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Apatrim is an appetite suppressing weight loss formula that contains Caralluma Fimbriata, an herbal extract that has been used medically to address a wide range of health issues, including obesity, in India for centuries. This developer suggests that Apatrim has been through clinical studies that support its effectiveness and safety threshold. Read a full Apatrim Review Here.

Flex Belt – Accelerated Abdominal Toning Technology
The Flex Belt® is an awesome move forward in scientific ab shaping ingenuity. It is by far, the most proven and successful device we have seen for immediate ab toning. The Flex Belt has become the #1 ab belt systems on the market - due to its use of results driven, clinically demonstrated EMS technology. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is simply wonderful and The Flex Belt is the first of its kind to actually gain FDA Clearance using this technology. The Flex Belt® does all of the work! Even better is that it works all of your stomach muscles at the same time – it gets the Upper Abdominals, The Lower Abdominals and the Love Handles (or Obliques). So you don’t have to worry about trying to get all the different areas because it does them all simultaneously. The best part is that you can use The Flex Belt while you do other things. You can be cooking, cleaning, working at your desk, talking on the phone, surfing the net or watching TV. It is perfect for those of us who don’t have time and for those that are in great shape that just want to take their stomach toning to a new level. Check out our full review and see what various Celebrities, Super Models, Olympic Gold Medalists and Legendary Athletes use The Flex Belt. Click Here to read more.

Nuphedrine® - Extra Strength Top Rated Fat Burning Capsule
Nuphedrine® is the top rated weight loss capsule on the market. It has consistently been rated #1 by consumers due in part to the trifecta of extra strength herbal weight loss agents: Advantra Z®, Hoodia, and Slimaluma®. These three powerful ingredients are included to increase metabolic function, raise fat burning levels, boost energy, and enhance lean muscle mass, all while reducing hunger and cravings. It doesn’t get much better than that. According to user ratings, hunger is a non-issue when using Nuphedrine® because of their use of Hoodia, an extract that’s been used for centuries in Africa to stop hunger in its tracks. All the extracts in this formula are pure and used in their extra strength version, which makes using Nuphedrine® a no brainier. Just take a look at its peer reviews and ratings to see what people are saying. Click Here to read more.

Cleanse RX® - Flush Toxins, Feel Lighter, So Easy
Cleanse RX®, a one of a kind doctor and nutritionist developed colon cleansing formula, uses an exclusive two prong approach to remove toxins from the colon and digestive system so that users can see results fast in terms of improved health, energy levels, colon function and digestion! Both parts of the Cleanse RX® system were bioengineered using the highest quality ingredients available. It all starts with Cleanse RX® Phase One, which is easy to use. Users simply take a few capsules a day, whenever they want to. That’s all there is to more productive bowel movements, augmented energy levels, and improved health. The flushing out of old fecal matter and toxins is the reason for these effects and may even promote weight loss. Probiotics, or good bacteria, are used in Cleanse RX® Phase Two, along with other nutrients, to keep the digestive and colon healthy - daily. The entire Cleanse RX® system takes minutes a day to do, and users can see and feel real changes in their colon and digestive function. Click Here to read more.

P90X2 - Get Toned, Be Ripped
It’s here. P90X2 - The brand new and second phase of the popular and proven P90X. This new fitness program is even more intense than the original. P90X showed that people can completely transform their bodies in just 90 days, and P90X2 takes the results even further. If you want to work on muscle strength, muscle agility, muscle definition and challenge you’re body like never before, than you are ready for P90X2. This program comes with completely new workouts based on the P.A.P. technique. P90X2 also comes complete with a nutrition program to blast fat and ensure your muscles are fueled throughout the workouts. This innovative system features an online program that provides users access to fitness trainers and an online community full of P90X2 enthusiasts. If you’ve been wanting to try P90X, now is the time with the new P90X2. Click Here to read more.

