buying them all the time. They also tend to push them…. and some are nast tasting. I hate taking the pills all the time. When you have a busy work schedule it’s not always possible to take pills exactly 30 minutes before you eat.

Karen: I just read a bunch of these reviews and it hurts me that people say its a thumbs down because they have to keep a food journal or becasue the do not live close to the centers. For me…this was the ONLY program that actually worked! I have lost 103 lbs on Slim 4 Life and kept it off for 2 years! This is the BEST plan for a healthy weight loss with good nutritious foods….not dehydrated meals. And as for the cost…it is far less than Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers or any other program…plus…Slim 4 Life actually gauranties your weight loss! You will lose weight on this plan and fast if you do what they say. I just had to put my two cents out here too because it does work and I hope that someone who really needs to lose weight and has not had success with other plans (like me) doesn’t see these reviews and decide not to try it….Also, the people who work there really care about your progress and about you as a person, they are NOT just after your money…they really want to help!

Kansas City: Karen, you are one of the lucky one’s I followed the program to the letter and it took 4 months/16 weeks to lose 20 lbs. Not one of the couselors had been on the plan and obviously did not have a weight problem. I journaled daily and purchased all of the supplements. It was not worth the time or the money.

Pat: Verrry expensive. The herbals put me in a tailspin. I lost 10# initially then nothing. They advised me not to exercise too. I calculated that I was only taking in 600cals a day. They do not stand behind their products and will not give any refunds. Their so-called counselors have no training in diet and wieght loss management. Their training is geared to lighten your wallet. Terrible program.

John: I live in the KC area and started the program around 8 weeks ago. After quick weight loss the first few weeks I’ve leveled out to around 3-4.5 lbs weekly. Of course I could lose weight using other plans, but this one seems to work and being accountable to journal and come weigh in frequently keeps me on track. I’m down about 42 lbs and I’m feeling really good about this program. Expense is kind of relative when you figure that you are trying to reverse 15 years (in my case) of constant weight gain in just a few months. It’s worth the work!!

Anonymous: I was very disappointed by Slimgenics for several reasons and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I didn’t do enough research before joining and fell for the smooth sales pitch, not recognizing the warning signs. After following the plan for a week and losing several pounds, I started to feel tired and had very little energy. I mentioned this to counselors, but they didn’t seem concerned. It turned out I had an underactive thyroid, so I decided to quit the plan in the interest of my health. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no refund, even for legitimate reasons such as a medical condition. The joining fee isn’t too bad, but then the price skyrockets when you are strongly encouraged to purchase their overpriced products (which don’t taste all that good). There’s no corporate contact information available on the Slimgenics website, which is not a good sign. Overall, a big thumbs down from me.

Leslie: I’m surprised to see so many comments from people saying they aren’t losing weight on this program. After many years of yo-yo dieting I don’t lose weight easily but after finishing the 3 day prep phase I have already lost 5 pounds. The food on the plan is real and easy to prepare. The additional supplements are expensive and there is a large learning curve at first but I have high hopes for this diet plan.

donna: The cost is outrageous. The add of all the groery store and eating out food you want is a lie. The vitamins make you sick. My granddaughter was bleeding from the retum becuase of the drastic change in food.They really rip you off. This program sucks.

Linda Allen: BUYER BEWARE!!! This is nothing more than an overpriced scam. Slim4Life has an absolute no return policy on all transactions. I purchased supplements from them and after 24 hours realize the pricing was insane. Attempted to take product back 24 hours later and Slim4Life would have nothing to do with it. A disgusting scam masquerading as a legitimate business. I see they’ve recently changed their name to Slimgenics no doubt to distance themselves from the mounting negative publicity.

Bernadette: I am currently on the program. I have mixed feelings. Cons: VERY expensive. The amount of or quality of information is only as good as the staff gives you. There is not a whole lot of printed material. They won’t give you a printed price listing for products. Nor did I receive a breakdown of what I initially spent up front. i am a person who works better with ‘the bigger picture’ than with ‘here is what you do for now’. They don’t want to give you too much info. Not crazy about some of their products which have aspertame and other ‘bad’ ingredients that I have tried to stay away from. PROs: My body has reacted well with the program. I have lost 30 lbs in two and a half months. I am 5 lbs from goal. The accountability helps in the beginning but I had to back if off from 3 visits a week to 2 as it is almost 20 miles out of my way going home from work. Last year I was able to lose 35 lbs on my own by eliminating soda, decreasing portion size and eating more often and drinking more water. I also ate less processed foods. But I starting eating more fast foods and gained 5 back. Decided to utilized the program to help me finish off the last of what I needed to lose. Not sure if I would recommend this porgram or not. I will finish this off since I have paid so much into it. It is a life style change which for me was already started prior to the program. I am hoping to keep it off permanently.

