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Lindora is a Southern California based weight loss system that uses a clinic model to assist their clients with meeting their weight loss goals. But they have also launched an online version, as well as offering a weight loss starter kit and a series of weight loss products through their website. That said, Lindora is perhaps best known for their Lean for Life weight loss system. Read a full Lindora Review Here.

Nuphedrine® - Extra Strength Top Rated Fat Burning Capsule
Nuphedrine® is the top rated weight loss capsule on the market. It has consistently been rated #1 by consumers due in part to the trifecta of extra strength herbal weight loss agents: Advantra Z®, Hoodia, and Slimaluma®. These three powerful ingredients are included to increase metabolic function, raise fat burning levels, boost energy, and enhance lean muscle mass, all while reducing hunger and cravings. It doesn’t get much better than that. According to user ratings, hunger is a non-issue when using Nuphedrine® because of their use of Hoodia, an extract that’s been used for centuries in Africa to stop hunger in its tracks. All the extracts in this formula are pure and used in their extra strength version, which makes using Nuphedrine® a no brainier. Just take a look at its peer reviews and ratings to see what people are saying. Click Here to read more.

Flex Belt – Accelerated Abdominal Toning Technology
The Flex Belt® is an awesome move forward in scientific ab shaping ingenuity. It is by far, the most proven and successful device we have seen for immediate ab toning. The Flex Belt has become the #1 ab belt systems on the market - due to its use of results driven, clinically demonstrated EMS technology. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is simply wonderful and The Flex Belt is the first of its kind to actually gain FDA Clearance using this technology. The Flex Belt® does all of the work! Even better is that it works all of your stomach muscles at the same time – it gets the Upper Abdominals, The Lower Abdominals and the Love Handles (or Obliques). So you don’t have to worry about trying to get all the different areas because it does them all simultaneously. The best part is that you can use The Flex Belt while you do other things. You can be cooking, cleaning, working at your desk, talking on the phone, surfing the net or watching TV. It is perfect for those of us who don’t have time and for those that are in great shape that just want to take their stomach toning to a new level. Check out our full review and see what various Celebrities, Super Models, Olympic Gold Medalists and Legendary Athletes use The Flex Belt. Click Here to read more.

Cleanse RX® - Flush Toxins, Feel Lighter, So Easy
Cleanse RX®, a one of a kind doctor and nutritionist developed colon cleansing formula, uses an exclusive two prong approach to remove toxins from the colon and digestive system so that users can see results fast in terms of improved health, energy levels, colon function and digestion! Both parts of the Cleanse RX® system were bioengineered using the highest quality ingredients available. It all starts with Cleanse RX® Phase One, which is easy to use. Users simply take a few capsules a day, whenever they want to. That’s all there is to more productive bowel movements, augmented energy levels, and improved health. The flushing out of old fecal matter and toxins is the reason for these effects and may even promote weight loss. Probiotics, or good bacteria, are used in Cleanse RX® Phase Two, along with other nutrients, to keep the digestive and colon healthy - daily. The entire Cleanse RX® system takes minutes a day to do, and users can see and feel real changes in their colon and digestive function. Click Here to read more.

Membrane Integrity Factor – Virility Enhancer
Membrane Integrity Factor has HGHR, in its real form - and is one of the most talked about and researched, anti-aging formulas on the European market. Good news, it has finally arrived in the US, creating a bit of a stir with consumers looking to boost their "youth factor". We've all heard about the anti-aging and health benefits of HGH and maybe thought them beyond our reach due to cost. But Dr. Hans Neiper, the developer behind this formula, has taken HGHR replenishing technology out of the lab and made it accessible to everyone. Membrane Integrity Factor infuses the body with HGHR to kick start your pituitary gland into high gear. Enhanced production may translate into feeling more energetic, sexual, and virile, while allowing you to gain muscle mass and lose weight more easily. Hands down Membrane Integrity Factor has done amazingly well with consumers looking to get their vitality back! When you read the Blog posts, and we suggest you do, you'll see for yourself what this formula can deliver. Learn More, Read the Full review of Membrane Integrity Factor here.

P90X2 - Get Toned, Be Ripped
It’s here. P90X2 - The brand new and second phase of the popular and proven P90X. This new fitness program is even more intense than the original. P90X showed that people can completely transform their bodies in just 90 days, and P90X2 takes the results even further. If you want to work on muscle strength, muscle agility, muscle definition and challenge you’re body like never before, than you are ready for P90X2. This program comes with completely new workouts based on the P.A.P. technique. P90X2 also comes complete with a nutrition program to blast fat and ensure your muscles are fueled throughout the workouts. This innovative system features an online program that provides users access to fitness trainers and an online community full of P90X2 enthusiasts. If you’ve been wanting to try P90X, now is the time with the new P90X2. Click Here to read more.

Flex Mini® -- Firm and Tone your Butt Right Now
The Flex Mini® delivers a more toned, firmer, and shapely butt through proven science. Using advanced EMS technology to focus on the entire butt and upper thighs, this device does much more in less time than you might expect. EMS has been proven to be effective, so much so it’s used by some health care providers to strengthen damaged muscles. Using the Flex Mini® is a cinch: just put it on and set your resistance level. It will immediately start creating muscle toning and strengthening contractions and releases. Keep in mind, you’re not house bound when you have the Flex Mini® on. You can easily wear it under your clothing and go about your day without sacrificing a butt toning session. Many people think there’s not enough time in the day for a quality toning session, but the Flex Mini® changes that forever. With the Flex Mini®, it’s never been easier to get the shapely butt you’re looking for. Click Here to read more.

Jillian Michaels
Jillian Michaels is well known in the fitness world, but her television shows and home fitness programs aren’t the only way to get fit anymore. Jillian Michaels now offers online support for individuals to reach their fitness goals and maintain weight loss from home. This program is easy to sign up for and offers a free weight loss plan. Jillian offers a fun approach to nutrition, fitness and shedding the pounds. All you need to start is your height, weight, in order to receive Jillian's free weight loss plan. The program provides personalized options that will tell you exactly what your body needs when it comes to the food you put in your mouth and the exact exercises you need do to tone the muscles and blast fat. The value is excellent, and the support is comprehensive. The blog posts that talk about Jillian Michaels continuously call this program an effective, economical, and no nonsense way of getting in better shape. She has helped countless people transform their lives and their bodies. Don’t be left behind. Learn more about this program now. Click Here to read more.

Miracle Slim Wrap – Spa Wrap for Rejuvenation and Toning
Miracle Slim Wraps are designed to offer users a high end spa-like wrap experience at home at an affordable price! Wraps are not new to the market; in fact, they’ve been used for centuries, dating back to the Egyptians, to rejuvenate skin, boost health, and increase energy levels. Wraps are often used in some of the most expensive spas to slim some of our biggest problem areas, including the butt, arms, stomach, thighs, and hips. The Miracle Slim Wrap uses top of the line organic ingredients, including an amino acid and aloe infused base mixed with mineral laden Seabed Clays. The Miracle Slim Wrap comes along with everything you need to get started having a spa experience at home. Click Here to read more.

South Beach Diet
Most of you already know that this diet is based on low carbs and high protein. This awesome plan is broken down into three easy phases and takes all the effort out of dieting by creating a customized program that is complete with meal planners, recipes and more. At the end of the day, this diet works for most people who stick to it, and they have done an amazing job at creating a huge menu filled with delicious recipes. In fact, of any food program, they have the biggest menu available. The only way to do South Beach these days is to join their online interface program. You could just get the book, but the online interface has access to their entire menu, which is always updated in real time. South Beach Diet online takes just a moment to sign up for, and sign up is currently free. This program really makes dieting fun as it connects you with other dieters and an entire online community that is fast to provide you with the motivation, information and support you need to shrink that waistline. The customers who use the interface say good things about it. Read the blog posts for more info. Read a full South Beach Diet Review Here.

