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Ballerina Tea


Ballerina Tea is an herbal tea that is said to assist dieters in getting a long, lean dancer’s body. It can currently be found online through multiple retailers at this time. This review will take a closer look at the Ballerina Tea ingredients and how it is said to work. Read a full Ballerina Tea Review Here.

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Membrane Integrity Factor has HGHR, in its real form - and is one of the most talked about and researched, anti-aging formulas on the European market. Good news, it has finally arrived in the US, creating a bit of a stir with consumers looking to boost their "youth factor". We've all heard about the anti-aging and health benefits of HGH and maybe thought them beyond our reach due to cost. But Dr. Hans Neiper, the developer behind this formula, has taken HGHR replenishing technology out of the lab and made it accessible to everyone. Membrane Integrity Factor infuses the body with HGHR to kick start your pituitary gland into high gear. Enhanced production may translate into feeling more energetic, sexual, and virile, while allowing you to gain muscle mass and lose weight more easily. Hands down Membrane Integrity Factor has done amazingly well with consumers looking to get their vitality back! When you read the Blog posts, and we suggest you do, you'll see for yourself what this formula can deliver. Learn More, Read the Full review of Membrane Integrity Factor here.

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Most of you already know that this diet is based on low carbs and high protein. This awesome plan is broken down into three easy phases and takes all the effort out of dieting by creating a customized program that is complete with meal planners, recipes and more. At the end of the day, this diet works for most people who stick to it, and they have done an amazing job at creating a huge menu filled with delicious recipes. In fact, of any food program, they have the biggest menu available. The only way to do South Beach these days is to join their online interface program. You could just get the book, but the online interface has access to their entire menu, which is always updated in real time. South Beach Diet online takes just a moment to sign up for, and sign up is currently free. This program really makes dieting fun as it connects you with other dieters and an entire online community that is fast to provide you with the motivation, information and support you need to shrink that waistline. The customers who use the interface say good things about it. Read the blog posts for more info. Read a full South Beach Diet Review Here.

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Flush pounds of undigested waste from your system immediately and feel lighter, healthier,...
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126 Responses to “BallerinaTea”

Cecelia: Ballerina Tea is very, very bad news. When I was in high school and always crash dieting I used this stuff one night before a dance and was insanely sick to my stomach all that night and the next day. Think about why they say it is good for constipation. You get the opposite of constipation. You’ve been warned.

Renee: well I was excited about the possibility that Ballerina Tea could help me burn more fat so i could have that slim dancer’s build i used to have when i was a teen. But i should have known that tea alone is not going to achieve that. All this really did, at the risking of sounding disgusting, is cause me to have loose stools and diarrhea. It was very uncomfortable and unpleasant, and it only caused me to loose some temporary weight. I suppose i should try somethinig more powerful than tea.

Bev: We all wanna be skinny & have the body of a dancer, but please, this Ballerina Tea is not just a plain old tea that doesn’t work for weight loss, it actually gave me diarrhea. For days. VEry unpleasant experience, would not recommend it.

Yakira: Remember when you were in maybe the 8th grade and there were sort of urban legends about when somebody slipped some ex-lax in a teacher’s coffee, and the teacher had to go home becasue she never knew what hit her? Well, this is sort of a ditto. Unless you’ve got a bathroom very close by after about the first hour after you drink this stuff, DON’T! Drink it, that is. It’s fast, it’s very fast, and it could be disastrous…what if you were on the subway or something? Use with caution, if at all.

Sandy: Okay I am going to sound very ignorant but what’s the deal with Ballerina tea? What you are supposed to drink it and then lose weigh, well I suppose if it’s all you take you make actually lose weigh and health too. But seriously I am intrigued…

Lucy: i had a VERY unpleasant experience with Ballerina Tea, and it was not graceful, feminine or pretty. I don’t want to get into specifics but let’s just say it was disgusting and humiliating. This is almost as bad as Alli.


Alice: WEll, i DID lose weight with the Ballerina Tea, 6 lbs in 2 weeks, but, I’m not sure its worth continuing to drink it. My stomach definitely isn’t happy wiht me for taking it, that’s for sure. Are there any similar products around that don’t cause any side effects like this?

DeeAnne: I lost weight bcs I was DEHYDRATED due to the diarrhea i got with Ballerina tea. Anybody can lose weight from deyhdrating themselves but that is not gonna make you look like a ballerina. I looked like a fat lady who needed a glass of water. I gained the weight right back too,

Coolgirl: Taking laxative on a regular basis will make you lose weigh but it’s also very bad news for you health, not recommended!!

Carrie: Ballerina Tea can be used to good effect if taken carefully and in moderation. I would not recommend having had a large meal earlier in the day. It is a good flush for the toxins in your system. I wouldn’t call it a safe diet but it gets the job done.

Connie: When I first saw this, I thought, what’s the harm? Tea is tea & if I can lose weight with it, that’s even better. I began drinking it and soon realized that it is not like regular tea. It doesn’t taste as good, for one thing ( I had to put sugar in it) and boy, did it make me have to run to the bathroom! Potent stuff, not what I expected at all. I threw the rest of it out, I would hate to accidentally serve this to guests.

Mary: The taste is almost as bad as the end-result. Not recommend.

sunshine_4u: I think that used with moderation Ballerina tea is fine. I have dropped a few pounds with it, nothing like those very strict diet plans kind if weigh, but it’s something.

Zandra: I like what the ballerina tea is doing for me, you just have to pay attention to how much of it you drink. It says that one cup a day is for maintenance, and two is for losing weight, but I found that the one cup was all I needed. I think people run into trouble with it because it tastes really good, and you tend to drink more than you should. But it’s a great way to lose weight, painless and effective. Whagt more can be said?

Margot: Ballerina Tea has been very helpful to me since I want to be very thin for this upcoming school year. I don’t care so much about my health and just hope it is working. I think I am losing a lot of fluids and that means waterweight so the pounds will follow I am sure. Thanks for all the advice here, but I have been dieting since I was 10 and I know what I am doing.