Deb: I joined Slim4Life and lost 11 pounds in 3 wks. It does work, but due to other health issues, I’ve had to stop the program. I spent a lot of money on protein bars and food and not able to use it.

Steve in Dallas: Slim 4 Life is now in the Dallas metroplex with multiple locations. 7 weeks into the plan and I just broke the 30lb. mark. It takes much discipline and accountability, but it is worth it! I plan on sticking it out until I reach my 80lb. goal. I have found some work arounds regarding the oral supplements. That helps keep the cost down. Plus you prepare your own food – not some prepackaged “meal”.

Tammy: I joined Slim 4 Life in April 2009 and lost 86 pounds by February 2010. Even if I slip back into old habits and gain a few pounds back I now have the knowledge to take it right back off. It was pricey but so worth it. I would have spent that money on health care in the future anyway the way I was going. I went from size 22 to a 6-8 and it changed my life forever. My husband likes it, too!

Christina in Fort Worth: Slim4life is costly but worth it. If you follow the plan the weight comes off quickly. That is the only way I will stick with a diet. I did lose 50 pounds the first tome I did it and gained it all back plus some over 2 years. It is not Slim4life’s fault I am addicted to Ramen noodles. I have joined again and after I lose the weight this time I am going to do the maintenence part of the program and do the work to keep it off. I am a carb junkie and a cmfort eater and until I change that, I will always gain the weight back no matter what diet I do!!!

Chris M: The program works, but don’t buy any supplements until you’ve had a chance to try them. They make “can’t refuse” offers costings hundreds of dollars.If you ask what supplements are good they’ll tell you there’re all wonderful when in reality some of them are not edible and they will NOT let you exchange anything for something else….

Ann: I live in the K.C. area. I lost the weight I wanted with Slim 4 Life, but was less than impressed with the program and would never do it again nor recommend it to anyone. It is expensive – a lot of costs they don’t tell you up front and the staff are mostly concerned with having you come into their center as much as possible so they can sell you products. They are salespeople first and foremost. They weigh you, take your blood pressure, and check your diet, and after attempting to sell you more stuff you probably don’t need -you’re out the door with pressure to come back as soon as possible. If you aren’t back within a few days, your file is placed in the “inactive” file. Since I lost weight every time, it was difficult for them to chastise me for not coming in every day. I’ve also overheard them talk about clients and make “sales” calls to clients to get them to come in. Put your money to better use and find a licensed dietician.

Angela: I had to fully commit to a lifestyle change and portion control when I joined Slim 4 Life, but that should be expected. It is a diet and I expected it to erase 15 years of bad habits. Took a little longer than expected; averaged 2.4 pounds lost per week. I have now lost a total of 48 pounds and am 1 pound from my goal weight!! Dropped from a size 14 to a size 6. Overall, I am very happy with this program, but did have some frustrations with counselors and feeling like it was a waste of time to deal with them. But, forcing myself to be accountable was what I needed, so I kept going. Exercise alone has never worked for me. Exercising makes me extremely hungry and then I just overeat. What I needed was structure and guidelines on portions. I never used or saw their cookbooks – just followed the portions and food choices to cook on my own, which I think is the better way to go for the long-term. It is definitely too expensive, but it worked for me and I’m very glad I made the commitment. I have no doubt that I would not have reached my goal on my own. I was eating all the wrong foods for most of my life.

R. Michelle: I have lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks and I am feeling much better. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it and spending the money makes me stick to it as well. It’s a strict diet but that’s what I need to break some bad habits. I’m going to have to change my lifestyle if I want to loose 80 pounds and keep it off. No more ice cream at 10:00pm! I can stick with the diet because I am seeing results. I have tried Weight Watchers and other similar diets but it’s slow and there are too many food choices to distract you. This is easy to keep track of what food to eat. It may get boring before it’s over, but I don’t care if it works! I think the supplements help calm my hunger and stabalize my blood sugar. I look forward changing my lifestyle to maintain my weight loss. I am now over 40 and I have come to the realization that I can’t eat like a 20 year old anymore. They do encourage you to loose weight but it’s not manditory to loose weight, which I appreciate because I try to exercise but it doesn’t always happen with 3 children.

