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Malibu Pilates Chair


Malibu Pilates Chair is a personal fitness machine that is marketed towards those who would like to meet their exercise needs in their homes. The system uses a variety of pedals and other forms of resistance to give a lower and upper body workout. Also included in the package are DVDs and other resources. The product can be seen on some fitness rating sites online. Read a full Malibu Pilates Chair Review Here.

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Flush pounds of undigested waste from your system immediately and feel lighter, healthier,...
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221 Responses to “MalibuPilateschair”

Talia: Malibu Pilates is a really crappy product. I used to do Pilates in a gym and loved it but with two young children I need a good piece of equipment or workout video I can do while they nap late night. I was disapointed the cheap quality of this machine and I couldn’t do my practice in a way I though was safe for my body and beneficial. Thumbs Down.

Christa: SUCH a disappointment! I am a huge fan of Pilates and just don’t have time to take any classes lately. I thought the Malibu Pilates chair/program would keep me in shape plus sorta step up my workouts. NOPE! THings were going well for a 2.5 weeks then the pedals got stuck and have been really difficult to adjust. I contacted the company to see about a replacement and have not gotten through to anyone yet. I just want to use it already and I can’t use it how i need to!!

beachbum98: So are all of the workouts done with the chair or does the Malibu pilates program used mat based workouts too?

JuliePeterson: You should not use the Malibu Pilates chair if you are new to Pilates and for that matter if you have trained you will not be pleased with your movement using this junky piece of machinery. The whole contraption is cumbersome and now lives in my basement. It was a total waste of money. You were warned.

Marie-Claire: I agree that the quality of Malibu Pilates is really low but once you get over that and start using it, it can be really fun. Great introduction to pilates for me. I am sure once I make more time for myself to use it, it will be easy to get into shape with it. I already feel like my abs are getting a bit firmer.

Thelma: The quality of the chair surprised me at first too, its very light. but it supports my frame just fine (all 176 lbs) its sturdier than it looks. I enjoy the workouts as i am a beginner to Pilates though I do wonder if it will be enough to get the weihgt off. Its already easier in the 3rd week fo the Malibu Pilates program. Are there more advanced vidoes to upgrade too.

Abbie: I sat down on my brand new Malibu Pilates Chair and fell over backwards! I don’t think this is made for us big ladies, not over about 250 anyway, and I’m going to send it back but how do I get it in the box again? This has turned into a major pain, it was not for me.

Honorkat76@yahoo.com: I think it is much smarter to start with cardio/aerobic workout which you can get on DVD to do at home and then to work your core take Pilates or Yoga from a professional. Malibu Pilates machine was awkward and wasn’t doing anything for my body. I need to burn calories and stretch more I think…this purchase was a mistake.

ben_kim: Are any of of able to follow Mari Winsor’s 30 minutes work out?

Naeva: I tried the Malibu Chicken, the one with the orange juice and pine nuts? And it was delicious, and I think this is going to be a huge help in making me lose weight. The Chair, Im getting used to.

Gina: Poor Susan Lucci, maybe she’s lost out on the Emmy so many times, she’s gotten in the habit of backing losers. The Malibu Pilates chair is cheap, ineffective, and – worst of all – a total FAD.I can practically guarnatee that no one will even remember this existed 10 years from now. THINK THIGH MASTER?

dutchess: The fat-blasting workout makes me sweat a lot more than just doing a regular pilates class. I do not find that the eating guide is doing me any good (included wiht the Malibu Pilates chair) and am considering following the south beach diet instead, my sister lost weihgt on that. BUt she doesn’t look as toned as I hope too, using this chair.

Nel: I agree with you, Naeva, some of the recipes that are in the Eating Guide are really yummy, and I like it that they have the calorie count, too. Makes it easy to control what I’m eating.

Anonymous: Is this chair suppoised to make me look like Malibu Barbie?? Hahahaha that would be nice..

Panni: I tried to keep up with all the arm exercises with the Pilates Chair, and I just couldn’t and now my arms are so sore I feel like I can’t even lift them. This is way too much too fast for me.

Rosemarie: the bars of the Malibu Pilates chair are hurting my feet & i think the excerises are awkward and hard to learn. and i am having trouble stowing this thing away it is not as portable as they say

Annie: I am not burning fat and calories using the Malibu Pilates machine. I think I need a more integrated workout. I just found this painful. I also need diet advice I have learned. Maybe I should try Curves? That seems more my speed.

Linda_AZ: The Malibu Pilates chair is kind of fun and all, but definitely not worthover $340.00!!!! That’s almost how much it would have cost me to join my local gym and have access to top of the line workout machines. So, does the chair work? sort of for like warm up exercises but that’s all, this is not really a serious machine!!!

bernadette: Trying to send back a 40 lb. chair at your own expense is both profoundly annoying and insulting. It was a real hassle for me. You should think twice before buying the Malibu Pilates chair bcs you will NOT like the ordeal of returning it. i also was VERY surprised that they CONTINUED TO CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD even AFTER i sent it back, because i hadn’t called this stupid number and gotten this “RMA” number which i think is just a hoop they make you jump thru before they will refund you. this is a CRAP company.

chris workman: The Malibu Pilates chair is okay for toning my core, I suppose, but I am finding the workouts too repetitive, for the price i paid. And it really isn’t as good for the upper body as I’d hoped. My triceps are still small even after 3 months of daily abuse with this thing. Its too late to send it back guess I;ll just try ot make the best of it.

trudi: Geez, did any of you find this workout to be truly challenging? I am worried now that maybe i assembled it improperly. It seems 2 easy i am not feeling any burn.

Felicity: Thanks for the tips. I am now walking with my girlfriend and it is better exercise and more fun. I actually want to eat healthy and be fit now.

Patricia: I am having a very hard time finding the perfect position to work on my abs with the Malibu Pilates chair. The legs exercises are alright, but I just can’t do abs on it which was the main reason why I bought the chair which as you know is not cheap.

Lilly: They could at least offer free shipping for that price, no?

Winifred: This year I got my Malibu Pilates CHair and my husband got his Flex Belt. We both started out strong & then my chair started to hurt my back too much. Now I use his belt, we should’ve just invested in one product I guess. If your on the fence i say the flex belt is a better ab workout, http://www.theflexbelt.com/video

nick: So is this Malibu Pilates chair mostly for chicks, or what????

Salomon: Well good luck trying to get your money back! I returned it 1 month ago and I am still got charged for it this month!!

Sefa: You know what? Because this Chair is so cheesy, it actually works better. Remember the Isometrics phase we all went through years ago? Well, this is like that, you have to keep countering your weight on the chair so you won’t lose your balance, and I figure that’s giving me twice the work out as just the exercises would, so I’m getting fairly buff because of shoddy workmanship! I sort of like that, in a strange sort of way…

Marta: I was soo excited to get my Malibu Pilates Chair and start working out at home while my kids were at school. I got it all set up and popped in the DVD and.found myself lost and contorting myself in weird positions. I was sweating but not in that good get your heart rate up way. Like I was putting together Chinese made furniture. It was no fun and I have not done it again. I am trying to make small changes like taking the stairs whenever possible nd I would still like to try “real” Pilates one day but this is not what Joseph had in mind from what I have read anyway. Bad news

anna: well thanx for the review and your comments, i only wish i had read them an hour ago instead of now! I ordered the Malibu Pilates chair about an hour ago..do think I could put a stop on the order or cancel it before they process the charge????

Elaina: My husband tried it and he likes the practice more than I do and he was fully disappointed in the Malibu Pilates chair. He wanted to get our money back and everything but I just said let it go. We are making the effort to for to class and it is much more fun, healthy and safe.

Peter: Just so you know it works better if you hold on to a position longer when you feel like you can’t do it anymore. It is the time you actually built you muscles. The malibu chair is working just fine for me.

nancydavis: i had such high hopes for the Malibu Pilates Chair, and i have always thought that Susan Lucci is beautiful inside and out, and always will be. But i found this chair to be a bit unsteady, and the exercises were a bit complicated for me (i have not done Pilates before, so perhaps this was my fault.) I just wasn’t able to use this in a way that was beneficial to me, sorry.

samantha weiss: I guess i just figure for $340, i could probably get a gym membership for at least a year. And the equipment there doesn’t break down, or if it does, they get it fixed. Simple. Thanks for the info about Malibu Pilates. I’m definitely gonna rethink this one.

denise: Just FYI the shipping cost me $82 to return the Pilates chair, bcs it weight 40 lbs. All i know is i better get that refund!