Mary Beth: Well the whole reason I got the Ballerina Tea was to try to lose a few pounds, kinda get my system cleaned out a bit. I assumed tea was a good way to go. But like others have said, it was very uncomfortable, and really not effective. The 2 lbs I lost came right back. I began looking around for other products, this Colon Cleanse (http://micro.colon365.com/s-ColUrb365_new/lp ) has turned out to be the best one I’ve used. Helped me lose 9 lbs in 2 weeks, plus, I had more energy afterwards. If your interested in a cleanse, this is the way to go.

fatima: Yeah I’ll have to agree with everyone, the sides effects are really not fun, but doesn’t taste that bad especially with some fresh lemon squeezed in it and like someone else said earlier it get the job done.

Janine: I guess i was going through this alternative remedy phase when i decided to try Ballerina Tea. I guess part of me really warmed up to the idea of a “magic miracle tea” that could make me thin, maybe because i didn’t feel like doing all the work of going on a diet or working out. So i figured i would try this, tea seemed kinda all natural and stuff. So i tried it. Part of what went wrong is that I am a coffee junkie, and i was not about to give up my coffee just bcs of this tea regimen. So i was drinking 3 cups of coffee plus the ballerina tea, and it wasn’t working out so well. Not only was i in the bathroom every five minutes, i started feeling jittery and nervous and i had trouble falling to sleep every night. This caused me to start taking some over the counter sleeping pills which made me wake up feeling tired. And in the middle of all of this, i wasn’t looking any thinner. I don’t believe in scales i believe in what i see in the mirror and how my clothes fit. And in that realm this didn’t do a single thing. I think this was a big mistake and it just goes to show that you cant expect to take the easy way by drinking tea.

Tara: Oh, my aching stomach! Do you think I’ll ever feel well again? I’m getting a little nervous about how long this is lasting. I haven’t had any ballerina tea for the last 2 days, but my stomach is still a wreck. What’s in that stuff, anyway? Whatever it is, it’s not for me…there are other ways to lose weight!

June: If you are in good health and are “in your body” you may have no trouble taking Ballerina Tea. I used to use it when I danced and occasionally I take some now that I am in my 30’s. I wouldn’t recommend it to older women or to adolescents but it works as advertised.

Jewel: If you don’t overdo it, I believe this tea can be very good for you. I drink Ballerina Tea daily & have been drinking it for the past 2 months. No complaints, I lost 3 lbs that has not come back yet. IF you’re having a lot of stomach troubles from this, you must be drinking it excessively. Moderation is key, like with anything.

sarah: I’m not sure about Ballerina Tea, the reality is at age 44 i tend to suffer from constipation, so maybe this would help. i just am not sure how it gets rid of fat? Can anybody answer this for me?

Jaelyn: I like the idea of drinking ballerina tea to lose weight, and lose it I am! I have to admit that I’m going to the bathroom quite a bit, but that’s ok with me if I can just get this damn fat gone. So it’s all a balance, ladies. There’s apparently no way in this world you can lose weight without some pain involved, so why not this? It’s ok with me, I just wonder if it’s hurting my system in some way or other….

Ruth: Well I dont about drinking this tea for weight loss. It seems to do its job for constipation, but is there even anything in here that can promote long term weight loss?

Drew: Excuse my ignorance but is Balerina Tea anything like Super Dieter’s Tea? BEcause if so I have tried this stuff and it seems dangerous in that it can cause cramps and dehyrdration. I am trying a new diet pill with Hoodia and it works pretty good.

David: I have read all kind of reviews about that product and decided to give it a shot. I take it once a day only and it’s been working just fine. When I work from home I take it twice and don’t mind running to the bathroom as needed. I did loose some weight and feels like it keep my colon squeaky clean!

Unique: This ballerina tea can’t be good for you, I mean, talk about a major cleanse! On the other hand, I feel sort of other worldly, not light headed exactly, but sort of floaty, and I’m quite enjoying that. I’m losing weight, again, probably not in the best sort of way, but I’m going to do it for another week or so, and then get back to my normal everyday self. I have to say, this out of it time is quite relaxing, but probably enough will soon be enough.

Stacey: If you have constipation nothing gets things moving like Ballerina Tea. Not sure why its named after ballerinas though. Unless its a subtle reference to binge-and-purge. But I just like it for the “regularity” i haven’t lost weight with it.

Heather: Ballerina Tea is just another name for Super Dieter’s Tea and that causes cramps and dehydration. I am going to diet safely this time but I will say that if you just use it infrequently it isn’t so bad.

Darlene: Ballerina Tea tastes okay and keeps me regular but I don’t drink it daily, maybe just 3-4 times a week, otherwise it messes with my stomach a little too much. Does this have caffeine in it, does anyone know? I can’t really tell, though I haven’t been sleeping too well.

Malka: Hi i just couldn’t bear to keep drinking this Ballerina Tea, the flavour was just terrible and it wasn’t making me loose weight.

Therese: Can you take Ballerina Tea while you are taking another weight loss pill such as Alli. I just want to lose as much weight as possible for my wedding in August and I will worry about my health afterward. For no I just want to look good on my big day. This is a great site and I really am not superficial…I just want to be perfect…

musiclover: I think drinking tea is cool and all, I happen to love regular green tea, but Ballerina tea, seems to be the biggest BS out there. We all what to lose some weight but please, dehydration is not what i call healthy, give me a break with your Ballerina tea!

Mabel: Nothing better than a good cup of tea and I do enjoy this Ballerina Tea. I just imagine myself moving like a ballerina as I sip it, makes me feel young again. My pants feel looser, I haven’t weighed myself but I can tell its working.

laura: Well i like to get rid of stuff out of my body quickly & maybe this sounds weird but Ballerina Tea seems kind of cleansing for me.

