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Cleanse RX® – Advanced Colon Cleanse System
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Nutrisystem is a well known weight loss program offered to people both online and at diet centers across the country. It involves a meal delivery system designed to aid you with reaching your weight loss goals. Let’s examine Nutrisystem in closer detail. Read a full NutriSystem Review Here.

Nuphedrine® - Extra Strength Top Rated Fat Burning Capsule
Nuphedrine® is the top rated weight loss capsule on the market. It has consistently been rated #1 by consumers due in part to the trifecta of extra strength herbal weight loss agents: Advantra Z®, Hoodia, and Slimaluma®. These three powerful ingredients are included to increase metabolic function, raise fat burning levels, boost energy, and enhance lean muscle mass, all while reducing hunger and cravings. It doesn’t get much better than that. According to user ratings, hunger is a non-issue when using Nuphedrine® because of their use of Hoodia, an extract that’s been used for centuries in Africa to stop hunger in its tracks. All the extracts in this formula are pure and used in their extra strength version, which makes using Nuphedrine® a no brainier. Just take a look at its peer reviews and ratings to see what people are saying. Click Here to read more.

Flex Belt – Accelerated Abdominal Toning Technology
The Flex Belt® is an awesome move forward in scientific ab shaping ingenuity. It is by far, the most proven and successful device we have seen for immediate ab toning. The Flex Belt has become the #1 ab belt systems on the market - due to its use of results driven, clinically demonstrated EMS technology. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is simply wonderful and The Flex Belt is the first of its kind to actually gain FDA Clearance using this technology. The Flex Belt® does all of the work! Even better is that it works all of your stomach muscles at the same time – it gets the Upper Abdominals, The Lower Abdominals and the Love Handles (or Obliques). So you don’t have to worry about trying to get all the different areas because it does them all simultaneously. The best part is that you can use The Flex Belt while you do other things. You can be cooking, cleaning, working at your desk, talking on the phone, surfing the net or watching TV. It is perfect for those of us who don’t have time and for those that are in great shape that just want to take their stomach toning to a new level. Check out our full review and see what various Celebrities, Super Models, Olympic Gold Medalists and Legendary Athletes use The Flex Belt. Click Here to read more.

Cleanse RX® - Flush Toxins, Feel Lighter, So Easy
Cleanse RX®, a one of a kind doctor and nutritionist developed colon cleansing formula, uses an exclusive two prong approach to remove toxins from the colon and digestive system so that users can see results fast in terms of improved health, energy levels, colon function and digestion! Both parts of the Cleanse RX® system were bioengineered using the highest quality ingredients available. It all starts with Cleanse RX® Phase One, which is easy to use. Users simply take a few capsules a day, whenever they want to. That’s all there is to more productive bowel movements, augmented energy levels, and improved health. The flushing out of old fecal matter and toxins is the reason for these effects and may even promote weight loss. Probiotics, or good bacteria, are used in Cleanse RX® Phase Two, along with other nutrients, to keep the digestive and colon healthy - daily. The entire Cleanse RX® system takes minutes a day to do, and users can see and feel real changes in their colon and digestive function. Click Here to read more.

Membrane Integrity Factor – Virility Enhancer
Membrane Integrity Factor has HGHR, in its real form - and is one of the most talked about and researched, anti-aging formulas on the European market. Good news, it has finally arrived in the US, creating a bit of a stir with consumers looking to boost their "youth factor". We've all heard about the anti-aging and health benefits of HGH and maybe thought them beyond our reach due to cost. But Dr. Hans Neiper, the developer behind this formula, has taken HGHR replenishing technology out of the lab and made it accessible to everyone. Membrane Integrity Factor infuses the body with HGHR to kick start your pituitary gland into high gear. Enhanced production may translate into feeling more energetic, sexual, and virile, while allowing you to gain muscle mass and lose weight more easily. Hands down Membrane Integrity Factor has done amazingly well with consumers looking to get their vitality back! When you read the Blog posts, and we suggest you do, you'll see for yourself what this formula can deliver. Learn More, Read the Full review of Membrane Integrity Factor here.

P90X2 - Get Toned, Be Ripped
It’s here. P90X2 - The brand new and second phase of the popular and proven P90X. This new fitness program is even more intense than the original. P90X showed that people can completely transform their bodies in just 90 days, and P90X2 takes the results even further. If you want to work on muscle strength, muscle agility, muscle definition and challenge you’re body like never before, than you are ready for P90X2. This program comes with completely new workouts based on the P.A.P. technique. P90X2 also comes complete with a nutrition program to blast fat and ensure your muscles are fueled throughout the workouts. This innovative system features an online program that provides users access to fitness trainers and an online community full of P90X2 enthusiasts. If you’ve been wanting to try P90X, now is the time with the new P90X2. Click Here to read more.

Flex Mini® -- Firm and Tone your Butt Right Now
The Flex Mini® delivers a more toned, firmer, and shapely butt through proven science. Using advanced EMS technology to focus on the entire butt and upper thighs, this device does much more in less time than you might expect. EMS has been proven to be effective, so much so it’s used by some health care providers to strengthen damaged muscles. Using the Flex Mini® is a cinch: just put it on and set your resistance level. It will immediately start creating muscle toning and strengthening contractions and releases. Keep in mind, you’re not house bound when you have the Flex Mini® on. You can easily wear it under your clothing and go about your day without sacrificing a butt toning session. Many people think there’s not enough time in the day for a quality toning session, but the Flex Mini® changes that forever. With the Flex Mini®, it’s never been easier to get the shapely butt you’re looking for. Click Here to read more.

Jillian Michaels
Jillian Michaels is well known in the fitness world, but her television shows and home fitness programs aren’t the only way to get fit anymore. Jillian Michaels now offers online support for individuals to reach their fitness goals and maintain weight loss from home. This program is easy to sign up for and offers a free weight loss plan. Jillian offers a fun approach to nutrition, fitness and shedding the pounds. All you need to start is your height, weight, in order to receive Jillian's free weight loss plan. The program provides personalized options that will tell you exactly what your body needs when it comes to the food you put in your mouth and the exact exercises you need do to tone the muscles and blast fat. The value is excellent, and the support is comprehensive. The blog posts that talk about Jillian Michaels continuously call this program an effective, economical, and no nonsense way of getting in better shape. She has helped countless people transform their lives and their bodies. Don’t be left behind. Learn more about this program now. Click Here to read more.

Miracle Slim Wrap – Spa Wrap for Rejuvenation and Toning
Miracle Slim Wraps are designed to offer users a high end spa-like wrap experience at home at an affordable price! Wraps are not new to the market; in fact, they’ve been used for centuries, dating back to the Egyptians, to rejuvenate skin, boost health, and increase energy levels. Wraps are often used in some of the most expensive spas to slim some of our biggest problem areas, including the butt, arms, stomach, thighs, and hips. The Miracle Slim Wrap uses top of the line organic ingredients, including an amino acid and aloe infused base mixed with mineral laden Seabed Clays. The Miracle Slim Wrap comes along with everything you need to get started having a spa experience at home. Click Here to read more.

South Beach Diet
Most of you already know that this diet is based on low carbs and high protein. This awesome plan is broken down into three easy phases and takes all the effort out of dieting by creating a customized program that is complete with meal planners, recipes and more. At the end of the day, this diet works for most people who stick to it, and they have done an amazing job at creating a huge menu filled with delicious recipes. In fact, of any food program, they have the biggest menu available. The only way to do South Beach these days is to join their online interface program. You could just get the book, but the online interface has access to their entire menu, which is always updated in real time. South Beach Diet online takes just a moment to sign up for, and sign up is currently free. This program really makes dieting fun as it connects you with other dieters and an entire online community that is fast to provide you with the motivation, information and support you need to shrink that waistline. The customers who use the interface say good things about it. Read the blog posts for more info. Read a full South Beach Diet Review Here.

HoodiaP57® -- High Powered Hoodia to Kick Cravings For Good
HoodiaP57® is one of the most incredible weight loss supplements on the market, offering a high grade formula that can dramatically reduce hunger and cravings. It consistently delivers real results users can see and feel. The reason why HoodiaP57® is so effective lies in its formula, which is Hoodia, and just Hoodia, with no fillers and no extra herbs to dilute results. That’s not all: they don’t just use regular Hoodia, which on its own is highly effective according to recent studies, this developer has ramped up its abilities by offering a formula containing Hoodia at 20X its normal power. This means that users get a product that delivers reduced hunger and cravings each and every time, which is exactly what you want when you’re dieting and struggling with hunger. This developer also guarantees that each bottle of HoodiaP57® is certified for purity, so you know you’re getting the real deal. Click Here to read more.

Slim10® - A Host of Patented Ingredients In One Capsule
Slim10® is an amazing weight loss supplement that rolls ten of the most well known and effective weight loss agents into one formula. When you research this formula, you will quickly realize that it’s one of a kind and that no one else on the supplement market has included this kind of fire power in a single weight loss supplement. Slim10® was designed to cut hunger, reduce cravings, increase energy levels, break up fat deposits, and boost metabolic function, while blocking fat and carb absorption. It accomplishes this amazing list by using extracts like Advantra Z, Phase 2, Super Citrimax, and Tonalin at optional levels. Hunger is also an issue for many of us, so this developer included extra strength Hoodia in Slim10®. When it comes to Slim10®, it’s not just about volume. It’s also about quality, and this formula contains the highest grade herbal and nutritional agents available. Slim10® offers consumers the best of the best in one amazing pill! Click Here to read more.

Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever - Best Way To Fight Fat After Forty
40 is a hard birthday for many, especially because once you hit this age it seems that it becomes harder and harder to keep off the weight. If you find this is your issue, than you must try Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever online weight loss program. This program is the only weight loss plan that exclusively offers those over 40 access to information that teaches the hidden secrets and obstacles that keep us from losing weight. This program provides step-by-step guidance and generates a customized plan for each member. With Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever, members can rejuvenate their metabolism and learn why they had been unable to drop the pounds before. This program is effective and it is fast and easy to sign up for. Can’t lose weight? Simply answer a few questions to find out. Right now sign up is free. Click Here to read more.

TurboZymes® - For Better Digestion and Better Health
It’s not easy to feel good anymore with the diet we commonly encounter through fast foods, processed foods, and just not great foods. The average American diet is laden with foods that don’t contain the enzymes needed to process these foods in the body. TurboZymes® is designed to remedy the sluggish feeling we find ourselves in after a big or not-so-good-for-us meal. Relief from bloating, lactose intolerance, constipation, gas, heartburn, and other stomach pains are just some of the perks of this product. The product was created to help people of all walks attain better digestive health and the ability to process the nutrients in their foods more completely. Because many weight loss struggles are related to digestive problems, TurboZymes® offers to assist those who want to lose weight while maintaining better health. With its popularity booming, finding blog posts on this product is easy. Just take a read and see why people love TurboZymes®. Click Here to read more.

Green Coffee Bean Max – An Antioxidant Superfood
Green Coffee Bean Max is a high-quality weight loss supplement and one many people may not have tried before. There are few fat burning products out there that work as advertised, but Green Coffee Bean Max’s formula has been proven to contain powerful fat-burning and anti-oxidant components. The reason behind this is that the unroasted green coffee bean is a known and studied Superfood. The online testimonials from customers who have tried this supplement say it all. Countless people have achieved their weight loss goals with Green Coffee Bean Max due to its powerful, untapped ingredient - green coffee beans. This amazing supplement is becoming one of the most sought after, because it actually works to help increase fat oxidation. Click Here to read more.

Flex Arms: Toned, Athletic Arms At Home
The Flex Arms® provides muscle toning where you want it most. The revolutionary product utilizes FDA cleared technology to tighten and strengthen muscles electronically. Called EMS technology, this method is used by athletes and physical therapists alike. The Flex Arms®, it sends electronic wavelengths into the biceps and triceps, triggering muscle contractions. The Flex Arms® method of training is highly effective, with 96% of users saying their arms were more attractive as a result. The Flex Arms® is highly popular and is frequently discussed on the blogs, where the products benefits are touted as both dramatic and convenient. Click Here to read more.

Designed to quickly deliver effective Hoodia to the digestive system, HoodiaBites gives dieters big boosts in their weight loss endeavors. These small chewy morsels taste good, just like a chewy candy. But they also deliver all of the benefits of a superior quality Hoodia supplement, including appetite reduction without stimulants. The top shelf Hoodia Gordonii used in HoodiaBites has no negative side effects, only positive weight loss effects. HoodiaBites contain certified authentic Hoodia, straight from Africa. Because they aren’t in a capsule or pill form, they digest more quickly, delivering the active ingredients when you need them the most. Many people have found HoodiaBites to work great on its own or with another program or supplement. The chatter on blogs makes it clear that this product does very well with consumers. Click Here to read more.

Cleanse Patch® -- Feel Better, Toe to Head
Detoxifying foot patches are said to be the top selling detox products in Asia, and this particular one is reported to be the best. Users simply put the adhesive patch on their feet before bed and let the product do the work while they sleep. Because the foot contains general reflex zones, the Cleanse Patch® works to detox organs like the stomach, colon, and liver. When you awake in the morning, the patch will likely be a different color, showing that it has removed substances from inside your body. The product is backed by traditional Asian culture and science as well, which took several years to perfect this method of detoxing. Consumer response has been very positive, as its feedback rating shows, so don’t pass up the opportunity to learn more about this excellent product. Click Here to read more.

Raspberry Ketone Max - Rapid Weight Loss Solution
Raspberry Ketone Max really packs a punch as it was designed to get results. Raspberry Ketone Max is becoming more and more popular as people continue to discover the amazing benefits of Ketone Enzymes. This supplement has been featured on television on major news programs and was designed to work and uses the latest weight loss breakthrough in its formula - Ketone Enzymes. This natural substance has been isolated and extracted from Raspberries to provide you its out-of-this-world fat burning capabilities. Ketone enzymes will oxidize fat, fight fatigue and boost the metabolism - all of which are great for weight loss! Raspberry Ketone Max is the newest natural fat burner on the market and has been getting a lot of consumer response for its natural results driven formula. Click Here to read more.