G. Laura: I’ve started the plan about a month ago, I’m down 12lbs and have another 4 weeks until I start maintenace. Yes, asbolutely a change of eating habits, but as I’ve tried many other diets this seems the best fit for me. I like that I have to weigh/check in at the center every few days. It holds me accountable to the plan. I take advantage of the additional weight loss week awarded with 4 check-ins a week. I don’t feel pressured into buying their products when I go in. Actually, I have been able to located many of the items online. Also, I am not one to excercise, but I know it’s going to have to happen in order for me to keep the weight off. I’m hopeful.

Tanya: I have been on Slimgenics for a little over a week. I’ve lost 10 pounds!!!! I love this diet plan so far! It’s teaching me how to eat right and healthy foods!

Lenny: Has anyone ever noticed that the people who’ve lost significant amounts of weight at Slim4Life look like junkies? Their “counselors” are salespeople dressed in scrubs so they look like they’re trained health professionals. You can definitely lose weight without exercising, but is it healthy? No! And, you could give your money to your local m*th dealer and get the same results. RIP OFF!!!

Terri: I’ve been on S4L for 9 weeks and I’m down 39 pounds so far. It’s a great plan and I feel fantastic. All of my blood work is “normal” now. I have 30 pounds to go and I know I’ll make it. The counselors are fantastic! I also love the supplements. I’ve done several different weight loss plans–this one is by far superior and the easiest. It’s pricy–but worth it.

down42: I have bben on slim 4 life for 5 months and lost 42 pounds. and I cheat maybe once a week.. I couldve lost more probably. Yes I agree slim for life is expensive but I have found my way around there supplements. and I buy there pills on craiglist or ebay. So bash slim 4 life all u want. It is designed to lose weight fast,. After your at ur goal weight they do a stableization at the end and taken u off the pills and enter in more foods.

slbdrx: I have been on S4L for about a month now. First let me tell you, yes its expensive. The premise of the diet is calorie restriction and supplements to help keep you from being hungry. I joined for a few reasons. First, because I’m a cheapskate, there’s no way I’m spending money and NOT succeeding! Also, it was a benefit to me that you need to talk to a counselor and weigh in at least 3 times a week. It’s really hard to cheat knowing you’re going to have to be in the center the next day. Finally, they have a timeframe that is broken into three phases; first the weight loss, then a stabilization period where they figure out what foods work and don’t work for you, and then you have a maintainance phase where you still come to the center and weigh in to make sure you’re keeping the weight off. I really liked the idea that someone was going to help me with the “keeping it off” phase and not just the losing it. The program is a plan that centers on an equal mix of protiens and carbs and low fat. It is very, very restrictive. There is no substitution, there is no “just one bite” and there is no skipping the weigh-in. For me though, its just what I needed. I’ve been on the plan about a month and have lost about 17 pounds. I’m hoping to lose another 45. The supplements keep me from being hungry and the results are keeping me motivated. If you’re someone who can stomach the cost and needs some hand-holding and accountability then its a program that works. If you’re just looking for a group or a buddy then you’re not going to get some “magic pill” here and you and your wallet would be happier at WW. Hope this helps!

Leah G: hmmm…. this blog makes me wonder how many of you with negative attitudes actually did what they told you to do… I have been on slim 4 life for almost 5 months and have lost 62 pounds. Just because you pay for a diet plan doesn’t mean you will lose weight… you actually have to work at it. I think slim 4 life is exactly what I needed and honestly can’t believe all of these reviews…. hmmm

Tami D: IT seems like a lot of people just want a quick fix for weight loss, doesn’t sound like that’s what SLim 4 Life is all about. Seems like this has been good for a lot of people, is it mostly for folks wiht a LOT to lose? I might consider but the price, is somewha t of a barrier. Might take another look at weight Watchers and dust off a Pilates dvd I used to do, for now. What about the flex belt?

pat: I joined because they allowed their clients to eat real food. I told them I could not have caffeine or stimulants but they sold me almost $500 worth of supplements that had all kinds of stimulants. I didn’t sleep for 2 nights and thought my heart would beat out of my chest. They won’t take any of the unopened back because there are no refunds and then told me that I didn’t have to take the supplements. Then why did they sell all of them to me? I’m out $572 for all the supplements and am left with a person who knows less about what is in their products than I do now. I had to look up every ingredient to see what was considered a stimulant. They didn’t know. There are better, less expensive ways to lose weight.