Berna: Can this tea be taken with that colon cleanse product? Would it help to do both?

Zara: Talk about EASY! This ballerina tea is just the ticket for getting rid of weight in an instant sort of way, and at this point in my life, that’s what I’m after. I’m 52, just got divorced, and can’t wait (weight!!!) around forever for my life to get started again. I had a goo 15 packed on what with all the emotional eating going on for the last 6 months, but ballerina tea is making short work of that! So I’m going to be back in the dating market soon, and looking good. And that’s all I’m after.

Natalie: Maybe the name is a reference to the “movement” somehow. Although I;m def not moving gracefully.

Catelynne: When I actually was a a ballerina I didn’t need to take supplements or strange teas to lose weight. I was in class all day every day pretty much and we all ate the same small salads together. Yes, there was pressure to be thin but no one I knew had an eating disorder. Anyway, now that I actually need to diet I did try and use Ballerina Tea and it was not effective. I am looking for a metabolism booster that is safe and won’t keep me up. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

jenn: I happen to actually like Ballerina Tea. I have been drinking it for about 2 weeks now and it seems to be working for me. i stay away from the extra strength one which makes you run to the bathroom like crazy and give bad cramps, but the regular is fine.

Scarlett: I’m not sure how much longer I should be drinking Ballerina Tea. It sure has made me lose some weight, but I’m feeling a little odd, like my fingers and toes are all tingly. Has anyone else had this happen? Is it something in the tea, or is it becaus I’ve been going to the bathroom so much? Is this ok? Or should I quit?

jasmin: That’s the hilarious part about this product: Ballerinas are slim because they work their butts off to get that way! they train almost constantly. Now, whether or not they do a little “extra’ probably varies, but I’ll tell you one thing: they don’t just sit around drinking tea expecting to get fit that way!


ruhorserider: Just to clarify some things, the reason why it is called Ballerina Tea is because dancers often lost pounds by taking laxatives. Also, you are not losing any fat, just fluids. It has a powerful laxative in it (called Senna) which is what makes you go to the bathroom so often. Non the less, I know of one doctor, who drinks it himself after a big dinner. His reason for that is you just use it once and get rid of whatever you ate without digesting it. Quite nasty. I would not do it often.

Candace: ah, so THAT is where the name comes from… i was wondering after i tried this, “what does being a ballerina have to do with lack of bowel control and explosive diarrhea?” I kept getting the unwanted image of graceful ballerinas doing “Swan Lake” all dressed in white, when all of a sudden…. well, you get the idea. This is a truly disgusting product, and i never lost ANY fat. i just had a few episodes where i barely made it to the bathroom in time. It was humiliating. thumb down.

anne: its a good way to keep ur system clean have one strong cup once a week tho not everyday.Works for me.

p. tomlin: UMM, i think there are better ways for keeping your system clean. how about raw fruits & vegetables and less processed foods? I thoguht this Ballerina Tea would at least aid in digestion but I think i need a ginger tea for that. This just caused an instantly unpleasant feeling in my stomach, which was quite embarassing to have happen after a dinner party at mY home. I am just thankful that my guests declined the tea. Not good for weihgt loss or digestion or anything eles, as far as I can tell.

Connie W.: The Ballerina Tea was a good system cleanser for me. I don’t recommend it on a frequent basis. I felt lighter, but did have to sprint to the bathroom several times during the day. I only take it once or twice a month. Everybody needs a good toxic cleanse now and then.

alexis: Amen, P. Tomlin! Agreed. Ballerina Tea was no good, it caused the kind of “urgency” to use the bathroom that was frankly very frightening to me! It was useless for real weight loss, and i was constantly in terror that i was going to soil myself in public. NO NO NO. This is not a good or natural way to accomplish anything. Even as a cleanse, there’s got to be a gentler product.

Mary Ann: ballerina tea worked for me, the first week and a half i lost 5 lbs. the first couple of days it was a pain in the a** but, my body got used to it. i used to go, 2-4 times a day for the first couple of days …but now, i only go once a day ( SORRY FOR too much info). but then again, if you stop drinking this tea, you will gain the weight right back…so i say, if you’re a regular drinker of ballerina tea, exercise atleast 3 times a week, therefore if you stop drinking this tea you wont gain your weight back.

jenny: omg i drank a cup last nite & i was running to the bathroom at 6am…. i dnt think im goin to continue drinking this becuase i dnt wana have the runns at work =( but supposbly to lose weight u have to drink 2 cups a day & once u reached ur desired weight ur suppose to reduce it down to 1 cup a day… ( 2 cups 2 lose weight— 1 cup to maintain weight)

penguin: I use the tea and my grown kids do too. My daughter says it tastes “like a petting zoo smells”. I use it once or twice a week and like everyone has said, it causes extreme diarrhea but once I was used to it, I can manage it better. I do know that if you drink coffee, you get even more explosive results. I use it especially after a big meal.

Baby Doc: Ballerina green tea worked for me. I never took it consistantly, but my body is use to it now. Yes it made me go and i had cramps but the next week I continued taking it and OMG there was black pieces of poop in the toilet.It looked like a bug or something. I was disgusted at the same time interested in what else was left in my intestines. I take the Extra strenght i drink two 4oz cups a day. It really isnt considered temporary weight loss. The bowel that comes out is almost always greasy looking from all the unhealthy food we eat . If you ‘re going to drink this tea on a serious note it’s best to consider eating healthy and in small portions 5 or six times daily, and you are gauranteed accurate weight loss.


melissa: I did not lose any weight with Ballerina Tea, my cravings were not diminished and my metabolism wasn’t improved. I needed help with my snacking and overeating and this disappointed me big time. As mentioned above it is just a laxative. I have switched to a good Hoodia PIll (Hoodia p57) and this has made a significant difference. I really do feel more in control of my appetite, thanks.

annayrb: My mom used this tea and she lost 40 pounds, she didnt even exercise…… I recommend this tea if u want to loose weight…. yes it gives u diarrhea but dats exactly what it does ta make you loose weight because it cleans up everything that ud ont need, im actually drinking this tea right now…..

cynthia e.: sorry dear, getting diarrhea is not an indication that you are getting “cleaned out” but more like, something is wrong is happen inside. i put up with the effects of the ballerina tea for exactly 2 days. for a true healthy cleanse, cleanseRX works quite well http://www.cleanserx.com/health. helped me lose 16 lbs in 2 months, plus i;ve lost 6 more in the two weeks since going off it.