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Cleanse RX® – Advanced Colon Cleanse System
Flush pounds of undigested waste from your system immediately and feel lighter, healthier,...
Burn More Calories per Day
NuPhedrine is the only pill that can guarantee you burn more calories per day. It contains...
10 Patented Weight Loss Ingredients – One Pill
Slim 10® is the only weight loss pill to combine 10 clinically proven and patented ingredients...
Miracle Slim Wrap - Feel Rejuvenated
With the Miracle Slim Wrap® you can remove unwanted fat from your problem areas.
The Flex Belt
Tone Your Abs While You Go About Your Day. Celebrities & Pro Athletes share their ab...

229 Responses to “NutriSystem”

Gaby: I was going to to Jenny Craig since Valerie Bertinelli lost all that weight but then I saw Marie Osmond endorsing Nutrisystem and I decided to go with this plan instead. I haven’t had great luck so far logging in and using their system so I was just here hoping to find support and women who say thet have lost a significant amount using the food and this diet plan. Please be honest!

Leah: Nutrisystem is totally an outdated, terrible diet plan. I was having a little success but then I went on vacation with my family for two months and didn’t have access to the food and the site and without constant guidance I was just lost. I really need to relearn to eat and this plan just holds your hand and feeds you with their supposedly healthy but totally tasteless prep-packaged food. This is not for me or any other woman I know! I want to do it right so the weight stays off. help!

Millie: I joined Nutrisystem two months ago and have yet to lose a single pound. Maybe I need to take a diet pill too? Just to get my metabolism going again… I don’t want to cheat or anything but I just have got to get going or I am going to lose all motivation.

Helene: Here’s a big question I have. Nutrisystem says you can add on to what they send you, you can buy extra fruit, veggies, salads and so forth…my question is, if you’re going to go to the store anyway, why not just buy the frozen South Beach meals? Or the Lean Cuisine? Why is there’s supposed to be so much better?

Josie: I see now that Nutrisystem has a weight loss program specifically for older women and I wonder if that will facilitate my strategy. I have to do something since my daughter is getting married in November and I seem to have put on about 50 pounds in the last few years. I have been so busy but now I am ready to make it happen. I look forward to hearing stories from women here since I trust your judgement.

LauraNewJersey: I’ll tell you why Nutrisystem is so successful, it’s because we Americans are called fat and lazy, so lazy infact that I feel we would even pay someone lot’s of money to deliver some pre-packaged meals that not even my dog want to eat. I am sorry, but I am very dissapointed about my experience with this company. I just got my first delivery and the quality of the food was very very low. Again I am sorry, I love food, that’s what got me here in the first place, I am 190 lbs when the Dr said I should be 115. But when I say I love food, I just don’t eat burgers all day, I am more of a foodie, I love fresh and seasonal ingredients, so I just wanted to say that I find the whole Nutrisystem thing to be an insult to us over weight people who actually love food.

sarah: I signed up for the NutriSystem Advanced because its supposed to be low in glycemic index and have lots OMega-3 in it. I was disappoint to find that the foods were not as good as the last time i had done NutriSystem about 6 years ago. some of the stuff like the pizza is still good but i thought some of the other entrees, such as the green pepper steak with rice, was rather bland. For me it is important to have good taste in my meals. i wonder if its the omega 3 component that makes these meals so tasteless…

LadybirdTX: Nutrisystem works…sort of…I have been using a Hoodia supplement to help keep my appetite in check…that’s not a bad thing…it’s a plant and I have lost 10 pounds with it. I am very happy.

amelia: i felt like the low-glycemic index factor that they added into the NutriSystem Advanced made it more like all the other low-carb diets, and i was still hungry alot of the time. i ended up not finishing the program, unfortunately.

Rebecca: Dieting is difficult, no doubt about it. Nutrisystem is okay, it’s what I am trying this time around. I did Weight Watchers int he 80’s and might do it again if this doesn’t work but they seem to have some good food choices and for me that is helpful because if I am around good food I will eat too much. I know it sounds weak but for now this is what I need. Let’s just hope I can keep the weight off this time.

Andrea: I use NutriSystem because it seems like it makes dieting simple. Coming from a big farm family I am used to eating too much meat and too many carbs. We are a big, happy family. I want to go to college next year and want to look slender. There is no one here I can talk to about this so entering into an online program like this seems like my best hope. I am only on day three but you know what? I feel thinner already. :) The food is not that bad, not good but not bad.

joan: well, i thank NutriSystem for finally getting me down to my goal weight of 125 lbs. i joined the Silver program 6 mos. ago and i didn’t think i was going to be able to do it. I usually have a terrible willpower. but between the counseling and the portion controlled meals i was able to do it. I am al little bit worried about maintenance and making sure i keep my weight under control, but i will just stay positive and remember what my counselor said and be grateful that i was abke to do this..

Kim: What’s this Omega Sol stuff, and why are they putting it in the Nutri System foods? No wonder they taste weird…

Famke: I know it shouldn’t matter since I am supposed to be on a diet and everything but the food that they offer is disgusting. I am thinking maybe I can do it myself and prepare healthy meals instead of continuing with NutriSystem which I am no longer a fan. I know that’s harsh but I am just afraid I will slip since it tastes to bad.

Ivory: If I go to the store to try and do my own diet shopping I end up with double chocolate fudge ben and jerry’s, and cookies, and maybe even a coconut cream pie, that’s my husband’s favorite, so obviously, I can’t set foot in Von’s! Having food delivered to the door makes me feel kind of special, kind of rich and luxurious to have all these boxes just ARRIVE! how cool is that? Unfortunately, NutriSystem has taken a giant nose dive from the last time I used it, and the food is awful! How did that happen? When I got my first delivery, I couldn’t believe how bad it was, no taste, no seasonings except for a whole lot of basil on just about everything…I don’t know, can you send it back? I really would. It’s not a tasty product anymore, and I feel like I’ve been kinda ripped off…

candace: i am not a fan of NutriSystem Advanced…what this basically does is, it cuts your carbs but then it sneaks “soluble fibers” and omega 3s into your food to make you feel fuller. this often gave me a feeling of bloatingness but not real satisfaction bcs i rarely enjoyed the food. in my opinion there are enough ‘low carb’ diets out there nutri System does not need to jump on that Bandwagon especially since their foods were less than delicious to begin with. i found myself feeling deprived and thinking about eating decadent foods when i was suppose to be dieting. i think i need to find something that allows me to enjoy food a bit more.

Sheila: If I had known that Nutrisystem offered exercise DVDs I might not have quit the program. I ended up having success with Nia dancing and eating lots of salads but maybe I would have had more weight loss if I had stuck with the plan.

Lana: So far I am having a rather successful diet with NutriSystem. The food is nothing gourmet, far from it but I was prepared for that. what I was not prepared for was the hunger, even though you have prepared meals, the portions are just too small for me . I started talking hoodiaP57 with the nutrisystem and after a week I am really feeling good about the whole thing. I have 20 more lbs to loose . wish me luck :)

Jocelyn: I’ve been reading lots of articles lately that tell you that eating small portions several times a day is the best way to lose weight, and guess what? That’s exactly what the Nutrisystem does! I love being able to eat sort of constantly, which is what I always did, obviously, to get to be 55 pounds overweight, but this is all healthy stuff and so my pattern isn’t really breaking, just changing, and that makes this diet easier for me. Custom made you might say!

Ames: While working with a personal trainer and having gourmet meals delivered to your door would be nice but I live in the real world and I need some old fashioned dieting help. Nutrisystem is for real, working women who want to lose weight right.

julie: The Mindset Makeover behavioral guide was my favorite part about Nutri System….it helps me to identify the reasons for my food cravings and learn how to not give into them. This was more valuable to me than the rest of the program. The food, as many have expressed, was nothing special at all I will look into hoodia thx for recommending it.

Tanya: I thought NutriSystem was legitimate but I have paid my dues and I cannot ever log on to the website and I have not received the food that I ordered. I cannot believe Marie Osmond would be the face of a company as disreputable as this. Thumbs down for customer service.

Joy: I am STARVING on Nutrisystem! I just don’t think this kind of plan is going to work for me, need to do my own cooking, at least it will taste good, and I can pick what I want if I can just manage to do it in a smart way. This stuff is pretty awful, putting it mildly and kindly. I wished I would have read up here before making such a big investment.

Jenna: i agree, the web based log-in is a nightmare…its a big hassle trying to get in there. I think i’m going to email the admin and tell them about it. I feel like it doesn’t even matter what kind of great programs they have if you can’t get to them. i am still going to keep trudging along, tho. I did get my food and i know what to eat and tat’s the basic. But i do wish i had better access to what i am paying for, lol.

JenniferPhillips: I thought the NutriSystem counselors were snobby and not helpful. I felt really defensive and stupid talking to the girl I got, she didn’t seem to care about WHY I was fat, she just wanted to sell me more products. Including Alli, under the table, “she uses it with it”, which if you read about it, the side effects are disgusting, and who would use it? Anyway, I certainly did not feel like a cherished customer, but like a champion chump. Will not order again from them.

destiny: It seem’s like a few of you are trying NutriSystem for the second or 3rd time. My concern is, if it works so well, why doesn’t it work once and then that’s that forever?

Ariana: I need to lose weight healthily. I am 55 years old and suffer from diabetes. My doctor says it is imperative that I lose about 40 pounds. Is NutriSystem good? I don’t know if I should try it.

lisa: I thought that maybe i could do NutriSystem but I am a vegan and it turns out none of their options fit the needs of a vegan diet. I’m really disappointed, i thought this program was a little more modern.

Hannah: Don’t waste your money on NutriSystem! The food is simply horrible. I just can’t imagine Marie Osmond eating that crap, there is no way.

Edith C.: I feel nutriSystem is definitely not the most healthy way to diet and keep the weight off long term. I lost about 20 pounds initially but as soon as I started eating on my own I gained it all back and then some. Now I need to know what to do to do it right. Maybe a good supplement, plus fresh food and exercise? Sounds simple but I can’t seem to make it happen.

grace: well the Omega Sol Fiber and omega blend in the NutriSystem Advanced foods gave me some major digestive issues and bloating. I’m all for Omega 3s, but i prefer not to have my food spiked with them. I think i’ll just take a good Omega supplement…,if anybody knows of one that doesn’t cause bloating, i’d love to hear about it.

Annie: I hated missing meals with my family. Nutrisystem and their food plan is not for me. I am okay with no dessert and smaller portions but I have to be able to break bread with my friends and family in order to feel like I am a participant in my life. That makes me happy. I know I will find a better more natural way.

Carole: I think there is nothing wrong with wanting to get in shape and lose weight, all of the western countries are doing it, not only us. I chose NutriSystem because of the convenience it offers and yes I agree the food is not the best, it’s still food and when you work 12 hours a day your just happy you don’t have to call Chinese takeout or go to the supermarket. It’s here and ready to go. I was having some hunger issues which I fixed later on with a diet capsule and I am just loosing pounds all I want now is to loose those extra pounds I still have.

laurynP.: The” zesty cajun style chicken and sausage with brown rice” was the most craptacular meal i have ever had in my life. I almost gagged. no more Nutri System, not for me. I thought I was crazy, but the food I see really does not taste good.

Lea: The last time I used NutriSystem, it worked just fine for me, but maybe that’s because I was younger, and it was the only real “system” around, but there are so many others now, and I think NutriSystem has dropped the ball on this…the food’s no good, the web site’s a mess…there are more choices now, and this one is not making the cut for me.

Vanessa: I already have a diet aid I like but now I am looking at a diet plan to support my efforts even more. Nutrisystem doesn’t sound like the best but I don’t know what else to do.

Kelly: All I could eat was the granola bars and the cereals the rest is just pure garbage, I am sorry i know some people don’t have don’t even have that too eat but I can’t help thinking I give those people at NutriSystem a lot of money I should not be starving myself like that.

marisa: hey, I’ve also been taking Hoodia to help keep my appetite under control while doing NutriSystem, and it’s really been helping me to make the most of this diet. Other times I’ve tried diets like this but had no willpower. The one i take is called Hoodia P57 http://www.hoodiap57.com/testimonials. I did a lot of looking around for the right one, and this one has the certification and it’s definitely been working and I’ve lost 17 lbs on NutriSystem in 5 weeks.

Natalie: I’m thinking about doing NutriSystem, but my problem with these “portion control” diets is, a lot of the time, when i go off the diet, i dont know how to control my OWN portions very well. it gets me every time. For those of you who take Hoodia, does it help you control your eating even when you are NOT on a controlled diet? does that question make sense? i hope so. :)

Amanda: How many people think that Marie Osmond really lost weight with NutriSystem?

Marguerite: The NutriSystem food is not edible, sorry, it’s just not. The rice tastes like it’s the old instant stuff we used to buy, the vegs are overcooked, I cannot use this, sorry but this is my experience.

sarita: NutriSystem has gotten better with all of the different programs and resources that are available. i just do wish they could make the food a bit better. I know that for me, one important part of staying on a diet is not feeling deprived. Its not that the foods are *bad*, at least not to me, they are just really really bland. With these foods, I often find myself daydreaming about scarfing down an entire pizza. which is a pretty good indicator that i’m not too far away from doing so.

vivienne: Well, my sister is an entertainment lawyer in L.A., and according to her, a lot of these stars get offered these “spokesperson” contracts after they lost the weight some other way, god knows how. It’s just another way for them to get some money and screen time. so yeah, I think Marie Osmond probably had some other assistance with her weight loss.

Nicolette: I’m kind of sluggish and lazy, I have to admit, and I don’t like cooking, never have. So the idea of having food delivered to my door is quite divine, better than eating all the prepared stuff I usually get at Trader Joe’s which after awhile all tastes the same, I mean how much green chili sauce can you spread around the world and expect it to be a new experience? And I’m about 40 over what I should be…the frozen enchilladas are supposed to be for four people but I always manage to eat the whole panful…and NutriSystem seems like a good alternative for me, I don’t mind that the food isn’t all that exciting, what I’ve been eating lately hasn’t been that great, either, and at least this way I know it’s healthy and the portions are for ONE person, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. So that’s good for me, and I’m going to get through this first order, and if I can still make it, go for another two weeks. I’m losing weight, and that’s all I’m after for right this minute. Taste will have to come later.