Tabby: I tried really hard with this chair, mostly because I’m so fat I’m embarrassed to go to a gym with all the perfect bodies that are staying that way because all they do is exercise, exercise, exercise as far as I can tell, and I knew I’d feel disgusting and fat in my sweats standing next to some 19 year old who never eats more than a soda cracker…so. I gave it my best shot. Definitely did not help me. BUT! I am not giving up, maybe a Pilates beginning DVD is more my speed for right now, the Malibu Pilates was too hard for me, does anybody know of an easy sort of DVD to start with?

gail: i found the chair to be sturdy. i did the 20 min. workout the other day and it was not enough. not challenging . i plan to do the 45 min. workout tonite and i will let you know what i think. i am worreid it will just be more of the same.

Taitegal: I love Pilates, but be advised the the Malibu Pilates Chair is not the real thing, more like imitation crab meat…you konw what I mean. Also be aware that when you try to send this lousy piece of plastic back they are gonna put you thru HELL to get your money back. even once you lug it to the UPS store you still have to call a number and get some other dumb comfirmation number that you sent it back..hello? Shouldn’t the fact that you sent it back be proof you sent it back??? UGh when i was on hold for my confirmation number even after I RETURNED the thing, i almost lost it.

Irma: Spending a lot of money on something I don’t use or like is not something I can really do right now so the fact is I am glad I read this and can avoid the Malibu Pilates chair and save myself a lot that I can use to buy organic produce and start going to swim class.

kristen: I gave up on trying to ship the Malibu Pilates Chair back (picking up the tab for shipping didnt appeal to me either) so now it’s just taking up space in my apartment. I guess that’s how they kinda trick you into keeping this thing. Next stop is the curb.

Babs: I think that like yoga and all other sports and dance and martial arts you need to learn from a trained teacher and practice the proper moves. Using Malibu Pilates machine is not going to teach you real pilates and it isn’t going to get you in shape either. Thats just my opinion.

Nina: I was having such great results with my diet (the south beach diet) that it got me motivated to start working out. I heard about the Malibu Pilates chair and thought it may be good me for to do at home, but like most of you I thought I was really complicated and somehow it kind felt dangerous like I could hurt myself. I sent it back before 30 days and got my money back so that’s good. Good luck everyone!

Deva: The chair was helping me develop those “core” muscles alright for a few weeks but i have been losing my motivation to use it lately, its such a production. My own fault I know, I just have more fun wiht the Fortex (that I found on this site thank you) for my arms and the yoga class I go to is actualy working my abs nicely.

Phoebe: HI – I am kind of interested in the FlexBelt that someone mentioned earlier…i got to say it sounds like a cool product. Does it really work? thx!

Kevin: found the equipment difficult to use and I was not eager to try again. Not sure if I would buy another machine like Malibu Pilates; maybe just a treadmill or something simpler.

Juniper: If you actually USE it works, been using my Malibu Pilates chair for 3 weeks and eating Weight Watchers meals for dinner and my pants are looser already. FEels good to be finally taking control of my health/body.

Lena: It’s good to hear that there is a device for abs that people actually like. I too felt cheated by the Malibu Pilates chair but would love to have a great trim waist. Still searching.

Nia: ugh, well after reading all of your creative alternate uses for this chair, I’m even more convinced I don’t want to buy it. I read a review about a lady who lets her cat use it as a window seat. I mean, all of this stuff is very cute and resourceful, but I would rather not have to come up with inventive ways to justify this clunky piece of crap taking up space in my house. No Malibu Pilates chair for me – I think I’m just gonna take a PIlates class and take some Hoodia.

Bic: I guess everyone is different because I am aslo doing weight watchers and the Malibu Pilates is not doing anything for me, Maybe my positions are wrong or I am not holding it long enough, not sure. All I know is my tummy does not seem firmer at all. This is taking a long time.

Jack Robbins: Will never make a mistake like this. I am going to focus on finding a good supplement because I can exercise for free.

Cynthia KT: Before the Malibu Pilates chair I worked my core: never. After the purchase I work my core:4 days a week. I am getting somewhere.

lara_Bates: With that Flex Belt, do you really not have to DO anything??? that would be awesome…….

ginnie: Well I am 63 years old and I can tell you that I don’t know what a “core” is unless it’s in the middle of an apple! but this thing of Erica Kane’s, the Malibu Pilates, is just such cheap nonsense. I thought the thing was uncomforable and was no workout at all.

Justine: Was PSYCHED to purchase this, it looked so cool! can anyone recommend a good pilates video, maybe i should just start there instead.

Angela W.: Not as good of a workout as the reformer pilates machines. I prefer to pay for those over this cheap device (malibu pilates))

shirley: I experienced some severe back pain in trying to use the Malibu Pilates chair. I would say, that unless you are familiar with the movements of Pilates, you should not make the investment in this product. I never expected that i would end up in pain. I wish you all luck.

DreamsAreGood: All those celebrities like Susan Lucci have private trainers who work with them on top of the lines machines not on made in china toys like Malibu Pilates chair is. KEEP IT REAL.

Marla: I agree with you Shirley. I got my Malibu Pilates Chair 4 months and tried to figured it out for 3 weeks and gave up. I used it but obviously not the right way because I too injured my back pretty bad not that bad but worth mentiong. They make it look easy on their video but it is nothing like in reality. i was also very upset that my “refund” did not include the initial $14.95 or the $29.99 shipping and handling i paid at the outset! so when they say 100% money back guarnatee it is a LIE!

brandy: Being a devotee of Pilates, i was disappointed to find that the Malibu Pilates Chair is NOTHING like real Pilates. Its awkward and cheap and really did very little to work my core. And i also started expeirencing lower back pain. I am thinking about either sending it back or selling it used. I wouldn’t bother.

Carmen: Everyone kept talking about how great Pilates was for working their core and maybe it is but this Malibu Pilates Chair did nothing for me. Very awkward to use. I sent it back & paid for the shipping because I didn’t want to keep tripping over it. The Flex Belt has been a much better purchase; no back pain, and inch loss (1.5) in just a month! If you want a product for toned abs, I say, go with the belt.

Molly: Is using the Malibu PIlates Chair for just a few weeks long enough to know if you like it? I’m still undecided on this.

tatertot9232: i dont understand all of this talk about cores and i think this Malibu Pilates Chair is VERY confusing to me. They made it sound like it was something an older person could do (i am 54) but it leaves me in such Pain after doing only 15 minutes that i have to apply hot compresses in the evening. I don’t think i will use this too much longer. sadly it seems like it is an ordeal to send it back.

Daisy: Very accurate review. Bought the chair (malibu Pilates) on a impulse a few months ago and regretted it almost right away. NEver had the time to send it back, so I try to use it now & again but I never even feel sore after the workouts. Really doesn’t do anything for me.

Sarah H.: I recieved my Malibu pilates chair while I was out of town for a couple of weeks so by the time I got home and made some time to learn how to use it the trial period had expired and I could not return it anymore. My fault I know. But what I wanted to share here is that I find the Malibu pilates chair extremely difficult to use, it’s not fun which is what I am after in a workout routine, I want to enjoy myself. I was not having fun at all with the chair. It’s now stored in the guest bedroom until I find time to put it on Ebay.

dollCollector43: i no that Pilates is a fancy *trend* that everbody has to be doing, but i don;t thing i want to pay this much $$ for something that is base on a “trend.” what happen to old fashion exercise. i dont think this seems like its right for me.

p. layle: followed all instructions for use on the Malibu pilates CHair and did my workouts RELIGIOUSLy for 2 months. THe only soreness I felt was also in my low back and neck. It never got my body “bikini ready” like I’d hoped, which was my main reason for splurging on the thing. NOt a good buy at all.

Amber: The “eating right guide” that came wiht my Malibu Pilates Chair was just a bunch of common sense that I already KNOW and did not prevent me from over-eating on too many occasions. i wonder if thats why I didn’t get faster results with the chair exercises? Did anyone follow this guide or know of a better diet?

Carla: I got the chair to try to toned my skin because after loosing weight it’s just hanging everywhere. I find the Malibu Pilates Chair to be uncomfortable to do any of the exercises they demonstrate on the dvd maybe my bodies weird. I like the South Beach Diet better, it really works for weight loss.

quik-sand: this Malibu Pilates Chair was a cheaply made contraption it a lot of discomfert and ihad truble keeping up with these awkword exercises. the bars hurt my feet a great deal and i wasn’t up to the trouble of seinding it back by postal mail so now it takes up space in my family room.

Christina: I got myself the Flex Belt you guys mentioned on the blog and I just wanted to say thank you!! I got it 8 days ago and can’t stop using it. I can really feel it working my abs and since about 2 days I am starting to notice that my tummy is getting tighter. Love it! The Malibu chair was just way too much work for almost no results.

Cassey: You can afford a treadmill at that price!