Lauri: Overall I’m happy with it. However, let me say that this diet is not for people who have a hard time following orders. They want to be in charge, think that they can outsmart the system, or must be able to tweak the diet, substituing other ingredients. If you can’t admit that you can’t help yourself, just like an alchololic, don’t go on this diet. You will fail and waste money. I lost 34 lbs in about 3-1/2 months. It worked for me. I allowed myself one cheat day a month. I wasnt hungry at all. And Yes, there are downsides. The herbs really effected me at first, but my support team had me cut back and bring in gradually. AFter that everything was fine. And Yes its expensive. Maintenance is hard due to the fact you get to make choices again. I have gained about 13 lbs back after not following my maintence plan. But I’m back on plan so doing fine. Good luck. Find the diet right for your personlity

Tevyan: I was very stuck and after a number of attempts at WW, dieting on my own, regular exercise and steady working with a personal trainer, I had gained about 50 pounds in 18 months. I was almost 200 pounds overwieght when I took a chance and went in. The counselors explain everything including all the costs as well as what the plan entails. I love the accountability that the center offers me. It was very easy to hide in WW groups, but not here. I like that my choices are limited to a specific list of food though not so limited that I get bored. It makes everything very black & white for me as to whether or not I can have it. I have found that the vitamins and supplements are key along with the water. For those that are struggling to lose, I suggest buckling down on your supplements and water because the weight won’t come off othewise. I also have gone back to working with a trainer and going to the gym after the first couple of weeks on program. My center encouraged me to not do heavy lifting which is probably more psychological than physical. However, they are very encouraging about cardio workouts and strength training using my own body weight and light (5-10 pound) weights. As far as results go, I am in the middle of week 7 and have lost 27 pounds. Better yet, my energy is coming back in full force and I feel better than ever. Cons are of course the limited locations and the cost. For my needs it is over a year program to lose my goal and with program costs and snacks/supplements it is over $4000. However, this is nothing if at then end of the day I lose the weight and can live the life I want.

Debbie: I recently joined this program. I have been impressed thus far. Like any diet it requires commitment. I initially paid 650 bucks. She also told me about the nutrition meeting and she also showed me a price list of the entire program, thus the thousand dollar figures. I appreciated her being upfront about the figures that I would be seeing. She also stated that she didnt want me to be surprised. She also stated that you can find alot of their optional supplements at different stores so you are not bound to buying from them but its their recommendation that for the program to work the efas and the boost drinks where what was encouraged not the snacks, not the other supplements as others on here have stated. also I could have cut the amount I paid up front in half if I chose not to buy the starter kit which was 350 bucks. so how expensive this program gets is really on the person and what they choose to be sold. the plan makes sense, it not anything that you couldnt find else where the key is they make you accountable, think the amount of money you put up makes you want to try, journaling puts the truth infront of your, speaking to a counselor reenforces what you already know, or makes u accountable to someone else when you really have cheated yet you dont want to admit it to yourself. Alot of times not eating on the schedule is the cause of no weigh gain. I have been on ww, which is a good program as well, and equally as costly. Eating healthy is. On ww i spent more on trying to eat in the point system and I found myself supplementing with vitamins as well. its all what you make it. I will not bash this program,I suggest you take this program to your doctor, have them review the ingredients in your starter kit and go from there. dont bash be informed. The cost is great and Im not talking about my wallet, i mean my life.