HoodiaP57® -- High Powered Hoodia to Kick Cravings For Good
HoodiaP57® is one of the most incredible weight loss supplements on the market, offering a high grade formula that can dramatically reduce hunger and cravings. It consistently delivers real results users can see and feel. The reason why HoodiaP57® is so effective lies in its formula, which is Hoodia, and just Hoodia, with no fillers and no extra herbs to dilute results. That’s not all: they don’t just use regular Hoodia, which on its own is highly effective according to recent studies, this developer has ramped up its abilities by offering a formula containing Hoodia at 20X its normal power. This means that users get a product that delivers reduced hunger and cravings each and every time, which is exactly what you want when you’re dieting and struggling with hunger. This developer also guarantees that each bottle of HoodiaP57® is certified for purity, so you know you’re getting the real deal. Click Here to read more.

Slim10® - A Host of Patented Ingredients In One Capsule
Slim10® is an amazing weight loss supplement that rolls ten of the most well known and effective weight loss agents into one formula. When you research this formula, you will quickly realize that it’s one of a kind and that no one else on the supplement market has included this kind of fire power in a single weight loss supplement. Slim10® was designed to cut hunger, reduce cravings, increase energy levels, break up fat deposits, and boost metabolic function, while blocking fat and carb absorption. It accomplishes this amazing list by using extracts like Advantra Z, Phase 2, Super Citrimax, and Tonalin at optional levels. Hunger is also an issue for many of us, so this developer included extra strength Hoodia in Slim10®. When it comes to Slim10®, it’s not just about volume. It’s also about quality, and this formula contains the highest grade herbal and nutritional agents available. Slim10® offers consumers the best of the best in one amazing pill! Click Here to read more.

Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever - Best Way To Fight Fat After Forty
40 is a hard birthday for many, especially because once you hit this age it seems that it becomes harder and harder to keep off the weight. If you find this is your issue, than you must try Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever online weight loss program. This program is the only weight loss plan that exclusively offers those over 40 access to information that teaches the hidden secrets and obstacles that keep us from losing weight. This program provides step-by-step guidance and generates a customized plan for each member. With Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever, members can rejuvenate their metabolism and learn why they had been unable to drop the pounds before. This program is effective and it is fast and easy to sign up for. Can’t lose weight? Simply answer a few questions to find out. Right now sign up is free. Click Here to read more.

TurboZymes® - For Better Digestion and Better Health
It’s not easy to feel good anymore with the diet we commonly encounter through fast foods, processed foods, and just not great foods. The average American diet is laden with foods that don’t contain the enzymes needed to process these foods in the body. TurboZymes® is designed to remedy the sluggish feeling we find ourselves in after a big or not-so-good-for-us meal. Relief from bloating, lactose intolerance, constipation, gas, heartburn, and other stomach pains are just some of the perks of this product. The product was created to help people of all walks attain better digestive health and the ability to process the nutrients in their foods more completely. Because many weight loss struggles are related to digestive problems, TurboZymes® offers to assist those who want to lose weight while maintaining better health. With its popularity booming, finding blog posts on this product is easy. Just take a read and see why people love TurboZymes®. Click Here to read more.

Green Coffee Bean Max – An Antioxidant Superfood
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The Flex Arms® provides muscle toning where you want it most. The revolutionary product utilizes FDA cleared technology to tighten and strengthen muscles electronically. Called EMS technology, this method is used by athletes and physical therapists alike. The Flex Arms®, it sends electronic wavelengths into the biceps and triceps, triggering muscle contractions. The Flex Arms® method of training is highly effective, with 96% of users saying their arms were more attractive as a result. The Flex Arms® is highly popular and is frequently discussed on the blogs, where the products benefits are touted as both dramatic and convenient. Click Here to read more.

Designed to quickly deliver effective Hoodia to the digestive system, HoodiaBites gives dieters big boosts in their weight loss endeavors. These small chewy morsels taste good, just like a chewy candy. But they also deliver all of the benefits of a superior quality Hoodia supplement, including appetite reduction without stimulants. The top shelf Hoodia Gordonii used in HoodiaBites has no negative side effects, only positive weight loss effects. HoodiaBites contain certified authentic Hoodia, straight from Africa. Because they aren’t in a capsule or pill form, they digest more quickly, delivering the active ingredients when you need them the most. Many people have found HoodiaBites to work great on its own or with another program or supplement. The chatter on blogs makes it clear that this product does very well with consumers. Click Here to read more.

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Cleanse RX® – Advanced Colon Cleanse System
Flush pounds of undigested waste from your system immediately and feel lighter, healthier,...
Burn More Calories per Day
NuPhedrine is the only pill that can guarantee you burn more calories per day. It contains...
10 Patented Weight Loss Ingredients – One Pill
Slim 10® is the only weight loss pill to combine 10 clinically proven and patented ingredients...
Miracle Slim Wrap - Feel Rejuvenated
With the Miracle Slim Wrap® you can remove unwanted fat from your problem areas.
The Flex Belt
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117 Responses to “Lindora”

Connie: Well, I thought Lindora looked pretty good, but bcs I dont live in California, I dont think there is a clinic located near me. Bummer, but i guess theres probably something similar near me.

dana: Hi, Connie, You dont necessarily have to live in Calif., there is an online LIndora program but it is EXPENSIVE! Especially if you also want telephone coaching. For 10 weeks with telephone coaching, the price is $249!!!!

Candace: A few months ago I signed up for Lindora online, and did well for the first two or three weeks. It was good for me to keep a log of my exercise habits and the foods I ate. But, I wasnt really seeing results, and it felt like more of a hassle than anything. I didnt last the entire 10 weeks unfortunately.

Leanne: I oringally ordered the 6 weeks with telephone coaching for $133, but i did not reach my goal within that time. In order to get more couseling from my coach, I would have to order a continuation at $43. Even for a SINGLE PHONE CALL with her I had to pay $30. I called her a couple of more times at $30 bucks a pop, and then I thought, you, know, this is total bullshit! Im not going to pay anyone $30 for one phone conversation!

Marcy: This wasnt very helpful to me. Lindora seemed like a good idea when I joined, but I think Id be better of if I could go to the clinic ( I did the telephone program) Talking to someone and getting advice is good, but not quite the same as having someone show you what exercises you should be doing or being face-to-face to have some accountability.

Viv: Sounds like too much work, I dont have the patience for a progrma like Lindora.

Kylie: I wish LIndora did a bit more to help me curb my appetite. It really didnt seem to help me at all with that. Plus I really didnt like the food. :( This was a waste for me.

Allegra: Well, for me, keeping logs and diaries is of limited use. I feel like I already know very well what my bad habits & downfalls are, I need solid instructions on how to CHANGE them. I thought Lindora was very weak in that regard. There arent even any meal guides included.

Sara: the support tools lindora sells are super-weird. They sell these affirmation CDS and a mini mixer for cakes, i guess. Plus theres a CD for controling your cravings, but i dont see how a CD is going to help with that

Becky J: Lindora wasnt so bad for me, although, yeah it wasnt exactly cheap. But I kinda liked recording all my exercises and keeping track of what I was eating. It helped me to see how much extra calories I was getting or that I was not eating enough fresh fruits and veggies in a day. I lost a little bit of weihgt, not as much as I wanted to but it was a good learning experience.

andrew: well i thought that going to the clinic would be a good idea, for getting advice and keeping track of my weihgt loss. but i had to go five times a week! after two weeks, i was annoyed. the trip itself was time consuming, and not a whole lot was changing from day to day. going once or twice a week wouldve been enough. anyway, i dindt last long on Lindora.