Flex Mini® -- Firm and Tone your Butt Right Now
The Flex Mini® delivers a more toned, firmer, and shapely butt through proven science. Using advanced EMS technology to focus on the entire butt and upper thighs, this device does much more in less time than you might expect. EMS has been proven to be effective, so much so it’s used by some health care providers to strengthen damaged muscles. Using the Flex Mini® is a cinch: just put it on and set your resistance level. It will immediately start creating muscle toning and strengthening contractions and releases. Keep in mind, you’re not house bound when you have the Flex Mini® on. You can easily wear it under your clothing and go about your day without sacrificing a butt toning session. Many people think there’s not enough time in the day for a quality toning session, but the Flex Mini® changes that forever. With the Flex Mini®, it’s never been easier to get the shapely butt you’re looking for. Click Here to read more.

Jillian Michaels
Jillian Michaels is well known in the fitness world, but her television shows and home fitness programs aren’t the only way to get fit anymore. Jillian Michaels now offers online support for individuals to reach their fitness goals and maintain weight loss from home. This program is easy to sign up for and offers a free weight loss plan. Jillian offers a fun approach to nutrition, fitness and shedding the pounds. All you need to start is your height, weight, in order to receive Jillian's free weight loss plan. The program provides personalized options that will tell you exactly what your body needs when it comes to the food you put in your mouth and the exact exercises you need do to tone the muscles and blast fat. The value is excellent, and the support is comprehensive. The blog posts that talk about Jillian Michaels continuously call this program an effective, economical, and no nonsense way of getting in better shape. She has helped countless people transform their lives and their bodies. Don’t be left behind. Learn more about this program now. Click Here to read more.

Miracle Slim Wrap – Spa Wrap for Rejuvenation and Toning
Miracle Slim Wraps are designed to offer users a high end spa-like wrap experience at home at an affordable price! Wraps are not new to the market; in fact, they’ve been used for centuries, dating back to the Egyptians, to rejuvenate skin, boost health, and increase energy levels. Wraps are often used in some of the most expensive spas to slim some of our biggest problem areas, including the butt, arms, stomach, thighs, and hips. The Miracle Slim Wrap uses top of the line organic ingredients, including an amino acid and aloe infused base mixed with mineral laden Seabed Clays. The Miracle Slim Wrap comes along with everything you need to get started having a spa experience at home. Click Here to read more.

South Beach Diet
Most of you already know that this diet is based on low carbs and high protein. This awesome plan is broken down into three easy phases and takes all the effort out of dieting by creating a customized program that is complete with meal planners, recipes and more. At the end of the day, this diet works for most people who stick to it, and they have done an amazing job at creating a huge menu filled with delicious recipes. In fact, of any food program, they have the biggest menu available. The only way to do South Beach these days is to join their online interface program. You could just get the book, but the online interface has access to their entire menu, which is always updated in real time. South Beach Diet online takes just a moment to sign up for, and sign up is currently free. This program really makes dieting fun as it connects you with other dieters and an entire online community that is fast to provide you with the motivation, information and support you need to shrink that waistline. The customers who use the interface say good things about it. Read the blog posts for more info. Read a full South Beach Diet Review Here.

Slim10® - A Host of Patented Ingredients In One Capsule
Slim10® is an amazing weight loss supplement that rolls ten of the most well known and effective weight loss agents into one formula. When you research this formula, you will quickly realize that it’s one of a kind and that no one else on the supplement market has included this kind of fire power in a single weight loss supplement. Slim10® was designed to cut hunger, reduce cravings, increase energy levels, break up fat deposits, and boost metabolic function, while blocking fat and carb absorption. It accomplishes this amazing list by using extracts like Advantra Z, Phase 2, Super Citrimax, and Tonalin at optional levels. Hunger is also an issue for many of us, so this developer included extra strength Hoodia in Slim10®. When it comes to Slim10®, it’s not just about volume. It’s also about quality, and this formula contains the highest grade herbal and nutritional agents available. Slim10® offers consumers the best of the best in one amazing pill! Click Here to read more.

Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever - Best Way To Fight Fat After Forty
40 is a hard birthday for many, especially because once you hit this age it seems that it becomes harder and harder to keep off the weight. If you find this is your issue, than you must try Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever online weight loss program. This program is the only weight loss plan that exclusively offers those over 40 access to information that teaches the hidden secrets and obstacles that keep us from losing weight. This program provides step-by-step guidance and generates a customized plan for each member. With Suzanne Somers Sexy Forever, members can rejuvenate their metabolism and learn why they had been unable to drop the pounds before. This program is effective and it is fast and easy to sign up for. Can’t lose weight? Simply answer a few questions to find out. Right now sign up is free. Click Here to read more.

TurboZymes® - For Better Digestion and Better Health
It’s not easy to feel good anymore with the diet we commonly encounter through fast foods, processed foods, and just not great foods. The average American diet is laden with foods that don’t contain the enzymes needed to process these foods in the body. TurboZymes® is designed to remedy the sluggish feeling we find ourselves in after a big or not-so-good-for-us meal. Relief from bloating, lactose intolerance, constipation, gas, heartburn, and other stomach pains are just some of the perks of this product. The product was created to help people of all walks attain better digestive health and the ability to process the nutrients in their foods more completely. Because many weight loss struggles are related to digestive problems, TurboZymes® offers to assist those who want to lose weight while maintaining better health. With its popularity booming, finding blog posts on this product is easy. Just take a read and see why people love TurboZymes®. Click Here to read more.

Green Coffee Bean Max – An Antioxidant Superfood
Green Coffee Bean Max is a high-quality weight loss supplement and one many people may not have tried before. There are few fat burning products out there that work as advertised, but Green Coffee Bean Max’s formula has been proven to contain powerful fat-burning and anti-oxidant components. The reason behind this is that the unroasted green coffee bean is a known and studied Superfood. The online testimonials from customers who have tried this supplement say it all. Countless people have achieved their weight loss goals with Green Coffee Bean Max due to its powerful, untapped ingredient - green coffee beans. This amazing supplement is becoming one of the most sought after, because it actually works to help increase fat oxidation. Click Here to read more.

Flex Arms: Toned, Athletic Arms At Home
The Flex Arms® provides muscle toning where you want it most. The revolutionary product utilizes FDA cleared technology to tighten and strengthen muscles electronically. Called EMS technology, this method is used by athletes and physical therapists alike. The Flex Arms®, it sends electronic wavelengths into the biceps and triceps, triggering muscle contractions. The Flex Arms® method of training is highly effective, with 96% of users saying their arms were more attractive as a result. The Flex Arms® is highly popular and is frequently discussed on the blogs, where the products benefits are touted as both dramatic and convenient. Click Here to read more.

Designed to quickly deliver effective Hoodia to the digestive system, HoodiaBites gives dieters big boosts in their weight loss endeavors. These small chewy morsels taste good, just like a chewy candy. But they also deliver all of the benefits of a superior quality Hoodia supplement, including appetite reduction without stimulants. The top shelf Hoodia Gordonii used in HoodiaBites has no negative side effects, only positive weight loss effects. HoodiaBites contain certified authentic Hoodia, straight from Africa. Because they aren’t in a capsule or pill form, they digest more quickly, delivering the active ingredients when you need them the most. Many people have found HoodiaBites to work great on its own or with another program or supplement. The chatter on blogs makes it clear that this product does very well with consumers. Click Here to read more.

Cleanse Patch® -- Feel Better, Toe to Head
Detoxifying foot patches are said to be the top selling detox products in Asia, and this particular one is reported to be the best. Users simply put the adhesive patch on their feet before bed and let the product do the work while they sleep. Because the foot contains general reflex zones, the Cleanse Patch® works to detox organs like the stomach, colon, and liver. When you awake in the morning, the patch will likely be a different color, showing that it has removed substances from inside your body. The product is backed by traditional Asian culture and science as well, which took several years to perfect this method of detoxing. Consumer response has been very positive, as its feedback rating shows, so don’t pass up the opportunity to learn more about this excellent product. Click Here to read more.