Serra: WORTHLESS! Thats what this stupid Malibu Pilates chair is!! My goal was to get super-toned in time for my cousin’s wedding (which i was the maid of honor in) and I mainly wanted my little “pooch” to just go away. What better way than pilates, I thought. ORdered this 2 MONTHS ahead of time and a week before the BIG DAY, you could stil see the rolls behind my dress. SO it was emergency time, I ended up ordering a body wrap (miracle slim wrap, found it on this site) and PHEW it got the fat off so that my dress looked good. Still, I am just fuming from al that money & time I wasted with this chair! Just be warned, no matter how much you wanna get toned and do the workouts it dOESN”T WORK!

Damon: The chair broke on me after 34 dAYs of using Malibu pilates. Too late for a refund..

USA_babs: i thoght i was getting the Malibu Pilates Chair for only $14.95 plus $29.95 s/h but it seems like they are continuing to charge my credit card. i dont understand, what is the true price of this thing>?i dont even l ike it.

Chacko: The pedals were constantly getting stuck on my Malibu Pilates CHair. It got to be a real pain in the a** to try to adjust them every time. My abs got a bit of a workout but it didn’t help my legs or arms at all. Cheap piece of equipment.

Lesley: It’s just really hard to bieleve someone would sell such a low quality item for so much money. I was really desapointed by the quality of my chair when I first saw it. It’s very hard to use so I think I am gonna get a private session with a pilates at my place to get to learn how to use it better. It’s probably gonna cost me a couple hundreds but I just can’t use it right on my own.

livia: FYI – those who want a DVD at home, Hip Hop Abs is fun and I have to say challenging/i sweat.. NOthing like pilates but more fun than working out on this uncomfortable Malibu pilates chair.

TamiTwoTone: yeah this pilates chair is weird and it is VERY hard to asemble and is NOT really portable like they say, it is huge and weighs like 40 lbs and the work out is really quite strange. maybbe i asemble it wrong?

WhatUSay?: WHY can’t there be more than just 2 workouts with the Malibu Pilates Chair???? I am about to die from boredom!!! Moving on you all.

Sonya: Sorry but, the chair is a piece of crap. I was getting into the workouts & actually found the eating guide to be useful but that Malibu Pilates Chair is flimsy and did not stay together. I saw that other people on the blog got good results so I ordered it too hres the link (http://www.theflexbelt.com/video )

mallorca: the malibu pilates chair is: 1.) boring 2) cheap 3) takes up a lot of space 4) not effective for cardio. you will be stuck with this thing like me once you buy it, dont do it! thats the bigups.

Earl: Glad to have found this review. My girlfreind goes to Pilates classes and looks pretty hot these days; thought maybe i’d get something for the home for both of us. This Malibu Pilates chair thing sounds more like a headache than anything else, won’t be getting it. Is that belt for abs for guys & gals?

grace: trying to send this awful Malibu Pilates Chair (which is notihng like Pilates, btw and hurts back and feet) back was a terrible ordeal. First, i discovered that even after i sent the darn thing back (at my own shipping expense) they DID NOT STOP BILLING MY CREDIT CARD until i called to get an “RMA number.” of course they don/t exactly volunteer this information to you bcs they WANT to keep charging you! Plus, i never got my initial 14.95+ $29.95 (ship andhandling) back EITHER bcs thats; not included in there deal. I feel like i was completely put thru the ringer for an *INFERIOR * product. when they say 100% money back guarntee, you should know that there is a LOT of fine print!

eddie$$$: The Malibu Pizza-ass Chair is the most expensive clothes hanger i own…it works pretty well for drying my workout clothes at least (uh, the ones i wear to the GYM to tone my abs, arms,legs,butt, etc) as seen on tv for sure.

Laura: Thank you for all your comments, you have just made up my mind and i will not be purchasing this product.

Pamela Reynolds: I tried to order new springs for the malibu pilates chair. I was told they don’t sell parts, so if the springs or anything else get worn you can’t replace them. I spent way too much money on the chair. How Susan Lucci can recommend this product is beyond me. Another reason not to vote for Susan Lucci on Dancing with the Stars!

Carly: Well, this machine is no better here in the UK! It costs

Anonymous: Thank you, thank you, thank you. For all of you to take the time to share your experience, you have saved me $$ & aggravation. Am going to dig out my South Beach Diet book. Today’s another day!! Cyn

Mouchan: I am currently watching the infomercial which shows alot of people (mostly females) of smaller sizing. The makers did not really identify a maximum weight/size of the consumer for their product. For anyone that is of a bigger frame/size it looks to me that the chair is not going to be the correct piece of equipment. My suggestion is not to invest in equipment and not necessarily the gym yet (as this can be expensive) but start working out slowly. Check out local community programmes. Walking is inexpensive. 20 minutes a day around the neighbourhood, the shops/malls (window shopping instead of spending money) or along the beach. Grab a bottle of water or pure juice to keep hydrated. If you want to start strengthening your arms then hold a small/medium size bottle of water in each hand and use them as weights. Borrow workout videos/dvds that use weights. You can adjust the weight of the water bottles (hence hydrating) but dont overdo it. Use these as tools to workout. Its inexpensive to make the effort for your health. Its expensive not to make the effort to live.

Toni: Thanks, Mouchan, for the great tips..!!.But first i wanted to say that the Malibu Pilates chair is NOT comfortable for those who are severely overweight (as i am). I ended up reselling mine…I hope they got better use from it than me. i have been walking daily 20 minutes either outside or when too cold, at the local Y, and have been starting to notice my pants are becoming looser! i never thought that would happen but it has. I have been drinking plenty of water, which i never used to do, What’s even cooler is i found a fat-burning, fruitflavored sparkling water mix that i just put into my evian bottle. ITs called Slim Shot Diet, and it makes drinking the water fun AND burns extra calories. I feel a lot better about my new system. Thanks All! Great website, wonderful resource.

mouchan: Hey Toni. Good for you!!!! Another suggestion would be to invest in a water purifier – have either a jug one or one connected to your kitchen tap with a filter to fill up your drink bottle. It can be more economical than purchasing bottled water and if you could add a squeeze of lemon or lime or orange or tangelo or grapefruit or any other citrus fruit for flavouring you will be drinking pure filtered water with natural sugars from the citrus instead of a diet drink. I look forward to losing adequate weight as one of my set goals. Good luck.

Carmen: Hi I just want to jump in here and say that I also love the Slim Shot diet drinks and though I have not given up on PILATES, I have thrown in the towel with this Malibu Pilates chair. The springs broke after only 3 weeks or so and I just think its really cheap. But anyway, I get the slim shots here http://www.slimshotdiet.com/offer and lost 8 lbs the first month, plus 3 more so far in the last 9 days. I found out about all of this on this site. Thanks C

Marcia Mascoll: I’m glad that I took the time yo read all your reviews on the Malibu Pilate’s Chair. I won’t be buying it now. Who wants the hassle of trying to send it back by post!

jane: Thank you, one and all for your comments on the malibu pilates chair. I cancelled my order today after finding it backordered. Very glad I did.

unknown: I wuld like to order this can someone tell me if I should?

louise: I have to agree that the Malibu Pilates chair is very awkward and uncomfortable, especially for those who are overweight. I found the exercises to be almost impossible for my size, and fairly early on i ended up slipping a disc in my cervical vertebrae and had to be on painkillers and chiropractic treatment for 2 mos! By the time it occureed to me to send this thing back the time for the refund had elapsed. The whole thing was a night mare and I would not recommend this for a large person. Since then I’ve gone on the Jillian Michaels program (from the Biggest Loser) and i am proud to say that i have already gone down 1 dress size.

dawn: if you don’t lose the fat; you will not see the lean muscle this chair is capable of producing; i have so fat left too lose myself but the i see results and i am careful to follow the movements. You can just do pilates like you can just run or walk. You need think and engage your cored and breathe; it is an exercise of the mind and body; most thumbs downs comments seem to be from those who are looking for an excuse to not use it.

dee: i just got this chair 2 wks ago and i love it. i weigh 200 lbs. but am comfortable using it. the work out dvd’s are great. i can feel my muscles toning already. i don’t slouch as much. i am so excited to get this weight off me. also i think the quality of the chair is great too. i used the 15 min. instruction video several times first to be sure i was using the chair and doing the exercises properly for safty and max results. i definatly reccomend it.

Christine: The Malibu pilates chair broke under my weight (197 lbs) maybe it was defective?