Ivelisse: It’s working for me my constipation is gone my stomach look better now and also I loose weigth.I love it ! If you follow the instruction and don’t exceed the dosis you can get good results

Lucienne: I agree with Cynthia E., diarrhea is a lot like vomiting, its your body rejecting stuff in violent way. its not natural or good…if it was we would have it all the time. Ballerina Tea cuased me to have the worst diarrhea of my life, and yeah. that cuased me to “lose weight” for a few days, if you really even want to call it that. But really there was no fat lost, just water and…you know, other junk. I am still just as fat as i was before i made myself ill with this stuff. i sure as heck do not resemble a ballerina.!

janet: B green tea has worked for me! I love it I dont use it as a dieters tea, mostly to clean my stomache and i only take 2 cups a week but it does help me with loseing weight and with my appettite. I usually take it late afternoon so it could work by the time I get home from work

Sylvie: I didn’t have a good experience drinking BallerinaTea and I see here that I am not the only one. This is a really bad product that no only does not help with weight loss but also made me sick every sigle time i took it. Thumb down.

jenbunny88: after having my first baby i gained so much weight i tried other dietary supplements but had no results.ballerina tea really work ive lost 5 pounds and hadnt gained it back.i dont mind running to the bathroom wen needed i loose weight and keep my colon clean.you’ll only get result if you eat healthy and go to the gym atleast 3 times a week while drinking ballerina tea.

Daniella: Thanks for the link on CleanseRX Cynthia, I just check it out and it sounds like something I could benefit form. Thanks again, I didn’t like the ballerina tea that much, it made me not feel right.

Esme L: i am very happy with the tea and let me tell you it work wonders with me.I lost 40 pnds in 2 months in a half now im 160 not 200 .

Jenna: Well, I thought the Ballerina Tea tasted good and gave me a decent energy boost, but I wish it didn’t have such a *laxative* effect! I was running to the bathroom all the time. And whatever weight i “lost,” i gained it right back. No fat lost at all.

Mel: why dont you people just exercise and eat healthier??

Lindsey: I just bought the tea and have yet to try it but after reading everyones comments all i have to say that for those of you that have something negative to say about it because its making you “explode” well i dont know what you were expecting. its tea people its not a miracle worker. its just supposed to help and it should be used in MODERATION. I have IBS-C and this sounds like a good product for me to try.

marie: Yes, i agree, with you lindsey, that Ballerina Tea is not a “miricle’ weigt loss cure, it is rlly good as a laxitive if that is your problem, which, i have had that problem in the past. But as far as getting rid of fat & controlling appitite, its rlly not even meant for that. a lot of u seem to of missunderstood.

cocoa: OMG I wish I had read these comments before I drank 1 cup of this… “Evil” tea!! hahaha…I could have saved myself an entire day of running to the bathroom and some of the time actually making it!!! LOL I took it thinking it was a product that helps you go to the bathroom I knew nothing about it being for weight loss. Nothing short of a very strong laxative can usually make me go and I too have IBS but I would NOT reccommend this for IBSers that is for sure I was a mess … I can laugh about it now but I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital and I didn’t even know it was from the tea because my grand daughter was experiencing diarreah at the same time!! Caution to those who use it … it tastes good but be warned it is WAYYY stronger than even Alli. I’v taken that for weight loss and didn’t experience what I did with Ballerina Tea it was a real sh*tty experience for me! hahaha

relatively happy: yeah, i am not really sure what all the negativity is about. the Ballerina tea contains small amounts of the natural herbal laxative called senna (if you know about laxatives its in senekot). if you are not used to the effect of laxatives, then you will be surprised at the effect of the tea, but seriously, i have been having two cups a day for the past two weeks and have never been more regular. it is a blessing for someone who struggles with chronic constipation and stomach bloating. the taste is fine. its not delicious or anything, but it just tastes like regular green tea which has always been a little bitter and/or tasteless. i don’t think you would lose any weight from drinking it at the amount i am, but it does help with regularity and that has always been my main concern.

Camille: Thumb down for ballerina Tea, mostly because I was disappointed. It is just an expensive tea and wished it was more. I’ll make sure to check the ratings next time before i buy something!

tammylyn: ok I am reading about all these people who are complaining about the ballerina tea,and how it gave them loose bowels…..uhhhh hence the senna, that’s how it makes you lose weight, by sending you to the bathroom…it stimulates and that is also why it made your stomach cramp also….. i mean did you people read the box?. well my opinion on it? i think its great,it has nothing to make your heart race or any thing weird, it doesn’t have you up all times of the night, and I myself have took it and lost a substantial amount of weight. my sister and best friend have taken it and loss weight also….so the bottem line is…I say thumbs up for ballerina tea, if you don’t mind a few bowel movements.

Kirsty: The increased bowel movements i experienced while drinking Ballerina TEa, would not have been a problem if the end result had been weight loss. FOr me, that never happened. Just seemed that, everything was going straight thru me. Its not your ordinary tea by any means. I ordered Cleanse Rx based on the suggestion and am in my first month..yes I’m “going” a little more but so far, I have also lost 6 lbs. So I don’t know, it must have something different, thats actually getting waste out and not jsut making me elminate every new thng I eat.