Lillian: I am week 2 of NutriSystem, I choose the Vegeterian option simply because meat sounds kind of scary out of a box. The diet is really hard for me, even though I do add things to it, I am still really hungry. I am thinking about ordering an appetite supplement I think it’s the only way I can make it to the end. right I am loosing weight which is encouraging but I need to stop having that feeling of hunger all day long, it drives me crazy.

Dorianne: That is not food. I tried the program for my mother and myself. We have different needs but I thought NutriSystem would make life easier. I found out she wasn’t eating anything and I was eating everything, sneaking food late at night. I need to eat real food and lose weight healthy. Glad to see I am not alone.

gina: The old “portion control” trick is as old as the hills: you let somebody else box up prepared portions for you and voila! no willpower needed. Well, let me tell you you DO need will power to stay thin, either now or later. when i went off NutriSystem, i tryed so hard to maintain. i even tryed my own methods of portion control. i.e., i got those 100 calorie packs of cookies or other snacks. but you know what i found myself doing? eating like 6 100 calorie packs in one day! That sort of defeats “portion Control.” the only one who can really control your portions is YOu. that is why you do NOT need NutriSystem!

rose: well, i have been an shut-in for the past 5 yrs., i have had complications from diabetes and knee replacement surgery. i knew that i needed to loose weight but it was difficult, because i cannot go to a gym nor even run errands. i knew i had to loose this weight or i would die, i prayed for the strength to do this, even as lonely as i m here with no Motivation. i saw a commerical for NutriSystem and it made me feel that i could have hope, the meals were delivered to my door, they were simple to prepare and they did not leave me feeling very hungary. i think i am almost down to a weight (170) where i can begin to do some low-impact exercise. i am very proud of myself and i feel less winded when i walk up a set of stairs. thank you. Rose delanco, nj

tera: The whole Nutrisystem was not working for me at all. I mean the idea is good and all but it was not for me. even after getting over (sort of) the bad food and feeling like you are hungry all the time then the diet is over and you are happy you lost some weight, BUT THEN and boom it comes right back and you have to pay again. what I am doing right now is South beach diet which teaches me how to eat properly and it is a diet for life so no risk in getting the weight back and if you do then that’s okay just go back to phase one. Of course also take a diet aid and I don’t feel bad about it, it helps me big time.

Kay Hines: Dieting is really hard work, I’m here to tell you, God knows I’ve done enough of them! So NutriSystem seemed like the answer to a (fat) maiden’s prayer, but in fact it was not. I mean, it was not a Hail Mary food moment for me when I opened the first box that showed up at my door. First, it was worrisome that there was something leaking onto my front porch, and Second, it was even more worrisome when I saw that it looked like the box had all ready been opened before I even got to it. Leaky, open=unsafe, so I took it all back to the post office, and am canceling the whole works. If I can’t get the food delivered safely, what’s the point? Thanks for all your comments and suggestions.

Beth: This plan has not worked for me. I’m actually okay with most of the food and have been following the plan diligently for over a week now. I know my body, and when I follow WW perfectly, I lose weight. This plan…I have GAINED weight. What the heck is that? My theory right now is that I’m not being given enough food to eat during the day and my metabolism is freaking out but that’s just my guess right now. Im’ glad to see I’m not the only person having trouble with this system.

linda: I bought the food and returned it in 4 days. It made me really sick and tasted awful. I did get my money back though.. still looking for a good plan.

Nadia: The thing I miss most with Nutrisystem is cooking meals for all of my family to sit down and enjoy. I can’t cook for them and not want to eat right along with the, it’s the nurturing thing, the mom thing, so I’m supposed to cook and then pop open a Nutrisystem package of gunk to eat by myself while they’re eating my delicious pasta? That just isn’t happening in my house. Want to lose weight, but want to love my husband and kids with my cooking! It’s one of the ways I show them how much I care….

Nathalie: Nutrisystem sounded extremely convenient for me who has no time whatsoever to cook during the week. I am staring next week and really can’t wait. Many of you have mentioned Weight Watchers and I can tell you that it didn’t work for me. I will be back.

Anonymous: Hi, everyone - As a former employee of NutriSystem, I might be able to shed some light. As a NutriSystem weight loss counselor, I had to meet “performance benchmarks” — which involved ensuring “client retention” and encouraging customers to buy AS MANY NUTRISYSTEM PRODUCTS AS POSSIBLE. the emphasis was totally on moving product, and keeping the clients paying, it really didn’t matter whether they were losing weight. In fact, one of my coworkers used to joke that it was better to keep them doing just well enough to stay on the program, but not so well that they actually reached their goals. Believe me when I say- despite the commercials where they seem to have your best interest at heart- they do NOT. These people JOKE about you and taking your money. don’t let them use you! good luck to all of you.

Alysha: So I am just beginning my second month of the Nutrisystem Advanced program for women, and, not as excited as I was at the beginning of last month. I am not ready to give up, its just, the food choices are getting boring already. And its hard to go to the grocery store to buy any extra items because I only have time to go after work. And that’s when I’m hungry, and likely to load my cart with ice cream or soda, and not just the fruit & veggies I went in for. And, so far? oNly 2 lbs lost. I am stickiing it out another month & then, I will reassess.

Bobby: It’s been 3 weeks since starting Nutrisystem. I have no major proplem with the food, I am terrible cook and I’m just happy I don’t have to eat the food I make. What I have a problem with is how slow this is working. I only lost 2lbs in 3 weeks. Considering the money I am giving them I was hopping to have much quicker and better results than that.

sheryl K.: The meals were my biggest disappointment from NutriSystem. Foods like the beef pot roast and the green pepper steak were truly repulsive, with grayish, congealed looking gravy and bland chunks of meat with a rubbery texture. Plus, the portions were significantly smaller than they are on weight watchers, south Beach OR Jenny Craig. For me, food is important (obviously, or i wouldn’t be in this situation) and it’s important that any diet i am on include at least some enjoyable meals. NutriSystem, in my opinion, falls way short of its competitors in this regard.

vintage96: Wow, I felt like i’d been taken for a ride with nutrisystem, now i see i was right. i was on the program for a year, despite trying to quit 3 times. when the year came to close & i was still 42 lbs from my goal weight, i had enough. having more success on the south beach diet, which i shoulda done rihgt from the start.

Callie: I just wonder how did NutriSystem even get to be as big as it is??? All this time, i guess i assumed it had this reputation because it was a decent diet, but now that i have tried it, i just dont even get why it’s well-known. The food is awful, not even fresh, its way too expensive for what you get, the weight loss takes forever and the counseling is mediocre. It doesn’t make any sense that this company can even afford to make TV commercials. oh well, i guess fame isn’t necessarily something you deserve or earn – look at Paris Hilton.

Marcia: Over priced, that is what Nutrisystem is. I just can’t do it anymore especially considering the little result I was getting. I think I am going to try south beach, I have been reading some of the reviews and people seem to have great success with it.

Solange: Good point Callie. was wondering the same thing the first time I looked at my plate! Felt like I was eating at some gross cafeteria.

Sailorbar: I’ve about had it with NutriSystem. I’ve been on it for a month, have only lost 3 punds, I’m starving, the food is terrible. I really have nothing nice to say. Accept glad to see I’m not alone.

gena L.: UGH. I would not encourage anyone to do NutriSystem Vegetarian. Let’s just say that tofu does not lend itself very well to the freeze-dried preparation method.

robert: “NUtriSystem Men” is supposed to provide heartier foods and more generous portions…if thats true i hate to see what you ladies get. i was hungry and deprived the whole time, the food tasted terrible. what a joke.

Marlo: The worst part about Nutrisystem, for me, is the lunches. All my co-workers go out for lunch together, and I stay behind microwaving my meals and catching up on emails while I eat. How depressing is that? I tell myself I’m saving money and eating healthy but, its driving me crazy. Plus, I don’t even look any slimmer. I wonder, is there a way that I can still sort of “follow” this diet by letting myself free from it for one meal a day, or will it just all fall apart if I do that? Its been 3 months I just am losing my motivation, and some much-needed venting time with the folks at work.

Sancia: Can we talk about cost here for a minute? I could eat WAY better and cheaper than the NutriSystem plan, but I don’t know how to cook the way they do so food has low calories, ’cause that’s the trick, I like sour cream and butter and salt on just about every thing, so I guess I’m paying for their cooking trickery, but the trouble is the food tastes awful and half the time I end up throwing it away, so how can I succeed? It’s all such a contradiction to me…maybe if I ate my own cooking but just tiny portions? Do you think that would work? And save me money? And I might get thin?

megan furlong: With all the great vegetarian protein sources there now are, i was really surprised to find that NutriSystem Vegetarian plan is practically all pasta. Practically all i was eating was carbs. The weight loss seemed like it was taking forever, and i was really missing my own healthy vegetairan recipes! it was insane, i couldn’t continue.

Camilla: You guys, it takes time to loose weight, I mean what is the rush, do you want to loose it fast and then gain it right back? It took me 18 months to my 32 extra pounds and I feel very proud of myself for sticking to Nutrisystem advance woman, I could not have done it without them.

Char: Though I am not too fond of the meals either, I’ve found a way to make Nutrisystem a little easier. Around 3pm, instead of focusing on how hungry I am since the lunch didnt fill me up, I either take a 10-15 minute walk outdoors (if I can break away from the desk) or chew on a Hoodia Bites candy (no sugar! http://www.hoodiabites.com/mags/) Dinner isn’t such a long way off this way!

jocelyn: DO you think it would be cheating to take an appetite suppressant with NutriSystem? This food’s killing me, I’m dreaming of real pizza…..

Thalia: I just ate a Hershey Bar because all this NutriSystem talk has me so upset! I spent so much money on it, felt like I was at least eating healthy and following a program that would make me lose the 55 pounds I need to get rid of, but the food was awful, especially the vegetables, I mean, how can you make a frozen pea taste bad? And so I did a lot of slipping and sliding, not losing any weight to speak of, and I have feel so guilty because I have this freezer full of really noxious food, and maybe I’ll give it to the dog and save on Alpo.Quesion is, what do I do next?

Frannie: I love Ellie Krierger from the food network, someone mentioned earlier that didn’t know how to cook. She makes yummy healthy food. I cook a lot of her food since stopping Nutrisystem.

GoldFish: Appetite suppressants are a good idea, I never thought of it, thanks for mentioning it Jocelyn. Nutrisystem on it’s own is just not fat enough, I think I need to eat less and not be too hungry.

Reema: How long has NutriSystem been around? Longer than Weight Watchers? Seems like they invented this kind of packaged food idea, but then got stuck with an awful product, others are better, especially South Beach, I tried one of their frozen dinners, the meatloaf, and it was delicious, not like NutriSystem’s which tasted like processed cardboard, so I’m switching because I like the idea of not cooking and eating healthy, just not with NutriSystem, they need to catch up and modernize!

Taryn: well what really got me was the so called “snacks” on NutriSystem. See, my problem has always been the between meals snacking, and some of NutriSystem’s snacks sounded pretty good on paper. Not so much in my mouth, though. I died a little inside when i ate the so-called “sour cream and onion soy chips.” They actually tasted LIKE paper. my 3 pm temptation will soon be hitting, and it’ll be worse than ever since i have no alternative.

Isabelle: The appeal of Nutrisystem for me was certainly the pre-packaged foods, thats a no-brainer. DOn’t have to think about planning meals or cooking them, its actually freed up about an hour of my day (one perk of being single, no kids) . BUt i was never a fancy cook to begin with, and I am now wondering if the cost of the program is worth it, despite the free time. With about 25 lbs to loose, I didn’t expect to still be on this 8 months later, and 17 lbs to my goal. Am debating whehter to stop & try Weight Watchers or just give up on a “diet” altogether.

MichelleBelle: I wonder if it’s the bad food that made Marie Osmond crazy? Because it is sure getting on my nerves. Remember when she passed out on dancing with the stars? Maybe she had refused to eat that horrible packaged food form Nutrisystem? :) JK

Donna T.: It works for me! I’ve been on Nutrisystem for 3 months & lost 12 lbs..maybe slow but better than nothing! Just stick with it & you’ll see!

laura: I recently saw a print ad for NutriSystem featuring Marie Osmond, and it said “Marie Osmond lost 40 lbs” with an asterisk * next to it. So I looked for the teeny tiny print, and it said “results not typical.” Um, why?? its not like 40 pounds is sooooooo much it ought to be atypical, right? I mean i would say, losing 150 lbs is “not typical” but why would 40 lbs be out of the ordinary? I need to lose about 55 lbs, and this was NOT good news for me. I am going to have to ask my counselor about this.

LaCretia: I’ve got about 60 fat pounds to lose, and NurtriSystem is taking it’s own sweet time making that happen, so I agree, I’m going to add some suppressant to what I”m eating, and then maybe this plan will work, I’m in too money deep to just quit, so have to work withwhat I’ve got.

nancy potter: Hi i am still undecided about nutrisystem and curious, are most of the foods frozen? i don’t know if i have enough freezer space to keep them all at once, is the foods delivered monthly, weekly, …? thanks

Madeleine: 12lbs in 3 months? What’s your secret Danna T? It took me at least 8 months to loose 10lbs with Nutrisystem. Which programs are you on?

Maite: Diets never work for me because the minute somebody tells me what I can eat/not eat, I’m going to pig out on everything I love, and I know that’s really childlike and immature, but I WILL NOT be dictated to, even though I’ve got 53 pounds to lose, so think I’m going to try an appetite suppressant and maybe that will fool my inner rebel, or what ever it is, and if I’m not hungry I won’t care if I eat, and that should finally work. NutriSystem is too much of a SYSTEM for me.

sheena: i am ALWAYS ALWAYS still hungry after eating a Nutri System meal!! They do not give you enough food. Unlike many of you, i don’t despise the taste, I just think the portions are pathetic (esp for the price). I understand the idea o f portion control, but why does NutriSYstem give so much less food than other major diets? I think i might just swtich it up to WW or South Beach.

Anna: The food is not frozen Nancy, you can however freeze it if you wish or you can simply keep it in your fridge.

