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Overeaters Anonymous


Overeaters Anonymous is a recovery program for consumers who struggle with compulsive eating. Employing the traditional 12 Steps, Overeaters Anonymous reportedly endeavors to provide community, support, assistance, and healing to people who are struggling with over eating. Though consumers can contribute to Overeaters Anonymous, there is no charge for attending a local meeting. Read a full Overeaters Anonymous Review Here.

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57 Responses to “OvereatersAnonymous”

Cheryle: Overeaters Anonymous saved my life. I’ve been in 29 years and am maintaining a 80 pound weight loss. I was not a healthy obese person. My 28 year old adopted daughter, just had a baby. When I first tried to adopt, I was too sick and obese and the adoption agency wouldn’t talk to me. After a year in OA, a large weight loss, and a restoration to health, suddenly I was a good candidate for parenthood. Now I am alive and healthy enough to enjoy a grandchild. Without recovery in OA, none of that would have been possible and I would not be here to hold my grandbaby. I tried every other available solution and nothing else worked.

Dani: To Luce and all others that think calling people “fatties” is OK. How do you get off judging others when you talked about feeling judged in the meetings? Those folks in the meetings aren’t judging, they have gone before us and know what works and what doesn’t. If you’re depending on a diet pill to solve your problems, you might want to go back to the drawing board. If they worked, every overweight person in the world would be on them. As far as the “God stuff”, OA doesn’t demand you have believe in such a thing. What does have to happen is you must believe in a power greater than yourself. If you call it God, the Universe, or whatever. The people in those meetings can help us. The 12 Step idea is one that takes courage and the ability to be honest. Some of us aren’t ready and that’s OK. But I would like to tell you one thing and you can take it to the bank…… if you are a food addict or a compulsive overeater… it is a progessive disease. It will get worse if you don’t get help. And so you know, the people of OA don’t get a thing by bringing people in. All they want is to help others out of the fear, depression,and self hatred. They know how bad it can get. That’s all.

Omega: Overeaters Anonymous is a miracle. I spent a decade of my life binging, starving and purging with over excercise. I would wake up binging and pass out at night binging, it was awful. But with OA I dont have to do that anymore. Its realeased the bonds that the food had on me. All skeptics can go on being miserable and struggling, or really work the 12 steps and see what happens. Its only you who has to suffer.

Frances: OA has saved my life , I finally have found people who I can identify with . If I work this simple program, it will help me to understand why I overeat and what I can do to change my habits so that I can live a more serene Joyous life and be free of compulsive eating. By believing in a higher power,(it us not necessary to be religious) I believe I can find strength to ask for help to only eat what nourishes my body, and keep me at a healthy weight. Overeaters encourages emotional ,spiritual and physical growth and through the fellowship it teaches us how to handle any problem that might lead me to overeat.

Clouddancer: to Dani and Omega,Frances and all who have shared a positive note. I know at this moment that I did not just come upon this particular site by coincidence. I thank you for your comments. I have been a compulsive Overeater most of my life and I am a very unhealthy 59 year old now. I need help and have thought of finding an OA in my area. I am convinced that I need to do this now. Thank you for your honesty. Bless you

Nea: I have been in OA for the past 3 years. I went to y first meeting and didn’t know that I was a compulsive overeater – I just knew I was overweight and really unhappy. I coudln’t stop eating, even when I wanted to…once I had the idea of food in my head, I needed to get it…even when I was full, even when I really didn’t want to… At my first meeting, someone shared their story…and it sounded a lot like me. The only difference is that they were abstinent and health and happy. I kept coming because I wanted to loose weight, I have lost 66lbs, but I stay for the fellowship, the abstinence and for the great life I have been given. The spiritual aspect of the program is very personal – there is no prescribed faith or belief…just a power greater than yourself (that is a pretty broad concept). I love my life today – I am happy, joyous and free.