TK: My friends at worked introduced this ballerina tea to me. we all like it. If you a healthy diet already I don’t think it causes any issues. And you should only use it o.nce a week or less depending on how you feel. I feel good after it does it’s work

alyssa: A lot of my co-workers are drinking this Ballerina Tea. So I starting to research this “tea”. I found this site and starting reading all the comments. I’m not sure if I want to use it now, but for sure, my stomach muscles are much tighter now laughing at poor unfortunates who had explosive…well you know. I tried something similar, and woke up in the middle of the night feeling like my guts were falling out. (I did check to see if I lost a piece of my colon.) Rule of thumb, NEVER – I MEAN NEVER take anything that remotely sounds like a laxative before bed, to work, a date, the movies. As a matter of fact, don’t take while you are doing anything at all. Take it on Saturday morning (raining days are the best), lay on your couch – but only with a clear path the bathroom. Thanks for the honesty and laughs.

Rosie: I use extra strength diet ballerina tea. I was already on a diet when a friend told me about it and gave me a few tea bags to try..I did take it at the wrong time and found myself getting up every hour on the hour to go to the bathroom…I didnt get directions to the tea..she had them I took 4 cups LOL it was really painful that night. But after this happen I told her and she told me no no dont do that ..okkkk well I decided to go ahead a buy a box w/directions included =) I take two cups a day…I exercise…When I was to cheat on my diet it allows me to do that..I was 165 pounds went to 155 before the tea…I am now at 145 I have been taking the tea for one month at two cups a day. Seems it depends on the time of day you need to take it so it dont surprise you when you are at work or etc. I take my tea around 2pm while at work…and no more running to the batheroom all hours of the night. Most of my life I had constipation problems…this has helped me and I am staying with it. The bloating is gone I am cleansed..I have more energy..I know this tea wont work the same for everyone so I wont suggest doing it to anyone..but it has worked for my body. Good luck with dieting you all!

D: I thought this tea was great to alleviate constipation….however I was not expecting entirely the opposite effect. I had to bail on my boyfriend’s parents Easter dinner since my stomach started making bubbling noises. As soon as I got home it was like a volcanic eruption (sorry to be so graphic). This tea is not good for dieting and should not be drank every day. Instead it should be drank 1-2 times per week (preferably on a weekend when you are not working) to flush out excess garbage from the colon. Taking this to loose weight by excessive diarrhea will only cause you to lose electrolytes and severe dehydration. – Ballerina Tea

Ronda: I’ve been drinking Ballerina tea for over 2 years now. When I first started drinking it I was running to every toilet I could find. I really was running. Every store, every gas station. One time my son laughed so hard he had tears in his eyes, wondering why I put myself thru this. Now that I have been in it for so long, I am no longer running. I drink it from morning until about 2 in the afternoon, then I am done for the day. I get no more “surprises”. It all flows normal now. I no longer suffer from IBS. I tried using it for weight loss effect, but I just use it to keep me from getting bloated and constipated and it does work. So be patient and drink slowly, and maybe just take a couple sips thruout the day. I throw a teabag in a canning type jar, nuke it in the microwave for 4 minutes, then let it sit in my fridge when it cools down.Then I just a few sips here & there thru the day to keep me going. I hope this helps someone, everybody’s body is different. I don’t get cramps or anything like that from it.

carolyn horton: was getting ready to order for my husband (his brother uses it) but after reading comments, he’s decided to wait..thank goodness i read this first!!!PS HIS BROTHER LIVES IN THE BATHROOM SO HE WOULDN’T NOTICE!!! – Ballerina Tea

Susan: This product is really for people with constipation problems. It does work. You just have to experiment and get the right amount that will work for you, whether it’s one or two or three cups per day. Yes, it can cause extreme diarreah. I find lemon will cut the taste and make it much more palliatable

sharri: I used the tea for about 3 months and lost 30 pounds. I drunk 2 cups a day and ate in moderation, with exercise. I stopped using the tea and I haven’t gained any weight back. However, I did receive stomach cramps everytime I had a bowel movement. So beware of the aches. You can purchase this tea at any asian food market. O yeah I only used Normal Strength, I have not tried the extra strength. For my husband sake the tea did not work for him at all. So it depends on your body.

Jazmin: Well,I have nothing bad to say about the ballerina tea I was weighting almost 210 pounds when I started drinking the ballerina tea in a month or so i seen the results and here I am 7 months later 80 pounds less yes I lost 80 pounds on the ballerina dieters tea amazing am so happy with how I look i feel so good about myself Thank you

this is funny: well well….um this tea works for me!I am a veggie who eats 3 times a day.I went to my doctor because i am a diabetic..consipations my life!So my doctor told me not to start this tea…but i dont listen..so i started drinking it as it says then i had the runs..so i tested different doses…i found it works for me best if i take it 1/2 cup doses one in the morning one at night.I am drinking it now with orange slices!ohh I have lost..hold on..(weighin self)32 pounds in 2 months!oh and my labs are great my doctors happyfor me and iam not obese any more

taylor: DUH! its supposed to give you diharea…thats how you loose the weight…i drink it all the time

Key: Ok I have read every bodys comment and it just seems like for most of you your not taking it correctly. For the most part it not regular tea people moderation is the key your not suppose too take it every day and if you do your suppose to let your body relaxe for another whole week. Yes its going to make you go to the bathroom most of the weight that you see is food and bactieria and junk clinging to the walls of your collan and that has been building up over time. I kno in my case years so befor the fat can go that has too. Now i havent taken it yet myself but I know several people who did and did it properly either under doctors supervision or by following the direction and 1 person being my mom she went from a 14 down to a healthy 5 in 4 months. Now another lady how to it improperly she went from being 200+ pounds and now is stuck at an unhealthy size 1 and I won’t say she can’t gain wait I’ll just say she’s having trouble doing so. but either way the both lost the wait you just have to be willing to put in the work

Love: I don’t drink it anymore but i did lose over 20 pounds in two months and have kept it off by exercising and eating healthy.