Raspberry Ketone Max - Rapid Weight Loss Solution
Raspberry Ketone Max really packs a punch as it was designed to get results. Raspberry Ketone Max is becoming more and more popular as people continue to discover the amazing benefits of Ketone Enzymes. This supplement has been featured on television on major news programs and was designed to work and uses the latest weight loss breakthrough in its formula - Ketone Enzymes. This natural substance has been isolated and extracted from Raspberries to provide you its out-of-this-world fat burning capabilities. Ketone enzymes will oxidize fat, fight fatigue and boost the metabolism - all of which are great for weight loss! Raspberry Ketone Max is the newest natural fat burner on the market and has been getting a lot of consumer response for its natural results driven formula. Click Here to read more.

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63 Responses to “Apatrim”

KozyKat: Well i do like that Apatrim doesn’t have any stimulants (or so it says), but the appeite suppressant in this product just doesn[’t seem to be getting the job done for me. i continue to be hungry between meals, and i have to fight the cravings all the time. Sometimes i prevail but most of the time i cave. This pill doesn’t seem to be changing much for me.

dizzy_Liz: SO many diet pills have caffeine and other stimulants thats why I got Apatrim, no weird energy spikes or crashes. And its okay though I still have some trouble keeping away from desserts. I thought it would be longer-lasting -at least get me from meal to meal -and so far i really struggle around 4pm to only eat an apple before dinner. I am trying to hang in there though, i thnk this might work,

judy: At first i thought Apatrim sounded wonderful. Safe and healthy and (supposedly) effective. but it kinda fell short on the “effective” end of things. Majorly d isappointed.

Kevin: I wanted to try a new appetite suppressant I choose Apatrim before reading the review and I really regret it. I mean it does work sort of but nothing significant enough to make me loose those 80lbs I need to loose.

Indra: They say that you eat and feel full but that was not my experience with Apatrim.

Trisha: Great…so we all like the IDEA of no stimulants but, Apatrim is still obviously missing something…

Chiara: Apatrim didn’t have any side effects for me, that’s true, but I managed to eat myself right through it, didn’t help a bit. Onward and upward to something better, I hope.

Marjorie: what is in Apatrim?

NoPalin!: I was still pretty hungry while takeing Apatrim…so if they say you wont know you are hungry i can personally tell you that is not the case.

Willow: I prefer Hoodia, it is my appetite suppressant of choice. I am glad I found that ingredient or supplement whatever you want to call it but I would also like to have more energy to burn calories, etc. So that is why i am still looking for a diet pill.

Sarah: kevin You may need more than a appetite suppressant to help you loose 80lbs. I say that in a friendly way, I have been there before. You need a fat burner, start to exercise and to start watching your intake of calories. good luck.

Penelope: Only began using Apatrim last week and can feel it working on my appetite, no doubt. I read some reports on Caralluma Fimbriata and its had a lot of research, I think comparable to Hoodia. I don’t know for sure how much this formula compares but I will report back on my results at one month in!

georgia: Come on girls, show some WILLPOWER! Apatrim can only do so much…you have to do the rest. Get up off the couch and work for it, and it will work for you!

Rebecca: Apatrim does not seem healthy or professional. I want something more natural and effective.

Lena: I am so tired of people saying that we’re fat bcs we’re lazy and its our fault. anyway, Apatrim is supposed to be an appetite suppressant, so therefore, i shhouldn’t need a whole lot of willpower, should i??? Its supposed to help! it didnt.

Connor: Very moderate changes I even took more Apatrim tablets than directed for 3 days which I do not recommend. Made me bloated and then constipated.

JoannieMarie: They say that you don’t have to diet or exercise to have success losing weight with their product Apatrim. This disappoints me and makes me not want to buy it. I got to this point by eating poorly and leaving exercise out of my life, saying I was too busy. Now I want to do it right with a safe and healthy pill.

Patricia: ‘kay folks i’m gonna nuetral on this bcs i think that maybe Apatrim can work for some, it DOES have a good ingredient, and maybe is okay for those who want stimulant-free. But I need a fat burner and Nuphedrine is better, it has Hoodia & Slimaluma (from caralluma) and a fat burner. Just stronger all the way round. Since I learned about it on this site I am spreading the word to y’all..