Joan: I thought Lindora was OK, but it really didnt stand out as being any different from any of the other programs I have tried. The only way it really stood out was in the price. Im doing just fine on my own now, and am saving a bunch of money.

Celinda: The program definitely increased my awareness, Ill give it that. But, it wasnt enough to really facilitate much weight loss for me. Lindora was a bit of a disappointment, esp for the cost.

Lara: Lindora sounds like homework

star_lite23: so i thought Lindora only had to last for 10 weeks when i signed up for it. it was okay, i was on the right track but hadnt met my goal. then i noticed i had an option to continue for another 10 weeks – for an additional fee of course! I stopped at that point, it didnt seem worth it.

Tony: Those nutritional bars tasted like sawdust. This program is overpriced & didnt help.

katherine: I felt like i didnt really get much guidance with Lindora….the long distance phone counseling was not enough.

Rick R.: I agree with the comment earlier, paying so much for that extra, personal support is unfair, and made me lose my motivation to continue.

Beverly: I wish that Lindora had something that controlled my appetite..talking about it is nice, but for me, its a physical craving.

beth: My problem, is stretch marks and cellulite. I got some this after reading about it and love it.

Delia: Lindora didnt work for me it was a waste of money. I think Im gonna try a different approach, maybe try a strong fat burner instead.

McKenzie: Lindora was too expensive, and didnt really do much for me. Plus the phone counseling really wasnt that helpful. I didnt like the woman I talked to.

Maceo: Def not supportive enough i wouldnt recommend Lindora to anyone.

Augusta: I thought a lot of the Lindora products were substandard & cheaply made. The food was not very good either.

Laine: I went back on Lindora after using it to lose weight 4 years ago (10 lbs). I had about 8 lbs to lose after a pregnancy, and I wanted the support and motivation I remembered from the last time. It is an expensive program, and overall I feel that the staff is not really invested and often not very helpful. The Lindora books and CD’s can be motivating, the logs are useful, and the visits can be helpful for someone who likes external guidance/support — but it is expensive and they seem to be wedded to their products and unhelpful about guiding you in other less expensive, though equivalent products to aid in weight loss. I do lose weight when I am on the program — so something is going right. Just my 2 cents worth.

TerrelandMica: I’m agree with Dana, ” For 10 weeks with telephone coaching, the price is $249!!!!” I actually ended up paying $308.00 and would not recommend this to anyone I know. Don’t be fooled.

Mache: KYLIE…. Ask a nurse at Lindora to put in a request with the doctor to provide you with appetite suppresents. They will give you a medical perscription, remember with Lindora it’s okay to ask questions!! Also if your still hungry have another protein serving, a drink, bar or soup. Trust me work this program, don’t let it work you!

joanne: Not a healthy diet. The staff is not very well informed. They really push the buying of their products instead of teaching you a healthy diet to follow. Aspartame(which has been a controvercial sweetener) is included in most of their drinks and and protein bars. Very expensive – I paid $400.- for a 10 week program – plus was charged an extra $18.00 for their “vitamin” shot. Oh well, an expensive lesson learned.

lorena: Lindora not only helped me loose 80 pouns, but also showed me how to eat, how important it is to loose weight with medical supervision, it changen my metabolism and my habits. Not that I am a Gym crazy, but I know that I need to at least walk more and exercise a ltlle bit . I feel great, I look great and I love it. Some people think that only because you pay an expensive treatment, because YES it is expensive, you will loose the weight. No, it takes a lot of commitment but thay give you all the tools, motivation, supervision, products or they tell you what to use if you dont like their products. I really like Lindora because I lost 80 pounds and whenever i gain a little weight after holidays for instance, i do it myself without paying a penny and I loose thos extra pound right away>If you are serious about loosing weight, this is a very good option and a very responsible choice.

Stefanie: I live in So.Cal. and go to the Lindora Clinic. It is on the pricy side but it sure has worked for me. There is a lot of reliance on the book Lean for Life but I found that the staff monitored my progress and made recommendations for improvement. They have always been able to answer my questions. They give you all the tools you need to succeed, but it is up to you to make the effort and commitment.

Jazz: Although I have to agree that the inperson program is expensive, it includes a lot…the program includes blood work, medical exam, and medical monitoring. It is a good program if you have 10 or more pounds to loose and need to be medically supervised while on the program. I have been on both the in person and online programs. I used the online as a form of maintenance. I lost weight. As with any weight loss program, it is a commitment and a life style change. This may not be right for everyone, but it worked for me.

Belinda: I did lindora over 4 years ago and went from a size 12 to a size 6! As of today I have gained one size back to an 8, but with the book I will lose that size. As with any weight loss program it works if YOU WORK IT. After a few weeks on the program I broke my leg and could not excersise, but continued to lose 2 lbs a week anyways, I am sold that weight loss is the portions and what you eat. This is a good program and the book offers a lot of good information. I have recommended this program to many people who have also lost a lot of weight, the key to keeping the weight off is you. If you do what youve always done and expect a differnt result…. that is the definition of insanity.

Toni: Lindora online was overly expensive and really not all that helpful overall. I stuck it out for the full program (10 weeks) and came out only 4 lbs lighter. Very disappointing, all that time, effort & money came down to a result that is not even noticeable, considering I am still 40 lbs overweight. Perhaps I would do better with a pill, I don’t know, all I know is, ths was not a good choice for me.

Mary: I have been on this program (in-person)for 3 weeks and have lost 10 lbs (5 lbs/wk for the first 2 weeks). I did not lose weight on the 3rd week and I must admit, I was disheartened. I was put on a plateau diet for 3 days and on the first day, I already lost 3.2 lbs. It was water retention. They do offer coaching and I realized that the culprit was the little nibbles I do here and there (even if they were all protein). They gave me a low dose prescription for an appetite suppresant that helps me during the PMS weeks. I go to the center once a week (instead of daily) so my initial program can last me 8 weeks. The program is high protein, low carbs, and low fat, unlike the Atkins diet. I feel it is healthier. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol so I have to be very careful. I already feel good – the swelling of my legs and hands are gone, my knees don’t hurt anymore and I can actually walk an hour now. If you aim to lose weight faster (I had to bec of medical reasons), and be dedicated, this program works very well. I have been on Weight Watchers for many years (on and off) but I always dropped out because being able to have anything you want but trying to portion control just did not work long term for me. It was like a tease and I easily gave in. I aim to lose the weight rapidly and safely and learn to maintain it. Believe me, better health is a good enough motivator.

a.buckman: hmm so it sounds like this can only work if you go to the clinic, and i don;t live near one (far away, in fact, up in san jose) and i’m not seeing much success stories from the folks who tried lindora online. i appreciate your comments.

Aracely: I went to the Lindora clinic 2 years ago, it was a bit pricey, but I like being able to do the program on my own whenever I gain a few pound here and there. I don’t always eat their food, but there are a few of their products I like and stick to. I always feel healthier when I’m following the program.

jason: yeah, i wish i lived close enough to go to a Lindora Clinic…Lindora online really wasn’t that special or personalized…just a lot of journaling and tracking and all that standard crap. I got really sick of all that homework, plus, i didn’t feel like i got too much individual guidance. i don’t think this diet has successfully transitioned to the internet medium just yet.

Bonnie: Lindora sucks…be glad you don’t have a clinic there. They were downright rude to me and really didn’t care about anything but the money.