Michaela: Maybe yours was defective, since some people say they weigh more and it is fine. however, from my experience, the mere design of hte Malibu pilates chair is defective, as i used this diligently for 6 weeks wiht very little results. I’m getting the Flex belt next, I read the reviews and more people like it anyway.

tina: the chair worked wonderful for me and realy thigtend the boddy after my child nr 4. My havy uncel hated it. i have traind some pilates before , i think this helped me. The chair works, but it needs pations and will.

susannah: Well from what I am hearing the general consensus is, the Malibu Pilates chair is not good for heavy people. But i would like to say that i am average weight and i am having a terible time with this thing…i do agree the design is flawed and it doesn’t seem to provide a real workout. I’m not sure this chair is “for” anybody, really.

kimmy: Thx for the review this Malibu Pilates chair does not even remotely resemble real Pilates. i once took a pilates class and this chair was a weak imitation of real pilates. Don’t expect that you will get the same benefits from this.

dee: *Malibu Pilates* The chair broke and i had to ship it back at my own expense and then because i broke it i did not even get a full refund./

Em: Tabby said: “…does anybody know of an easy sort of DVD to start with?” Tabby, you should try Richard Simmons’ Sweatin’ to the Oldies workout. He is very kind and includes people of all sizes in the workout for encouragement. This will get you up and moving. You will find yourself feeling more energetic and pleased that you are making an effort. It’s all positive. I wish you good luck and blessings.

leah: hi all, hi tabby & Em. well i just have some trouble w/Richard Simmons, he’s a bit TOO happy for me sometimes. I like Jillian Michaels. She’s tough, but her workouts are designed for people like on the Biggest loser and they ofteh have at least 100 lbs to lose. I like it and i feel challenged. But whatever works. some people just go for walks! we can do it. No need for cheapo equipment like Malibu Pilates Chair.

rebecca: The springs wore out quickly on my Malibu Pilates Chair and they would not sell me replacement springs. by then the guarnatee was up. This was a regrettable decision and a low quality product.

jewels: thanks for the comments on the malibu chair….i was on the borderline and now I have made a decision and I will not be ordering the chair!

Chika: I love this chair. If you know how to exercise, and you understand the basic fundamentals of weight bearing exercise, then you will also love the chair. Also, I like that it’s lightweight. I have a very small house and I am able to fold it up and unfold it very quickly. I am a fan.

Kelly_FL: I have no hard feelings toward the malibu chair but wanted to say that I own one and ever since joining a class of pilates who meets 3 times a week I do not anticipated to even use that chair again. training with a real teacher who knows what is doing is just what I needed. Using the chair just helped me be more aware that I could not work on my body on my own.

Hilary_IN: Did anyone else actually get hurt on this machine? I would say that I am not an uncoordinated individual, but when doing the leg exercises on this machine I actually had the bar come up and hit my leg so hard it left a huge goose-egg on my shin. This happened more than once. I couldn’t even think about giving it to someone else for fear of them hurting themselves. I can’t send it back either because of the inconvenience of packaging & cost of returning. This is now a very expensive piece of junk. Please–don’t buy!

Barbi Sheridan: Different exercise devices work for different people–and I love the Malibu Pilates chair. So, the weakest link appears to be the springs–and, for all of you who are using your chair for a cat seat or a small table, here’s a chance to receive a bit of your investment back. Send me a set of undamaged springs and I’ll pay you $25–plus mailing costs. Any takers???

Debra Ca: I have 1 major complaint, the price! I have 6 workout machines and 2 workout rooms. I am a huge fan of pilates and I own a real pilates reformer that I love. If you know pilates, this is a great machine. You are able to do exercises on this that we are unable to do on the reformer. But you must know pilates amd how to do it! This is a take on the wunda chair by Joseph Pilates, which do cost $1500. I sent my $300 machine back to HSN and repurchased it on ebay for $179.00 with no tax and shipping included! It was new, in the box and unopened. My advise is, if you are a fan of the reformer this is great. Just don’t spend $300, go on ebay and spend half the price. Now I,m happy. It really is not chessy, I’m not sure what people are expecting. I had a small tear in my seat and HSN paid the return shipping because it was damaged. I feel this chair will last. The weight says it all on the quality of the machine. There are dvd workouts on line for the wunda chair or stability chair that will work fine with this malibu chair, or at least that is what I have found. Hope this review helps.

CAS: MalibuPilateschair – Well its another waste of money!!! For the price that you have to pay its not worth it!! As for Susan Lucci, she’s small anyway and she really doesn’t need it. I would not purchase this, just go for a walk and that will work wonders on just about anyone!!!!!

Marie: I’ve had my Malibu Pilates for a month now and love it. The chair is very stable. All the exercises work the core which results in nice flat abs. If you follow the techniques correctly, you will get great results. Pilates takes focus, concentration & correct breathing. After reading most of the posts, I found that a high percentage of the negative comments were from people who didn’t even own the equipment. Their comments shouldn’t even count. As far as the price, check out eBay. I have been doing Pilates for 11 years now, both floor and reformer. The Malibu Pilates is a very nice addition to my workout routine.

fiona: I have been taking Pilates for years & i couldn’t believe how off-base this Malibu Pilates chair was..i bought it last year when we moved away from my favorite pilates studio…the movements are not even similar to the centering, concentration, control. breathing and precision that are the foundations of Pilates. In pilates there are no sloppy or imprecise movements, every movement has its purpose. But this chair was full of awkward movements and ineffective positioning. It didn’t help my core at all, & i ended up selling it used.

Regina: Malibu Pilates chair – Thank you so much for all the feedback. For the price, I was looking for more consistent positive feedback and I don’t see much ,so I will save my money and find some other way to get motivated to lose the fifty pounds I ahev to get rid of. Thanks again for being honest andhelping me make a good decision about an expnsive piece of equipment I can live without.

Melissa: thank all of you for your comments. I was very much “sold” by the infomercial. I have most of Mari Windsor’s pilates dvd’s which i do and really like, but i was intrigued by the added element of cardio with pilates, i looked on the website and when i read the fine print and saw true cost I thought i should search around for real testimonies before such a costly investment. Seriously…THANK YOU…ALL OF YOU!

ReneeC: I also purchased mine, brand new in the box, on ebay for HALF the price. It wasn’t difficult to put together and the quality isn’t the greatest, but it does support my weight just fine and it is performing like it’s supposed to (so far). I’ve used it about 4 times now and I have to say that it’s a tough, challenging workout for me and I’ve been doing traditional pilates (mat and reformer/tower) for years now. I would say that the people who gave negative reviews really don’t know the fundamentals of pilates to being with, so of course it’s confusing and difficult for them. I would recommend to those people to try Mari Windsor’s mat workouts first. Another thing is that you have to keep at a workout for awhile before you see results. It’s not going to happen overnight. And if you are having back pain, you are not performing the exercises correctly and engaging your core and therefore you are straining your back and neck. Hope this helps!

sandy: I don’t know what half of these people are talking about. I purchased the “chair” 1 1/2 months ago and have been alternating working out with the Mari Winsor cd and the others. I found muscles I didn’t know I had in my backside and legs. I also find the workouts fun. Do these “Debbie Downers” know that they have to actually use the chair for it to benifit their body. As with any other exercise, it takes commitment. Stick it out, you’ll see results.

Connie Barton: What is this supposed to be, Sandy, a blog that makes you feel better about purchasing a Malibu Pilates chair? C’mon, if you’re gonna make a reference to SNL, make it a good one! I happen to thing that the negative ratings are quite accurate & in line with my personal experience – I did the exercises correctly without getting better results than what i got from the mat-based workouts. There was no sense in spending money on this chair, its just another piece of junk that will sit in my basement now. Unless someone wants to purhase it.

Beverlt: The malibu pilates chair is sturdy but a spring broke every 2 weeks, and you have to wait a month for a new one. They are definatley not made for anyone who wants a good workout.

Judy in North Carolina: I have a Pilates Performer and love it. I was thinking of getting a Malibu Pilates chair, but I think you have all talked me out of it. The Performer or Reformer is the way to go for Pilates.

Kaligenia: Instead of investing $ 350.00 on this product, I would recommend a kettlebell and an instructional DVD…much more effective!

Michelle: I’m an exerciseaholic (1 hour per day,6-7 days a week). I workout in a gym in morning and at home in the evening 2-3 times a week on the chair. This machine alone will NOT get you in “bikini bod” ready BUT it is very good supplement to your routine. Rather then sitting in front of the tv eating, you can do some legs, abs, arms…why not? This machine inconjunction with a regular exercise program will speed the process and assist in reaching your goal(s).

morgan: That was my initial plan, when I got my malibu Pilates chair, to use it for additional toning/strengthening along with my regular gym workouts. Its quite difficult to stick with, however, when the springs break after every ten sessions or so! I was patient at first but, it got to be ridiculous having to replace them so often. The hassle makes it not worth it, I’ve just incorporated more core exercises while I;m at the gym & its helping.