Melody: I am looking at this week edition of the time out new york, it’s about looking fit. One thing occured to me while reading it, I mean it’s gonna sound silly but that is what came to mind while reading. The secret to feeling good and look good is really getting some exercise. I realize it can be anything, does not have to be lifting weights or running, there are thousand of options out there for us. Its fine to take supplement, even the most professionals athlete take them, but we need to leave the TV alone and start living life i think!

Peg: Joannie Marie, you are right on the money! i’m with you! now, what is a good healthy pill?

headandToes: Apatrim was okay, it did not make a huge change in my appetite so I decided to try something else. Don’t know what yet.

Jane: Apatrim is not the worst I just have to speak up. I did lose a few pounds but when the bottle was empty I did not feel like ordering more. i am inspired to lose weight but not with this. I want a better pill///

aimee: yeah i didn’t hate Apatrim, it seemed to make me a little less hungry. But i guess once i had a little bit of success i wanted something even better. esp. since i have a long road a head in terms of weight loss (50 lb).

Kath: I recently earned my weight watchers pin for free lifetime membership after meeting my goal of 40 lbs weight loss. as a condition of this, i can’t gain more than 4 lbs back, and i have to be weighed in each week. I was starting to worry about the cravings coming back and i thought apatrim might help. But, i was eating just as much. HELP! I have gained 1 1/2 lbs back, and i am just worried that i am on the upswing again. anybody know of something to just help me stay strong?? I dont want to lose my membership.

NoMoreBS: USing Apatrim for weight loss is NOT as easy as they say, you DO have to diet & exercise for weight loss, DUH! BUt my problem, even tho I was active and eating low calorie, was that I was not feling it and never lost weight.

Mary: I don’t think Apatrim was tested properly because I’m as hungry as I ever was, and all I think about is food and what my next meal will be and I’m feeling very threatened by the idea of feeling full when I’m really not. It seems like it’s against nature or something.

Doris: Problem is getting Apatrim to tell the truth about placing second order. They blame the Post office. Promotion was to sent in second order which is why I placed a second order. It took 5 weeks for delivery and lots of aggravation on my behalf. Another month goes after receiving second order and calling Apatrim to find out why no promotion. Sometimes it is sent separately. Another 5 weeks and still no promotion! Is this to supposed to be due to the Post Office? I think not! I will not pay full price when I am entitled to a discount! To bad as the product did work!

Kori: I love your posts Doris…I am watching you…keep up the good work!

Lena: I ordered the apatrim, i was talked into getting 2 bottles one month supply, i started taking it 3 day, i feel itchy and im breaking out, i dont really know if its from Apatrim or the stress that i have been going thru…I dont feel hungry all the time that is true, but i do feel bloated at times… I will give it another week and see.. Has anyone else had breakouts or itchy feeling on there skin, please let me know..

joanne: i got Apatrim after seeing a very positive article in my local newspaper…i later found out it was a paid AD and NOT an article. anyway, I also got persuaded to buy the 1 month supply of Apatrim, and i was waiting for my appetite to decrease as it had said in the article. But nothing happened. Days, weeks, and then finally the whole month went buy,, and i still wanted to eat and snack all the time. I feel that there is a need for *DISCLOSURE* with these newspaper ads that are made to look like real articles. Its very hard to know the difference bcs they make them look very professional. I might write to the paper about this, but first i wanted to warn the dieting community. Don’t be FOOLED, this is not a good product. thank you and God bless you.

Ginee: Thanks, Joanne I saw the Apatrim AD and almost fell for it. I will not be buying this product.

Kathy: I agree with Joanne. I also thought Apatrim was an article & figured later it must have been an ad. I have tried for 1 month AND I have exercised 3 times a week. I have not lost a pound & I have been breaking out & also seem to be bloated. I am very disappointed—AGAIN! And I only need to lose 10 pounds & can’t.

Queenesta Marcus Baker: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Apatrim is the best I have found.I have been on Blood Pressure medication for about 5 years. I have tried other weight loss product and always ended up with undesirable side effects, such as heart palpatation, lightheadedness,dizziness etc. All I need is help with the appetite. I can handle the rest. Apatrim is #1 in my book.