Deanna: The weight is coming off, not as fast as I’d like but I think its pretty easy to stick to the meal plans on NutriSystem, and just add a fresh tossed salad for dinner and some fruit throughout the day, its not soo bad. BUt the exercise DVDs? Don’t work well for me, I wasn’t getting toned. With the Flex Belt my abdominal muscles are getting a great workout, and i really think thats what making a difference in my waistline, more than the NutriSystem. But, i hate to cook, so I’ll hang on a bit longer.

Malache: The trouble is, I like to weigh myself every day, see those results happening, and that doesn’t work with NutriSystem, it takes way too long for me to feel excited about it, can’t see that I’m getting thinner, just hungrier. Going to a quicker method, maybe South Beach? Although I heard the Zone is even faster.

kris: In my opinon the Zone and Atkins are too strict. but i guess everyone has their individual preferences….

Pam: Real woman have curves:)

blahblahblah: nutrisystem sucked, i have nothing orginal to add.

Nia: There are so many great diet plans out there I don’t know why I picked NutriSystem I guess it’s Marie Osmond’s fault but she’s been through so much and now she looks beautiful again and I want that for me, too. My husband is really sick and none of my kids will help me as much as I need them to, and I eat all the time because I’m sad, just like Marie did. But I don’t know how she got this to work for her, I’m still fat as I was a couple of months ago, maybe a pound or two gone, no more, and I’m going to write her and ask her how she did it because it’s not happening the same for me and I don’t know why.

Kristen: The foods are healthy, low cholesterol, low fat, whatever, I knew that I was getting proper nutrition with Nutrisystem but damn,the weight loss took forever! Or more like, never. I lost 9 lbs (in 12 weeks) and am trying to learn how to prepare healthy meals on my own, and exercise more. I was kinda intrigued by the addition of Omega 3s to the meals & I started taking a supplement now (ArcticEssentials) to keep my heart healthy. So I guess I learned from the program? Not worth the money, for me.

sandy: Well, now I am mortified….one of my coworkers very politely asked me to please stop microwaving my NutriSystem lunches in the break room….she said the smell is horrible and it’s making her gag. I knew this food wasn’t quite delicious, but i didn’t realize it was a public nuisance! where else am i supposed to microwave it? Any suggestions?

Noelle: All of these diet programs get famous spokeswomen to promote them, I think THAT’s the reason why they’re famous. Who cares about Marie Osmond, or Valerie Bertinelli or anyone who gets paid to say they lost weight with the program? I admit to trying NutriSystem because i’d heard about it pretty much my whole life. In name, not personal accounts. It was familiar and I joined. And paid a lot of cash to lose 6 lbs before realzing it wasn’t working for me.

Liz: sandy, tell your coworker to get some noseplugs or something & mind her own bussiness.

Pamela: Question : can you do nutrisystem for 28 days to see if you like it or nor and then cancel if you don’t? Or I you stuck with it for a long time?

charlotte: Are Nutrisystem meals high in sodium, does anybody know? (I just don’t know what counts as “high”)…anyway, I wonder if maybe i am retaining a lot of water and that is why i;m not seeing any results on the scale yet? it has been 9 wks.

kwebber3: The problem for me, with Nutrisystem, is that I felt like I was “on a diet.” So with that mindset, I lost weight. And it came back. So I went back on, lost more. REgained. It still had the same yo-yo effect that I was trying to get away from. Finally I decided on the South Beach to learn how to cook my meals and, I think thats been the key because I lost and it hasn’t returned, even after 14 months. Like anything, it works for some, but isn’t really permanent because all your doing is control your portions and once you go off, you binge. It took awhile but i learned my lesson.

annabanana: geez i’m surprised to see all the neg posts for nutrisystem, hasn’t this been around a long time?? i was considering trying the vegetarian program but probably won’t now. i wonder why so many people still join? glad i looked further into this before starting, thx.


joyce: not sure about sodium in the nutrisystem foods, but some do contain Splenda. I think thats bad if your pregnant or breastfeeding, btw.

Laura: Ok, this is for all of you who want an honest opinion of Nutrisystem. I purchased this because of all the skinny girls on the commercial. I also was told by the sales person on the phone I could get all my money back, minus shipping if I didn’t like it. I figured I had nothing to lose. I had previously checked the company out and found out they had many complaints regarding orders not being filled with requests and addressed this with the sales person. She assured me this was a past issue which had been cleared up. I told her exactly what I wanted in my order. It arrived with about 75 % of what I ordered and a note stating the high demand of my orders could not be shipped and they shipped alternate foods…which I could not eat. The food is very small, about 2/3 the size of a lunch Lean Cuisine. They want you to add fruits and veggies so prep was longer. The food itself scaled from just ok eatable to really not worth eating. Very plain untasty food. Funny, almost all the italian type foods tasted exactly the same. I think they may use the same sauce on all of it. Some of the bars were good. I liked the cookies, of course. I hated the pizza, cheeseburger and chicken sandwich. It was a sad lesson, one I wished I would have believed after reading so many complaints about the taste of the food. I did not lose, and luckily I did not gain any weight. ( I was on Jenny Craig and gained 7 lbs, previously). The company did return my money after I sent back the box. Keep all your shipping material, especially the huge box it comes it. It will help you return it, if needed. Good luck, whatever you choose. Laura of Fair Oaks

Michele: I tried Nutrisystem on and off for a few years. I don’t know but I loved the food! There was very little I didn’t like – my only problem was that I got bored quickly and so ended up doing 2 weeks really well and losing weight and then on the 3rd week, basically ate 3-4 portions at a time. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell anyone that if you do this you won’t lose weight — but it is what it is — small portions — exactly what one needs to lose weight. I intend to do it again right after the holidays which are coming up. This is a no-brainer — the food tastes great to me, there’s very little preparation and if you just do it, you’ll lose weight – simple as that! I don’t know, but there must be an awfully lot of picky people out there who find fault with the food — if you were all so picky you’d think you wouldn’t have a weight problem in the first place. Just my 2cents.

Cara: It’s true, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to point out that if you do NutriSystem, you won’t lose wieght. THe portions are too small, so you are just setting yourself up for failure. THe food all tastes the same and it got very boring for me. I’m taking a hoodia supplement now and controlling my portions that way, without feeling so starved.

c: I lost an amazing amount of weight on the program when they had centers in various towns. I liked the food and found it very simple and easy to prepare my meals. The best part of the system was the wonderful iced tea mix they used to have. Oh and also the frozen yoghurt I made myself each evening. Anyway, I was going to go with the program again but after reading about 200 comments on how horrible the food is, and the lack of customer service, especially to credit card paying customers I am going to pass–dog food does not appeal to me!!!!

kimi: I was feeling bad for only losing about 10#’s a month .After hearing from some of you that havnt lost anything, I guess 10 # s a month isnt nothing to gripe about.I tend to have a very hard time losing weight being over 40 and having polysystic ovarian syndrome really hinder weight loss.I dont follow the diet to the letter .I usually just eat the breakfast lunch and dinner entrees plus a salad with dinner. Probably not so healthy but it is working.I was reading another article earlier about the NS diet written by a Dr. .They suggested doing the weight watchers diet .WW being a cheaper plan and you can buy it at the grocery store.A lot of people have had GI problems with NS and headaches .So if the nutrisystem diet is giving you problems consider weight watchers. It gives you the same convenience of boxed portion controlled foods without the side effects and the very high sodium content.Just a thought.Good luck to everyone

Jill: This program is not any good. The pictures look good, but the food was so bland. I tried adding spices, but that didn’t help any. I was always hungry after eating. I love chocolate, but what they send you is not chocolate!!! I also noticed that the pictures showed alot of food with just a touch of sauce/gravy – but in reality there was tons of sauce/gravy with just a dab of food – I mean just 3 little pieces of meat, with a spoonful of veggies. And the worst part is I really stuck to the diet without adding anything I shouldn’t and I ended up GAINING 5 LBS

TJ: If your not seeing the results then you haven’t read the fine print. You need to find time in your busy day to work out even if for twenty minutes a day. The only way you are going to lose weight is to get your body moving! I work as much as 80 hours per week and still find time to raise my child, have a life and workout! You are never to busy if you want to do it! It is not a fix all and I was thinking about trying it but have decided my wil power has helped and will get me losing the weight that I would like (not need) to lose. Americans are a lazy breed that think just sitting around and eating a “Diet” food will help them lose weight. Get smart! The whole idea is being healthy and even if you don’t use a diet food or suppliment pill you shouldn’t just be sitting around!

Julie: Sorry TJ, but i don’t see anyone talking about “just sitting around” and expecting weight loss? I think the issue here is, whether or not Nutrisystem is a viable diet plan. I chose it as a last resort to eat healthy WHILE maintaining my regular workout schedule. And, the food is just not edible. I gave it a go for a month, and felt lighter, but nothing significant. IT just is Not a good diet.

Amy: I tried Nutrisystem almost 2 years ago wanting to lose 30 lbs. I stayed on the plan about 9 months. The food was okay, but at the time I was very motivated due to being close to my delivery weight with my first child. However, I truely believe that this soy base system messed with my menstral cycle. I’ve been off the diet plan for almost a year. All but 10 lbs are back, and and my cycle is back to normal.

carov: I did NS faithfully for 2months and did loose 20 lbs. It helps you determine food portions very well, if you are an overeater. The food I feel is pretty good and convientant but not something I could live on for a long period of time. The downfall I found was a lot of flatulence.

betsy: convenient? yes i agree with you on that point, carov. and yes, nutrisystem helps with portion control, that first week was the worst of my life, trying to be satisfied from those meals! i didn’t particularly like the meals, though, and I had only lost 4 lbs by the end of the first month (with some fluctuations throughout the month) I stuck it out for one more month,not wanting to give up, and lost 3 lb more. So it works but not fast. this past month i bought hoodiap57 and its working even better for portion control, plus i don;t get the cravings between meals.

Barjean: Being disabled and elderly I thought this would be great. No way!! Heavy on tomato usage in most if not all meals. Would not recommend it. Did not lose weight. Yuk.

Kristine: I love it! It’s easy and fast. I lost 18 pounds on it and feel fantastic…and that’s with 1 cheat day but I do at least 20 minutes of cardio 5 days a week. There’s no such thing as a magic weight loss postion. Weight loss, no matter what kind, takes alot of hard work! The food isn’t the best tasting but nothing tastes as good as skinny feels! :)

paula: Hmm, well that’s great kristine congrats, really… but you say its “easy and fast” and the you say it “takes a lot of hard work…” i find this confusing. My experience with Nutrisystem was the “hard work” part, i felt very deprived the food was very tough to choke down. And while i agree that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, we’ve all found ourselves in this position becuase we DO have a weakness for good tasting food. I was able to put that aside while i was on nutrisystem, just like you did, but then i gained all of the weight back +12 lb. when i stopped. So it was really just a failure for me. Now I’m on my own sensible diet plus I’m taking Slim10 diet supplements which help me curb my appeitte for all that food. I have lost 17 of the 30 lbs i need to lose and i feel great.

Sherri: I have been on Nurtisystem for 3 months and have lost 40 lbs. It does work if you follow the plan. Also drinking water is key in losing the weight. I am glad I started this program. I like the convience of it.

heather: I don’t dispute that if you adhere strictly to a NutirSystem Diet (or any diet for that matter) you will eventually lose weight. The trouble is, NutriSystem is a portion control diet and once you are off of it you dont really learn how to choose portions sizes. And also because the food is so terrible you end up wanting to eat a LOT. I lasted only a while on NutriSystem because the food was terrble, and i gained back the weight i lost VERY quickly. I wouldn’t do this one again. I’m doing South Beach now and i’m enjoying the food much more and learning balance.

amanda: Nutrisystem worked for me. 34 year old, full time working Mother of two beautiful daughters. I never lost my pregnancy weight. In 4 months, I lost 30 pounds with daily walking and 100 ounces of water a day. I went from 170 pounds to 140 pounds. The first two weeks were horrible. My body was detoxing from everything bad I was putting into my body and portion sizes that were for someone ten times my size. After the first month I lost 10 pounds and I knew I was on my way to a healthier lifestyle. This diet worked for me. I was running marathons, going to the gym five days a week and watching my diet before Nutrisystem and I was only able to maintain my weight. I tried it because I read a blog just like this one too. I told myself that if it worked, then I would blog it everywhere. Go for it. Never Give UP.

Cathy: So i do have to agree with Amanda;s post that NutriSystem is good for teaching portion control, but so is Weight Watchers. I didn’t enjoy the meals I got with NutriSystem..fine during the week, but I needed more of a break on the weekends. I can’t say this is bad, I know it works for some but it was not the right diet plan for me…TOO restrictive. Once I learned what a normal healthy portion size looked like, I took it from there, added some Hoodia Bites and the weight continued to come off. 28 lbs and counting!

Larry: The nutrisystem food isn’t bad. The craptastic food that made you fat is bad. And you can learn portion control while on the program. All you have to do is pay attention to the size of the portions that you are eating while on the program. That means using your eyes, something that you have with you all the time. And it isn’t just a “portion control” diet program. It’s also low fat, low carb and high protein which utilizes the glycemic index to help control your cravings. It’s very balanced. How do I know this? I lost over 70 pounds on the program and have maintained my weight loss for over a year. It does take a while for your tastes to adjust to eating the nutrisystem food along with fresh fruits and vegetables, but once they do you will find that the old fat laden, calorie laden food that made you fat to begin with doesn’t taste nearly as good as you remember. It’s not the only program that works, but I will guarantee you that it works better than a lot of snake oil that is advertised on this site with large amounts of “thumbs up” ratings.

Olivia: I too thought the food was really bad, maybe the worse I have even had. I loved the idea of nutrisystem and understand that a lot of people can benefit from it, I personally lost 3 pounds the first week but it’s because I refused to eat the nasty meals that were in my fridge for the most part. I love food and were willing to learn how to eat more appropriate portions but I just can’t eat that. I looking into the south beach right now, I’ll have to organize myself and find time to cook but the recipes just sound delicious and you are allowed to eat until you are completetly full, my kind of diet:)

Jeanie: When I purchased the product, the foods I requested were all out of stock and they sent me substitutes, that I dind’t like. You have to really get used to the taste of the foods, and some of the deserts were tolerable. My biggest issue with the Nutri System food was that it would give me headaches. During the first week I used the product, I started getting headaches, and was told it just might be that my body has to get use to the change in my diet. I tried the food for a few more weeks, and still thing happened but at this time I had severe headaches, were I could not function for the rest of the day. Has anyone else been receiving headaches with the Nutri System meals? I had to finally give up on this product.