John: I joined Lindora because a friend who was on the program went in and lost 40 lbs. I am currently on week 5 of 10 and I lost 30 lbs so far (not typical, but I a guy & I am young). I hit a huge plateau and I am working throught it (plateau menu, I hope it works). My goal is to lose 80 lbs total, so I will be back on the program for sure. I agree with others that going to the clinic is pretty much the only way this program will work because everytime I go in, I tweak my menu based on their recommendations (less salt, less fat, try this, eat that). After 5 weeks, I finally think I figured out what works for me. Personally, their foods are not bad. They did not push their food on me, but I do like eating their food because it’s easier for me. I do not do their booster shots ($10/shot), but I do take their B12 shots daily (free) and a daily vitamin which I purchased from Costco. In regards to exercise, I started walking 30 minutes a day and I am now up to 80-90 minutes a day. I am even starting to run (probably about 10-15 minutes a day). I do not feel hungry but a few times I ate additional protein meals because I was in the mood. I have gone off diet two or three times (wedding, celebrations) and everything was fine. I do not have any food cravings, but I am making a list of foods that I want to eat once I finish the diet mid December.

kellie: well thank you all for your honesty…John it sounds like you did pretty well, but i appreciate you noting the fact that your results were not typical. I tried to do the Lindora online earlier in ‘08 (no clinic in my area), but it got me nowhere, the program was frustrating and i didn’t feel like i had much guidance. i didn’t lose any weight on it. I think i am going to either seek out a local weight loss program i can get to, or else find a top quality online program with lots of guidance.

Lisa: Hi everyone. I am currently on the Lindora in-person plan. I am on Week 3, Day 1 and have lost 10.5 lbs. I know 2 others who recommended the plan who lost 40 lbs. and 55 lbs. I know for me making it part of my M-F routine, weighing in before I even eat or drink each day, is a good motivator. I have not missed a day yet. I’d like to lose 40 lbs. total but this may take more than my initial 10 weeks. I just started walking w/a friend yesterday, so I think that will help the add’l weight come off. I must say, I am extremely motivated to be the THIN ME again and think that is 90% of it. Having the willpower and motivation. I have an appetite suppressent ready for pick up at the drug store, but haven’t needed it yet. Good luck to all in whatever program you choose.

Ana: I love lindora. I lost 50 pounds last year and I have kept it off for an year now. i love their products too I worked really good on me.

chris anderson: also do not live near a clinic & opted to do Lindora online. at first i liked all the information i had access to, and the emails were encouraging/informative. i was happy with it for about a month or so, though, at the end of the month, i’d only lost about 4 lbs or so. not a great start. i hate to say it but i began to lose motivation and after a few more weeks my progress waned even more. now, i’m trying this diet pill (slim 10, read about it on the blog) and going to the gym, will see how this goes.

Donna k.: Went to the Lindora clinic for several months and found the support given to be not enough to aide in my weight loss, overall. I liked being medically monitored, but then I just felt like i needed to have shots or buy the food for the program to work. In the fourth month I stopped, since I had not lost much weihgt. I was disapointed with this.

Kelley: I have been on and off Lindora for over three years I have lost 75 lbs and every time I go off the program I have maintained my weight.. I just wish it wasn’t so darn expensive… oh yeah they also do a complete blood panel work that is gone over with you and a doctor. so its a good program because you are looked after medically… good luck to all of you but, Monday morning I will be at my Lindora office getting my vitamin Shot….

tallula: hmm, well i think the Lindora in-person plan seems a bit too “involved,” like having to go to the office and getting vitamin shots and blood work, etc. I don’t think i need that much “doctoring.” frankly. I just want some helpful guidance and advice. And the Lindora online program is totally lacking in that regard. So i think maybe there’s not that “happy medium” with this program that gets it just right for my needs. Oh well. Good luck to all.

lisa: I have experience drama if you live in Corona Ca and go to the Lindora clinic. The women or shall I say men acting women are very unprofessional women. The manager makes excuses for the rudeness of the clinic and not a good way to lose weight. This clinic did make me lose one thing and that was the money in my pocket. Do not join this type of atmosphere.

Eileen: I signed up for the lindora in-person plan. I went to weigh in and get vitamin shots every day and get products. Expensive yes just eat less junk foods that are costly also.I spoke to a nurse also every day. I was hopeless about my weight. Little by little I started to loose weight. I went from size 20/22 to 12 and still keeping with it. Yes most of their foods I do not care for except 2 puddings and one bar. I just work around it and use other proteins to eat. I feel you have to want it so bad that you never give up until you acheive your goal no matter what you have to go through to get there. You just have to want to be thin and look good and feel good and be healthy. It is worth the effort. Dion’t ever give up.

ginny: Well to me, what is the point of a program that is expensive, with bad tasting food, where you have to go in all the time get vitamins shots, etc and the staff members are rude. There was nothing unique about Lindora that justifies all of that headache. I tried this briefly last year but quickly realized it was not worth the trouble. Switched to South Beach on 6/12/08 and have managed to loose 43 lbs.

STLMOM: LINDORA IS AWESOME! I have lost 40 lbs on lindora. My former boss lost over 50lbs. If you arent seeing results its because you are doing something wrong, or you are stuck in a “rut”. I DID NOT do the online or phone thing. I just bought the book from online, order a few potien items and did it myselt. I also included excerise in my program. I have never been thinner before. I am a mother of one, and have kept the weight off for almost a year. You can do it if you put your mind to it. You just have to stay focused. If you are not losing weight on this program, you’re not doing it write. It is not a deit, its a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. :)

Carol L: So Lindora only works if you live near a clinic, is that it? perhaps if I get transferred to somewhere in SoCal I will look into it but for now I needa find a good online program.

Val: Really I didn’t think the Lindora in person plan was helpful. I got the vitamins and the food (tastes awful btw) and in 4 mos time i was only down about 6 lb! i didn’t cheat or antying, I was SO good and it was just not getting me results. It was more than beeing “stuck in a rut” the weight was barely moving. Carol, Jillian michaels has a really good online program you should check it out. Lost 14 lbs in 3 weeks.

sharon: In reading the comments posted here i have noticed that a lot of people are complaining about keeping a detailed journal on what they ate or amount of exercise. Being aware is part of losing weight. If thats your excuse for not starting a program…then you are just not committed enough yet. Take time to figure out what you want to diet for. Health? Longerlife? Pretty clothes and do it. Lindora’s costs are high, so choose a different plan of attack and do it. Dont sit around writing comments on not wanting to journal you wont get anywhere.

larry: be careful with their promises of “lean for life”. Lindora changes their programs retroactively, eliminating promised features when the economy and their bottom line need assistance. I lost weight on the program but was dissolussioned when they eliminated program features( shots,blood work up and physicals). Lawsuit pending.

Jenny: Lindora online simply does not provide enough support and guidance for someone like me, who has a significant amount of weight to lose. For me it just seemed silly, it boiled down to me buying their supplements, foods and shakes, which i didn’t like. Now I’m doing South Beach, which is more affordable, more easily available and the food tastes better. A total of 7 lbs lost this month.

Carol Ann: Just finishing up my 10th week, have lost 24 lbs and find the program wonderful and the people working in the office are just great. It is expensive and thats why I chose it, I am a tight wad and knew I would stick to the program because of the price – really easy to do although it requires some time doing what the program dictates it is worth every penny. I am not only thinner, but healther.

barbara: It seems like i’m one of the few people here who has tried both the Lindora “in person”and the Lindora online programs. I stopped doing the in person because i thought the staff were rude and unhelpful and going there was just getting to be to inconvenient. So rather than quit altogether i decided to try the online version…but that provided almost no guidance and as others have said, i really didn’t like the food. I just don’t think either of these programs are for me. Plus the EXPENSE! wow, it’s out rageous. The reverse psychology of deliberately picking an expensive diet is interesting, Carol Ann, but i found another cool approach: DietAwards.com. With this you actually get paid $1,000 for losing weight on certain kinds of diets. now THAT is a motivation!

paul: Alot of you guys are missing the point here. Yes, I will say that the Lindora program is expensive but it works!! I did this program about 10 years ago and I could barely afford it but it was some of the best money I have ever spent in my life. What happens when you go to Lindora to the office for the visits and getting weighed and all that is you are being ACCOUNTABLE……Hello….. if you could do it on your own by reading a book or some special weight loss pills, you wouldn’t need Lindora or any other program. You don’t have to pay all the $ up front either….you can make payments all through the 10 week program. And if you follow the program like you are supposed to , it works. There are certain things in life that we need help with and for me, I needed help with weight loss. Good luck to all of you….

maggie: maybe Lindora would be better if i lived near a center but i had to do it online. and i have to agree with what others have said, theres not enough support. anyone looking for an online program should try jillian michaels she rocks!