Ozzie: I liked Apatrim from the first time I took it. My problem was constant food cravings and about 30 minutes after taking Apatrim I just felt calm and not hungry. I do get hungry at meal times but can walk away without over eating. I have such a sense of well being and even forget to snack during the day! Some days I can just take my morning dose and am good for the whole day! I recommend this product because I think it works. I can’t describe the sense of satiety and well-being I seem to feel when I take it, I just feel my appetite is back under control. It doesn’t claim to burn fat but to me the most important thing is to stop feeling hungry all the time, which I experience with this product. I take it 30 minutes before meal times with a big glass of warm water. That seems to do the trick!

Lorrie: Hey Ozzie, how long have you been taking Apatrim? I saw a write up in my local paper about it this morning. It claimed to be sooo good (and I’m soooo desperate to lose weight) that during my lunch break I went right out and bought it. Now tonight I saw this site and I’m really disappointed that it’s not working for everyone the way it claims it does. I’m going to start it tomorrow and I hope I have as much success as you are! I’ll post my opinion in a few days to talk about how well it works for me. Wish me luck :)

carol: I seen the add in todays paper also after reviewing what everyone has said thus far .I noticed on the top of the page printed : paid advertisment .I myself thought this was a real Clinical break through ,but now I see its another fake weight loss add .oh well if it sounds to good to be true .I’m just glad I didnt fall for it. – Apatrim

Jeanne: Started taking a product on 3/12 and developed a racing/fluttering heart that sent me to my doctor’s office on April 27. Stopped taking immediately and problem stopped.

keto: wow it work for me i lose like 10pounds already i’m so glad………..

Jocie: I am starting Apatrim today. The only reason I am trying it is because they posted an article on this in the Times Newspaper. I figured they would not most a diet pill in the paper if it was not really good. Please leave me a comment on what you think.

kavonne: well i went out and purchased a bottle of apatrim today and will start taking tomarrow. i hope i have better lick then some of you as i really want this to be the pill. well wish my luck i will be back and post my results in a month.

Josie: They must have made this just for me. I am 51 years old and last week I weighed 204 lbs and wear a size 16. I have been on apatrim for 4 days now. I don’t know how much weight I have lost but I have definitely lost inches. My jeans are already feeling loose on me. I don’t get it. I don’t have an apatite at all. I have to force myself to eat. I don’t eat between meals. I don’t crave for any sweets. I can’t even finish a small dinner. I can eat anything I want, but I don’t because I don’t crave for anything. I have found myself eating healthier because I know I can’t finish a regular full meal. I love it. I feel great. I can also take it on a emty stomach without eating anything with it. Most other diet pills make me natuious. Maybe it is working on me because of the way I take it. I take 1 pill as soon as I get up,one about 2 hrs later,one 2 hrs later,one again 2 hrs later,1 about about 5 hrs later and another 1 right before I have dinner. That’s a total of 6 pills. That is the max you can have in one day. The best part about these pills that I like is that it does not make me feel full when I eat. I stop when I am satisfied and it is easy because I don’t feel hungry. I hope this helps some of you that are not sure you want to try it. I suggest going to walgreens and trying it. If it does not work they do give you a refund. I know because I returned something that did not work.

Sundy: Shame on Apatrim this thing never work the ad on the local newspaper is a liet. Their website is evasive. I think this product is made outside US. Diet and excercise is the key to losing weight. No such a thing losing weight by self control on a diet. If you wiegh over 80 lbs most likely this pill will instigate more your heart disease, diabetes or of any illeness or posible illnesses as a result of unhealthy fat diet.

sal34: im so glad i decided to read on these comments i myself saw an ad on news paper and was gonna run and buy not anymore thanks!!!! – Apatrim

Josie: This is just an update. I mention that I was a size 16 when I started. I started on June 6. I don’t know how much I weigh. I don’t have a scale and I have not visited my Dr. All I can tell you is that it is still working for me. I am now wearing a size 14. I will keep you updated when I get to my next size. It is working for me. I LOVE IT.