Glenda: This REALLY WORKS! Alot of people complain about this being very expensive. What do they say about exercise? No pain no gain. So it hurts your pocketbook for a few months. If you are not willing to spend any money on making yourself a thinner, happier or healthier person then obviously you want to stay heavy the rest of your life. How much did it cost you to get fat in the first place? I went in debt for this program and after a 40 pound weight loss and being back into my size 7/8 jeans, I’m glad I did!!! No more fat jeans for me!! I feel it is very affordable if you weigh the facts. First of all you get 95% of your food supplied for your $300 cost. The only thing extra you have to buy at the store is milk & fruit or vegetables you would buy anyhow. Now factor in what it would cost you for a membership at the gym. Ouch that’s expensive what they charge. You get a free exercise video with your first order from nutrisystem. There is no measuring or counting of anything you just grab a container, pop it in the microwave and eat. If you work, thats much easier than packing a lunch daily or cheaper than the cost of eating lunch out. How much easier can it be? I’ve heard the food is not fit to eat. Where have you people been eating, at five star restaurants? The food is not bad at all. It may not taste like the food you cook at home but the food you cook makes you fat. Diet food isn’t supposed to taste great or be fun is it? In my experience if you read the ingredients or each meal and stay away from the ones that say “shake container” you’ll be quite surprised how good the food tastes!!

Cybil: Interesting comparison, Glenda, and I agree in the “no pain no gain” to an extent. However, running 5 miles a day doesn’t cost a thing, just the price of the shoes and carrot sticks are pretty healthy cheap snack. After all the lay-offs that hav occurred in my company lately, I;m more worried about being able to pay hte mortgage, so Nutri-System is out. I think I’m better off “painfully” resisting temptations and just eating less than paying for this program. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try soem Hoodia.

Diana: I have been very pleased so far with Nutrisystem. It’s easy to follow and I have lost, on average, about 2-3 pounds per week and I can see the weight falling off and the difference in how clothes fit. (according to NS, after initial loss, 1-2 pounds per week is most common). Some of the food is good, some is barely palatable, but the good news is, after you decide what you like and don’t like, you can customize the order so you don’t get the less desirable meals. So far, so good! I like it.

Pete: I like it OK. It works for me. Is the food the best I have ever had .. not really .. but to me at least it is pretty good. I have found I like the soups the most.

Amanda: Today is January 6 and I am just beginning the program. I love to cook and love to eat, and that was my problem with losing weight. While cooking I would sample this and that, and when it came down to eating with the family, I would add a second serving and a 3rd enjoying the good food and conversation, always justifying it to my family that a little more was ok and hey, healthy and organic if that was an ingredient I used. Or, that I was rushed or tired and had to eat a bit more to feel better and fill up my hunger. I really like Nutrisystem. I am not sampling what I cook, not munching on goodies around the house, because I know what I have waiting for me for each meal and what I am allowed to have for snacks and dessert. I needed that control and that accountability. A 100 calories here and there add up and I know why although I excercise, I can’t lose the weight. I am learning to control myself and I am enjoying that I don’t have to cook a whole diet meal for myself after working all day. Its already prepared and waiting for me. Its not gourmet food, but its good and filling. If it were gourmet, there would be no stopping me from finishing it up and then some. I need to learn that I can enjoy portioned food, and then enjoy other actitivies that don’t involve pigging out on food. I have tried every other diet known to man and woman, and I feel this is a good start to relearning how to eat and to control ourselves.

suzanne: I found nutrisystem to be too severe and the foods to be not very good. I feel very hungry and deprived most of the time. I worry that once i start eating “normal” foods again i am going to over do it. I think about pizza and cheese fries all the time. I think i need to switch to a more moderate diet or else I am going to blow it. I think i might try the Five Factor diet bcs they let you cheat every so often.

laura: Nutrisystem – well i feel Kirstie Alley’s Pain. i did NutriSystem 5 years ago and I looked like little miss Skinny for about 2 mos. then it all started piling back and now i look huge again. I am looking for a Real diet now, and i just wanted to stop on here and tell yall that this is not any permannent answer.

Camilla: Most of you people on this blog, all you do is complaining. Nutrisystem works, it is the cheapest delivery program out there, add it up, you eat for under 10 bux a day! i am on day 5 and have already lost weight, only 20 ibs to loose..the food is not the greatest all the time, the best is to do a la carte, where you choose your own meals. Also spice up the food, add a little something to it and vegetables but remember this is not fast food, you’re joining a program to loose weight, learn portion control..you are not supposed to live to eat , but to eat to live. Food in restaurants taste so good and the portion are huge that’s is why most Americans are severely overweight. Get a hobby, start exercising. And to the person who claimed she been on Nutrisystem for 2 mths and haven’t lost any weight! See your Dr. Something ain’t right there..this program feeds you very little and there is no way you wont loose any weight! My input for you all big complainers. Just do it!It works, get off your lazy butts!

Rachel: dear camilla, It sounds like you are at the point in your NutriSystem expereience where you feel very confident that you have found the “answer,” and that you can look down on those who have not experienced success. The only reason I’m not really angry with you is because I once was in your shoes. About 2 years ago, I had very little tolerance for anyone who lacked the discipline to stick to Nutrisystem. I’m sure my judgmental attitude didn’t win me many friends, but I didn’t care, I thought i had the whole thing licked. For me, it was easy. All i had to do was follow the instructions, and i would see resuults. Nutrisystem sent me the food, the portions were determined, I knew exactly what i had to eat, and when. I didn’t have to think. In some ways, it was the easiest thing ever. Sure, my stomach grumbled and the food wasn’t exactly fine dining, but I was losing weight. By the time i finished the program, i had lost 34 lbs. In the beginning of my transition back to regular food, i did well. I measured out all of my portions so that they would be as small as the pre-packaged meals. I didn’t go out to dinner. But then over the next year, my habits began to slowly slip. There was no one giving me specific instructions on how, what and when to eat, so i was kind of “guesstimating.” And yes, sometimes i guesstimated based on what i wanted, what looked good. Well- to make a long story short (well shorter), within the next year, I gained back all 34 lbs plus 14 lbs that weren’t even there before. Soon, those friends of mine who i had judged before, had sympathy in their eyes for me (turns out they were more compassionate toward me than i ever was to them, and for that i am grateful). The whole thing knocked me down several notches, and taught me that i didn’t have the whole thing figured out. So now, i’m working on learning how to make good food choices and exercise. And I won’t be making snap judgments on unsuccessful dieter (aka ‘complainers’) ever again. I wish you the best, and hope your lesson won’t be as hard as mine was.

Kam: For the people that have issues with they lack of weight loss…What kind of work out plan are you on? If at all? A special meal plan will not do all the work for you, you still need to get out there and be active, it is still food and you should be doing a little extra to help yourself too!

Chyna: I have been reading these comments on Nutrisystem and it really scared me ppl talk about the taste all the time and for a minute I was going to give up and look for something elese But the truth is I’ve tasted lean cusine,weight watchers,slim fast etc no diet food will ever taste like what we want it to and for real thats the whole point thats why its diet food also if you want to lose weight I mean really want to u can’t just eat the food workout walk get your blood moving FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD.lets not put it all the blame on nutrisystems bad tasting food lets start taking a deeper look at ourselves GOD BLESS and GOOD LUCK LOSING

Lynn R.: The food, actually, is better than some of the other “diet foods” out there, and I can see how for some this may be the underlying factor, if they are used to eating sugary fast foods or something. Nutrisystem is healthy meals and very convenient. After bein on the program for 3 mos, however, I founf that I only lost about 6 lbs. I look back at my investment (both time & money) and feel, well, cheated. I am needing to loose close to 60lbs still and was expecting,to doit with this program. I exercised & never cheat but just, did not lose much at all. ITs back to the drwaing board now.

Bette: It was a pretty good start for me, for learning portion control however, I did not find Nutrisystem be quite a comprehensive enought program for me. And since i retired I have a bit more time to cook anyway, so what i’ve been doing is following the Jillian Michaels program, making her recipes and doing the workouts. Maybe its bcs I push myself so hard now, exerciseing, but the weights coming off faster and I actually am enjoying the process.

helen3: ive just started nutrisystem on day 8 some foods are ok some i cant even stand the smell but all diet food isnt all that great anyway i want to lose weight as fast as i can like everyone eles should i use hoodia along with nutrisystem i have polystic ovarian syndrom so its very hard for me to lose weight should i only eat the main entrees on nutrisystem not the grocery help i dont know what eles to do ive gained 110 pounds being pregant back to back with 2 kids i stay home all the time iys so hard i try to excersie at least 3 times a week any one got any advice for me

Roxi: Well I am only in my third week of Nutrisystem and literally felt like i was being starved to death.i don’t mind the food so much, to actuallly eat but its just way less than i’m use to. i got hoodiaP57 last week and its made the past 12 days tons easier. I’m hoping i’ll get the weight off wiht this combo.

Alison: After 2 months,I just had enough NutriSystem foods to last a lifetime. They just got old, esp. by month2. I didn’t lose much weight but about 4.5 lbs. i’ve been looking online for low-calorie recipes and just making them and exercising, and lost another 3 lbs in the last 3 weeks off nutriSysytem. Its more toleralbe this way, to diet.

Trying to lose a few: I’ve used their food on two different occasions now. The first was for six months or so, and during that time I was able to lose 40 pounds. I did it without eating all of the extra fruit, vegetables and water that they recommend. I went off of the diet and began comfort food and stress food eating again, gaining all of the weight back. I went on the NutriSystem diet again for two months, and it just wasn’t worth it. The food isn’t that good, and it tears up my gastrointestinal tract because of all of the preservatives in it. Until my system got used to the food over several weeks, it was an unpleasant experience. The diet will work if you apply yourself to it and can manage to find something you like and stick to it.

LaLa: My hubby and I do not mind the food – add in fruits , veggies, yogurt as recommended and its not so bad, BUT the gas NutriSystem produces is horrible! We avoid being in public places sometimes because it is so bad!

kitty: omg at first NutriSystem was a great system im not going to lie but then it just got expensive imagen 300 each month!! i mean that could feed 3 people in a month!! wow took much for my budget and besides the food would sometimes be a small amount of food and sometimes it was food i didnt even like ewww

Rich: I have fewer problems with nutrisystem than I do my own willpower. I used it for three months and lost 15 lbs. Then I went back to eating less health and some of the weight has returned. No diet will work if you don’t work the diet. Eat the fruit and veggies you get from the store to supplement. I sometimes add the veggies to the dinner. Eat more salad. Watch the dressing. I don’t mind the food except for the tuna casserole. If you don’t like the food, you probably won’t stick to the diet. I eat every three hours I’m up and I make sure to drink the 8 glasses of water. I don’t see how you can’t lose weight. Plus I seldom feel hungry. If it don’t work, look for something else that does. The basic principles are solid for the nutrisystem diet. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you continue to eat the fruits and veggies and salad and the eight glasses of water. Good luck.

Karyn: Well i’ve been on Nutrisystem for 3 weeks and am not loving the foods but not hating them either. It feels like a diet & i guess that what i don’t like about it, eating diet foods. Some meals give me gas too & the portions..so small! Lost 2 lbs so far so, gonna stick with it and hope i lose about 8 times that next month.

Miss Miller: The NutriSystem customer service dept lies too much,i am disapointed with the program.

Katie: I have just completed week 1 of Nutrisystem and I have to say, I am surprised by how the food tastes. I read all of the reviews and was very scared but figured I’d give it a try. Honestly, if you can eat a Lean Cuisine or a Weight Watchers meal, you can eat this. It’s not fabulous but most of it is edible and I feel like it’s a great way to jump start my weight loss (I have 65 lbs to lose). I drink all my water and walk for 25 mins, 3x a week and have lost 5lbs. In one week! That’s pretty good. I’m sure every week will not be this high of a loss but I feel like I need to give it a real try. P.S. – I was hungry the first week but towards the end of the week, the hunger started to fade and is now manageable.

dory: tried out nutrisystem for 3 months, hoping to drop 25-30 lbs, once and for all. that extra weight had been a nuisance way too long. the foods were edible, as you say katie. but i did have a lot of cravings, and figured it could hurt to get some hoodia p57. this was a decision i made in my 3rd month, after only losing 7 lbs the previous two months and wnating to pull my hair out! i did lose a little more, as my appetite was more manageable and i decided then ot just, eat normal foods and still take the appetie suppresant. Worked better for me, I enjoyed what i ate & still kept the portions small. Just weighed in at a total of 27 lbs lost, this morning, after 2 mos of doing this my own way!

fran: I would say that you need to choose the food you want, not let NutriSystem send you the “popular” favorites or however they put it. If you think your going to get gourmet meals. This is not for you. Some of the food is quite good. Anything you have to add water to, I would personally pass, I don’t like them. Pizza, lasagna, stew and most of the “pop off the lid”, items are good. Cheesy nachos and the super sized fries, are how we got fat. If you want to eat a lot of food, you are going to stay fat. This works. Cutting calories if the only way.Sorry, I love food too, but its our choice stay fat or eat less.

denise: Yeah, I don’t mind eating less, i know that’s the only way to accomplish the goal…but i do prefer the food i eat to taste Ok. and i just didn’t feel that way about NutriSystem stuff. It’s totally a matter of taste, though, and everyone has different taste. I recently started buying some South Beach Diet meals and i enjoy the flavor of them a lot better…and for extra support i signed up for the South Beach Diet online. I feel like i’m doing well and enjoying the food.

sonnie: I went on the NS program in 2006 and lost 40 pounds in about 3 and half months. I have manaed to keep the weight off. The first week was the worst for me because i was used to eating what i wanted when i wanted. So eating those portion controlled meals stil made me hungry. I lost 6 pounds the first week and that was my motivation to stay on the diet. The second week my stomach got used to the smaller portions. The food tasted ok. Most of it was edible. The second month i customnized my order. However I did have a problem with a few of the items I ordered not being in stock. I exercised five days a week and sheded 3 to 4 pounds a week. The NS plan was successful for me.I went from a size 14-16 to a 6-8.