DanaMarie: I just started Lindora 2 1/2 weeks ago and am havign amazing results. I am down 10.6lbs and am feeling pretty good. I thought I would be hungry all the time. I’m not. Although thats not to say I haven’t had the days where I really wanted to cheat. I think for me, Lindora was the switch that really got me serious about my weight loss. Their food isn’t great. But I am learning what I can and cannot have on the diet and what tastes good. For me,I hate lettuce. They have worked with me to find another solution. I have a family brunch this weekend and they are helping me to plan my attack so I don’t fail. Yes, it is pricey, but that is an extra motivating factor for me. Why would I spend this much money if I am not serious about it? I also have the help from my best friend who recently lost 100lbs on the program. It healps when you have seen someone go through it and know it is possible.

Anna: well, I am serious enough that i don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to be motivated. The reason i orignally joined Lindora was because i thought the “lean for life” thing sounded pretty darn good. But once i realized that the guidance and information was nothign special on this (online) program, i decided, well heck, i am not going to spend extra money on purpose, on a plan that’s not worth it. that just goes against my principles. so now i’m doing a reasonable diet (Weight Watchers) and taking HOodia p57. These 2 combined are still less than Lindora. I guess i was motivated enough to lose the weight bcs i deserved it, and it was time.

T: I lost 90 pounds with the Lindora method. I could never afford to pay for the program, but I got the book and followed the method. I bought the protein bars when they were on sale. When I followed everything right, I was never hungry and had more energy than I’m used to. I’ve talked to other people doing Lindora who call this like being on speed, and that’s what it feels like! I don’t know anybody who has gone to the clinic and done it that way, but from reading here it sounds like a waste of money.

Shannon: I got the Lindora Starter Kit which includes book, tape measure, urine strips, and CD. It had some good concepts, as most diets do, but it was a bit complicated for me to do on my own without any encouragement. Maybe i would be bettter off going to the clinic, but it seems llike nobody really thinks so highly of that either. I might have to start my search all over again.

Anonymous: I have used Lindora for years and find it fast and effective. Their foods are really tools that you can use or not. I keep them with me when I work, travel and am bouncing between meetings to keep cravings at a min. They are very good too. I would recommend the program to anyone. ready4go

Clara: The Lindora diet is great, the products on the other hand are super gross. I tried the drinks and the bars, both were not my taste at all and can’t imagine anyone liking that taste. I am glad I only bought the book, I can’t imagine joining the program and eating like that everyday. I think I am gonna switch to the south beach diet book. I just ordered the book, we will see how it goes.

Brandie: I think Lindora is the best i didn’t use online, telephone, or go to the clinic and i live in Southern California. I just bought the book and in less than 6 weeks i lost 30 pounds so this program works but you have to want to do it and exercise.

Suzanne: I ordered some of the bars and shakes from Lindora and just so you know, it does not taste really good. I prefer Slim fast.

Kim: I lost 85 pounds on this diet but didn’t keep it off. I can’t blame the v program. I regained the weight because I pigged out on junk food and stopped exercising after getting depressed. The reason the in clinic program is expensive is because you get a weekly or twice weekly b12 shot that helps you lose weight and it included blood tests and a doctor visit. These costs are spread out over the length of the program. I liked the program because I had to go into the office weekly and be accountable to someone. However you can do the program from home for the cost of the Lean for Life book. You can buy protein products from them if you like but you don’t have to. I bought them 1x per week, the Creamy Hot Cocoa one, because it helped with my 3pm chocolate cravings. You HAVE TO finish the program all the way till the end or you will not reset your metabolism and will not keep the weight off.

laura: I guess i’m finding it a little discouraging that many of you seem to have regained your weight on the Lindora program. both the virtual and the in-clinic programs. especially in this economy right now, i want to make smart decisions, ones that will last me a while. i don’t have the time energy or money to go on a diet “rollercoaster.” and really, doesn’t eveyrone want results that last? i know i do….

Stacy: Signing up and going to any weight loss clinic doesn’t mean you will automatically lose weight. YOU have to be committed to following the plan. YOU have to be accountable and YOU have to want it bad enough. There is no magic pill, or magic weight loss clinic that will magically make the weight disappear and never come back. YOU have to work at it everyday of your life. Get real people…

kimberly: I joined Lindora and went everyday to the clinic for 3 months, it cost me over 1000 dollars and I lost all of 8 lbs. I would not lose weight on their program. The counselors tried would look at me every day and say sorry…the weight would not come off. They finally sent me to the Lindora doctor who told me the program did not work for everyone and unfortunetly I was one of those people. I gave it 100% and it didn’t work…but that was just me.

QJ: I lost 80lbs in 6 months @ Lindora…it’s better to have office visits than doing everything online…you just have to really want it to get great results…for me, once I saw the first few pounds fall off I just stayed focused on wanting that and managed to be successful. It takes a lot of planning and focus but I don’t regret it one bit…

Caral from Socal: I did the online program with Lindora – no phone coaching. It was on sale for $79 for 10 weeks at that time. I DID get the book, which was the biggest help, and I DID do everything exactly as they say. The negatives? Because I didn’t use their food, the choices I could afford were limited so there was a ton of repetition. The caloric intake is tiny, but because it is all heavy protein, after three days I never felt hungry. The online journal and helps were marginally useful…but I still preferred the book. BUT – and this is why I love Lindora! – IT WORKED! I lost nearly 30 pounds off my 5′11″ previously 270 lb. frame in the first 10 weeks. I lost down to 180 eventually…it took a bit over a year. Now, four years later, I have gained some weight back because I stopped following the plan (there IS a second, maintenance, plan). I am back on Lindora – just day 4 – and I already am feeling that familiar old pep from getting the processed sugars and carbs out-out-OUT! of my system. Lindora is the ONLY system (and I tried them all) that has worked for me. Just grin and bear the food, who cares, it works!

Roseanne: The very first time i did lindora was back in 1993, after trying to lose the weight from my second child. I have no thyroid which i lost due to a goiter and its loss of function. Having that thyroid problem which i needed to take thyroid replacement for was a big barrier in all my weightloss efforts regardless of exercise and nutrition. desperate and fearfull that i was doomed to be big and overweight forever, i asked my endocrinologist what i could do, was there any pills, injections, what? what medical solution was there for someone like me? He said there wasnt anything i could really do since my weight gain was a result of metobolic defeciancies due to my thyroid, that i should just exercise and eat healthy and regardless of my size i could be healthy. i was so saddened to hear such a thing, when i heard him say,”but…” as i listened i realized it was the best but i had ever heard in my life. the but was hope, and hope came in the name form of “LINDORA” The doctor explained he had been reading up on dr. stamper and his program a few years ago and it made alott of sense and as an endocrinologist he said he was sorry he didnt think of it first. he told me call them, if you could aford it , do it, and he felt it would work because of the way it uses ketosis, and focuses on metabolism which was what hinderd my efforts. I did do lindora, exactly as told, i recieved alott of support and was educated continuesly about the program. Miracle, success, it worked i lost 60 lbs in 12 weeks!! i was once again a size 7 and happy. after that every time i would see or hear an ad for lindora it would bring tears to my life, i was 24 yrs old a mother of two, and now also thin and energetic as i should be. my thyroid meds were constantly changed through out the program to help balance the ever changing metobolic rate my body ws obtaining but i was healthy and looked it! i kept the weight off for 5 yrs when i became pregnant, i did gain weight but i imediatly returned to lindora as soon as i ws able and regained control of my size again, did it again 6 yrs later after another baby with much success. iam now 43 yrs old and unfortunatly due to illness, and the death of my first son in 2007 ive found myself weighing 222, i have gone back to lindora because iam not happy or healthy and feel bad. in my 3rd week im down 13 lbs !! Lindora has always worked, it does work, its a hard program that takes work, but you get out of it what you put in. The program is much more commercial now which is what i notice and i miss how it used to be, much more medical, professional, like a real medical office with very informative and helpfull nurses, like everything in time, there are changes for the times and now its about social interaction and money, but all in all, IT WORKS, LINDORA REALLY WORKS !!!