Rikki: For starters the person who decided to write about the program doesn’t know much about overeaters anonymous!!!!!!! Diet and exercise is very important to anyone. Ok I have read a few comments and now i will let people know about OA as a whole. 1. do you eat when you are not hungry? 2. do you go on eating binges for no apparent reason? 3.do you have feelings of remorse and guit after overeating? 4. do you give too much time and thought to food? 5.do you look forward with pleasure and anticipation to the time when you can eat alone? 6. do you plan these secret binges ahead of time? 7. do you eat sensibly before others and make up for it alone? 8.is your weight affecting the way you live your life? 9. have you tried to diet,(any length of time)only to fall short of your goal? 10.do you resent others for telling you “use a little willpower” to stop eating? 11. despite evidence to the contrary, have you continued to assert that you can diet “on your own” whenever you wish? 12.do you crave to eat at a definite time, day or night, other than mealtime? 13.do you eat to escape from worries or troubles? 14.have you ever been treated for obesity or a food related condition? 15.dos your eating behaviour make you OR others unhappy? Not the whole concept here is to be HONEST with yourself while answering these simple questions. Members of Overeaters anonymous have found that they have answeredyes to many of these questions! THIS IS NOT A QUICK FIX PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! Only those who cnnot be honest with themself will fail at this. It is as spiritual as you make it and not more. Whether you have a medical condition or not it works of you work it. We all “slip” sometimes but that is what the group is for…to support you! This is a support group. Only thing I can say is if you tried it once and found the group was weird or not right and after answering these questions and it does sound like you…try another group! Some groups focus more on spiritual or emotional or physical aspects pertaining to the program. Find one that suits you. Also, there has been a lot of hype over the 12 steps. People seem to react negative towards them and in reality have never even sat in on a group to find out about what it really is. I was one of them!!!! If you answered these questions honestly and you found more “yes” than “no” answers, than what does it hurt to try. As we say…”Keep coming back. It works if you work it. Have a lot of love and YOU are worth it!!!!!” Take care out there and hope to see you soon!

Rikki Again: Oh ya forgot to tell you….I have not “dieted” or exercised since i started program 6 months ago and I have already lost over 50 lbs to date! Now, tell me does it work????? Take care. See you soon.

Rikki: As a food addict i noticed a lot of unheathy food adds on a web site promoting good eating habits…HUH!

Rikki: Stepping out of our shell makes us all uncomfortable at first but to be able to eventually trust another individual or group and know that they truly understand you helps in more ways than one. Just to clarify…you do not make feelings or your history “public” for it is a private meeting and what is said to the group stays with the group…hence anonymous. I will say I have tried everything known to human kind to keep my weight off once I lost it…Which i did… but failed! This has finally made my life manageable. It helps me maintain control of my life and makes me whole. This is what I choose for me! Congratulations to you for taking charge and I hope that it works for you! All the best!

elly: I am a compulsive eater…a disease as insidious and progressive as any other addiction/compulsive behavior. For 21 years, my compulsive eating has been arrested using the proven, workable method shared about at meeting of Overeaters Anonymous. I became WILLING to use the tools of OA as I listened to others who shared my problem share on the solution. That is where OA differed..people DOING it shared on the solution to our common problem. And as they say, “It works if you work it.” It certainly has for me..and no different than for my husband in his managing of his diabetes. What I did yesterday to successfully manage my disease, I do again today.I have maintained a 55 lb. weight loss 20 and 1/2 years.