DeannaK: I have been using Nutrisystem for 2 months now and have gained 2 pounds.I’m really disappointed and probably will not reorder at the end of the month

amy: I have been on the program now for 5 days. I am not having a problem with the taste, or dealing with hunger. The fresh vegetables, fruit,dairy, and protein I add during meal time,and snack time keeps me totally satisfied. My problam is the bloat, and gas. Does anyone know why this is happening,and if it eventually subsides. I work in the retail industry,out in the public, so at times it is very uncomfortable. Is anyone else experiencing this, and do you know what it is from?

Linda: I must be a weirdo based on the comments here, but I love the foods I’ve chosen after using NS for 3 years. I got off track after the first year, but I’m back on track. You have to try a lot of different foods until you find the ones you like – just like any new food! The only drawback is that they keep reformulating some of everyone’s favorites and they’re usually not better tasting afterwards. – NutriSystem

Skeptical: I’m curious. How many of you that are giving this negative feedback actually supplemented this with regular exercise (and I mean actually breaking a sweat, not just walking)? You cannot expect any of these “diet” plans to work like a magic pill that makes you lose weight with no physical activity at all. I’m not trying to be difficult. I simply want to accurately gauge the effectiveness of this plan before I shell out $300 per month. It seems like almost every negative post makes absolutely no mention of physical exercise. Can someone please reply that actually exercised regularly along with this and let me know your results? Thank you!

Rana: It sounds like all the negativity is coming from people looking for an excuse to not loose weight. Just like working out…complain enough and find excuses not to get the JOB DONE.

Cindy: I’ve been on Nutrisystem for 2 weeks now and I’ve lost 10 pounds. I have not had any problem following the diet and sticking to it. I’ve really only found 2 of the foods items that I really can’t stand to eat and I’ve just simply cut those out of my next order and chose more of the items I do like. I’m very pleased with the plan. I have been making an effort to walk in the morning and in the evening to make sure I help boost my dead metabolism. I’m very happy with the plan.

Lily: Here is my take on Nutrisystem. I have been on it for a bit and I am mostly pleased. I knew coming in to it that the food wasn’t going to be fabulous, it is shipped dry in a box so what kind of food would you expect to be able to be sent like that? Also, I have a co-worker who lost 45 pounds on NS and she told me the food wasn’t great but she learned to make it better herself. I picked NS because I just haven’t been able to lose the weight on my own. Certainly anyone could go to the store and buy food to equal 1200-1500 calories a day (for women) and lose the weight. I’ve tried doing that myself for 4 years and it hasn’t worked. I decided to try NS because I thought the $$$ I was spending, the website and the personal consultants might just give me that extra push. So far, so good. Again, it probably isn’t right for everyone but I can see the value in a program like this. As for maintenance, you do wean yourself off of the NS food and learn portion control as you go. It is all in how you choose to live your life. But NS isn’t any different from other diet plans in that you have to work at maintenance afterwards.

Rana: I’ve been on Nutrisystem for only 3 days and will be amazed if I loose weight!! MEANING…It seems as though I’ve been eating more with Nutrisystem than my usuall. Although portions are small, I am not starving. The food is actually better than expected, especially after reading the above reviews. Boy was I scared!!! LOL Anyway…I was wondering does it matter if you eat all the food suggested or not?

Anonymous: I tried Nutisystem before my wedding and followed it to a T. I lost 8 pounds in one month.

Kelly: I really like the system, food comes to you, just grab and go for work. Lost 20 pounds, plan on loosing 20 more. I pick my food instead of them sending “favorites”. My mom is signing up this week. I even eat the dinners for lunch and lunch for dinners because the dinners have more calories and I can burn off the higher calories during work. It sure is a lot of food that comes, some days I don’t eat all that they recommend. My snacks of course are all the chocolate items. No complaints from me.

Melinda: when my friend recommend Nutrisystem a months ago after she heard me complain about my weight for too long, I decided to give it a shot. I am not sure how you people stand it, the food is just horrible! I grew up in a farm where we cook everything from scratch, I love food, some people even call me foodie, there is no way on earth I could last on the Nutrisystem. but good luck to everyone, this diet is not for me , does not mean it bad for everybody. I am just gonna join a gym and and making watch my sugar and carb.

Peg: I was excited to try this NutriSystem plan for the convenience mostly. However, I found the food to be absolutely horrible. It not only looks unappetizing, but tastes terrible! I did learn about portions and what I should be eating during the day, so I plan to make my own meals, freeze in small containers. Also, had headaches and bloating, possibly due to high sodium content. Wouldn’t recommend this plan to friends. Do weight watchers!

Katy: My husband and I both ordered NutriSystem after we had decided to lose a little weight. When we first got the food, we were excited, but then quickly realized that we had been fooled. The website never mentioned that you had to buy your own food along with it, and the food itself was tastless. Also, even though I specifically told the operator that I was allergic to mushrooms, over half the meals they sent contained mushrooms. I ate what I could, because I had already paid for it, but I tell everyone I know not to get it. It is a waste of money.

Peg: you can pick you own foods,you can send it back without costing that much,they have people that are willing and able to help you with any questions you have.i’m starting on it in about a week,silver program for seinors, picked my own food, 5weeks for $299.95 will total to $8.57 aday. it’s alot if you live on a fixed income as i do, but i need to do it for my health, therefore i am going to try to do it for 3 months.some of the food isn’t terrific but come on now it’s a diet,prepacked food. most of it is either good or alright.love snacks and cookies are to die for. hope this helps someone

Deb: I’m really surprised at the negative reviews I’m reading. This is DIET FOOD people! Were you expecting buttery gourmet cuisine?! This may not be what I would drool over on a menu, but they try to make a high protein and low-glycemic meal that is palatable and filling. For those of you who say you’re starving, I would bet that you’re not eating the morning, afternoon and evening snacks when you’re supposed to. You’re probably adding them onto the meals themselves because we’re all used to eating BIG meals. One of the habits they’re trying to get you used to is the idea of small meals throughout the day. It keeps you from chowing down on large portions at one time (which we’ve ALL been doing) and gets your body used to a day-long simmer instead of a gut busting boil three times a day. I’m extremely happy with the way my body is reacting to it – in both weight loss and energy – and yes, before you ask, I DID have a problem with it the first few days. But I considered it a food addict’s withdrawal from years of eating everything I wanted, as much as I wanted, when I wanted.

Jess: I have been on NS for going on 3wks now and I have lost 9lbs. I disagree that the food is gross, I have not had anything that I have had to force myself to eat nor have I had to gag when eating it. I read all the reviews and agree that I am going to switch dinner at lunch and have lunch at dinner. Lower calories are better at night and I will have a better chance at burning them off during the day. If anything this program has helped me learn howto balance my diet and what to eat and how often. I bought a food scale to weigh all my meats. I am sooooooo happy!! I hope to lose a lot more by labor day.

Nique: I’ve been on NutriSystem for 8 months now and I’ve lost 70 lbs. I went into it not expecting to really enjoy the food and turns out that I like all the foods I order. I never expected any of the foods to taste as good as my moms cooking but I didn’t know I’d love the program and certain dishes as much as I do. Some foods have to be season to your liking and that’s fine but sticking to the NutriSystem guidelines inside the food diary and exercising 3-7 days a week… I’ve been able to shed the fat. If you go into the program w/ a negative attitude, that’s the result you’ll get and granted, this program may not be for everyone but it’s an awesome program and I grateful for it. Most overweight people don’t gain weight simply because they like to eat… for most, it’s mental and until you figure out what it is that triggers that desire to over indulge… you’ll continue overeating and always “thinking” you’re hungry like you’ve been doing.

Paula: I was on this diet for three months and I found the food filling but overprocessed. – NutriSystem

Mandy: I have been on the program for 12 days now. Only have lost 2 pounds! I have not cheated either. I think I just wasted my money, but will continue the program just to see the final results. I exercise 5-6 days a week at the gym, have not had a drop of alcohol, and still can not drop much weight. Anyone else had this problem? – NutriSystem

Betty F.: I thank you need to change the tomatoes dishes. they are terrible. Make me sick. Also the beef dishes have an odd tatste. Better get some one tho neows have to cook. The only decent dishes is the chicken but not the chicken parmesson It is terrible. – NutriSystem

Jaime in NJ: I have been on NS for almost two weeks now and have already lost 6 pounds. The food is not awesome, but it isn’t really that bad aither. Some of it I even like. I am glad that i did not read some of the comments here until I tried it myself. For women your are only eating 1200 calories a day. To me it seems that it would be impossible not to lose weight with even just a little excercise and motivation on your part. I don’t think NS is meant to be a life long diet, but definatley teaches portion control. I personally know six people who have had success on this diet. If you add in all the stuff to tell you too, including the protiens, (yougurt,chicken, tuna), you don’t feel as hungry. For those people thinking about it, don’t let all the negativity get you down. Diet’s can’t do the work for you, but the bottom line is burning more calories in a day than you consume. Good luck everyone.

suzie: I have considered purchasing the Nutrisystem but after reading some of the reviews which are mostly negative, I will not buy it. I appreciate the reviews. It’s not worth it if you are starving and yet lose weight so slow and then need to buy an appetite suppressant that adds more cost to losing weight. I’m not impatient about losing weight–too fast is not good. But losing gradual and not very slowly( as Nutrisytem based on many reviews)would be more encouraging.

Mack: Funny how the highest rated items on the site are questionable pills and “supplements”. Nutrisystem isn’t meant to be long term and if you want to “learn to eat right and prepare your own foods” then why would you go with NS??? It’s meant to either give you a jump-start or do over a longer period while eventually transitioning to ‘life-long’ habits. I know what and how to prepare good foods–it’s having the time and organization to do it. NS gives you main meal items and you don’t have to worry about much calorie or point counting. I’ve found other sites that give it great reviews with great weight loss…odd.

Julie_CT: I just started the NutriSystem yesterday I am not looking forward to eating that way everyday. The food is so not appealing and doesn’t taste good at all. I am gonna stick with simply because i already paid and I really want to loose weight.

Emilee: sorry but i just thought that NutriSystem foods were just nasty and disgusting, not good enough to eat even for a short period of time. I really couldn’t even choke this stuff down for a full week, it was gross and pretty much flavorless. I should have known based on what i have heard about the flavor but i was just out of control and tryuing to take an extreme measure. Well this didnt help. I’m not sure what some of these comments about questionable pills mean but i can tell you that i dont take any pills. Right now I am on a GOOD diet with good food, the online south Beach Diet. This is a diet that is helpful for long term success and i lfeel like i can stay on it without struggling a lot. MUCH better than NutriSystem.

Sera: Well I suffered through a month of eating this way and just assumed, since I’d reduced my daily calories by so much perday, the weight would come off. BUt here I am, 4 weeks later and only, 3.4 lbs lighter. Boo. I shoulda just went on that lemonade cleanse or whatever, to get this results.

Debbie: I for one am a BIG fan of NS. It is portion control and offers a great website that I have seen improve. This is my 3rd time in 15 years. I have issues (as do SOME overweight people) with my monthly meds making me lose my appetite, then I eat less than 1000 calories and gain weight. This program is regimented and has you eat the small meals and you are allowed to be an adult about it. YOU have to make the good choices for the grocery store food that YOU add, and this program supplies the 3 main meals and your snack. In the world of grocery store convenience meals, this program’s food is VERY tasty. They recently teamed up with Schwans and now offer frozen meals which I just rec’d and am very surprised at the quality! Very nice! If you add up all the NS-like food that you purchase at the store, I know (at least for me) that the cost is about the same – and by getting it shipped to your door, you save most of your trips to the grocery store except for fruit, veggies, and dairy. Autoship is the way to go: It saves your shipping cost and if you don’t like it, cancel the future shipments. I read the review on this site stating that you don’t get to pick your food, but you do if you choose. Once you do, you change it up if you find that you don’t like something. Try one of everything, then change up next month to only be the meals you dig the most. It’s a great program.

anne: Once NutriSystem starts arriving it is impossible to stop. After numerous emails to cancel there is now another box in my driveway, in addition to an unopened box in my garage. Plus boxes in my house and full cupboards. No free shipping, one I returned cost $50.00. I feel I will have to cancel my credit card to stop this mess.

Brizzo: I am a bodybuilder using nutrisystem and it WORKS. If you incorporate excercise into your diet you will see results. As for the food there are foods that I like and some I don’t, you have to decide what you like and order it.

glenda: May I know why these foods are giving me such a headache and how can i stop it?

Peggy: I ordered Nutrisystem Advanced and tried it for a week. I went to the grocerty store and spent time reading and comparing labels. You can buy your own things at the store and save money. I think Nutrisystem is expensive for the taste and quality you get. The idea is to cut down and excercise. I sent the food back and bought my own and am losing. Try Lean Cuisine and Lean Hormel and Weight Watchers desserts,for an exsmple. They are bette tasting. I am losing. The key is, “you gotta wanna,”like George Carlin said, otherwise nothing will work. Remember Valerie and Marie didn’t have to pay for their programs as long as they ENDORSED them. In this economy, think smart. You can do the same thing yourself for less.

Cheryl: I have had years of unsuccessful dieting no matter how hard I tried. I have been on Nutrisystem for about 12 weeks, and I have lost 27 pounds. This is by far the best results I have had with any other program. Losing the weight is encouraging me to keep going. I feel so energetic, and I feel that my overall health has improved greatly. Although the diet is fairly expensive, when I think of all of the money I have spent attempting other diet programs, exercise programs, machines, pills and supplements, this is a drop in the bucket. I like 95% of the food, it is easy to bring to work with me, I supplement it with lots of fruit and salad, and I feel better than I have felt for about 10 years. I have had so many positive comments from people about my success. I want to lose a total of 70 pounds, and for the first time in years, I feel as though I will truly be successful.