AN ANGEL FROM HEAVEN: well it works I have use this product for about 4 days and I have already lost 4 pounds by just exercising and taking two tea baggies in about 1/3 cup of water and drinking it warm and after a meal. Have been taking it morning,midday and about 4 pm. and it works. I don’t feel bloated, tired,and by exercising regularly about 3 times a week will help also. The first thing i notice was my stomach going down and yes it does give you the runs to go to the restroom but after the 3 day everything was to the normal.Its my opinion and everybody is diffrent.

Jville: This is new to me and a few of my friends – so we’ll see. But I feel that it’s called Ballerina Tea because shortly after you take it, you are PRANCING to the bathroom ON YOUR TOES!!!! Oh My Goodness!!! I’ve decided to do this 1-2 times per week…and IN THE EVENING!!! YES people, I learned the hard way – at work, after breakfast and STILL RUNNING!!!! Maybe all of these squats and running back and forth to the restroom will aid in my results…Oh yeah – time WILL tell! :o )

kathy: the 3 ballerina tea is a very good tea if you are having dietive problem like me am not interested in the losing weight part of but if it helps that a good thing do take in moderation

Lady La La: I had a baby (my 4th) about 9 months ago, and have been working of getting the extra weight off ever since with little success. I started drinking the tea, once a day 3 days a week, and I have lost over 10 pounds, people are noticing and commenting on how great I look and how flat my stomach is. I feel great, despite the extra trips to the bathroom. Not a big deal if you don’t over-do it! Good Luck

Madeline: Well when I startd drinking ballerina tea, it was recommended to me for a stool softener because I have a serious constipation problem and it does the trick for me just fine. I like it because it is mild and after I have been to te br I feel sooo much better. I was told by a chinese lady that it was good for cleaning the colon. It works good for me for what I take it for. I use the old fashion way of loosing wait, dieting. I have changed my whole life style. I don’t eat beef, pork or starches. Lots of fish and chicken, and I only dring green tea vitamine juices, water. I also walk alot now and I have so far lost over 70 pounds.

Anonymous: i love the tea… i lost 60 pounds in two years…with exercise

RaeJean: I have beleived for sometime now that my biggest problem with my weight is that I have a lot of packed c— inside my intestines. My arms and legs are slender, its my midsection that is extended and I have a lot of issues with constipation. A friend gave me a teabag yesterday and I can’t wait to get my own box. Yes I did experience 3 trips to the bathroom but I never felt I was in danger of not making it. It was the extra strength tea so that is what I will be buying.Today I am back to my constipated self but I know if I can get claened out it I will see the scale go down. So if you are fat all over maybe this is not the answere,but if you have a bloated abdomine all the time [i can't really pinch much fat beacause my stomach is hard] this may really do the trick.

feliciarewell@yahoo.com: It will help you lose weight, if taken properly, as fas as the taste is concerned, add a little splenda, or cinnamon ( which is also good for weight loss) and it doesn’t taste bad at all. I was 11 pounds away from my goal, and this tea helped me with 5 pounds in a week. Thanks Ballerina Tea.

salem: I have been drinking this tea regular strength, 1 cup per day for 3 days. I have had cramps, but not too painful, and dioreah, but I have lost 2kg(5pounds) in this time! Im sure alot of it was fluid, but I have a feeling that if I continue to use it it will help with loosing fat also. I think with any weightloss efforts, you need to exercise and eat healthy too, of course a tea is not going to help you loose weight alone. But it certainly cleaned out my tummy, it feels flat for the first time in 10 years, so Im happy! If your worried about dehydration, drink more water, if you want to loose weight, walk 1/2 hour every day and cut out eating refined foods. It will happen, good luck everyone we all deserve to feel healthy!

salem: two weeks on from my last coment and I have not put the weight on, I have lost another 1.5 kg (3 pounds). only drinking the tea twice a week on weekends but it works every time! still exercising and eating healthy too, so this helps. I do find the tea decreases my apetite so this really helps too!

Claudia: Well I love it no matter what people say. It’s help me lose weight. Of course it makes you go to the bathroom quite a lot but after a while that you’ve used it it regulates. And the more you eat the more you go and its not magic either you can’t expect to drink the tea and eat all the fast food you want and still get skinny. It makes it easier to lose the weight and actually I like the fact that it makes me go to the bathroom because i feel lighter and not as uncomfortable. Some people just want everything easy and that’s not how it works. I recommend you try it and stick to it cause later its nothing. I don’t really like the taste so I add honey and it makes a difference.

mimi: I can say that it really gets you cleaned out and I am starting lose weight along with a healther diet. It will give you mild cramps that is the senna working. Ballerina tea is a good product.


Triedit2010: i used it for 2 weeks of course you have to watch what you eat and work out some…. but i droped 15lbs and was happy with it … i am going to start again and hope i do loose more weight….

mary: How many mgs of senna does one 3 ballerina tea bag have? Thanks!

fm: After I had my second child I decided to try the tea. I exercised and had plenty of water. It worked wonders. It runs you off but it is also cleaning you out.Moderation Ladies! You know it takes a couple of hours to work. Figure out your schedule and thats how you should consume it.Put it this way I went from weighing 160 to 143 in 2 months!

Suzanna: OMG!!! I have never laughed so much in my life. The storys on here had me laughing until I got light he*ded and d*zzy. Thx guyz, had a rough day and needed a laugh. Anyway, I’ve known about this tea for a while. After reading everyones story I’ve decided to give it a try for myself. Tomorrow morning will be my first day taking it.(Since I go to work in the evening, Taking it around 6am tomorrow sounds like a good idea.) I will keep u guyz undated. Thx again…lol.