Anonymous: I signed up for the full program at a Lindora Clinic near me. I followed the program to the letter and I was so excited because I was going to be slim. I could feel it. It was such a great feeling. So I fasted for 3 days and started their eating program (which is just like fasting!) and I was feeling great but the weight would not go. I did this for two weeks and NOT ONE POUND came off. My body went into a starvation mode and I felt great but NO WEIGHT LOSS. The nurses were really nice but they had no idea what to do with me. They said eat more, eat less, exercise more, exercise less. I got crazy. So I stopped. Very useless. Very expensive and I feel very stupid.

KARLAS001: I have done 4 Lindora programs and went from size 24 to 16 so far =)and plan on doing 3 more programs(size 8-10) which is 65 more lbs to go for me…And like any diet if you stick to it the weight comes off. I dont understand why people put Lindora down because if you stick to the program you WILL LOOSE WEIGHT!! and if you dont well then you dont,why even bother spending so much money to turn around and talk/blog about how it did not work for you for whatever BS reason many of you and me in the past have said…why not say it did not work for me because I could not keep my hands out of the cookie jar and stop eating what made me gain ##lbs instead?? Oh yeah because its much easier to blame a DIET not ourselves.Why not eat the foods that you/me paid so much money to be told to eat…Loose weigt,feel great and BE HEALTHY. Im sorry I am not trying to bring anyone down for not sticking to this or any diet but the truth is I know that we always find a reason to cheat or why we dont stick to a diet and for that we will continue to be OBESE/FAT…not until I realized that I was able to loose 85 lbs so far and will loose 65 more lbs…THANK YOU LINDORA in WOODLAND HILLS,CA (DAFNEY,MARTHA & VERONICA) FOR HELPING ME!! THANKS TO TEAM IN WOODLAND HILLS,CA =)

shahla: I just signed up for Lindora. I did the blood test so far and paid $300 down. The program cost me $850 for two time visits. Also they took my insurance for the discount. I read some of these comments. I do not know them well, but i agree with the comment that their staffs are not knowlegable for the money they charge or they do not spend enough time to educate you.

Jayme: I am in week 5 at Lindora (4-09) and I feel I am having amazing results. I am down 17lbs and have lost 6.5 inches on my waist. I feel really good physically and emotionally. People that don’t know about me being on the plan keep mentioning how great I look which helps me stay motivated. I am not hungry all the time since they require you eat a minimum of 3 meals (do not have to be Lindora food) and 3 protein snacks per day. Many days, I am thinking,

Jayme: I am in week 5 at Lindora (4-09) and I feel I am having amazing results. I am down 17lbs and have lost 6.5 inches on my waist. I feel really good physically and emotionally. People that don’t know about me being on the plan keep mentioning how great I look which helps me stay motivated. I am not hungry all the time since they require you eat a minimum of 3 meals (do not have to be Lindora food) and 3 protein snacks per day. Many days, I am thinking,

Rosie: I have tried Lindora and it worked for me in the ten week program I lost 25 lbs. I did not feel hungry and my energy level has improved. With any weight loss program you have to do your home work such as keeping a log of what your putting in your mouth,and believe me it does help.As for those who don’t live in Calif. you can purchase the products at your local Rite Aid store. It’s not as hard as it seems if your really want this for yourself. The hardest part is getting started. Any diet plan will work if your willing to change the bad habits. But I’m just a loser and hope to stay this way :)

Jamie: Two years ago I started Lindora. Though really expensive it was definitley worth it for me. I started the plan in April weighing in at 257 lbs and by October I was down to 157 lbs. I continued with the maintenance program and at Christmas I am proud to say I weighed 128 lbs smallest I have ever been in my adult life. I went from a size 22 to 0/2. I have now maintained my weight loss for a year and find the encouragement of free maintenance for life a big help. Definitely money well spent.

Emi: I have to admit it is pricey, but it REALLY works. I read the negative remarks and I have to say that if it didn’t work for you then you must not have put in 100% of your effort. There is no magical pill, no quick fix, nor effortless tasks to losing weight healthy. You are accountable for yourself and if you REALLY stick to it you will see results. I have tried many diets and found little results. After starting Lindora 5 mths ago I have lost 35pds and still want to lose 20 more. It keeps me focus. Motivation and determination is what it takes. You do learn to eat healthier and make better choices. You learn to cook healthier using your own food not some frozen meal you stick in the microwave.

Jayme: I am in week 8 at Lindora (5-09) and I feel I am having amazing results. I am down 21 lbs and have lost over 3 inches in my waist, thighs & hips. I feel really good physically and emotionally. People that don’t know about me being on the plan keep mentioning how great I look which helps me stay motivated. I am not hungry all the time since they require you eat a minimum of 3 meals and 3 protein snacks per day (does not have to be Lindora food). Many days, I am thinking, Is it time to eat again? I find that the more I eat, the faster I lose weight. Of course there are days where I really want to cheat but it

Elsa: Lindora IS THE BEST!!!…take it from someone that can’t even count how many diets I’ve done or even recall ALL of the different pills I’ve take and don’t work. I just had a baby and am starting Lindora again. It is expensive, but an investment in my happiness (my husband agrees!).

Ann: is lindora healthy . or full of additives? could i eat fresh food or do u have to eat processed junk?

Jayme: It is healthy. You do not have to eat Lindora food. They provide you with meal plans and alternatives if there is anything you do not like. For example, breakfast can be an egg and piece of toast or fruit with coffee, a few hours later, you have a protein based snack, then lunch can be 3.5 oz chicken, 2 cups lettuce, dressing, 1 cup broccoli and an orange, a few hours later you have another protein based snack like string cheese, then you can have 3.5 oz Salmon with asparagus, 2 cups lettuce, etc…

Paul: I did Lindora for 8 weeks halfheartedly and I lost 20lbs. I learned a lot but a big part of it is the ridicululous amount exercise I did (I averaged an hour of strenuous exercise weekly). I recommend it only if you have the time to devote the diet and exercising on your own.

Paul: *1 hours daily exercise

Sweetpea: I have been on the Lindora program for 8 wks and love this Program (and belive me i have tried them all). I have lost 22 lbs and over 6″ in my waist. I go to the clince twice a week. I eat every 2 hours, You need to eat 5-6 proteins, 3-2 to fruit or 1 grain for a fruit, 2 vegi, up to 4 cups of lettuce and keep your carb count between 50-100 grms. One of the key to success is keeping a food journal. I not going to say its easy because you have to work hard to curbs the cravings but just like any diet you choose it takes work. But if you FOLLOW the program you will LOOSE the WEIGHT.

Melissa: I did the Lindora program 2 years ago after I had my first baby. I went to the clinic 5 days a week and had an excellent experience. I lost 40 pounds and I learned to keep the weight off. I spent a ton of money but it was so worth it to have lost that weight in such a short time frame. I am doing the Lindora program again on my own because I just had another baby and need to lose the weight again. I learned enough from the first time to do it on my own this time without spending all the money. Today is only my 2nd day. I lost 1.5 pounds so far. I did this once before and I can do it again. I know Lindora really does work if you stick to it. I recommend it if you are really serious about losing weight and can really stick to the food plan.