Samantha: I ordered this because I hate to cook and hate to shop. This food tastes no better than shelf-stable supermarket stuff. Ugh. The dinners are so soupy, they have to be eaten with a spoon. The pea/bean soups have no discernible veggie pieces in them. The snacks are too hard and for some odd reason the cheese puffs are labeled “dessert”. Etc etc etc. So now I have a pantry full of over-priced junk. Add to that, they packed everything in one dang big box and I nearly popped an artery moving it around. Am I eating healthier? Who knows, but I’ll never buy it again.

Samantha: Everyone needs to read the comment further down from “anonymous” who used to work for NutriSystem. Very telling. Save your money.

Samantha: On Dancing with The Stars, Marie Osmond said she had lost 35 pounds due to the strenuous exercising during practice. Then suddenly she’s touting NutriSystem pretending she lost 40 pounds after using it. Bah.

Samantha: My comments were submitted in July 2009.

Carol: As a current Nutrisystem user, I can tell you that the info is quite outdated. You are able to choose your foods and customize your order. Answers to all questions can be found on the website and dieticians, counselors and moderators are available online or by phone. The food is very good and yes you do add in your own fresh fruits and veggies and a couple of proteins. These round out the meals and the calorie intake is in a good place for weightloss but you will find yourself eating quite often and feeling quite satisfied. NS also recommends exercise fir health, toning and to produce faster results. The plan will not make the weight drop off you in unhealthy ways. Most lose at a nice steady loss of 1 to 2 lbs per week. I personally have lost over 23 pounds so far and have no intentions of stopping. This is a great plan with everything needed for healthy weight loss.

Dab: I started the Nutrisystem meal plan in an attempt to lose the 20 pounds that I put on this past year. I was disappointed because the taste of the food was not what I expected. The advertisements promote great tasting food, but I didn’t feel that way. Perhaps, I should have been taking a suppressant with it. It wouldn’t have made it taste any better, but maybe since I wouldn’t be as hungry, taste wouldn’t matter.

Sue: I was on the Nutrisystem plan for 2 weeks I gained more weight instead of losing . I followed the plan to the T. I think the system is a ripoff

hungry: nutrisystems concept of portion control and lots of vegetables has helped me understand what an ideal diet should be like but there food is either hit or miss.some of their entrees were so disgusting that i couldnt even eat them.im also concerned with the fact that nothing needs to be refridgerated.thats just weird

Lynne: I’ve tried WW, Atkins, South Beach all with limited success. I started Nutrisystem in February and have lost 60lbs. Sure the food isn’t gourmet, but it really isnt’ too bad and I have not been hungry. I have to say, I have stuck to the program completely, not cheating at all and have started working out with Jazzercise which helps a lot. The cost isn’t excessive either. I think you need to be honest about what you eat and be of the right mindset to lose weight. It worked for me!

Jeannie: I am really sorry this didn’t work for me. The food was just too awful! It got to the point that I would start gagging just to think about having to eat it. If they ever get better food, I would try it again in a heart beat!

JiveTurkey: I have been on NS for one week. Its hard yes, but I need to take off 15lbs. The food isnt THAT bad, it is what it is. I ate like S*it for a while and put on weight so now its time to muscle up and take it off. Play hard, Work hard. Im sticking to everything NS tells me to eat for one month and then I will form an opinion about the program. The people on the phone at NS are great. Totally helpful. Im excited to see what my weight loss is in one month. STAYING POSITIVE!!!!!

camilla: I am reading a lot of negative comments about Nutrisystem. But all in all, it seems like the poeple here don’t want to loose weight..you just can’ ever go back to eating like u used too, there is only one secret to loosing weight, stop stuffing yourself!! nutri works really well, you can customize your food order, which i always do plus oder nutrisystem select! the frozn food is not that bad..i love to cook and i can cope with it, helps me shed 10-15 pounds easily..compared to other programs that will cost a fortune..nutrisystem is not gourmet food but helps you to learn about portion control and shrink your stomach so after the 3 mths are up, you get used to not eating so much and from thereon you have to keep it up, by cooking healthy and eating often but small portions. and exercise! no secret to weightloss, just laze people that want immediate results without the commitment, stop whining already! any diet works as long as you stick to it! thanks nutrisystem! inexpensive and like i said go SELECT!

Anonymous: I spent 16 days in the hospital with pneumonia.The food was not all bad but after 1 week of it, I made myself eat it because I have diabetes and hypothyroidism. The TSH blood test measures your thyroid and how well it is working. Mine was 115 and it is supposed to be 5 or under. I lost 10 pounds in the hospital. I watched the commercial for Nutrisystem diabetics. I started 3 mths ago and have lost 25 pounds. Total now, 35 pounds. The first shipment was terrible but I told the people at Nutrisystem when I ordered it what I was allergic to and they have tried. I custom ordered after the first mth and I like to eat the same thing, so this does not bother me. Spices sre the spice of life. If you cook your own foods you still need to add spice. NOT salt! Pepper and so many spices!! It helps!! I started with a weight management doctor a week ago. She will see me every two weeks for a while and then once a month. I am 56 years old and disabled. I’ve had 12 surgeries since I was 27 and many problems. My feet are numb because of 2 back surgeries and probable diabetes type 2. I eat these because I cannot stand for long times to cook. My husband heats these for me and it saves time and money going out to eat. Portion control is a key and eating 6 small meals/snacks a day. Buy a paper plate with the 3 parts or get a tv dinner with a 3 part tray.Then use your head, most of us have been fat a long time and tried different things. I have to get this weight off this time because it is really killing me. I go to water therapy 2 days a week for 2 hours each day. I have read all your complaints but a lot of them are excuses.:) I know I make them too.:) Please just think about the health part of loosing weight, no matter what you do to loose it. Just take one day and do the best you can.:) Yes, I do occassionally eat wings. I’ve had wings 3 times since May. Grapes have been a great thing to snack on. Do them frozen or just cold, the seedless kind. YOU CAN DO THIS:)

Lisa: I give NutriSystem a lukewarm positive review because it works for me, but only up to a point. This is my second time on the plan. A few years ago I went from 175lbs to 155 by following NutriSystem for a couple of months and then taking their lessons outside of the plan, which I think is the real benefit. I gained some back because I started to eat out a lot. Recently I got back down to the 155 and decided to try NutriSystem again to lose the last 20, which has been with me for most of my life. After a month and a half of following the meal plan almost to the letter I’ve lost the first 10, but the last 10 is proving very difficult, as expected. However, I will caution — this plan is definitely not for everyone. I’m only able to stick to it because I don’t cook, don’t have gourmet taste and don’t have a family that depends on me to prepare meals for them; if you do, try something else because you will feel extremely deprived. For me it’s very convenient to have the pre-packaged foods delivered and supplement the diet with vegetables, fruit and some dairy. The food is easy to take to work and prepare in the micro, and doesn’t take a great deal of fuss at home after a long day. The stuff is mostly edible, but definitely not satisfying, and there isn’t a large variety to chose from as everything tends to taste the same. Also, not all the food they talk about on the commercials is available all the time, and they advertise that they will send you a week’s worth of food for free with each shipment, but you can’t pick and chose what they send you for that free portion; I got some downright repulsive stuff that went to waste. The meal plan restricts almost all sugar, bread products and fried foods, so if you’re addicted to that, team NS up with an appetite control product of some kind. The price is a bit high, but I was spending more on eating out anyway. Despite what the commercials want you to believe, there is no magic here; it’s a low sugar, low fat, small portion diet that will leave you hungry and listless for most of the day until your body gets used to eating like this. One other thing: Their website, which allows you to track the nutritional content of what you eat, is better than it was a few years ago, but still slow and annoying to use.

Lee S: While not for everybody, NutriSystem worked for me. After struggling with obesity for my whole adult life, I lost over 100 pounds with them — have been off for the last two months (doing my own thing) and have continued to lose. I liked the plan because I didn’t have to think about food

Gayle: My experience with NutriSys has been good. I had a problem with my feet/ankles swelling really bad…once I started NS I do not have that problem anymore…w/in a week I felt better! It has worked well for me…all the extra food is something that they do not disclose though.

Jeralee: there’s isn’t much I can say that hasn’t already been said, other than I like this program for “me”. I’m losing slowly, but I feel that is probably better than losing it fast. I was very successful on atkins a few years ago, but I have found that I can’t sustain myself on that forever. The one thing I will comment on is the support at Nutrisystem is fantastic!!! My second auto-delivery order just arrived and it seems as though the shipping gremlins did a little dance over many items in my shipment. I was disappointed – especially because my milk chocolate bars were smashed! But, I call the customer service number (at the advice of an online counselor) and she made a list of everything that was damaged and promptly shipped out new items! I was shocked. I didn’t even have to send the damaged items back. I didn’t have to send pictures or anything. I received email confirmation that my replacement order is shipping today. I couldn’t be happier. Yeah, the food isn’t always what I’m hungry for that day, and I’ve been known to cheat on more than 1 occasion, but if I stick with it, I know I’ll be successful. And with people like that to help me along the way – it’ll only get better.

Robin: Nutrisystem is not “homecooking” but they never claim to be. (The snacks are really good.) However, if you stick with the program, and don’t cheat much, you can loose weight. In the eight months I have been in the program, I have lost 30 pounds and am at my goal. (BTW, I don’t exersize!) I’m not hungry all the time. I am very pleased and always recommend it to others for a simple, “no-brainer” type diet program. The only issue I’ve had is a few damaged items but I call them and they replace the food. They also replaced my “30 pound” bear since he had stuff on him – they send you a beanie baby type bear for every 10 pounds you loose.

Theresa: I have lost 70 lbs. on Nutrisystem in four months! While I am not at goal weight, I continue to work at it. I find that the food is very good especially when you learn how to make it! You need to become a good cook! There are recipes online, but creativity and vegetarian or organic cookbooks help! I am full and never hungry! I’ve begun to naturally eat less. In addition, I’ve started to become active by walking, swimming, and doing light activities once again! I feel so much better, and am able to fit into clothes I haven’t worn in years! It’s been exciting to buy new clothes in smaller sizes. I have gone from a size 22 to a 14. I am now a Junior Member and have made some very good friends who do some great coaching! The Nutrisystem counselors have been a tremendous help in selecting foods, preparing foods, overcoming problems or questions, and have always been there for all of my needs. My PCP knows I am on Nutrisystem and told me that he knows it works because others have been successful. He told me it is a great program to go on. So, I tried it after seeing a Marie Osmond commercial and talking it over with my PCP. I’m so happy I did! For you to fail on this diet, it means you don’t follow the program. To get metabolism working, you drink water and exercise! Being creative with cooking the meals and with the right meal planning, you have the perfect choice! I did take the time to speak with Senior Members and chat with them. I entered blogs and chat rooms. Everything just clicked together for me! I know I will reach goal shortly and NEVER forgot or stop doing what I have learned to do on Nurtisystem! I LOVE YOU NURTRISYSTEM!

CLS: Have lost 19 lbs in 2 months and still going. Love the structure and convenience plus the community support is awesome.

Brandy: The first time I used Nutrisystem I lost 35 lbs in 2 months. I’m using it for the second time because I just had a baby 3 months ago. The food is okay but you can add your own seasonings to flavor it up. I’ve been on the program for 2 weeks and have already lost 10 lbs. 10 lbs of real weight not water weight which is what you lose with alot of diet pills. I’ve been so successful because I follow the program to a T. I don’t cheat and drinking 8, 8oz glasses of water is vitally important. I also started doing my pilates and yoga again, minimally because I’m a little out of shape for not working out the past year. I believe in this program but you do have to commit to it.

julie: I’m trying Nutrisystem again–I have the packaged foods but don’t know what I’m supposed to add on to each meal. Can anyone tell me what the additions to the plan are for women over 40?

jill: Well, i just started ns 3 days ago…..i find the food is alright…still experiancing hunger pangs, but it is to be expected i guess.I am fat because i have a real hard time with portion control..when i looked at the size of the lunch and dinners, at how small they are, i realised that no wonder why i am fat.I alos talked to alot of very thin friends of mine, and i found out that they sort of nibble all day long.. which i think is the key to changing my approach to food.. since a diet is just that, something to help you loose the excess fat, but, no matter which diet you choose, if you dont change your lifestyle, the weight will come back.. So, eating small amounts every 3 hours or so, seems quite logical… and hopefully i can loose the weight i have gained, and not be tempted to go back to my old chow hound mega meals… i am approaching this weight lose regime, with more than the obvious need to loose weight, but to try to understand, and control my need to stuff myself….this has got to change…I have to learn to manage my appetite, be more active, and to eat when i need , not when i want.. alot to do, and think about and change for the next 7, or 8 months, but, the weight loss, which i am determined to do, is the just the tip of the iceberg.. even if i need to get some sort of therapy.. because, i do not want to be fat again.. so big lifestyle change.. and my choice of ns was simply for convienence, since i work long hours, get home late tired and hungry, i needed a plan, that was simple..The maintanence part when i do succed is not ns problem, but mine…

sandy: I am very disturbed by the commercial that features Marie Osmond and a woman named Amy. Is that woman anorexic and is that the image the company wants to portray?

Cynthia: I can’t believe that Nutrisystem airs the commercial featuring the lovely yet horribly anorexic “Amy”. The shot of her in the bikini is simply awful. Nutrisystem should pay for Amy to see nutritionist so she can get healthy. Stop airing ads that do nothing but cause women and young girls to have a skewed body image. Amy…seek help immediately.

TaraF: I was going to purchase NutriSystem because I thought, “Wow Marie Osmond looked like she had achieved great results”. Afterall, isn’t that the point of their commercials? To see how well someone can do? Than I thought, isn’t it interesting that Marie Osmond became the Spokesperson for NutriSystem AFTER she did Dancing with the Stars? I decided to read reviews of NutriSystem and have decided not to purchase it. If I pay to select my own foods (which I would) I would want what I ordered to be delivered to me and not substitutes which from what I read happens very often. It’s definately not for me. I will buy my South beach Diet dinners and work out thank you very much.