Karen: I started Slim4Life after hearing about it on the radio from a local D.J. The initial consultation I was told it would cost $540.00 for a year and I would get a starter kit. Then, after the first three days of required eating plan which consisted of 2-3 pounds of beef per day with salad and Kraft fat free dressing to “prepare your body” I had to go for the nutrition class. That is when I learned I had to buy the supplements which cost 815.00 for a six week supply. The sales pressure was extremely high. I was already in or the non-refundable $540.00. So, I decided to go forward and purchase the supplements, etc. I did it for two weeks and hated it. I quit and was sick about the money I spent. They kept calling to come in and let’s talk about why I had not returned. From the time I quit until the time I went back (appx. 3 weeks) I had gained 7-1/2 pounds. I decided to give it another try. I bought the cookbook to get ideas to allow me to be creative with the food. I’ve been back on the program for three weeks and have lost 11 pounds. Now, here is the problem. I am on blood pressure medication and eating the low sodium and following the plan to the letter, my blood press*re dropped to 70/60 and I f*inted at the store. I had to go to the ER and the doctor on call told me to reduce my blood pressure meds to one/fourth of what I was taking. That could be the reason they take your blood pressure every time you go in to weigh. I have an appt. with my regular doctor tomorrow to see what he thinks I should do. They did blood work at the ER and my body was depleted of potassium and I was severely de*ydrated even though I am drinking 100 ounces of water a day. I had to get an *v of potassium. I am not having problems with the food because I made up my mind to lose the weight. If I can get off blood pressure meds, that would be great but my pressure is currently 90/70. I suggest anyone on blood pressure meds to NOT take the S4L diuretic because you will deplete your system of p*tassium which the ER said could be fa*al. My total bill to join and get the supplements was 1300.00 for 8 weeks supply. This is very expensive. I do walk on the treadmill to speed up the weight loss when I have the energy. Unless you have your mind made up to lose weight, you will not be able to stick with this plan.

Dorcie: ok everyone the program is amazing! i did it 10 years ago. I have a love for fruit and veggies. i got down to a size 10. because of family issues i gained it all back. 5 months ago i started the diet again on my own. my supplements are slim-fast. i started at 260 lbs. i’m now down to 165 lbs. started the diet doing 2 supplements 2 proteins 2 starches 3 fruits 4 veggies 2 vitamins once i got to 195 lbs. i went to 2 sup 2 pro 2 st 2 fruit 2 veggies it has been so easy!! well balanced diet and one day a week i eat what ever i want!! so if i’m craving anything i look for word to Sundays!! if ya want to know anything more just ask me. you don’t need to pay all the money for slim fast. it’s simple. start walking!! at least 20 min a day monday thru friday. take saturday and sunday off. treat yourself to what ever you want on 1 day and get back to work on monday. let me know if i can help!!

GTD: I first heard about the program and a ‘con’ was that it did NOT include supplements. Then I heard radio hosts promoting their success with the program and decided to check it out. It was ALL ABOUT BUYING THEIR SUPPLEMENTS. And they are expensive

Kerrie: Anyone that posts that it is a bad program has no will power to stick it out and has no drive. I have been on the program for a month and lost 20 lbs! It totally rocks! If you do the program it works and it works fast! I haven’t exercised in a month either. It is expensive but totally worth it because it works! To all of you that say it is B.S., you guys are just weak and lazy! Someone actaully said it was horrible because they had to journal….well how is your counselor supposed to help you if he/she doesn’t know what you are eating….THE PLAN ROCKS!!

Ben: The most important thing about Slim4Life is that it teaches you how to have healthy eating habits. Sounds like most of you want to keep eating crap but lose weight as well. Go spend all your weight watchers points on brownies and ice cream then. I lost almost 100lbs 7yrs ago and have been able to keep it off because of what I learned at Slim4Life, and it took me less than 6 months. It took me 6yrs to put that weight on. And bland foods? Well, learn to cook. You can’t go run a mile now and then and expect to win marathons people! You have to commit to the LIFESTYLE of being healthy. I bet the guys and girls on the cover of fitness magazines don’t eat crap and expect to stay in the shape they are in. If you want a healthy lifestyle, it’s a great program. If you want to be a life time dieter, keep trying the fad diets.

Abbey: I was concerned about the price and expressed my concern at the “free consultation.” I joined it for the amount listed and was told the only other cost was my weekly protein bars and drinks. Only to find out during the informational meeting 3 days later that you need to spend 860 dollars more to complete the program, food, vitamins, omega 3s, etc…AND, if you don’t buy that night you have to spend 30% more to buy the product month to month. That makes it $1,118 extra they did not disclose to me! Thank goodness I do like the product so far but don’t trust the weightloss counselors at all! They are just sales people!

Paula: I started the Slimgenics program (old slim4life) on October 20, 2011. Since then I have lost 12.5 lbs and am learning new recipes and how to incorporate vegetables in my daily eating. I like it so for. It is expensive, but so are the medications I take for high cholesterol, diabetes and not to mention the larger clothes. So I am looking forward to buying smaller clothes and of course. getting off some of these meds.