Kim: Took it the 1st day and had severe stomach cramping.. not a big fan, will try again tomorrow. Also heard a friend whose on it complain of diarrhea, affraid she’s not gonna make it to the bathroom. Not worth the embarassment!! – Apatrim

htowngal: I still have an appetite after taking this pill. Im not going to try another dill pill because i don’t no what kind of effect it will have on my immune system in the long run no pill is worth my health.

carolyn: I began taking Apatrim approx. 8 days ago – I, like several others have taken the pill a little different then what it has on the bottle – I take one in morning (around 11ish) with a breakfast/grain/granola bar – I take a 2nd one usually around 3ish with my afternoon water and coffee – my last (3rd pill) of the day I usally take between 6 and 7pm – this seems to keep me away from the “night time snacks :( I must say it is WORKING really well for me – I still eat – however the portions are very small – I am not hungry – I dont have any weird jitters etc from “caffine” like most of the diet pills – AND (best of all) as of this morning down 6 pounds and can tell how my cloths fit… I have started to walk and you have to be aware of what your eating BUT this has made a HUGE difference for me – I hope it works as well for others… will update in a few weeks (as I plan to continue taking them for the remainder of Sept.)

Kiliki: ?I am in my menapausal state, had hysterectomy and have gained about 20 pounds has anyone with my situation lost weight on this, also any side affects? I’ve gone through several diet pills-side affects were severe stomach aches, constipation, no weight loss. I was ready to order apatrim but am skeptical. Any comments and advice would help.

MadisonN: Okay well..ive been hearing about apatrim,and ireally wanna try it.I am only 14 but i have been tryin to lose weight forever , nothin is working! ihave excercied and ate great a whole summer and nothing has happend.Ihave never took any pills before but im willing to try it. I weigh 180, iwanna weigh atleast 115. im goin to get it on october the 1st.Wish me luck please . i hate being fat :(

Mary: I saw the article in the paper too..totally did not know it was an ad?? Anyhow I bought it that same day I read it, only been taking it a few days but I have to admitt that last night I had to force myself to eat dinner, was not hungry and today was not as intense I got a little hungry..but I’m going to think positive. I work out 4 days a week too..so I’m hoping all in combination I will get max results.

Kayla: Apatrim worked wonders for me. I don’t believe it made me LOSE weight, what it did do for me however was made me feel fuller a lot longer on a lot less calories. I worked out and dieted for 2 months without Apatrim at first and I was starving constantly and caved in at least once a week, I all together lost 11 pounds in 2 months, most of which was water weight. I heard of apatrim, started it and continued the dieting and working out for the next 2 months. This time I lost 38 pounds and NEVER felt hungry.I have kept most of that weight off a year after I stopped taking apatrim and dieting (i gained 7 pounds back after the holidays, but I’m going to take care of that real soon!) I absolutely LOVE apatrim and it did miracles for me and my husband can’t get enough of me, if you know what i mean ;) wink wink;)

Cindy: Why is Apatrim so much more expensive on the website? I got mine at Wal-Mart for $10.62. On the website it is $29 for 60 capsules–same quantity as the one I got. I haven’t started taken it yet–but I am going to remain positive–because I think this is the pill for me.

Nikki: Kayla how do you take your Apatrim. I just bought some today.

Bianca: there is no such thing as a miracle pill…this is a dietary aid (meaning it aids you in the diet) it doesn’t do the diet for you!!! I take it along side my acaitrim a diet supplement and I eat 3 small meals a day and i have no cravings…I know its working and I will soon start weaning myself off of it..so that I do not get dependent…Apatrim works in suppressing appetite.

Christy: Like many other comments I am reading I read a big article in the news paper and went and bought it just for the heck of it and I cannot tell any difference in my appetite! Would not suggest buying this product.

redskye: Does anyone know how to stop the company from automatically sending the Apatrim?