Dr. Macey Adams: I am responding to Sandy & Cynthia. Not only am I a physician, I work mainly with professional women athletes. Amy is not anorexic or have any disorder. People with eating disorders do not and can not maintain muscle tone. To get muscle tone, as Amy clearly has, you need protein & carbs- the right nutrition. You see her abs- clearly! Someone with poor nutrition cannot build muscle tone and it would be impossible to have arms like Amy’s. Amy- my guess, is about 5′3. She is a small framed woman with incredible muscle tone. Her hair is shiny & her eyes are bright. These are all quick visual checks from my perspective. She would be the ideal spokes person Nutrisystem. She has been successful on the program & kept the weight off since 2007! I know this because Amy was mentioned in Forbes. As I mentioned, I worked with professional athletes for over 15 years- I can recognize muscle tone. Hats off to any woman who seeks a healthier lifestyle!

Marie: Unless your rich such as Hollywood status try something on hyour own, not pills, or 48 hr. mirical drinks, or expencive gym member ships. I mean on the gym part of that, pilates and or yoga works for me as well but the DVD’s can be bought for around 8.00 to 19.00 dollars at the stores, which saves money and time plus walking out doors is free and if you have small children there is your weights.Ok I started Nutrisystem due to just like many of you believed the hype after reading a section in I think Allure on it. After giving birth to my fourth child only weighing in at 198 at birth 179 after, I thought ok I did it before (meaning got down to a 4-6 pant size after the last three) so I can again. After seeing the commercials I thought ok maybe this will make it faster than the average 7mths. for me. So I went to Walmart and got the two week starter program. Now bear in mind I never was a heavy eater to begin with maybe at most three small light meals a day an a snack.So no headaches, or intollerance to such a plan. So anyhow it came in the mail two weeks later and sure enough as it said I started to drop weight. I looked in the mirror and everything but my hips (which takes extra work no diet can solve) were back to a size 6. Ok I was happy no need to throw money away to more I was were I wanted to be again. Now here is the catch 22, I in the last few weeks notice since ending that I crave so much food and put it all back on. After sitting around wondering what is going on I figured it out with my doctor to some degree. 1) Nutrisystem is a high protein diet, 2) that only contains certain calories and fat due to such processing used 3) To find that in regular food besides fruit and veggie diet or plan raw meat diet good luck. So my complaint here is no the food to me minus the sweet and sour chicken was to sweet or the brownie dry or lastly the scones tasted like lighter fluid literally, It was great I actually enjoyed the food. My message so to say is watch yourself at the end it will bite back. I have now switch back to my tried and true way loads of fruit and veggies during day and dinner salad with the fixings and steak, chicken strips, or shrimp on top made by me not MC’D or Wendy’s etc., and walking randomly in stores, parks, or along the road I live on it

vicky: I have been on Nutrisystem for 10 days…I purchased the 40 day program with weekends and dinners off. I bought NO entrees–just the bars for breakfast, luch and dessert. I have had tremendous results. In just the few days I have been on it, I have lost a total of 16 inches. I have combined the nutrisystem with an Atkins style approach. On my ‘diet days’ I have a bar for breakfast and lunch; if I get hungry in between I’ll have a slice of cheese, a hard boiled egg or a small apple. Then for dinner I eat with my family–sensibly. I have no potatoes, bread, sweets, etc. I eat salad, veggies, and meat-then a bar for dessert. On my days off, I eat like a normal person–just don’t over do it. You have to have a mindset to be restrictive and see results—oh and I haven’t had a day of ‘exercise, like a workout’. I hope this helps!

Star: Sorry, Dr. Adams, I don’t agree with you. I think Amy’s body looks really bad, and I’m sorry if this is the image that Nutrisystem now wants to portray. Take a look at her bony arms and also look at how sunken she is around her clavicle. She may have some muscles, but she is WAAAY too thin and is not someone that I admire or would aspire to look like. Plus, looks like she’s visited the tanning bed quite a few times too often.

Anonymous: Well its funny that people are complaining about portion sizes and the food not tasting good. It seem that eating the way u normally do is what got you over weight, and the fact that you are starving, show that the portions you are used to are too large to begin with, and you probably wouldnt have purchased the program, if you knew how to shop it begin with. Face it, it works for some and not for others, I dont think the food is supposed to be gourmet, or else you would eat more of it than you should. good luck everyone!

Jill: I’m kind of surprised by all the negative comments about NutriSystem. I’ve been on it for 6 weeks and have lost 27 pounds and have yet to begin an exercise program. I will turn 60 in a couple of months and have been trying to lose on my own for the last year with no success. Of course the food is not gourmet quality and not as tasty to me as the quarter pounders with cheese that I love – but DUH!!!- that kind of eating is what put the weight on in the first place. Clearly I was eating way too much and these smaller portions are doing the trick. It all comes down to how serious you are about getting the weight off. Good luck to everyone out there in getting healthier. I went to the doctor today, and my blood pressure has dropped from 140/90 to 120/70 since I’ve started the program and my doctor told me to keep on doing what I’m doing. Don’t let the negative comments stop you from giving NutriSystem a try.

Anonymous: Terrible customer service. Buyers beware of their program.

Bella: Okay- I have read all the posts- good & bad. I am actually a food critic! I have gained a bit of weight over the years ( no surprise!) I went on NS for 3 months- and lost the weight – almost 30lbs. I am 42 and a Mom of 3! I was inspired by Amy from Nutrisystem. She is a real Mom from the South! I wanted arms like her! She has amazing toned arms- not to mention her toned abs! I, too- now have arms to be proud of! My blood pressure is down & I am in MUCH better health! Thanks Nutrisystem & THANKS AMY! All my girlfriends are admiring my arms & my new Mom attitude! I feel better & have more confidence. The food is not bad! I enjoyed 98% of the food selection! The portions are just as they should be & this program REALLY REALLY REALLY works! Thanks- Bella

Jillian: Okay people- let’s get real! Yes- to lose weight you will need to cut your portions, cut your calories, and move your body! Complain about smaller portions? Are you nuts? That’s just how it’s done! You gained weight and got bigger and unhealthy because of the larger portions! It makes sense to eat smaller portions and less calories. Burn more calories than you intake- and lose weight! ANother issue- lay off Amy from Nutrisystem! She lost weight & got healthy the right way! She put on some tanning lotion or bronzer & got into a bathing suit in front of national tv and you are critical or jealous? She looks incredible, healthy, and lost weight! Good for her! She is the perfect picture of health for a woman, mom, and the average person. and you folks make comments on her tanning lotion? It’s not real folks- it’s for the pictures- so let’s focus on the real issue- she lost weight and looks good!

Sheila: Nutrisystems was a nightmare for me. I am a vegetarian and this is the plan that I ordered. the food left me bloated and I had gas after eating the food. I also have constipation after I stopped the program. The reason why I ordered NS, because I am a snacker. I did lose some weight but I have learned a lesson. I am eating fresh foods as before, but I am controling my snack intake and exercising with my Wii fitness program and IT IS WORKING! I dont feel sick by being bloated and I do not have gas. The main thing that is wrong with the veggie NS diet is the fiber. The food has too much fiber and sodium. Thumbs down for NS. Has anyone else had these problems on this diet?

anthonyo: i cant even try this diet. they basically said im to fat for it. they want me to see there people about buy extra food since its not made for people my size. F U GUYS. I do it my way and succeed.

Kori: I have done Nutrisystem in the past, and it was successful during the time that I did it. I fell off of it (which was my fault, not the products). I did not think the food tasted as horribly as many of you make it out to be. I thought that the product did exactly what it advertises to do. It’s portion controlled meals which keeps you in track with your daily intakes because we all know the major problem with us Americans these days is how much we are consuming! Our calorie intakes are outrageous. I was thinking of trying Nutrisystem again only bc I count calories (which works) and I just think it would be easier on me if I had a food plan already set out. It’s not brain surgery…less calories=weight loss! I have weight to lose, but I’m not looking for a miracle, bc I know that there isn’t one, atleast not a healthy one. So I guess if you go in with the mindset that it’s going to be a challenge and the food isn’t going to taste as good as a Big Mac and fries, there should be no reason you are disappointed in this product.

Anne: I joined Nutrisystem 6 months ago. I lost 35 pounds on it which was great. But then I stopped losing weight. I jumping on the scale today to find that I acutally GAINED 5 pounds. This program works at first and then you get used to it and it stops working. Certain foods are horrible. One time I got a chocolate chip muffin from them and it had a big yellow chunk of something in it. Totally disgusted. It’s a quick fix that doesn’t last. :(

inconceivabledaughter: Im only just beginning but I am trying to go in with an open mind. I have 100lb to lose so I am pretty desperate. If you want to follow along with me I am keeping a blog Good luck in all your weight loss endeavours! We can do it

Marilyn: Nutrisystem worked for me. I lost 25 lbs the first month. The food has actually improved in taste since I used it several years ago. The key is to eat the right amount of fruit and veggies with your meals. After the first few days I did not feel hungry and I always made sure I had the snacks. I got very creative with salads and veggies. Of course there were some things I did not care for so I made sure I did not get that in my next order. It does seem expensive, but if you go to the store and buy the diet food like south beach for a month you will spend the same amount. You also have on-line support and you can post a picture of your before and after photo. It also helps you pick food you can eat when you go out to a restaurant. Did I totally deprive myself of other food? No, I would give myself a special treat occasionally so as not to feel deprived and go on a chocolate binge. Some of the dessert bars are really good. I always had a snack of fruit or yogurt before bedtime and I looked forward to breakfast every morning. Now I will say I did not care for their oatmeal. No matter how much you cooked it , it still tasted un-done. The bottom line for me was the portions were already prepared for me and that gave me discipline. After I got off of it I was much better at proportion sizes. Of course it is a diet and as with anything like this you will tire of it sometimes. I ate so much salad I felt like a head of lettuce, but salad is a filler and it helped keep me full. Because of an injury a few months ago and not being able to exercise, also getting back in my old habits, I have started using nutrisystem again. So that’s my take on it. It worked for me.

Jules: I have always had luck with nutrisystem.The new frozen foods are great you just have to know what to order.Some things not so good so stick with most of the frozen items for dinners and lunches.I t takes a while to lose the weight.If you aren’t exercising you will not be successful!You didn’t gain all that weight over night so it will take a while to melt it off.I have comparison the meals with meals athe grocery store and the Smart Ones and Lean Cuisine are loaded with a lot ore sodium than the nutrisystem meals.Also about the same price. So far I am starting on month 3 and I’ve lost 20 pounds so far.Its hard work it’s not going to taste like the food the you’re used to.Its a diet!

Bill: Just canceled nuteisystem plan. The food tastes terrible, it’s way to exprnsive,and if you just go to the store and buy lean cuiseen smart ones or otherlow calorie type , you’ll save more than half the cost. By the way, you need to spend about the same amount for veggies ect. as the cost of nutrisystem

Mark: BUYERS BEWARE. Expensive, bad taste and terrible customer service. If they are out of what you order they substitute without contacting the customer. If you cancel they will charge you to cancel. Best to leave it alone and set up your own low calorie approach. BTW – They system only provides part of the meal. Most of the time you supplement with fruits, vegis, and other foods. It is incomplete and poorly set up. However, great advertising that SUCKS you in. (notice the double entendre.)

Kay: I tried Nutrisytem and the program was okay but the customer service policies were very good. Did you know; if you say that you are pregnant you can keep the food and get reimbursed? If you tell them that you are allergic to peanuts you will be told to throw the food away and they will reimburse you. If you call and tell them that your frozen food has thawed out they will replace it. If you call and say that something is opened or damaged it will be replaced. Even if you live in Canada you can say that you didn’t want the food you can keep the food and get refunded…

Donna: I did Nutri system 20+ years ago. when they had the local offices you could go to every week to get weighed and pick out your food. The food back then was very good, the burgers even came with a bun (not anymore)It worked great I lost a ton of weight, went from a size 10 to a size 4 in just a few months and I even cheated now and then ..but I was in my 20’s. Now I am 52 and could use to lose 15-20lbs..so I thought I will buy the Nutri system food on Ebay and do it myself,the food has deff gone down hill. I will eat up what I have bought(about 3 weeks worth) and hope I lose a couple of pounds before I leave for CA. But yeah it used to be a much better plan

Jane: This food is horrible!I did NS in my 20’s and 30’s-now I am in my 50’s. It use to be good-not anymore! Everything is food you would find in an emergency supply kit. Breakfast and lunch is processed bars and carbs. Dinner is mac and cheese and food you would find in the dollar store. It once was nice dinners like chinese food with real meat and vegtables. Today it is a creacker with tomatoe sause they call “pizza”. It has gone completely down hill. I lost weight on SB where you eat fresh, healthy real food in big portions. This is a box of processed carbs and you only decrease your weight because your food is the size of a tennis ball. when you stop you will gain it back because nobody can continue to eat like this!


Nutrisystem is a diet plan that has been around for years. According to the official website, the company has been around for over 35 years. While they began largely through diet centers, they now exist primarily online, offering the benefits of an in person weight loss consultant in the comfort of your home. The official Nutrisystem website states that the goal of the company is to provide people with high quality, nutritious foods with individualized counseling.

The Nutrisystem plan begins when a dieter goes to the official website and selects which weight loss plan fits them appropriately. There are specialized plans for women and men, as well as seniors, diabetics, and vegetarians. Once your program is selected, you choose your monthly menu to be delivered to your home. Then you can participate in the Nutrisystem online community, where there are features like message boards, chats, and blogging. The website also offers tracking tools to assist dieters in tracking their progress. When the meals are running low, users simply log on and order their next delivery of Nutrisystem meals.

The price you pay for a Nutrisystem plan depends on the program you choose and the billing method. The biggest discounts, at the time of this review, are applied to those people who choose to have their meals automatically billed and shipped. Currently, the basic women’s plan costs $296.67 per month. If you elect to have them auto shipped, the program is $249.95.

Nutrisystem is based on a reduced calorie diet plan. The theory is that by decreasing calories and increasing physical activity you can lose weight at a healthy rate. The official website indicates the system also teaches portion control and healthy food choices.

 Final Facts
Nutrisystem is a meal delivery plan that has been around for over 3 decades. It now largely exists online, where members can log on and choose their meals for an entire month. The system is based on reduced calorie meal plans that can be customized to reflect your favorite foods or dietary needs, whether you are a diabetic or vegetarian. Nutrisystem offers these reduced calorie diets with the support of an online community. More information on Nutrisystem can be found by visiting an official website.