Bridget K.: Used this consistently for about 6 months and just was not very happy with the results. I’m not gonna say, Malibu pilates chair didn’t work at ALL, but I did not feel that my body was leaner or a whole lot stronger/toned from this. Really, for me, the FLex Belt has been a better investment.NOt only is it easier to use (i just put it around my waist) but it got my abs firmer in the first month that i used it. Now looking back the chair just seems awkward and overpriced, for the results you end up with, compared to other options that we have.

Katrina: I have been using the Malibu Pilates Chair since Christmas 08′. I must say it works the legs, buns, and arms well. The only disappointment is mine pops out of socket everytime I fold it up. Has anyone experienced the same problem? I gave up on folding it up but as a space saver it would be nice if it was as easy as the infomercial.

mindy: I am a Pilates Fanatic and i suppose i thught tthe Malibu Pilates Chair would be a great way to do my pilates at home rather than taking classes. unfortunately it didn’t strengthen my core or legs, which were the areas of concern for me. its hard for me to believe that with all of the devoted students of Pilates, someone has not complained about this product mroe. It was rather cheap too, and the springs broke on me quite frequently. i sold it used on craig’s list. i was very disappointed.

judy: I’m not interested in this machine for weight loss but for strength and toning, primarily leg strength. If not this, what would you recommend? I need something that does not take up a lot of room that I can use at home. Thanks.

Paula s.: The Malibu Pilates chair is much flimsier than I ever expected. It had looked like a solid piece of equipment when I ordered but the springs broke on mine too, and also, I had some knee pain from some of the lifting exercises. I did like the eating guide, that was a nice bonus. I returned the chair though and then ordered Flex Enervive. You should try that too Judy, I mainly us it on my stomach and upper arms but, you can use it on all muscle groups, to strenghten and tone. very portable. much easier than the malibu Pilates chair, i think.

Marilyn: I was seriously thinking about getting one of the malibu pilates chairs. I think very carefully about these infomercials and whats wrong with the picture. I did end up get for under $10 one of the Biggest Losers Weight Loss Yoga exercise programs and I get a GOOD workout for my legs, arms and abs. I will be sticking with it for a while. No exercise equipement to buy. It utilizes your own body weight to strengthen what you have.

Justine: This look so promising on the commercial! I think I have a friend who has one, I;ll ask her how she liekes her MalibuPilates chair, maybe she’ll sell it to me. I don’t know bout paying full price for this now1!

Ellen Jansson: The Malibu Pilates Chair did not give me as good of a workout as I’d expecetd from it. After the first few weeks, the novelty wore off, and maybe its my own fault. But it was not challening or motivating enough. Anyway I was perusing the blog and saw Marilyn’s post. I love the biggest Loser, and have been following Jillian Michaels program, I don’t know that its the same as what Marilyn is talking about it but THAT gives me killer workouts & delicious meal options. And its all done on line from the Jillian Michaels website.

pudgey: Thanks for the warnings. I thought it looked like a possibility for me but with the economy like it is, and with my retirement accounts in a steep nose dive, I can’t waste my $. I’m not buying malibu pilates chair.

Morelia: I purchased the Malibu Pilates chair about 3 weeks ago and I am sending it back tomorrow. I did not do due diligence researching for reviews and made the investment sort of blind. I did ask many questions to the operator but I still think consumers get stiffed by such an expensive piece of somewhat cheaply-made equipment. They don’t explain well the payment plan, which btw it includes a higher 2nd automatic fee; and the return policy is not clear either. It cumbersome, not so easy to fold down, and you have to be very careful to not bang your legs should you miss the pedals. I felt it was about to fallapart if I move it around. You end up paying for the return of this heavy item out of your own pocket. Not cool. All in all I think I got an OK workout with the chair, feeling that it worked inner muscles in my core. However, for some exercises you really don’t need the chair (such as laying on the chair or grabing the legs for abs movements) and the videos become repetitive. Also, the bottom of my feet got really roughed up and callused. Too bad, I was excited at first. If you have cable TV try the FREE 10-minute work outs on demand. Good luck a peace out.

Donna Musto: When I saw the Malibu Pilates chair i was extremely excited to see somthing that looked like something i would enjoy. but after careful research I found that this chair works perfecly for people use to doing pilates that were built like Susan Luucci. That left me out.A little bit of research before hand can save some serious downfalls later. hope this helps. Donna Musto

Serra: Ha I agree Donna, Malibu Pilates chair is not for your average woman, no way! I struggled wiht it & wish I’d done more research first. Has anyone here used the Flex Mini skirt, I’ve seen some good reviews on it?


Lorrie: I have never done Pilates in my life. I have been using the Malibu Pilates chair now for about 5 weeks and am loving it. It’s easy to change the spring tension and I am doing the 45 minute training CD now. I’m firming up, but haven’t lost any pounds. I can feel muscles I haven’t felt in years and my clothes are fitting much better.

Amanda: I got this chair after seeing the infomercial on TV and learning that HSN offered a payment plan and free shipping, which I found to be a good deal. I am fairly in shape- I exercise at least 4 times a week usually at the gym and have lost more than 30lbs in the last 6 months. My goal is to lose 20-30 more in the next 5 months, then I

judi: i did find that the Malibu Pilates Chair caused some blisters on the bottoms of my feet and also that i tended to miss the pedals and bang my legs. I ‘ve taken Pilates classes before, and the workout with this chair seemed quite different. I wasn’t too pleased with the results from this, and I did send it back (altho it was quite a pain to ship back but that is a horse of a different color). I would reocmmend saving urself some trouble and not ordering this in the first place.

bahamamomma: For all that are not happy with the Malibu Pilates chair and do not want to spend the money to send back, try to re-coup some of your money by selling it on Ebay or through this blog and charge for shipping. Some of us would like to try it but find the malibu pilates chair rather expensive and would probably purchase it at a discounted rate.

Terri: Good idea bahamamomma…I didn’t like the Malibu Pilates chair at all, but maybe someone else might get something out of it. Perhaps i will try to sell it used. I have to give disclosure though, that the springs have broken several times already on this and i’ve had it about 2 mos. but maybe u could send for new springs or something, i could include the insturctions and the cust. service # when i sell it.

Melanie: I would not spend $340 on the Malibu Pilates chair. The “cardio” is so minimal I don’t feel like I am burning any calories. I do like it for calves and triceps. **if you do NOT like your chair (like many ppl on here) Sell it on ebay! Then you will be able to recoup some of your costs. That’s where I bought mine and they are going for around $200 =)

maris: I have had my malibu pilates chair for about 3 weeks and i really like it.I was already into pilates. I pair it with a 45 min cardio workout 4-5 days a week and i am seeing results already. Of coarse you have to eat right as well. I am a fan and i would recommend it to anyone who is serious about getting in shape.

Shenandoah: melanie and Maris, both of your posts were very enlightening. i didn’t realize that the Malibu Pilates chair was to be done IN ADDITION to cardio….i thought it was a complete workout. maris, you do 45 mintues of cardio along with this? I just don’t have the time to do pilates plus extra cardio. I also dont have $340 to spend on a piece of equipement that doesn’t provide a complete workout. thank you all for the useful information.

LC: I have had my Malibu Pilates chair for 2 weeks and have used it almost daily. I have found it to be challenging and fun to use. I havent lost the full pant size that they claim you will in 10 days, but I definetly am getting a great workout. I have not done Pilates before, but wanted to try something in the privacy of my own home and this has been great. Only downside is the price, but paying in installments makes it a bit easier. Big thumbs up!

TLC: Thank you for saving me the $$. After reading all of the negative comments I decided to look for something else. – Malibu Pilates chair

Cara, NH: THis is a pretty goo d way to exercise! I work out a good sweat with the Malibu Pilates Chair and it totally works awesome, so fun to use! NOw, I just need to lose some fat, what works for that??

Lena: CARA – Nuphedrine is what I take to burn fat, I was even using it with my Malibu Pilates chair but have since moved on to a real class! It gets me amped up for exercising, now I just run or get on a bike and I’ve lost about 6 inches around my midsection since i started using it 2 mos ago.

Janet: I have a Malibu pilates chair and it is very easy to use and works to tone your body. It doesn’t work miracles nothing does. So if you are really overweight than you need to change your eating habits and stop blaming the chair. I think all of you people with your negative comments didn’t either give it enough of a chance or just like to complain. The chair if very easy to use and sturdy. Like anything else if you are wanting to fail just so you can have another excuse why you are not in shape then nothing will work for you, so stop trying to discourage everyone else from getting the results they can if they use it properly and have a good attitude. It works!