Betty: 2 Keys Words for the program to work for you. Accountability and Commitment. I hated the thought of keeping a daily log of my food/carb intake, but after awhile it made sense to know how much I was eating. You are asked to weigh your food for portion control. Yeah, it’s pain when you are hungry and just want to eat. But the extra effort is worth it. It is not a program for lazy people. You have to work at it and stay focus on your goal. I recommend going to the clinics for support and monitoring of ketosis in your urine and supplement B complex shots. It is pricey to buy addl protein products, but this is an investment in you health and self esteem. I lost 30 lbs in 10 weeks. It wasn’t easy, but going from a size 16-18 jean from Lane Bryant to a perfect size 14, made the hard work worth it for me! For the lazy dieters, just a tip, I had some success with Nutra System, but hated the food after about 8 weeks.. Yuk!!! Good Luck All…

Jayme: I lost 28 pounds by the end of my 10 week program. I feel great and haven’t been this weight in 9 years! It is difficult to be so disciplined but it has been so worth it! I feel so much better about myself. I am not hiding behind the camera anymore!

Carol from Nc: I bought this book back a couple years ago, i tried it the first time and lost 100lbs in a year. I didn’t have to buy no online help nor any coachin. The only help I used was the fat on my butt as a motivator, and the coaching i left it up to the weight and inches i was doing!!! And of course i went to the gym regularly! You can’t expect to loose weight without a workout at least 30 mins a day!!!!!Just read the book, and its freaking self explanatory!! you can cook your own meals, and save a bundle!!!!

Jack: Hi, I just wanted to express my opinion regarding your negative, not-so-negative, positive, not-so-positive comments. I am a husband of a beautiful gal that has struggle wuth weight her entire life. After 4 kids she finds herself right now with a weight we both have not seen. Our children are older now and my wife wants to lose the weight. After our 2nd child she gave Lindora a shot (boy it hurt my pocket pretty bad) and she went from 171 to 140 in the 10 wks program. However, in my wife case I cook and I will be the one preparing her meals from the menu book. Plus we’ll buy the chicken breast prepare it cook it and refrigerate it. So she was always on it. Yes, she cheated from time to time but she still lost 30+ lbs and yes with a little help from me it was worth it. However, I can’t stand the pain in my pocket but I loved the way she looked. Now, our last child child is 7 and my wife has put some pounds and she has decided to go back to Lindora. She is looking to lose about 100 lbs. It will take her a little bit but she will do it. She has me! Our issue is that my parents gave me their genes of no matter what I eat I remain the same weight, it makes the wife a bit upset but she’s a good sport.

Tina V: We’re contemplating Lindora. I went in the Santa Margarita branch to speak with someone about the program. The owner/manager was in and it appears they’re wholly owned franchises, so the disparity in the different locations attitudes is somewhat explained, but not excused! There is no excuse for any weight loss facility that advertises it “cares” about you to treat their clients that way & Lindora’s parent company should be putting pressure on those locations and the online program facilitators attitudes to clean up their employees acts or lose their franchise, as it really gives a bad name to the program. The expense is subjective – is it priced high to get a better committment on the weight loss program or to make money for the owners – probably both, but I know that if we do the program, the money spent will definitely keep us motivated to make it worth paying the price. I was told we did not have to buy the packaged food & I have absolutely no intention of doing so (especially after the comments here on it! We will probably also follow the McDougall eating program as it follows Lindora’s and can be done with regular food. The McDougall is a proven program to reverse heart disease, too) Nor do we have to take the B12 shots, but we haven’t gone in for the decision making consultation yet, so don’t know all that much but what was told on the exploratory visit. The VAP and medical backing is what’s attractive to me, mostly because my husband needs it and may listen more to what the doc/nurse tells him, without any nagging from me. The thing I’m getting from this blog is that the attitude of the site makes a **huge** difference in results, which makes a lot of sense. I noticed some individual site ratings, but not on this particular site yet, so that’s a bit scary. Still & all, we will go in for the consultation to get a better idea. This blog has been super on giving ideas on what to watch out for with the program. Thanks to you all!

Anonymous: I had a great experience at Lindora I lost 65 pounds and maintained the weightloss for a long time. The daily accountability and support was great. I tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Adkins program none of which had the success like I did with Lindora. I would recommend the program to my friends any time! I do return for maintainance and “touch ups”….

BJ: I used the clinic in Culver City, CA and lost 42 lbs in 10 weeks. I have kept it off for almost 2 years. Anytime I feel my weight creeping up, I jump on it again for a few weeks to mitigate the damage. I must say that the program I signed up for was VERY expensive which helped motivate me to stay on the diet. I believe that if I used the online program, I wouldn’t have been sucessful. I just didn’t have the will power to do it on my own. However, once you know the program, it is very easy to follow: bowl of special K for breakfast with some OJ, yogurt for snack, salad with chicken, spinach, and tomato for lunch, cottage cheese cup for snack, and finally, dinner of grilled skirt steak with a salad of lettuce, tomato, and a little reduced fat cheese..It was that simple. I walked 2.5 miles a day with my dog to reach my 10,000 steps and easily lost 3-4 lbs a week. Negatives: 1. Cost, 2. Staff (I must say that most of the people who worked at the clinic weren’t very helpful or knowledgable regarding alternative menus, etc..but I was just sooo motivated to lose the weight that I kept the menu simple and followed the program almost to the lettuce and it worked for me.

sherry: As an employee who works for Lindora, I tell people it’s not worth it. You could buy the book and do what we in the clinic could do. The food I will admit is gross and I hate having to sell a 1,000 dollar program that for 90% of our patients just doesn’t work. It comes down to common sense, exercise and portion control. The injections are just vitamins people, NOT fat burners. Anyone who is motivated will lose the weight regardless of which program you are on. If you want accountability.. well that’s what the staff are there for

Geraldine: NIce commercial. Well gee, if employees for Lindora cant even rec. the program I don’t think its one for me to try either. Seems very very pricey. I like the idea of the accountablity but, I;m sure there;s a better program for me. Will check the ratiings on the blog & go from there.


erika: I lost 30+ lbs with Lindora over a year ago. I went from a size 12 to a size 4. I have tired Jenny Craig, weight watchers and Atkins diet in the past, nothing was a successful as Lindora. The large investment of money was a great motivator and the staff at the Santa Clarita clinic was great. I still use some of the products (food) for maintenance. There is no way that this program doesn’t work if you are motivated to follow it. I rarely felt hungry, the vitamin shots helped keep the energy level up.