Angela: I did not lose any weight at all and the 90 day MB is a joke it has been almost a month and still same old conversation …”We will submit your refund again and im sure you will have it soon ” Yeah right . I hate having to beg for my money back when it was suposse to be a guarantee.

losingit: This is a real person typing lol. Many comments sound like computers but I’ve been taking this for about 2 days and I go to the bathroom about 6 times a day and yes I mean poop. I take 2 capsules, wait 30 minutes or more, eat something and a few moments later it feels as if a laxitive is.working. So I guess the product is almost like alli diet pill. I don’t want to be discouraged with a scale so I’m just gonna go by clothes and how they fit me. Be back with results in 2 weeks.

Adrienne: I’ve experienced severe cramping, and lose bowels. 2 episodes led to nausea and wretching one morning because there was nothing on my stomach. I’m happy that it works for some, but apparently it is not for everyone. Good luck to all.

Kelly: i have been taking this pillf or 2 day and i do not feel hungry very happy so far i want to lose the last 10 lbs after the baby tryed everything even p90x just could not get ride of the lbbs

Cari: Just started taking it today. I hope that this is my miracle drug!! If I start loosing weight, I will want to exercise and watch what I eat. I just need hope!! I will check in again soon and let everyone know how it is working or not working for me. So far, I have noticed that it has suppressed my appetite, but not sure if this is what is causing my g*s cr*mps or not?? We will see soon!!

vicki: I decided to try this because i needed an appetite suppressant. Ive been taking it a little over two weeks and found that if u drink a lot of water it helps. The first week i didnt feel any change with either appetite or weight but lat night i stepped on the scale and it said i lost 10 pounds. I take 2 pills before breakfast and lunch. So it is working for me. But i also need the will power to say no to pop and brownies too though.

erin: I will do Apatrim over any other diet pill !!! I tried all these different ones spent hundreds of dollars I read this article in the newspaper on Apatrim brought it to my dr cause I have high blood he said to try it for one month!! I kid u not I was 320 pounds and about to have the surgery but my dr said I did these pills and now I weight 160 !! Sure you have to excerise with them and eat right I had no side effects or anything and yes its a lot of willpower !!! So yes I would do these again !!!! And Yes I have been off them and I still lose weight !! :)


Apatrim is one of several formulas in the PatentHEALTH product line, which also includes Trigosamine and FLUIDjoint. This Ohio based company has been in business since 2001. Apatrim is often marketed as being a breakthrough product, due to their inclusion of Caralluma Fimbriata in its formula. According to their marketing copy, Apatrim can significantly reduce hunger and cravings so that dieting and losing weight is much easier.

Apatrim contains Caralluma Fimbriata.

A single bottle of Apatrim is now selling for $29.00, but the website is offering price breaks for larger orders. For instance, two bottles are now selling for $48, which is a savings of $10; and a package of four bottles of Apatrim is currently retailing for $86, which means that consumers save $30.

Apatrim’s primary ingredient is Caralluma Fimbriata. This ingredient is said to forms the core of this formula’s weight loss supporting and boosting abilities. The Caralluma Fimbriata extract has been used in India as a medicinal herb for centuries, and it’s well known in that part of the world for its ability to suppress hunger in users. Besides reducing hunger, it’s also suggested to be able to lower blood sugar levels, which can also keep hunger in check, while enhancing the user’s natural energy stores.

Caralluma Fimbriata is often compared with Hoodia when it comes to its appetite suppressing abilities. Experts suggest that Caralluma Fimbriata positively impacts the hunger centers in the brain so that hunger is significantly reduced. However, that’s not all. Reportedly, it also blocks the activity of certain key enzymes, causing less fat to be formed so that the body then begins to burn stored fat.

 Final Facts
As we saw above, Apatrim can reportedly provide users with a wide variety of benefits that can support weight loss, ranging from lowing fat storage and managing blood sugar levels to reducing hunger and cravings. In fact, this product’s website highlights the fact that Apatrim has been through several clinical studies. In one placebo based study all of the participants in the study who actually took Apatrim increased their weight loss results while taking part in the study. This formula is currently available through its home site, which, as we discussed earlier, is currently offering price breaks. More information on Apatrim can be found by visiting an official website.