Dancer: I just started ballerina tea i need to lose 25lbs by 7/22 i eat pretty healthy, do you have any meal tips to go along with this plan and how often should i drink tea, thx

MrsClay: 3 Ballerina tea should be something that is part of grabbing something as common as milk. When I did use it the first few weeks I felt a lot healthier and could feel the weight starting to come off. However you must take into consideration that when first starting the tea you will need to know where the toile*ts are (4 some ppl). For me it started working within about 25 minutes and I was running to the b*throom but I didn’t know that I was suppose to drink more fluids but now that I know to eat a lot healthier and eat foods that give energy and will keep me hydrated I am starting back up. What happened was that I foolishly stopped the tea after losing weight to start using the Acai capsules from a certain company that tried to scam me and those pills made me feel s*(ck, lighthe*ded and my hart was po*nding faster so I had to stop taking those and just as soon as I stoped the Acai I started putting back on the weight I lost when I used the Acai pills ugh! so back to square 1. I recommend the tea and am buying some right now.

melissa: if i loose weight with the tea and then suddenly get off of it will i regain that lost weight ????????????? im EXTREMELY WORRIED i dnt want to be fatt im so happy now that i am skinny i want to go to the gym and remain healthy not eating alot but i want to be able to eat normal and once in a while eat ribs and fries and a shake ;/ plzz helpp fASTTTTTT!!!


LillithGoode: Oh i totally agree! We tend to do a lotof harm to our bodies over the years and then want a quick fix to make it al better. I am also looking for a healthful, viable solution but am thinking perhaps CleanseRx is the way t go, for a healthier colon, over the Ballerina tea. Def want to get the waste out and ge t my body on track. That one, has really good reviews at any rate.

PZ: Well most of the comments posted are conclusive evidence the most people DO NOT read or follow instructions. They need to be spoon fed and taken by the hand. Somehow they think they know better and when bad things happen they want to blame something else. It’s a lot like alcohol…some people can drink more than others but when done irresponsibly undoubtedly there will be bad consequences. Another thing is some people have even admitted here that they are looking for a quick fix. They don’t want to move there body. Just enough to go to the store or the mailbox and swallow that drink or pill. AGAIN that’s not going to work. Some say when you stop drinking it, it stops working. Well it’s true of exercise too. If you stop brushing you teeth, they will rot! Stop exercising and they wonderful effects of that will stop too. The same is true in reverse…if you stop OVER eating fats and sugars you will stop Gaining weight!!!! One last thing. It’s is Normal for human beings to have Two or more bowel movements a day without laxatives with anything else but their bodies being in balance. Ever noticed how a small child will excret waste the width of a banana with the peel and also very long? Well that’s because their colons are still in pristine condition. Their colons are not all clogged up. Our colons get clogged just like your bathroom sink. If your pipes are clogged how do you expect to get anything through? So you clean the pipes then start using a filter to stop the hair and crap from clogging it again….in this case put the filter on your mouth and realize what you are doing to Yourself! If your excrement is coming out more like cheese puffs…..you’ve got an unhealthy colon. As much as I want to lose the fat, i also dont want to carry around 5- 20 pounds of crap thats been accumilating for years! Yes years! That fecal coating releases toxins into yor blood and blocks vital vitamins and nutrients from getting through. This tea is just one part of what can help you get your body back in balance. All that sewage in your body throws your whole body off….your metabolism, your immune system, your energy…. your Brain!! It’s all connected ….one thing affects the other. Don’t believe me? Ask your doctor or better yet a gastrointerologist!!

hazel: i drink the tea at least every week but i also use a healthy eatting plan along with regular exercise daily and i was 205 lbs and 34 precent body fat. now i am 160 and 24 percent body fat. i am a firm believer that the tea is just supposed to be used as a help along not to be soly used alone while bieng lazy you wont get any results so use this in conjuction with healthy food and unprocessed food also regular exercise and you are shure to see results.

Anonymous: I think that Ballerina Tea has significantly help me with constipation. I’m not so worried about losing weigt. I have a great concern for being able to get some relief every now and then.

Sarah: What happnened to good old exercise and eating correctly???

BlakButaFlies: I just started today, before going to bed with two bags of tea. A friend introduced me to this tea a couple of years ago, so I am going to be persistent with it based upon the comments posted. I am 225lbs, I will check back in 3 days to see the difference at 3 cups a day, drinking 48oz of water along with 30 minutes of exercising.

Sheen: I read alot of negative comments about the Ballerina Tea. So obviously many people did not do any research on this before consumption. This product is actually an diuretic and a laxative. You have to drink plenty of water while consuming this or you will dehydrate. Ballerina tea is only meant to jump start your diet. You still have to eat right and exercise. It only flushes your system and get rid of excess water weight. I lost 9 pounds in two weeks and I think the ballerina tea had a major part in that. I have to admit though, those first couple of days were hell! I had to drink it on a schedule just to make sure I was at home when it was time to ‘let it rip’. I only drunk it for a week straight once a day and drunk plenty of water. The results were worth the short discomfort. But to each its own.

ebony: Its annoying me how everyone is saying that its unpl*asent you get the di*rehha ! ure ment to researc about it before oyou take it and ur ment to use it properly you dont just “take“ it if u dnt take it properly it can give u b*d experience , even though u will get di*rehha and cr*mps ! ur ment to set urself to it and be ready for t ! it does work !!

Natasha: I use it anytime I am feeling like I have misbehaved in my eating or if I am just sensing that I need to “cleanse”. No, it’s not pretty, but with proper planning and steeping the tea to whatever potency you can deal with it’s a heaven sent.