Deb: I really enjoy the chair. I got mine off ebay though for way cheaper and i feel its worth a lot more. I am not new to pilates. I have been doing the reformer for yrs. So for me its challenging and really works my abs. I can really see a change in my body after 2 weeks. I think its a better workout for more intermediate pilates. – Malibu Pilates chair

didi: I have been using my chair and dvds for 2 months and have gone from a size 14 to a size 10. I tried some of the recipes and, yes, they are yummy. I did take it seriously from the start, using it every other day, and now that I’ve lost weight, I’m taking it more seriously and use it about 4 times a week.I feel great and would highly recommend it.

Suzy: I am 41 years old, approx 200#’s & have never done pilates in my life. This chair is so simple to assemble, it took only a few minutes. The workout is incredible and I got results right away combined with a healthy diet. It is a MUST to watch the introductory DVD in order to perform the moves correctly and get the most out of it. It is easier to lie to oneself and blame the chair so one can continue to make excuses for overeating and being lazy. Time to get honest, I know I had to.

b b: I got my chair off ebay new in the box for about 1/2 of the price on the tv. I have never done pilates before and I hate exercise. I lost about 45lbs last year and need to now tone. I have had it for about 2 weeks and its seems to be working fine. I am taking it slowly. Pilates is to tone muscles from what I understand so you will not be able to see your results on a scale because muscle weighs more than fat but if you do it right you should see the difference in you muscle tone and the way your clothes fit. It will take time and I dont think its fun at all but it is working and that is the point. You have to use the instrucional dvd and follow the instuctions.

Deb: I really don’t get the negative comments. So far I have not heard the springs are breaking on this site. That is the biggest complaint from people who are using this chair and enjoy it. Springs are on back order right now. The more you use it the more chance a spring may break. Seems a lot are not using since I have not seen or noticed a post where a spring broke and someone really enjoyed the machine. I own a lot of equipment and this is a great piece. It does work you out. I enjoy it more than the reformer.

Rene: I’m sending this product back. I am in shape and was concerned about my safety using this equipment. There’s a lot of balance required, which is fine, but I find that I’m focusing on balancing and not the exercise. Also, the “cardio blast” did nothing for me at all. My heart rate didn’t go up at all. This evening a slight footing adjustment caused the pedal to snap up and off of my foot and caused a huge bumg on my shin. The Malibu Pilates chair equipment is going back tomorrow!

rachel: i used to be mushy and flabby but now i’m not. for real! i just wish there were more work out dvds available. i love malibu pilates, and although i think the machine was overpriced, i don’t regret purchasing it. if you intend to work hard and stick to a diet, you’ll be pleased. this work out is as hard as you make it.

Johara: I agree that this piece of equipment would be hard for someone to use that was completely new to pilates – or to anyone who is looking for a quick-fix. I have done pilates mat work for years – with great success – but it takes a while to figure out how to isolate the muscles that you need to derive benefit from the exercises. The verbal cues given by the instructor are vital and you have to listen carefully. I have been using the chair for about 3 weeks and I find I get a better workout each time. It IS overpriced though, but I do intend to keep it.

Unhappy Customer: I am so sorry I purchased this malibu pilates chair. It is way too expensive and it ended up hurting my lower back, after the 30 days were up of course. I was roped in by the infomercial with all the sexy, thin people who supposedly use it. Now it is sitting gathering dust. I wish I had seen this site before wasting my hard earned money on the thing.

Jean: I wish I had read this before I ordered it. I am waiting by the door for the UPS truck. It supposed to be delivered today. I am going to refuse delivery. I just hope I do not get charged for the return. I’ve had a Tony Little Gazelle for a number of years now and I love it! I thought this pilates thing sounded good as an enhancement to my workout, but I guess I was wrong. – Malibu Pilates Chair

Jacquelyn: I am wondering how many of you bought this directly from HSN or from malibupilates ? The ones sold on ebay and amazon are knock offs and of poor quality. The DVD are burnt copies. They are copies basically. The one from HSN and the malibupilates have stronger springs. Also for those who have had springs break you can buy new ones at Home Depot to replace them. Also I am wondering how many of you are obese? For the person who has 10 – 40lbs pounds to lose this machine would be “easier” to use. The more you have to lose the more challenges you will face when using the machine. If any of you bought this machine from a lady named Rita she is selling fake ones.

Anonymous: I just got the chair….and actually only paid $95 for it. Not bad considering it normally runs around $300. I’m gonna try it and see what happens, if I don’t like it, I’m just gonna get rid of it. I thought about re-selling it on ebay (where I oringinally got it), but I’m not going through all that hassle to mail it back. So, if I don’t like it, I’ll either give it to goodwill or put it on craigslist. – Malibu Pilates Chair

Branna: It’s too bad people can’t try these things in a store before actually buying them. I bought the air climber & the AB Rocket…both disappoinments. I was thinking the malibu pilates chair might be good. At the cost I’m very glad I didn’t buy it. That’s just what I need…another piece of worthless equipment.

maryanne sakihara: I was excited to get my new chair.I been using it for i week.I put it in the living room,and every once and awhile ,i get up and use it,instead of just watching t.v. .I’m 56 years old,in one week ,i went from a size12p to a size 10p.I’m happy!I haven’t been that size in years.

Laura L: i thought the Malibu Pilates Chair was quite cheaply made…the foot petals were unsteady and rattle around while i was working out..and i don’t feel like i got a very good workout over all. i felt awkward and not very “in the groove” with this equipement, i soon got tired of the videos too,…this was definitely not a wise purhcase. i ended up spending additional money just to send it back.

Becky: I wish I had seen this website before I ordered my chair. I had foot surgery 3 days before I recieved my chair so I never got around to opening the box. After reading the responses, I’ve called and got the RMA number (thanks to everone that put that info in their email) and will return it. Unfortunately I’m about 13 days too late to return for the cheaper shipping but I guess it’s better than paying for full price of the chair.

Silly: I have had my Malibu Pilates chair for about a month now. I have been using it about 2 days per week, and so far I am already beginning to see changes in my abs and legs. I am kind of short and had to make some slight adjustments to some of the positions in order to be able to do them, but it was pretty much common sense. I have never done Pilates before, but did read a do-at-home book for intro before purchasing the chair to get an idea of the principals, etc. I did however get my chair for a great price from a certain online store, so all-in-all between price, and giving this chair and the workouts a chance – it is working great for me – i have gone down one pant size and sure it could be more if i used my chair more.

corie: i would like 2 say that since ive had the pilates chair i have not lost any weight, i have had it 4 a lil over six weeks now. the welding parts on the chair were breaking and the chair was crooked from the beginning, meaning it was poorly put 2gether. i am not paying the total amount 4 scrap metal. i was trying 2 adapt 2 the routines but screw this chair its n the trash now. it wasnt worth the time i put into it. all i got was disappointment, a broken machine, much back soreness and neck pain. – Malibu Pilates Chair

firefly: Don’t buy this. You have to constantly move the chair to do the exercises and watch the video at the same time. Very slow moving videos-no cardio videos as they seem to show fast-moving cardio workout on HSN. Too expensive for what it does and the workouts are really boring! – Malibu Pilates Chair

Libby: At first I was a little surprised to see all the negative comments about this chair, then I read them and figured it out. Most of the negative comments are: 1. From people too dumb to figure out the real cost of the chair before ordering – Of course it isnt 29.99. 2. From people who are afraid of working hard or learning how to use the chair properly and keeping at it to see results. Is this chair a wonder product? No. will you really loose 10 pounds in a week? No. Is the “cardio blast” a marketing gimmick? Totally! I do think it is a reasonable copy of a Pilates Wunda chair for home use. No where as good as the real thing, but the real thing costs $1500 or more. I had about 50 pounds to loose and was in awful shape. I have dropped 20 so far and the Malibu Pilates chair is one thing I do- mostly to aid with toning and stretching. Some of the exercises are still very hard for me but I am taking it slow, not hurting myself and doing what I can. Hopefully at some point I will be fit enough to not need this chair and can properly do Pilates on a mat or afford instruction. For now, this works fine. been using it 3 times a week for almost 2 months and have NO issues with springs or other parts. I also don’t recommend buying it at full price. I paid $100 for mine (authentic) and feel it was a fair price. From the looks of these reviews, there are likely to be tons of these on Craigslist, eBay and your local yard sales.

sandy: I just received my Malibu Pilates chair today. I have worked over two hours trying to open the thing up. I don’t know if it will benefit me or not… The only thing I found to communicate with anyone was the email address. I don’t have any way to communicate with Guthy-Renker about the faulty equipment… Could someone please help. Thanks!

kathy@350: I like the chair it’s not light it weighs over 40 pounds. I have got on every day the last week and so has my husband. it supports my weight. (350 pounds} I cant do all the exercise yet but at least I am trying.