Tracy: I’ve been doing Lindora off & on for 15 years. The first time I was coming off a bad case of postpartum depression, low thyroid, & my first year of sobriety. In 9 months I went from 177 to 128 lbs, (I was 34 at the time). I have been blessed to be able to afford the program w/out too much hardship & always lived close to a clinic, (Arcadia then & Newport Beach now). I am the type of person who needs accountability on everything that takes willpower. A work out buddy or trainer, regular AA meetings, & daily weigh ins, (along w/ keto stick & daily food diarys). I have called Lindora the “boot camp of all diets”. It’s tough, it takes focus, & commitment. Now when I get over 150, I get my fat ass in there w/ my head hanging & get back on track to a healthy 135-140. For every goal I have achieved I have realized the that nothing good ever comes easy. This program is HARD! BTW, the food is a matter of opinion, if you are a creative cook you can come up with some decent meals & stay on program w/out buying any of it, which is the ultimate goal anyway. You can also order off & sometimes on a menu in most restaurants. Good luck to all who struggle. Any diet works if you follow it… finding the one that fits your lifestyle & personality is key. I’ve tried them all more than once & Lindora works for ME! For the record.. I am still sober & the weight thing has been much harder to control, also I let my nurse know my history so I do not have access to appetite suppressants.

sam: i work for lindora-all management cares for is the money-many employees have not gotten raises for 2-3 years. every day they send out reports and berate the staff to push products/boosters and restart programs. management does not care about the patient-prices went up on programs and products the first of this year-and again staff will not get a raise-and we will continue to be harassed to get more money from the same 108 patients we see daily

kathy: lindora will work if you follow the book i lost 60 pounds and with walking and talking b6 and b12 vitamins.i lost about 10 pounds a week but i was walking six miles a day and i bought the lindora book at rite aid and did everything it said and with hard work i did what i set out to do give it a chance you can find soy nuts at costco and with any diet you have to want it and all i bought for was the book and the keto stix

sage60: I am currently on Lindora, 1st week, have lost 5 lbs. Can someone please tell me how to burn more fat, I have only been in MODERATE ketosis 1 time in five days, mostly TRACE ketosis? Also what is the key to having energy, sometimes I skip meals and maybe I should not? I do have the B shots everyday. Thank you and I would appreciate your comments.

Hattan: Lindora is the best way to lose your weight fast and safe too. I have been doing lindora program for some times. It is working great for me.

SkinnyBinTraining: Hello everyone. Thank you for your comments! I’ve decided to try the in-clinic program. Aside from the guidance with the food, which I’ve done Atkins, Zone, etc in the past, I’m hoping to find support in making myself accountable to myself. No excuses. No cheating. Wish me luck.

Diane Neville: it is ridiculous that so often different foods are NOT AVAILABLE . For instance currently you cannot purchase protein bars! What kind of customer service is that????? I and probably others hav coupons that expire today!!!!! I have seen this happen many times over the years with Lindora!

Michelle: I have been doing Lindora for 9 weeks and I have lost 33lbs. It absolutely works if you follow the plan, there is no way it can’t! There is NO room for cheating, if you follow it precisely the pounds do come off fast. That has kept me going, seeing such great results by just following the plan. I do go to the clinic everyday so I stay accountable, but if you can’t I would say just do your own weigh in every morning and check your keto stick and be accountable to yourself. The past 9 weeks have gone by so fast and now I feel so much better 33lbs lighter. Invest in yourself, your worth it!

Barb: Anyone who says they have tried ANY diet program faithfully and never lost a pound is a liar and is in deep denial. Anything clinically proven- works if you do it correctly. I love how failures like to protect their egos though…

Sandi: I did a 10 week program with Lindora and lost 43 lbs, it was easy while I was into the program but after the two week program that you do in between the weight loss programs, I couldn’t get back into it. I kept the weight off for almost 2 years and now have gained almost all of it back. My suggestion is just don’t fall back into your old eating habits…the program actually works.

Christina: I’ve been heavy my whole life. I lost about 25lbs on weight watchers back in 2005, lost an additional 20 training for the LA Marathon in 2006, and put almost 20 of it back on by 2010. I was set to get married in October 2010 and spent all summer trying to “diet and exercise.” By the end of August I had only lost about 3lbs. :( But, my friend was getting married the week before me and I saw her transform before my eyes. I asked her what she was doing and she told me about Lindora. She told me straight up, “It’s REALLY hard and really expensive, but it works!” I decided to pick up the book and the log online (didn’t buy the $50 starter kit) and I lost about 20lbs in a month. Everyone was raving about how I looked and thanks to Lindora, I love the way I looked in my wedding pictures. :) Yes, it was difficult. Sometimes I really wanted to splurge (and I did every now and then) but with the right motivation, anyone can do it. My aforementioned girlfriend did the reallllly expensive in-person package with the shots and daily weigh-ins. She made it into “lifetime maintenance.” I just did it commando (lol) and kept my weight off until I got pregnant. Now I’m getting ready to do it again. I can’t imagine why anyone would only lose 4lbs in a month on Lindora. If you stick to the plan, it just comes right off…

Suzanne: I went to the clinic for my weight loss. In 9 months I lost 95 lbs

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Nikki: Anyone do weight watchers after lindora? I’m on week 5 and have only lost 11 pounds. I did it in 2009 and lost 30zp. I’m starving too. Wondering if I could finish this then do weight watchers? Anyone know or do this?

Traci: Lindora is a tough diet to do but it works. I go into the office so they hold me accountable. You weigh in monday – Friday! If you have more that 15 pounds to lose I would recommend it. The weight comes off fast. But it is very hard!!!

Agnes: I really like and appreciate Lindora. I lost 30 lbs with them a few years ago…I have decided to make it my diet for life…I plan to get back to goal weight and stay there on their maintenance…The first thing that worked for me is that you do not have to buy any of their products and you can buy their book used online for next to nothing and follow the plan…I went to the center when I lost 30 lbs…The amazing thing was the amount of inches I lost. That has not happened on any other plan. If you go to the clinic they track your muscle loss at the start and then after. I did not lose muscle. I lost 30 lbs in the past and when checked I found I had lost 30 lbs of my muscle…Fat is so bulky and that is why you look so good so fast. O went every day at first and bought the plan to do that. It was worth it. But at the next cycle, I paid 16.00 a week and went in to see my weight loss twice a week. I always had a loss.I have the Tanita weight scale that shows me my percentage of body fat on a daily basis… Their products are pretty good…The soups take some getting used to but I acquired a taste…The oatmeal raisin bar tastes like cookie dough to me..When I first tasted that I said this is doable…Have you ever lived on liquids? shakes for 3 1/2 months..I did…I lost 60 lbs and kept 30 off for 3 years..In comparison Lindora is a dream come true…On it I still can eat fruit and lose..I can’t do that on other plans…I look better and feel better and my mind is sharper and I like what I see in the mirror. Of all the programs in the world, I CHOOSE LINDORA FOR LIFE…


The Lindora weight loss system uses a clinic based medically managed model in facilities peppered throughout Southern California. Lindora has actually been in the business of assisting their clients with losing weight and improving their health for well over three decades. It was founded in 1971 by Dr. Marshall Stamper, who became interested in weight loss and obesity after watching his mother struggle with this very issue. Since then Lindora has developed an online presence as well by launching both a website and an online program. They have also created a line of Lindora weight loss products.

 Program Options
The Lindora program offers their members a variety of choices, including the following: Clinic based models located in Southern California, Lindora Online, their Weight loss starter kit, and a series of weight loss products.

The cost of starting the Lindora program can vary depending upon the option you choose. They post the prices for their online program on the Lindora website. Currently, the cost of their ten week program is $99, plus members can add on extras, like phone coaching, which starts at $78 for three sessions. The Lindora weight loss products really do vary in price, and checking out the website or calling their toll free number will allow you to see if they are offering any specials.

Lindora has surely created programs that offer their clients a great deal of flexibility. But all their systems, whether online or in a clinic setting, use the techniques incorporated into their original Lindora Lean for Life Program. This is a 10 week program in which clients go through 8 weeks of actual weight loss and then ease into a 2 week period during which their metabolism is adjusted. During this ten week time frame they suggest that users can lose as much as 10 percent of their body weight.

 Final Facts
Lindora’s Lean for Life Program uses a multi faceted approach to weight loss that includes physiological, behavioral, and cognitive modalities, so users can lose weight and keep it off for the long term. According to its website, it is extremely results oriented, offering members a way to lose 10 percent of their body weight in ten weeks.

Overall, this is a medically managed weight loss plan, which its developer suggests is clinically proven to create results. Clients are supervised by registered and licensed vocational nurses, nurse practitioners, and doctors. More information on Lindora can be found by visiting an official website.