Mariah: PLEASE READ ! ! Okay the ballerina tea wasn’t specially made to make you lose weight but also to detox your body. it is for DIETERS so you have to diet and exercise to see results. the cr*mps vary from different people. some people have cr*mps and some don’t. . DO NOT drink this tea EVERY SINGLE DAY. ! every weekend ( Sat. & Sun. ) will be great. if the tea is not tasty to you add some honey. . if you diet correctly you will see results and lose your tummy . . GOOD LUCK

Ivette: As I read all this I have noticed how ignorant people could really be. Let me explain to all of you something the Tea it self is not a diet if you read about it HELPS you to loose weight. With that said you have to have a diet plan already the tea will help you. Now if you read the ingredients it does say it contains Senna now do you guys even now what that is?????? Google it if you don’t. Now I drink this tea twice a day and I have no rush to run to a bathroom after an hour like some of you stated. This tea is like a cleanser so yes of course if you eat junk food, lots of food of course you will have a rush because the tea is doing its job it’s cleaning you!!!!!!!! Like I said I have a diet plan I eat very healthy do when I drink the tea I don’t really have all that food inside of me. The tea helps you eliminate all that food you eat, not letting you gain weight and by not gaining weight you loose weight. Diet pills, diet tea all those things are not miracle you have to eat healthy as well, and that’s what people don’t understand people think just because they take diet pills or teas they could eat all they want and that’s not right. With all this said for all of you who stated you had diahrrea and stomach pain and all that how about try the tea again but eating healthy and you will see the difference.

aeng: I’ve been drinking the extra strength 3 ballerina tea for about 1 1/2 years and yes I go loose st*ol but I felt that was flushing everything out that i ate. started to notice that my thr*at was starting to feel s*ar for awhile and noticed that my tons*l looked sw*llen. Does anyone have the same problem? The only thing I can relate it to is the tea.

Kenya: I have been drinking Ballerina Tea off and on for years. I actually love the taste and don’t add anything to it. I usually enjoy a cup after my midday and evening meals. For the first two days, I tend to get a bit cr*mpy, but that goes away. I am very irregular so I attribute the cr*mpiness to my bowels simply moving. I am currently on a Protein and Veggie diet, and amazingly am a bit consti*ated. Today I started again on the tea, hopefully to get things “moving”. After the first few days, the cr*mps and the immediate need to use the rest room surpasses for me. But drinking the tea also suppresses my apetite between my meals.

Jacie: Thank you Ivette! I have nothing bad to say about 3 Ballerina because I would be lying!!! This tea has done great for me. It has only been a week or so and I can surely say HOOORAY! Some posters came off as ignorant. YES! You do experience the bathroom action but it is mentioned on the box. If you didn’t want that, why purchase it in the first place? Were you so desperate to get the tea and the benefits right away that you forgot to read what was printed on the box? I bought this tea, knowing exactly what I was getting into. It has been great at cleaning me OUT! After my first baby 6 years ago, I ended up with Hemrhoids (not pleasant) especially with constipation all the time and I did gain a lot of weight. I tried my very best to eat healthy and excercise and I only started seeing results 5 long years after, I started shedding the pounds. After my second baby 1 year ago, gained weight again and this time, ended up with a high tummy (sit ups DIDNOT work) and feeling bloated all the time with irregular passing of stools (Not good for people sufferening from hemrhoids) I bought 3 Ballerina and hey…. My stomach is reducing… I look good! I am losing weight, my husband is a fan of the tea because I am a fan and he too has been seeing results. YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR EATING HABBITS!!! SNACK only on healthy stuff, a handful of nuts… Chex mix, crackers… nothing sweet. Cut out Juice, drink tons of water, eat healthy. I cannot find the time to excercise with two kids so I take pride and eat helth! Some of you on here what to see results while feasting on chocolates and big old fried chicken and huge pizzas well then, I have news for you, YOU WON’T SEE RESULTS IF YOU ARE BEING GREEDY!

Melissa: I just purchased the Ballerina Green Tea today. My question is how many times a day are you to drink the tea?

Chrissie: Hmm I don’t mind drinking water but not so sure about tea, don’t really wnat to make any MORE trips to the bathroom thx. Cool to see some ppl like the ballerina tea but not sure its for me, still seems sorta mixed opinions here. I actually sorta like the sounds of the slim shot diet drink mix since it seems to have more wieght loss elments, and higher ratings on the site.


bmontgomery: Starting on the tea today (5/7/2012) will take it three times a day for 7 days. In my opinion, the bathrooom issue will not be an issue (because you have to go anyway) so why not go with healthy foods (oatmeal for breakfast today, tea for snack, salad for lunch, tea snack and then grilled chicken breast with vegtables) let’s see if this works this week starting off at 265 lbs. Will let you guys know by this time next week where we r.

Ballerina Tea

BallerinaTea, also known as 3 Ballerinas’ Tea, is an herbal tea based on traditional Chinese medicine. According to retailers, this tea is the perfect beverage for dieters, giving them a cleansing product that can assist and speed weight loss. The formula is said to be an ancient formulation discovered by a Chinese Herbalist who combined the ingredients for the first time. In addition to diuretic and laxative properties, the tea is said to have antioxidant benefits, encouraging overall health and resisting the signs of aging.

According to several sources, the main ingredients in BallerinaTea are Chinese Mallow and Senna. These ingredients are commonly seen in colon cleansing formulas for their laxative effects. Dieters are told to begin using the tea when it is brewed weak, working up to stronger batches. BallerinaTea can be taken up to 3 times per day.

Ballerina Tea can be found through multiple retailers at the time of this review. It is sold in various sized boxes and packages as well. All of this leads to a wide variety of prices. Currently, we are finding one retailer offering a package of 30 teabags for $6.65.

BallerinaTea can be found on multiple retailer websites. While the majority of these sites promote the tea as a weight loss aid, a few seem to market it as more of a colon cleanse. The tea likely has both benefits considering the ingredients. Like many weight loss supplements and teas, this one is said to be all natural and completely safe, using herbal ingredients to speed the effects of a weight loss plan.

 Final Facts
Ballerina Tea is a tea made to assist people with their weight loss efforts. At the writing of this review, the tea can be found through multiple retailers online. The formula is said to be based in ancient Chinese herbal medicine and now offered through a modern manufacturer. Consumers are told to start the Ballerina Tea weight loss plan slowly, increasing the strength of tea on a weekly basis. More information on Ballerina Tea can be found by visiting an official website.