Marie: comments appreciated!! I have BAD LOWER BACK( bulging discs,aging SI joints(40 going on 70), ect) for those of you that have used it, would this product NOT be a good thing?

anne: Although the price was much higher than this chair is worth, when the resistance is put on the high bar and each exercise is done until you really feel the burn you will increase your tone. A good workout might be at least 30-45 minutes every day. This machine helps with muscles in your stomach and legs/hip areas.

Juliana: I purchased this second hand on Ebay for $125. Yes it is not perfect but for that price is worth every penny. I cannot get to classes and this is the next best thing. I am seeing results already and intend to continue to use. The pedels take getting used to and don’t hurt so much once you have used it a couple of times.

mon: what is the correct spring size for the “REAL” MP

connieS: I purchased the Malibu Pilates chair about 3 weeks ago. I exercise routinly and found that in conjunction with at least 30 minutes of cardio it has been slowly helping to tone my arms and legs. Not ding much yet for my mid-section but I know I need to improve my eating habits to see real results there. One of my springs is starting to stretch on the end and I’d like to purchase a replacement. So far I haven’t heard back from Gunthy-Renker and my local Home Depot doesn’t have any. Could someone please tell me where they have purchased their replacement springs and provide a customer service number? Thanks.

LUPE: I have not used my pilates chair yet. If any one would like to sell or just get rid of the DVD’s that came with the chair I am most interested. I purchased my chair at at thrift store and, of course, no instructions. Please let me know.

Ellen: I am a couch potato to a T. I Take many meds. that cause me to gain weight until I hit 250 and seemed to stay, all the Doc’s would say is it’s becouse of the med’s. My thought was med’s this. When I saw the palate chair it made sence.I would start slow and when i felt comfortable I would get into a regular routine. Guess what 6wk’s later I’ve lost 12#me the one the Dock’s all told me to live with it. I keep my chair in the living room where I have to walk around it. 3-4 days I work out for 40-60 min’s,i wasn’t able to grab my hands behind my back before, but i can now.For me it was the best investment I could have made want to talk about depression

Paulina: What a disappointment! I love Pilates and I’ve been doing it for years. Thought I try something different, the results – this machine sucks! I felt limited, not being able to do many positions like I wanted to. Felt akward and very uncomfortable to do some positions, the chair has only 2 type of resistence, maybe it can be good for beginners, but don’t buy it if you have tried Pilates befo

Marie: Thank you all! I’ve been working so much and not going to the Y which runs me $55/mo and so I was very tempted by the addition of cardio to the pilates workout (they suckered me on the DVD’s a few years back but I was unhappy because after an hour of pilates you still have to jump on the treadmill – what a waste of time)but after reading these comments I think I’m feeling more motivated to get in the car and get my oversized butt to the Y! Thanks for saving me the headache! – Malibu Pilates Chair

marianne: Thank you for all your input on the Pilates Chair. I think Guthy/Renker should be reported to the Better Business Bureau for their precatices. I have seen this on HSN and think their etics are such they will sell you anythin. I think QVC has better standards but I always check consumer reviews for such an expensive item, Thank you, the good and the bad for helping me make up my mind. Ther’ll be no sale to me.

Betty: Wow!For all of you who have had such a negative experience with this Malibu Pilates chair, I’m surprised there’s not more used ones for sale? I have been actively searching ebay, Kijiji, Craig’s list etc… for the last 2 weeks trying to buy a used one. If they’re so crappy, why are they so hard to find? Also, I read somewhere that the ‘real’ unit is quite sturdy and comes in 2 boxes. The cheaper quality versions come in only one box and is for sale on Amazon.com. Can anyone verify this?

Susan from NY, NY: Being interested in Pilates, I considered the chair, especially for arms and abdomenal strenghtening. After the reviews here, I think I’ll stick to my Tony Little regime of Gazelle (w/resistance weights) and his Ab Lounge Extreme. His equipment rocks & I lost weight, firmed up and stay good. I just wanted to work harder on arms & abs & a long lean body. He stands behind his promises and his equipment does what he says it will do, if you use it! Also, Shawn T @ Hip Hop Abs gives a powerful cardio & abdominal workout, but it’s hard work – from my own experience. -S

Nicole: I hate exercising, and I also have fibromyalgia so it makes working out difficult. I bought the chair from someone and love it. It is managable, and I actually have had results. I can see however how it may be hard to use if you are a larger person. Some exercises did take a few attempts to master.

Debbie: I would love to get my hands on one of these anyone willing to donate you malibu chair it will be going to a good home if so let me know


Keitha: im so glad i stumbled on this website because i was considering buying this chair. not only do i now have a place to read reviews on other stuff, but i wont have to spend money on another machine that will end up being a piece of furniture in my garage. thank goodness for this website!

Ilse from South Africa: So strange to read these reviews. I bought the Malibu Pilates chair a month ago and have been amazed by the results. It’s fun, and I’ll admit it was hard at the beginning, but if exercise wasn’t hard then we all would have been thin and buff. Just like Pilates and Tae Bo, it isn’t for everyone. So if not your liking, pipe up, get off the sofa, put down the candy and find something else more to your liking.

debbie: paid to much but i find it challenging and that’s what i am looking for. try holding in the abs like your getting punched and do some of the moves you’ll feel it work. concentrate and do it right that’s all you need.its not cardio its muscle strength and development.

Rebecca: I don’t have prior experience in a gym with pilates, but do work out on a regular basis. The Malibu Pilates chair is a decent workout and does have an element of cardio. It’s fun and I’m sure I’ll get smoother at it with experience and toning.

Marie: I was ready to purchase the Malibu Pilate Chair. After reading the reviews, I have changed my mind. Also, when i saw that there would be six additional payments of $59.95….this peice of equipment just does not look worth $360.00. I am so happy I found this site. It just saved me from throwing money out the window!!!

Anonymous: Thanks to everyone for taking time to comment on the Malibu chair. Exactly for what I was searching to help with my purchase decision. Doesn’t appear to be a wise buy.

Relle: I just bought the chair for $10 at a thrift store. I want to try it out but I need the DVDs. From the reviews it sounds like even what I paid was too much. I will still give it a chance if I can download the workouts.


Carolina Girl: Somebody call the waaaambulance!!! It looks like a lot of people are looking for a quick fix with the least amount of effort. Hello people, exercise is hard work. Why do you think it’s called a workout? To all of you pilates fanatics who claim you have done mat pilates for years…why would you buy an overpriced machine if that was working just fine for you? It is a great machine when actually used and done so properly. Down 40 lbs and very toned up in 5 mos. thanks to “lifestyle changes” healthy food intake and exercise. There’s a concept.

Anonymous: I have been using the chair for a few weeks and absolutely LOVE it. It is great for someone like me who lives out in the country with no access to gym. It’s fun and easy to use. I have already noticed a difference in my abs, legs and arms. I hate that you all had such bad experiences with it. I got mine on Craign’s list for $100. Great investment so far!

Anonymous: I am 68 years old and out of shape, but this Malibu pilates chair is one of the best work outs I have ever had. I have health problems, like back, and I use this slow and do what I can with DVDs. I love it.

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Jessie: I love this chair! But you have to have a certsin fitness level and body shape. I am only 120lbs so this chair has toned my body incredibly

Anonymous: The Malibu Pilates by Susan Lucci is great for someone who wants results without lengthy workouts. The springs and the push levers are strong enough to target the muscle groups that trouble women the most such as the hip, thigh, abs, and buns. Great workout for home gym regime!!!!!!!

Diana: I don’t have the machine but just called to get the full price and was told it is #14.95 plus $29.95 shipping and after 30 days if you chose to keep it, the price is $74.95 for 6 months. I notice someone indicated it was $49.95 for 6 months. The date today is 9/12/2011, fyi.

Amidaka: Horrible, gimmicky, overpriced product! TV Infomercial is really misleading about TOTAL COST of it! BBB should be notified about this so people will not get ripoff!

Debra: After reading through half the comments, I only found six that were positive about the Malibu Pilates Chair. When I called to place the order for $14.95, I asked what the shipping cost was, and I was told it would be $29.99. It was at this point that Robert (the operator) told me it was an additional $74.95 a month (which seems to be about $20.00 more a month that for an on-line purchase) for six months. I was really looking forward to adding to my Pilates routine, which I’ve done faithfully for five years now. But, after reading the reviews, I believe I’ll not purchase this product. Too, bad. It seemed to be something I would like. Storing it under the bed would be an additional bonus. Also, I’ve NEVER heard of receiving back ANY shipping and handling costs when you return an item. Today’s date: 9.28.11

Lisa T.: My Malibu Pilates Chair is sturdy, the springs seem strong and have never broken, the pedals don’t snap and I don’t understand why a lot of people don’t get any results. I think their chairs are knock-offs or maybe the people weigh too much. Also for the exercises to produce results you have to acually DO them!

jessica: I just called to get my money back because they didnmt send the chair and said they did. Did anyone else have this problem? They are making me fill out information.