Kirk: I was never allowed to see the same counselor consistently and never really understood what their “tailoring” of my diet was based on other than generalities and averages. i.e. not really tailored. I lost only an average of a 1.5 lbs per week in 6 months (total of 16 lbs) and very rarely cheated. Far less than their advertised 3 to 5 lbs per week. Their “diet” pills are WAY TOO expensive. Unfortunately I also craved chocolate and ice cream after 6 months! In 58 years I NEVER bought or desired those foods or chicken before I went on the Slimgenics program. A coincidence, perhaps: but now after being off-program for 2 months I’m heavier than before starting their program. I eat more chicken now, though. Caveat emptor.

JJ: I was on this program 10 years ago and had good success (although i never made it to my target goal). I do consider this to be a fad diet because not only is it something you can’t do forever, you do gain back more weight than before once you stop the diet. In all fairness, I didn’t do the maintenance program before. At any rate, since I had quick results before, I decided to try this again. Boy howdy, things have changed! First, they try to bully you into taking a boatload of pills — all of which you can purchase OTC for a fraction of what they’re charging. My doctor said none of these pills have been proven to help you lose weight and were a waste of money, so I stopped taking them, which didn’t make the counselors happy at all (I’m sure they get paid a commission and the pills alone cost about $200 per month). Second, the price of their supplements is outrageous. They’re the same old ones that they had 10 years ago and they’ve more than doubled the price for these bad-tasting products ($17 for 7). Since you’d need to buy two boxes per week, that’s $34 per week or, on average, $136 per month. That’s on top of the pills they want you to do, so right there, in addition to the hefty fee you pay to start the program, you’re paying

mary: I was successful with Slim4Life. But I was ready to be successful. I only purchased the supplements none of all the other pills and potions they are pushing- yes pushing. I kept the weight off 18lbs + for over a year. I found it sickening to hear the sales people selling additional products to desperate dieter. The money I paid for it and the looming blood pressure meds I would need were incentive enough to get and stay on track. I purchased the supplements over the internet(same product but cheaper) watched the carbs and increased the protein and water. It worked for me. I don’t need the cheesy(and not medical professional) counselor sales pitches.

Terri: I just completed my weight loss weeks and my 6 weeks of stabilazation. I lost 75 pounds with S4L in the amount of time they said I would. I tried several diets before this one. Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig…..and this one worked because I finally found a diet that I wanted to stick to. Let’s face it–being fat is the result of eating too much and eating the wrong things–no one is fat because of genetics alone. The 3 day prep was awful, and it was all consuming and hard for the first 3 weeks–after that it all became so easy to just stay on the plan. The first 21 days your body is getting over your sugar addictions and all the crap you’ve been putting into your body. This diet consists of all real foods–nothing canned– all fresh and “clean” foods. The two supplements you get a day are really good–high in protein and they satisfy any cravings you have. There is no way that this diet doesn’t work for everyone. If this diet is rated badly by some–or if there are those who claim that it didn’t work for them–it’s because they weren’t able to give up their addictions to food long enough to see the results. That’s a motivation and will-power issue within that person–not the fault of the diet or of S4L. My blood work, blood pressure and energy levels are all within a fantastic range. I feel better than I ever have. I had to tackle my own food deamons–and it wasn’t easy–but in the end I decided that I was worth it. I was a size 22. I’m now a size 8. I don’t regret my decision to join S4L at all–nor the amount of money I spent. For me, I had to sign that piece of paper and spend the money–and get weighed 4 time weekly and utilize the counselors to make me accountable to my Self. Are YOU worth it? No addiction is worth being obese and uncomfortable–think about that.