Rena Marie: After several years of one tragedy after another, loosing my home in a fire, an accident that left me partially paralized and my daughter dead, and learning I had cancer; I was no longer processing my pain and guilt and grief, I was “feeding” my pain, and burying it deeper and deeper in layers of fat. Some people have coping skills that allow them to overcome problems, some of us turn to drugs, or alcahol or even food. I turned to food as a way to “soothe” my ragged nerves. My medical doctor didn’t feel I was “depressed enough” for medication, and would berate me when I would gain another 10 pounds. I finally had to recognize that food wasn’t the issue, it was all the issues that I was denying and trying to cope that turned me to binge eating. Maybe OA is not for everyone, and maybe some people don’t have the problems with coping a loss or dealing with a tragedy that I have, but once I realized that I was trying to hide and cover up my pain with food, I was able to seek help to overcome compulsive overeating and began to learn new coping skills. I have begun to loose weight. No one wants to eat day in and day out, and eat until they get sick, but they are using food as a drug of choice. Perhaps OA is too “religious” for some people. Having to submit to a higher power is really scarey, because we want to be in control of everything in our lives, yet the sad truth is that our emotions will find an outlet to express themselves. My sister is an alcoholic, my brother is addicted to gambling. I eat, and the funny thing is that it seems to be more acceptable to be fat than drunk. If coping with problems is turning you to eating anytime and anywhere, then there is am emotional need that a diet pill, a diet drink or some new food diet will not fix. Fix the problem with the emotions, then the eating will fix itself. We just get so lazy and want to take that magic pill and have the pounds melt away. The magic is in learning to deal with people and the issues in our lives. Having to appologize to people that I have hurt in the past was one of the hardest things I had to do, partly because of my pride, and partly because I felt it was everyone elses fault that I was hurting. OA’s 12 steps, the very same ones that are in AA, and designed to help us overcome some of that pain and deal with our emotions in a different way. Sometimes the pain is so great that I have a momentary relapse, and may have 8 cookies instead of 2, but I now I am aware of each relapse, and I no longer spend days beating myself up and eating myself into oblivion because there was some trigger that caused the grief and pain to surface. I’ve learned to do something else, and if I make a mistake, I’ve learned to forgive myself and move on to doing some activity that will soothe my soul. Genetic predisposition to being overweight is a difficult issue, but learning from our mothers and grandmothers to cook big meals and eat all the time is close to being genetic too. I was in denial for 10 years, and now I tell my family that get togethers are not food events, but family events, and we don’t have to have food around just to say I Love You.

Molly: I have gone to oa/how and it doesnt matter what religion you are, it is just believing in a power greater then yourself. This 12 step program, has helped many. I find it essential to have a program that works, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And those “Skinny” people that were referred to in some of the above comments, are people who have been were we are, “over wgt.” and are on maintance. Thats the thing with diets, we think once we have lost the weight, we can start rewarding ourselves, the next thing you know the weight is back! This is a life program, because we all are just a bite away from are old life style.

Debbie: I have been attending oa meetings for 3 weeks, and have never felt more accepted, supported, or affirmed by any group in my life. If you feel powerless over food, as I did, will power will never be enough to stop you from eating what is known as trigger foods: things that you can never get enough of, which are unique to each person. Food is a drug to me, and for at least today, I am sober and happy.

Paula: Hi! I was a skinny girl who over the last sixteen years became obese. I was clinically non-treatment responsive depressed. For fifteen years, all I did was compulsively overeat and sleep. I have had two brain surgeries for the depression, the last one two and a half years ago. It worked – I have been depression free for a whole year now! Everyone told me about my huge weight gain, however, I never believed them. Yes, I am overweight but not by much… In the last eight months I have finally known that I am obese. Two weeks ago I went to my first OA meetng, today, will be my third. I like the group, its principles and the people. What I really need is a sponser,

suzyQ: I am in Winthrop Maine. I was part of another food recovery program but I couldn’t do it. I have 20 years in AA but I am a practising food addict. Can I find help in OA?

Jmo: I only went to one meeting and then I went to another AA-based meeting (not OA) for addictions in general and it was too much theory and not enough application. Perhaps I should give it another chance?

Viko: I began at OA to please my husband who was doing AA.I hated those first few meetings. They talked about emotions and there was no mention of food. I kept going to please hubby and slowly I started to get it .Then came a time of mixed emotions, on the one hand it was NOT my fault I behaved this way nwith food and could stop beating myself up about it.On the otherhand I could use it as a handy excuse for not making any effort. But I followed the program , got a sponsor , did a food plan and the twelve steps and went from 90 kgs to 50 kgs and kept it all off for 5 years. Its the only thing that has ever worked and Ive tried everything .My big mistake was in thinking I had it licked and I stopped following the program.Slowly but surely the wt has come back and for the last 4 yrs Ive been yo -yoing dieting trying desperately not to go over 100kgs. Once again Im trying everything in the book and going nowhere fast. OA is the only answer.It deals with the mind , body, and soul of the problem, supported by others battling the same disease. I pray that I may get the courage to go back to what I know is the only thing that works for me—before I die from a wt related illness which is what is looming straight ahead. This program is not for everyone but if you are truly a compulsive eater this is the only thing that works.