Erin: Thank you all for your comments. I was considering the purchase but think I’ll stick to my usual exercise routine. I need my money for other frivilous things like electric, heat,etc.

Dana: I just went online and this chair is $500 now…like 29.99 to ship, 14.99 to try, and 6 payments of $75 after that. What’s worse is they may you FIND that part. There isn’t even a shopping cart. It just says 14.95 plus 29.99, what’s your cc #. Oh well, thank God I found this site and saved my money!! Thanks all.

anita L.: this looked cool to me too, when i first saw it, but i;m thinking now, there are other ways to get a flat tummy thn MAlibu Pilates chair. I keep seeing the fLex belt online maybe a abs belt is what i should get.

fayee: just purchased a second hand malibu pilates chair. missing introductory 10 minute dvd as well as the dream body workout dvd. also missing wall chart and diet menu. does anyone have a spare or willing to burn dvd for me? thanks so much. waiting to acquire these missing pieces so i can start using the chair

Vannoy: I LOVE this chair. I find it incredibly easy to use, very good workout for me. I go at my own pace and don’t watch the DVD’s. I am sore afterwards, but I NEED that. It is very sturdy, heavy, and looks good in my room! It’s the best piece of workout equipment I have owned (and that includes the ellipticle!). I encourage anyone to give it a try for yourself. I got mine less than 1/2 price used. My sister liked it so much, she got one too!

LadyDi: After reading all the “rave” reviews on HSN, I decided to purchased this (for $300/free shipping). Now that I have it, wish I would not have bought it. Just one workout, and I know this is NOT for me — or anyone that hates to get up & down on the floor. I’m 57, not in great shape, but do excercise & walk regularly. The moves are awkward, clumsy, and some are just way too challenging. I think you would get just as much of a workout with a stretch band, doing the same moves! The hassle of returning it is always way too much — so will Craig’sList it at some point. I have to say, I’ve only done one workout.. not the 7 CD’s that came with it, so maybe I’m making a bad judgement way too early,… probably Not!!!

CS: I have tried several home exercise machines. The malibu pilates is small and can be stored. I use the DVDs so i don’t get bored with the routines. It is sturdy and I feel challenged – which is a good thing! I’ll do a bit more each time I use it and eventually get stronger. I suggest trying it. But try it for several weeks, not only once.

cindy: hello i saw the comercial n wntd to buy the chair but aftr all e comments im unsure. Anyone intrested in selling or donating their. gently used chair w/ all the parts n dvds it came wth for a fair price

Mary: I am so surprised with the negative comments about the Malibu Pilates chair on this site! I’m so glad I didn’t read these before I purchased it, because I would have missed out on a great piece of equipment. The chair is a very sturdy machine. I have found it exceptional in performing pilates movements. You truly can get a full body workout for any fitness level. My two grown athletic sons even find the hamstring pulls challenging with the heavy springs. This is for all fitness levels and I’m thrilled I purchased it.

Lisa: I was skeptical about all of the negative reviews. I purchased mine from HSN with 5 flex pays, and free shipping. This includes an additional set of springs that are advanced resistance. It also came with the sculpting handles and also 7 dvds and paperwork. I purchased this to help with the fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and chronic back pain I also have peripheral neuropathy. Although I have only had it over a week and tried only 2 of the dvds, I have followed the instructions, and payed close attention to the dvds, I have found that I have started working major muscle groups. Yes, the muscles are tender because they have not been worked like that in quite some time. There are some exercises that I cannot do, but I love the fact that they have someone doing modified versions until you are better at it. I have some Mari Windsor Pilates dvd’s that I tried before with a mat, but working on the floor caused too much pain for me to continue. I feel like this is the way, for me at least, to go. I don’t have previous pilates experience in a gym, but I do like the machine. It is heavy for me, and my husband said is well made. I do 20 to 30 minutes a few times a week, but will eventually do it more often as I get better acclimated with the routines. Overall, I think it is a nice piece of equipment that works major muscle groups instead of machines for just crunches. I can stretch my back, legs, and arms with this, almost as a ballet dancer to a bar. The sculpting handles are a nice addition for holding higher up. I am not a tiny person, but am overweight. I am out of shape with chronic health problems. I really think this is one of the best pieces of equipment next to my Gazelle that I actually enjoy using. I increase my heart rate with a nice routine and work up a small sweat using as shown. It is at least worth a try, and if you purchase it though HSN, you have 30 days and only have to pay the return shipping, which I believe is only about 8.95 It is a prepaid label included with your order. Just peel and stick and send out.

i: Have practiced pilates for more than 10 years and own my own reformer. Wanted to expand my practice to the Chair. So far it is great — due to work, I’d gotten out of shape and it is a toning me up fast, faster than the reformer would. It is a MUCH harder workout that a reformer, and works best if you have prior pilates experience. The 45 minute workout on the DVD is boot camp strength, if done properly. The other DVDs more appropriate for beginners. For the experience pilates practitioner, many reformer exercises can be adapted to the Chair if you know what you’re doing. A good game changer for the experienced pilates practitioner; would scare the daylights out of me if I’d had no prior experience.

Shana: *****STOP MAKING EXCUSES, THIS PRODUCT WORKS*****I AM SURPRISED BY THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS ON HERE. First of all, I’m going to say this to some of you on here, your not going to lose 10-15 lbs in a week, you have to move on this chair, you can’t just sit there and hope you will lose weight fast.. it’s no different than going to the gym and having the same expectation.. I want to tell you this, I weighed 240 lbs. 4 months ago in 2011 before I ordered this Malubu Pilate Chair, now I weigh 155 lbs. and counting, I use it 5 times a week for only 15 minutes! I have lost so much weight, my friends and family still can’t believe how wonderful I look!!! So please people, stop being lazy and making excuses, this product does WORK and it will WORK, you have to be the one who is willing to make a commitment and be strong!!!!! I recommend this anyone who wants to order this and is over-weight on a serious level!! I was very unhealthy 4 months ago and let me tell you, this product WORKS!!!! I didn’t want to go to the gym, I didn’t have the amibition anymore, then finally pilate chair came along and I love it!!!!

Kathleen: I love working out on the new Milabu Pilates Pro chair with handles and 7 DVDs. I’m 59 years of age and tgd first tape I tried was gigs accelerated which was fairly easy and fun. I’ve done all 7 work out DVDs and none are very difficult. I love the stretching aspect of the chair. After I’m done with a workout, I feel energized and I’m ready for more!

Malibu Pilates Chair

More and more personal fitness machines today appear to be hitting the market as comprehensive, total body systems for people looking to get quality workouts in the comfort of their own homes. The Malibu Pilates Chair, for example, seems to be a compact, portable system that could be used in a variety of ways. Users may be able to target various muscle groups each session, including the arms, buns, thighs, legs and abs, according to the product maker.

As the product’s name may suggest, the Malibu Pilates Chair system is based on a chair that offers a variety of pedals, levers, adjustable springs and other forms of resistance. The machine is said to be built to support user’s strength training and cardio needs, potentially eliminating the need to purchase multiple systems to get both types of workouts. In addition to targeting the legs, buns, thighs and arms, the machine is listed as targeting the abdominal muscles with each move made by the user.

The company states on the official website that the system features a custom split step pedal technology that enables women and men to work out their arms and legs individually or at the same time. The adjustable resistance settings are also capable of being adjusted on the fly, according to the manufacturer, which may enable the individual to maintain the flow of his or her workout. In addition, the company says the Malibu Pilates Chair is light and compact, making it easy to store away.

The Malibu Pilates Chair may be purchased online from the company’s official product website at this time, and there seems to be some sort of trial period offer. The trial may be purchased for a unit price of $14.95 and a shipping and handling charge of $29.95, as of this review. Those who wish to keep the system after the 30 day trial period runs its course will have to pay six additional monthly payments of $49.95. The system comes with the chair, some DVDs and extra resources for health and wellness support.

 Final Facts
Working out on a regular basis can be difficult to sustain over the long term for anyone, which is why many women and men seem to be looking for home gyms and other personal fitness systems. Products like the Malibu Pilates Chair claim to offer a full body workout, including strength training and cardio. The ability to adjust the resistance settings at the drop of a dime may also appeal to women and men looking for versatility in their personal fitness systems. Consumer driven fitness rating sites appear to feature this system from time to time, so you may want to read some of the posted reviews to see what else is being said about the Malibu Pilates Chair. More information on Malibu Pilates Chair can be found by visiting the official website.