S4L hater: I went to Slim for Life feeling depressed and ugly and boy did they take advantage of me! I originally went in for my “free” consultation and got an idea of what the diet was like and a price of $600 to get started and 3 months of supplies. When I went back to start the plan I was high pressured into purchasing $2500 worth of supplies. I kept saying no and they kept coming back with a slick reply and I even said I didn’t have enough money and they said to call and check my credit limits and we could charge the cost on multiple cards. After 45 minutes of fighting with them I gave in, I was so sad and desperate to lose weight they knew I could be talked out of ALOT of money. I had also told them on I was on multiple medicines for my depression and was worried about any adverse effects I might have. They reassured me they had not had anyone with any problems when taking the supplements and meds at the same time. They also said if I had any problems we would discuss it when the problems arose. Well I did have reactions between my meds and the supplements. I think most of it was caused by the boost drink. I lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks but I felt physically ill the entire time, I had to force myself to eat and my heart raced. I of course let my counselors know I was having issues and they just smiled and told me to keep taling the supplements and I would start to feel better. I quit after 6 weeks and it has now been 5 weeks since I quit. I have not gained any weight back. I guess I would say Slim for Life can work, but they will squeeze every penny out of you and lie lie lie to your face about the price and their products. Everytime I hear their lose 30 pounds in 30 days for 30 dollars I want to throw something at the TV, they are such snakes!!!

Deanna: I really enjoy Slim4Life. It is a good plan…and I should know because I’ve been on WeightWatchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem…you name it and I’ve tried it! Slim4Life teaches healthy eating habits and moderation. They do not focus on exercise, but I am excited to get to a weight where I can start “moving” again without pain. I’ve only been on the program for 3 weeks and have lost 12.8 lbs. For me, it is working!

Bob: I started my Slim 4 Life journey October 3, 2011. Eighteen weeks later I’ve lost 63 pounds. I am 9 pounds from my target weight. As with any program, it is what you make it. I’ve been in sales for 38 years so goal setting has been a natural part of my life for a long time. Any weight loss program requires a person to be highly motivated to reach their personal weight goal. Slim 4 Life is no different.

Carol: Do NOT join Slim4Life. They only guarantee results in their binding contract if you purchase their supplements; and they are costly. If you buy the supplements upfront they give you a higher one-time only discount; however, they make you sign a contract and the program and supplements are non-refundable, non-exchangable, non-returnable and non-cancellable. I got taken as I purchased the products and ended up aller*ic to them and was out thousands of dollars. The products were full of hidden forms of MSG (monosodium glutamate) and made me very *ll. The company could care less. They are a scam and a ripoff – DON’T FALL FOR IT!!!!

Brenda M: I have been on Slim4Life for about a month. I have lost 20 pounds by adhering to the diet. However, I have a severe soy all*rgy and all of their snacks, drinks, and some supplements contain soy. I told them this upfront and was told it was not a problem. However, it has been a huge problem. I was so hungry the first 2 weeks, I almost quit. I firmly believe I am not getting enough protein because I cannot eat their stupid supplements. No one has been able to give me an alternative. I have spent hours searching for something to replace their supplements and all I get from my effort from the counselors is “Well, it’s not on the plan.” I know it’s not on the plan…how about some help here?! Isn’t that why I’m paying you the big bucks? I also get conflicting information from the different counselors, and I use that term loosely. My advice is, if you have a soy all*rgy, go elsewhere. Weight Watchers is a much more flexible plan and I will be going back there soon! One other thing that has started to annoy the heck out of me, is they wear doctor jackets to make them look professional. They shouldn’t even be allowed to do that. It is very misleading when I know more about nutrition than the counselors do!

Big D: Amazing blog here. Re lying, well only a few weeks ago when I started this program, I asked if the company was in other states and was assured they had no locations outside of Texas. Why was that something that needed a lie? It was a simple factual question.

Abry: I started Slim4Life 6 mnts ago and have had amazing results!!! I need the accountablity and the plan they put me on works great. I have lost 75 lbs and need to lose more. As soon as I started I had more energy and am alot more happy my attitued has changed 100%. My mom has since started the diet and in the last 3 weeks she has lost 20. Its the best thing I have ever tried and I have tried alot. My friend just went today and is very exited about it. The people who have said they tried it and didnt lose any wieght need to look in the mirror its your fault not Slim4Life.

Patti: People who don’t lose weight on Slim4Life simply don’t follow the program! If you follow it, you WILL lose (because you eat so little!)You can’t follow this without taking the supplements, they’re the only reason you can eat so little. For me, this is a jump start, not a new lifestyle.