Anonymous: OA is strictly a support group utlizing the 12-step format. Any person suffering from an eating disorder may attend: anorexics; bulemics; overeaters or anyone who just wants support on developing healthy eating habits and lifestyles. Yes there are some meetings that help with the development of food plans. Therefore, I strongly encourage any person attending any type of 12-step meeting to attend more than one meeting as each meeting has its own personality and each meeting is attended by different people.

Margo: I went to OA several years ago and it was the only thing that I was able to count on for support. I lost 50 lbs. and mainted that for 5 years. I didn’t eat between meals and didn’t eat sugar. At first I didn’t think I could ever do it but, one day at a time, I did it. Then I made and “exception” and that was the end of my abstinance. Now I am overeating again and looked for a local meeting, but I couldn’t find one, so I’m planning to use OA on-line. Part of the success in OA is in sharing our stories with others and helping others with their program (like being a sponsor). Sure, it’s scary at first, because it’s different, diets are okay, but they don’t deal with the food addiction, and that’s what I need. I’ve been doing pretty well on my own for the last few days, but how long can I keep it up with only me to work the program. If there’s an OA meeting near you, thank your lucky stars — you have friends there you haven’t met, and won’t unless you go to the meetings.

Norma: I used to belong to OA in California, but lost contact after moving some years ago. I benefited so greatly from participation I woulod like to get involved again. I prefer going to meetings but can’t find one here (WA) now. I learned what my binge foods are and I found that if I avoid them, I’m still overweight, but I’m much happier as well as I find it easier to not overeat even other things.The program works!

me: Hi use to to go to OA meetings but like so many of you felt that they were way too religious.. so i stopped going.. recently i picked up the diet again without the meetings.. and you know what this diet works. When i did it before i lost a ton of weight and this time.. i sorta cheated by weighing my self for about the first three days.. and i lost 6lbs in three days. that’s amazing. i know this works for me.. and i love it

Karen: I went to OA a couple of times but did not get to continue as I had a possesive husband who felt that I didn’t need to do things for myself. I would of liked to have kept on going for I feel that it would of helped and made me stronger as I needed to get my emotions out without being judged. I am a compulsive eater who will maintain for awhile then not be able to stop eating anything and everything even though I’m not hungry or feel sick. I want to be able to have a person who can understand what it feels to not have the signal that says you’ve had enough now so stop. A friend who will be there and not judge. I feel it would work for you if you committ yourself to open up, which someday I may be able to do that.

Lucy: To Thomas: Yes, Overeaters Anonymous is for guys as well – in fact the only requirement is a desire to stop eating compulsively. No dues, no fees, no compulsory talking/sharing required at meetings, no religious affiliation required to be a member, etc. I have been a member for 26 years and OA literally saved my life. I was suicidal when I grudgingly went to my first meeting. I have not looked back. No food will ever give me the high that my new life does! “Keep coming back; it works, if you work it!”

Barabara: I was hopping to read a lot more positive feedback on the OA. I don’t think it is going to work out for me considering what I am reading here. Thanks for sharing your experience! I may have to start seeing a therapist. ;0

Debbie: Barbara I suggest you try OA. It has helped me change many of my eating behaviors by helping me figure out why I made them. I prefer the Overeaters Anonymous group over therapy because you get to hear what has worked for the different people who attend the meetings. You can also attend OA as a compliment to other forms of weight loss. The weight I have lost has stayed off and my food is now a choice for me.

OANewbie: I have attended a few OA meetings and you are encouraged to believe in a higher power to help you in recoveryand this does not have to be religious (God) it can be something simply spiritual to the individual. For some members this higher power may be God, but no one is judged on what they consider to be their personal form of a higher power. A few prayers are recited during the meetings, but that does not mean you are required to recite the prayer if you wish not to. Some comment that OA sounds wussy, but it is a lot harder to take a real good look at yourself by judging your eating habits and emotions that go along with those habits than it is to take a diet pill, but to each their own.

Vanessa: I want to lose at least 100 pounds, but I seem to have a problem with fast foods and junk foods. I also have medical problems to.

carol: OA has changed my life over the last 7 years. I have finally learned to deal w/my food issues and my abnormal relationship w/food. It is a program designed to tackle the physical symptom (food/craving) with emotional illness (crazy obsessions) with a spiritual solution(not religious). Physically I am a healthy, strong size 4 and was never able to maintain weight loss until this program (used to be over 200 pounds) For the last 7 years I have weighed the same range and worn the same size – a miracle in my book. Before you “thumbs down” the program, you really have to give it some time – just like you do to lose weight w/diet and exercise in the first place.

Sharon: I am a member of OA and it is a very good program. I have found that if you go to the meetings and use the tools, literature and with the help of my Higher Power that this is a wonderful program and it does work. It works if you work it.

jeanna: Overeaters anonymus saved my life!! I finally got off the diet rollercoaster. It is the best and only program that works

Jeannette: Having just come home from an OA meeting, I feel I must answer some of the misconceptions expressed about OA. First, I will relate my experience. I went to my first OA meeting in 1977. I am currently more than 5 years from my last sugar binge and maintaining a weight loss of more than 90 pounds. I attend a weekly meeting of a Big Book( Alcoholics Anonymous) study group. We are currently on Chapter 5 ‘How it Works’. This chapter emphasizes that this program works for those who are honest, open-minded and willing to take action. We have all gone on diets, taken pills, gone to the gym, etc. How many actually change their life? OA gives you concrete steps to follow and provides a system of sponsorship to help you every day. I call my sponsor every day with my food plan for that day and if I have problems that I need help with deciding the best course of action, I discuss these with my sponsor. I currently have 3 people who call me. You are never alone. If you have trouble sticking to an exercise program as well as food, you can commit your exercise program to your sponsor also. The biggest problem for me was turning over my life to a ‘ Higher Power’. I am not a religious person and very skeptical of organized religions. My higher power is the universal power of love and forgiveness, the inter-connectedness of all life. This is certainly a ‘power greater than myself’. Everyday I give thanks for the many blessings in my life: certainly for OA and my healthy life and family. I will be 70 years old in 3 months and I swim laps, ride my bike, garden, volunteer in 2 museums and go kayaking with my 5 year old grandson. I could not do this with the 260+ pounds I was in 2002 and OA is the reason I lost that weight and am keeping it off.

Mary Ann: OA has given me life. I am a compulsive overeater in recovery today , thank you God. Following a food plan and working the steps has not only changed me physically but it has emotional and spiritually made such a difference. I am Happy joyous and free from obssesion as the Big Book promises even when I am dealing with the upsets and disapointments in life. Life is good and OA has done this for me. I only wish I came into the rooms years ago.

George: Okay, let’s see. i can keep spending money on the continuing chain of diet schemes. Or maybe go get hypnotized. Or even better, have drastic surgery that at best is a temporary fix. Oh wait, you don’t mean for me to admit I’m powerless over food do you? The next thing you’ll tell me is that I should consider a power higher than ME who would help me put sanity into my life! For free yet! I suppose there are people there just like me who understand what it’s like to live in the destructive life style of overeating. Who writes these ‘thumbs down’ posts, pharmacy employees?

Jacintae: I would be really, really grateful if someone could take the time to explain why OA could not be considered a cult organisation.

Anne: Overeaters Anonymous doesn’t have a specific food plan; it allows each person to identify those foods and behaviors that trigger his/her compulsive eating. The meetings aren’t for whining–they are for members to finally be honest about their addiction, and to understand the mechanisms of their addiction better and how to stay out of it. Denial and procrastination are a huge part of the addiction–we’ll always start eating right tomorrow. Meetings help us focus on taking daily action to arrest our addiction. The program also totally allows for differences with regard to faith. The program does speak of the need for belief in a Higher Power, but the choosing and defining of that Higher Power is left to the individual. Speaking about a particular faith is expressly forbidden in order to accommodate all who have the desire to stop eating compulsively. The 12 steps are spiritual (not religious) principles to help overcome underlying issues that drive the addiction. I have both experienced and observed amazing growth in many areas, including weight loss. My sponsor lost over 225 pounds using a commercial weight loss food plan and OA for support. I lost 100 pounds working the program and using a diabetic-type food plan. I had tried diet pills and other diets, losing and regaining large quantities of weight. This program provides a way to stop the insane yoyo-ing.