Anonymous: I think the plan sets you up for failure. To lose 30 lbs in 10weeks I was to only drink all there powder drinks and water, and take a crap load of pills. There is no part of the plan that prepares you for special events or holidays. Just eat chicken is what they told me, lots and lots of protien. If you are a binge eater, starving your self from everythng but protien for even two weeks is asking for an all out binge week. I also couldn’t cook for me and my husband. It works for people or they would be their but still I dontt think it teaches you a life change

Deb: I have been on Slim for Life for 4 weeks now and am very disappointed. First, the cost is high!! You initially pay for your initial join up fee, which for me was $400 during half off week (fee is determined by how much you want to loss – 50 for me, placed on Plan 2, and they provide a few weeks of supplements, but I wasn’t informed of the costs for the supplements that must be purchased throughout the 50 weeks of weight loss, one of the supplements being $150 for a month supply! Not including the other supplements. Second, the reciepes are all geared to use their supplements. I’ve 10 pounds but that was mostly from the initial 3 day detox. I am frustrated at this point because I have been sticking very close to the program, but admit I have occasionally forgot to eat one fruit during the day, or missed the high protein drink. I was informed because I wasn’t following the program exactly that is why the program is not working for me. I do not recommend this program, it is difficult to follow and if I’m not losing because I’m forgetting a fruit on occasion…and I’m taking all these pills….oh, hell no. BS!!! I’ve done LA Weight Loss and it is a MUCH BETTER PROGRAM…. real food, real receipes!!! I am going to drop this and do the LA Weight Loss on line. The program is so much more doable!!! So angry I’ve lost a tone of money over this ridiculous program!!!

Dane G.: On April 4, 2014 I weighed 224 lbs at the doctor’s office. He said the dreaded word, “Insulin.” A few weeks later, I joined Slim 4 Life. It was expensive, but I decided that I’m only going to do this once. It will be worth it. The first six weeks were incredibly disappointing. 1 solitary pound vanished a week. I dutifully weighed my food and kept a strict journal. The women at the office talked to me in an attempt to see what was going wrong. On May 31, I weighed 216.6. I was at my wits end and resolved to quit the next week. Then something happened. I followed the same food plan and lost 4 lbs in a week. Today is August 4, 2014. I weighed in Saturday morning at 186.6. My waist is the same size as when I graduated high school.

Jennifer: Can I buy the supplements, fish oils, drinks and snacks elsewhere that would be cheaper? I would love any suggestions. Thank you.

Slim 4 Life

Slim 4 Life has been in the weight loss business for over 25 years in the Denver Metro, Northern Colorado, and Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Recently, they went through a name change: it’s now called Slimgenics. Whether you call it Slimgenics or Slim 4 Life, this program is said to provide their clients with a low calorie diet model, which includes giving them the tools they need to lose weight and stay in shape for the long haul. Slim4 Life is often advertised as being a plan for “every” man and woman, because it does not require ordering prepared foods or making trips to the local health food store, which makes it a good pick for consumers with a busy lifestyle.

Slim4Life uses a professionally supervised model that starts with a full medical intake, so they can determine which plan is best for the client and to see if there are any underlying health issues that need to be addressed. All their plans include support and nutritional information, as well as dietary supplements if needed. Slim 4 Life has launched specific programs for men, women, and children (ten and over).

The cost of the Slim 4Life program can vary depending upon the individual’s goals and starting weight. The website suggests that the best way to get a realistic price for this plan is to contact one of their counselors via their toll free number or email.

While taking part in the Slim 4 Life system, each client is given their own counselor, who is said to provide them with the support need to stay motivated and on target with their goals. But Slim 4Life counselors also offer their clients strategies to enhance weight loss and assist them with integrating new, healthier eating habits into their day to day lives.

Slim 4 Life includes a comprehensive diet plan, which, according to the website, uses “real” food that can be found in your local grocery store to make healthy meals. In general, it is reported that adults eat up to 1500 calories a day while on Slim4 Life, but the exact number of allowed calories is actually determined by a variety of factors, including the individual’s age, health, and starting weight. According to their marketing materials, while Slim4 Life does provide their clients with a structured diet, it’s also flexible, so it can be easily integrated in to the individual’s lifestyle.

 Final Facts
Slim 4 Life reportedly provides their clients with a natural and holistic approach to weight loss that’s safe and results oriented. According to Slim 4 Life’s developers, this system is more than just a diet, because they offer their members tools and techniques that can be used for the rest of their lives to have a slim, healthy and thriving life. Slim 4 Life is currently offering free consultations through their website. More information on Slim 4 Life can be found by visiting an official website.