Lynne: I just heard of overeaters anonymous. It may not be everybodys cup of tea, but this is still America, isn’t it? You ARE entitled to your opinion but why force your choice of negativity on others. Let them form their own opinions!

Searching for an OA Meeting: I am looking for an OA meeting in Indianapolis, IN (or Greenwood, IN). Does anyone know of one that is really good? I have a very busy life and I don’t have time to attend multiple meetings. I have never been to OA and don’t really know what to look for or what criteria to even use. Can anyone help?

Ann53: I have been attending OA for 8 weeks or so and have lost 12Lbs. but it was not about the weight loss so much for me even though I weighed 302 when I started, it was about feeling better about myself. In 2000 I joined Weight Watchers and went from 357 to 198. Great right? Well, I still didn’t like my body because it wasn’t good enough. My body will never be good enough for me no matter what my weight or dress size, but I can be the person I want to be if I choose not to be daily obsessed with my weight, my size, the scale, food, you name it if it had to do with food size and weight I am obsessed in a negative way. At OA there are people who really understand my obsession with never being good enough. I have found that self obsession is really being self centered. I can do so much more with the time and energy given me than waste it obsessing about myself. I can follow my higher power’s will for me and give up what I can’t begin to control and let him/her take that load for me and go on to greater things like service to others. I have not dieted while in OA. The only thing I’ve done is gone to 3 meals a day and my Higher Power has done what I have never in 47 years of trying been able to do. I have been freed from a terrible sugar addiction. Try OA, then be honest to be free!

Gina: I am new to OA, its scarey and confusing at first but the light is beginning to dawn. I have been watching my weight..go up and down for 50 years. I have now lost 9 lbs in 4 weeks without dieting and I have wonderful moments of calm..which are new for me. I dont feel lonely anymore because I can talk about my eating..its such a releif. Thanks Rena Marie, I love what you say.

Elizabeth: I have been in OA for over thirty years. This is only program that has ever worked for me! I have tried every weight loss program known to man (woman) and they all let me down. Not until I got really honest about myself and life did I see positive results. Thank God for OA!!!

Gerald: I do definitely have a problem with eating in that i am an emotional eater and sometimes eat privately so overeaters anonymous seems like a really solid program with a long history I hope that their agenda works for me cause I need to lose weight my doc says.

Anonymous: is overeaters anonymous anything like in the show little Britain? hahah :) that would be awesome.

Sarah K.: THis is nice, good to read some of your posts. I do have a question, are you allowed to take a fat burner if you go to Overeaters anonymous? I just read about slim 10 and i wanna try to exercise and i think i would help.

Maury: Overeaters Anonymous is so inspiring,. it changes peoples lives is what ia m reading…

Colleen M.: After reading some if the posts here, i feel like overeaters anonymous is just not gonna work for me. Not really my kind of thing and sounds a bit too religious oriented. Gonna see of HoodiP57 can control my appetite and if so, i promise myself to try weight watchers diet.

b.: OMG yeah i love Marjorie from little Britain toooooo funnnnnny hahahah! :)

Leslie: I am COMPULSIVE about EVERYTHING, not just EATING, but maybe I can use Overeaters AnonYmous meetings to at least start to get a grip on why I behave the way I do.

Misty: OvereaterS AnonyMous sounds like a miracle, which is what I need to become thin and happy again.

Allison: I did weight Watchers on line so I didn’t have to go to meetings, too much touchy feely for me, does OverEaters Anon have anything like that?

RogerPhillips: Can you use the flex Belt with OverEAters Anonymous?

Kelly: I read a lot of the comments. I happened on to this sight because I was looking for an OA mtg. for my area. I know I have a problem with food. It would be great to get past this so that I may not always be on a diet and when I slip beat myself down.

Nanette: Overeaters Anonymous saved my life as well. Before OA I didn’t want to live anymore because I couldn’t see a solution to my eating problem. Now, with the love of the group and my Higher Power, I have learned to love myself and stop compulsively overeating!

CB: For anyone who thinks OA isn’t there thing, try going gluten free. Try it for a week and see if your cravings subside and if you feel better overall. A lot of people have gluten sensitivities that do not show up trough testing. If you refrain from all gluten and you have a sensitivity, you will lose weight. Do not try all the gluten free substitutes thought. That said, I am also trying OA but having trouble with it due to the rigidity of the few sponsors I have found. I am going to keep trying thought.

Harriett: I had to add my comment as I am now in OA for my second time. It really works if you work it and this is not a “diet club”. I first became active in OA in the late 70’s, lost 75# and quit when I reached my goal weight. It all came back as I must confess I had really only used the program as a “diet club”. This time I have been in the program since May of 2011, am at goal and know that this is my life. I know this is lifesaving for me and my husband has even been able to shed 35# due to my improved menu planning and healthy eating. An added benefit has been great lab reports from the Doctor, being able to reduce my blood pressure and cholesterol medication in half with a recheck in 3 months with the possibility I will be off both! This program is a physical, emotional and spiritual one but it wasn’t hard for me to admit I am not God and had not managed my own life all to well.It was not hard for me to turn my will over to my higher power…To me I can believe in God but each member has the free will to choose what they wish to have as their higher power. I have a wonderful group of friends I have made at my meeting and there are meetings available for anyone who is interested. Up to now I think I had been just looking for “an easier, softer, way” of getting my weight problem undercontrol. This way is my lifeline!I am a grateful compulsive overeater and am thankful for this live altering program!

Cora: Try it, you may loose more of the insanity around people , places and things and then the food isn’t so necessary. The steps are the road to a permanent inner life change so we do not need as much food or the compulsive behavior around food. Having the support of a Sponsor and the group is the way I am still changing one day at a time. I’ve been in relapse but never left the Program so now am ready to discipline my food choices and loose some of the regained weight.

Diana: To Kelly: Try . Click on “find a meeting.”

pj: I want to join Overeaters but there are none in my area. How do I join an online Overeaters group? I am motivated and ready now, and want to get started while I am psychology ready. pj

Overeaters Anonymous

The 12 Step program has helped countless people who struggle with various addictions. Overeaters Anonymous is simply another version of the 12 Step program devoted to helping consumers who are compelled to eat more than their bodies need or even want. According to Overeaters Anonymous’ website, the program is not about bringing about weight loss primarily. It’s not about prescribing diets or fighting obesity either. These are all secondary or tertiary concerns. The first goal of Overeaters Anonymous is to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. Treating overeating as a serious addiction, Overeaters Anonymous sees it as more than just a biological or physiological issue. According to online information, Overeaters Anonymous is open to any person who wants to stop eating compulsively.

The Overeaters Anonymous program involves the sharing of experiences in a group format. It is said that the program follows the traditional 12 steps and requires nothing of the participant, except for what the participant is willing to give. That is, there are no requirements for membership or attendance.

There is no cost for participating with Overeaters Anonymous. The organization is sustained from its own member contributions, but these are not mandatory or solicited. Overeaters Anonymous is not affiliated with any outside organization, political or religious, from which it receives funding or oversight.

 Additional Information
The 12 steps are a familiar reality to many people today. The compulsion to over eat is handled here by admitting that the overeater is powerless over food and has lost control of life. From this initial confession, the overeater is asked to move through the remaining 11 steps, in which he or she recognizes a power greater than themselves, makes a decision to turn toward this power and admit to failures and wrongs, asks for help, and asks for forgiveness from all persons wronged. This transformation is maintained through routine moral inventory, prayer, meditation, submission to the higher power, and participation with other overeaters in the group.

Overeaters include those obsessed with body weight, size, or shape, bingers, grazers, laxative or diuretic abusers, those obsessed with diets or starvation, bulimics, those who fantasize about food, those who chew and spit out food, those who use diet pills, crash dieters, and more.

 Final Facts
Overeaters Anonymous is open to all who want to overcome compulsive behavior related to food, weight, and dieting. Consumers can visit the Overeaters Anonymous website for more information on local meetings and participation options. Additional information can also be gleaned from rating and review websites like this, which provide potentially beneficial insight from your peers.